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“Thanks to the Studio, Writers and others for creating this beautiful work”Episode 11 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Sister Yafei You and master Yan Xiao know each other? I have known him for several years I also recommended getting rid of old man nalan's poison Our relationship … Not too bad I was right.

Master Yan Xiao? Why are you here? You are Really very rude Sister Yafei Master Yan Xiao You guys just talk first I'm going to go in to greet the other guests You are…

Pretty complicated guy Your courage is not bad too Dare to drink wine sister But… I didn't expect it when you saw Nalan Yanran Much calmer than I thought Now the one who saw it was Yan Xiao It's not Xiao Yan You come here.

Also because of the banquet? Old man Nalan slowly started to recover This is an important occurrence in Nalan's family It's not just our miteer family The famous power in the jiama empire Also invited The poison has not been completely eliminated Already started celebrating It's a little early.

Unexpected You can completely remove the fire poison from old man Nalan's body A poison that even gave a pill king guhe a hard time Among the major powers in the imperial capital The news about you has spread widely If it weren't for the seven magic blue spirit saliva I won't be here Let's go Come in and see.

The head of our family Also very eager to meet you You can make master hai your guard A talented handsome young man who scares everyone Not interested Briefly I beg you Sister has helped you a lot You won't let Sister lose face?.

Help me for a moment Allraight I will keep you company Be careful with candle flames Be careful with thieves Don't you have eyes? Thank you all for your time Come to celebrate the restoration of my father's body Now I will leave it to the marshal lion heart of the jiama empire.

The head family, the nalan family My father Nalan Jie Thank you all for coming tonight Supper tonight After all this time this old man was in pain Because of the poison fire in my body Maybe some people think Will the Nalan family lose this old man?.

Fear of disappointing them The poison of fire couldn't make Jie's mind lose Marshall Lion's Heart Will continue to serve the empire For the honor of the jiama empire I hope everyone can tonight, this old man Having fun This is the head family, our family miteer Miteer Tengshan.

Head of family He is the yan xiao that I mentioned earlier Yan Xiao younger brother Seeing is better than hearing Nice to meet you I am the head family of the miteer family Miteer Tengshan I don't like The head family Tengshan was thinking.

Little friend Yan Xiao knew the old fox very well Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Little brother is too humble People who can make hailao respect him, there aren't many in the whole jiama empire How can it be called ordinary The relationship between the hailao and the miteer family It's just not unusual Yan Xiao younger brother All this time in the imperial capital.

If you need help Just go straight to Yafei I think He does not know the miteer Tengshan Besides that, he is very close to sister Yafei When Yan Xiao came to get rid of the fire poison Also introduced by sister Yafei That cunning Tengshan old man Even using beautiful women.

No shame Yan Xiao's potential His future is difficult to limit If people like this are attracted to the miteer family It will really hurt my heart Forget it Yan Xiao also hasn't given you face lately It's still a good thing you weren't kicked out of the family You..

You are a shameless old man Dare to talk nonsense again Don't blame me for hitting you Just see if you talk shit again Don't pull my beard Won't say it again I will go there Hmm All right, all right.

Never mind dad We will talk with the head family Tengshan No problem, no problem Brother Liu Ling Is that the one who beat you? It seems so ordinary Ability of a person No one knows Maybe that person was cheating in a sneaky way.

Brother Liu Ling is a disciple of Pill King Guhe How could you lose to such an unknown person That person wasn't too humble either It turns out that he is very close to Miss Yafei Hmmh .. You deserve to be called a fool I don't care if he's invited Come to other people's invitations with gusto Maybe tonight.

Something interesting is going to happen Is that it? Who's coming? Muzhan Get out of the way A bunch of idiots Come on It turns out that what you are talking about is muzhan That is true.

Who doesn't know in the imperial capital Muzhan from mu family is interested in Yafei A few years ago Sent to the imperial frontier barracks for training Before leaving he said so arrogantly Whoever dares to touch Yafei will kill him Flirting with other people's women Of course you have to pay the price Is there something wrong?.

Yafei I'm back from the border this time Just to see you You're more beautiful As expected of my wife You… You are crazy It seemed he was still so unreasonable Practicing for the last few years.

Maybe Muzhan's strength has reached the pinnacle of dou shi Yan xiao wouldn't be able to fight it I think the princess has a good impression of Yan Xiao I do have a good impression on him But that's because he's strong enough Are you alright? Who is he? Muzhan The son of mu family among the three big families.

Currently he is going to practice It was also a chance for me to avoid it Boy New to the imperial capital? No wonder you dare to be so close to Yafei Be rude Also wants to kill someone Don't be careless Muzhan several years ago.

It has become a strong dou shi Other than that his recent strength Even surpassing his seniors Get back Boy you are brave enough What a stupid man Waiting for Grandpa Nalan and others to come Isn't that better? The alchemist fought the madman.

This is also an insult A man so full of blood Make me admire him even more Not bad If the muzhan really did release his strength completely I dare say Yan xiao was definitely not his opponent May be But because there was pressure from this kind of fire.

Maybe Muzhan won't have trouble like this either It was unexpected that you were a master alchemist Actually still know how to fight so fiercely But… I don't care who you are No one can touch my woman This guy It can summon the douqi armor that only some dou shi can have Muzhan you are really crazy.

Stop it I said Who dares to touch you I will kill him Muzhan You stop quickly Green thorns Thousands of blades of wind Nalan Yanran.

Unexpectedly not seen for two years You have become very strong Three this year It looks like she has also improved a lot Muzhan Master Yan Xiao is a guest of our Nalan family Will not allow your actions Boy If it weren't for the face of nalan.

I will never let you go But in the future Get away from my yafei If not… Come anytime Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Interesting Unexpectedly after coming back Can meet someone who dared to go against me.

I am very happy Muzhan Unexpected for these two years You don't get rid of your senseless pride On the contrary it makes you even more arrogant This is the place of the Nalan family Not your mu family Even if the muchen old man is here Also have to give face to me, nalan jie.

Grandpa, don't be angry I just want to try this one brother's abilities The damage done here I'll immediately call someone to fix it Hmmh … Now I will tell you clearly Little friend Yan Xiao is the guest of honor of my Nalan family Even though there are a lot of crazy people in your mu family But my nalan family.

Nor will it be silent What's wrong? What happen? Muzhan The head family Tengshan You are here too You got into trouble right away after coming back Believe it or not this old man will make muchen Send you back to the border again.

Don't, don't, don't The head family Tengshan Don't be like this Let me remind you Little friend Yan Xiao is my honorary family friend After leaving here Don't bother him anymore If you really caused something Even muchen won't be able to protect you.

I understand This is close Where did this boy actually come from? Little friend Yan Xiao Unexpectedly, little friend Yan Xiao was not only talented in refining medicine Martial skills weren't weak either Yafei Don't forget to give a friend Yan Xiao Some medicinal ingredients are good for their development.

Yes The head family Tengshan Really old fox Thank you both for your help Wait for Grandpa Nalan's banquet to finish Can tell me right away After tonight Fire poison can be completely cured Yes, yes, yes.

I'll send someone to you To bring master Yan Xiao here Yanran Thank you for your help in advance In fact With the strength of master Yan Xiao Looks like my actions are a bit excessive Hailao's eyesight is indeed good Yafei.

Stay with little friend Yan Xiao As long as it's his need The miteer family will do their best to help him Then this old man will not bother you anymore The your head family he … Seems to misunderstand us Don't mind him Let's go somewhere else Hmmm.

Haven't seen you in years You are still the same Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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