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“Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 19 Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Xiao zhan's sudden arrival took xiao yan by surprise But with his father's tenderness Convincing the doubts in xiao yan's heart No one can stop xiao yan from waking up yao lao He was determined to win first place at the alchemist conference At the same time yan li also doesn't want to lose What is the use of a good fire.

If you can't control it In the end you will only burn yourself for playing with fire Get ready to accept your humiliating defeat You are stupid alchemists Materials prepared this time No matter which medicinal ingredients are lacking due to negligence Will greatly reduce the success rate of refining I have to be very careful Sure enough he's still hiding his power (im use he because he a man).

But look at the sight of ten thousand flames just now Little friend yan xiao's divine fire is still the best Hmm Heavenly fire Is something that even elder gu doesn't have Of course the energy is much better compared to other flames Hmm Right Previously the yunlan sect sent someone.

Telling you to come back Hmm That is true Three year agreement Closer I heard too When xiao yan leaves wutan city He has condensed his aura Become a dou zho.

Besides that it only took half a year Also reported His strange cultivation talent that disappeared back then Looks like it's back If at that time you heard my words I won't talk too much either I only hope after the three year agreement No matter win or lose You should apologize to xiao yan openly.

Apologize? I'm not wrong Why should I apologize Three year agreement You can obviously have a private discussion with xiao yan That way it won't cause something like this But you abused the power of the yunlan sect Forcibly canceling it in public You should understand clearly by now.

Because of your carelessness back then, the reputation of the xiao family was tarnished Just these few years Your status is getting higher So don't want Also don't want to apologize Grandpa You don't need to worry about my problem After all, after this three year agreement Me and him.

Will never contact each other again That's enough You don't say anything more It's your grandson who really doesn't want it Why do you always think about him Better watch the match It is indeed worthy of being a heavenly fire Really really fast old man fa.

How is yan xiao's situation? Currently he is the first person to refine medicinal ingredients Next Depends on whether he can combine the extracted medicinal liquid This guy Will be the fastest in pill formation If the density of this pill's scent is already your limit Then this conference Will be mine, yan li.

One pattern If you want to win One pattern is not enough Must at least refine two pattern green spirit pills He started refining two patterns Press Press I have to stabilize it Exactly what pill was he refining?.

Until you have to change the fire Even teachers aren't completely convinced of something like this Yan li is a fourth grade alchemist The pills he refines are at least tier four pills pil It is even possible to refine a fifth tier pill Even though the three pattern green spirit pill is a fourth tier pill But the quality with two patterns already includes a fourth tier pill If it can refine up to three patterns Then it's comparable to a fifth tier pill.

Three patterns? Could it take three types of fire? There's no way he has three different types of fire As long as yan xiao can refine two pattern green spirit pills Can still compete against yan li Right like that Slowly changing the fire But you can't mix it right away What's the matter, what happened?.

Unlucky How come It has become a common sight If there is someone who fails to refine the medicine Hah The boy looks troubled too old man fa Is this a normal sight? How can this be?.

I think This is the reason why the participants failed to refine the medicine There is something wrong Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Everyone protect yourselves with soul power Poison master training method process Scrapes itself in various poisons throughout the year To perfect himself Black dust in this air.

It should be the poisonous gas coming out of yan lis body As long as he refines medicine Also unwittingly spread into the air Alchemists who combine poison skills to refine pills I also saw it for the first time So the participants were affected by this poisonous gas Can't compete normally Should not I don't care if it's intentional or not.

Influence the course of the match It deserves to be punished If you rush in It will only benefit yan li Then all our patience and hard work will be wasted Alchemist Conference It is an open competition for all young alchemists in the douqi continent In the past this situation had never happened Also there are no rules for people like them being forbidden to participate.

Stupid I hope the participants will be able to overcome this difficulty on their own Sorry We influence everyone Unlucky Too bad Looks like I didn't break the rules of the alchemist conference A fool who doesn't understand the changing situation Get ready to welcome a new era.

Xiao Yan Calm down There is still one last medicinal ingredient I can't be affected in the slightest This time can't fail Teacher I will definitely get a spirit melting pill Could it be that getting rid of Nalan Jie's fire poison left some residual symptoms on his body? Looks like he was really hit by the failure just now.

No wonder He's still young Judging from his ordinary appearance Not like people who give up easily He Maybe have other plans Because you gave up Next you look at me I want everyone to know.

Even without you That person won't be able to get the champion position either Stop fighting Close your eyes obediently It is all over Ah? Colored pill scent? Only fifth tier pills can do it Judging from the density of the pill scent.

It should be a supreme fourth tier pill But compared to yan li Pills made by yue'er and liu ling Undoubtedly much lower Colored pill scent? This guy He can even make pills with the scent of colored pills Unlucky This time.

I'm really in trouble Teacher Forgive me Trust me He won't blame you If I were him Will also do the same Xiao yan you need to know Young people are used to acting recklessly.

And always lamenting the past that can never be repeated Also always sigh Weeping for someone you didn't have time to appreciate But this thing Is what we want you to experience for yourself Because I'm used to acting recklessly Also only once Happens in a lifetime The most precious in this world.

It's not that you can't let go of your past regrets But can understand your situation now We live in a complicated and helpless world Carrying too many responsibilities and tasks Sometimes we handle it well Sometimes it's hard to handle It's hard to endure The ocean is very wide But the sky is wider than the ocean.

While the human mind is wider than the sky When you raise your hand There will be nothing in it When you open your hands The world seems to be in your hands This boy's soul power It seems much stronger than before Student is so stupid But now.

I can finally understand what teacher has done for me He found the true flow And make a breakthrough under pressure This powerful soul power Even some of the elders in the guild can't match it This time he Not just creating small miracles So what if he has risen Could he be able to concoct a pill that surpasses me?.

It's better to do something according to your ability Once again old man fa It's the two pattern green spirit pill that yan xiao refined this time nothing wrong? Nothing should go wrong But still not completely sure that I can surpass yan li Why? yan li refining pills Emitting the scent of colored pills.

Should be the highest fourth tier pill Unless yan xiao can refine three pattern green spirit pills Three pattern green spirit pill? Isn't it using a different fire to perfect it? How could yan xiao get three different types of fire Teacher I ask permission to use it Ah, this is… Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!.

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