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“Thanks to the Studio, Writers and others for creating this beautiful work”Episode 9 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Xiao Yan is disguising as Yan Xiao After getting rid of jie's nalan poison Meeting up with Pill King Guhe's disciple, Liu Ling And Nalan Yanran's attitude towards Yan Xiao Making Liu Ling displeased But the biggest hidden danger to Xiao Yan Is the poison that lurks in his body.

It eroded Xiao Yan's mind over time Making it an endless nightmare No one knows When will the poison explode again This young brother You got rid of jie's nalan poison A genius alchemist with heavenly flames Heavenly fire? Did I hear you right?.

Some time ago I failed to get the heavenly fire This is regret for the rest of my life Young brother Can you let me see the fire? In order to ease my regret Sorry Heavenly flames are not something to show off My teacher taught me.

Only use heavenly flames in critical situations We are … Have you met somewhere? Looks like I got the wrong person But… A master that could be said truly understood heavenly flames Not boasting just because of heavenly fire From start to finish Take care of it with a peaceful heart.

The world this time Made me wait too long Sorry where is your teacher now? Guhe wants to visit him Teachers don't like looking at outsiders Come, come, come Excuse me, excuse me a moment Make way, make way Brothers.

Make way Make way Make way President Fama Aotuo Today's internal exam match I hear your black stone town Send strong players to participate Don't dare, don't dare.

Teacher Yan Xiao Turns out you are here Master Guhe President His name is Yan Xiao Has great potential Yan Xiao The two of them are …

The pill king guhe and the president fama of the alchemist guild Hello President Fama Master Guhe This person has heavenly flames This little guy's skills were unusual Today I thought he would surprise me Teacher.

Don't be naughty Earlier that Yan Xiao still pity you Yue'er was too reckless Getting you into trouble This little princess It's a little frivolous President Fama Can the exam match start? Hmmm.

Everyone present should know You are all recommended by the branch president from any stake Outsiders can't take this test So the exam this time will be quite difficult It is also a study of the perspectives of the various branches If you guys can't even get past this Fear of recommendations from each of the branch presidents Must be canceled Yes.

All of you can go to the designated exam room Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! There's guhe here If using the green lotus flame core He will notice Public knowledge About the extraction of medicinal ingredients This is a very important step in refining a pill Besides our exams this time is this topic.

The medicinal ingredients used for the test are ready You only have to finish it within the specified time Refine medicinal ingredients to the highest purity you can attain Fix this medicinal ingredient It must be very tiring The requirements for controlling fire were also very high It seems This internal exam is not as simple as I thought It is test time.

After the time limit is up Those who haven't finished refining Declared failure And we will use a special way Evaluate the medicinal ingredients that you purify If it fails to meet the requirements It will also be declared a failure Yes The internal exam competition officially started.

Everyone must set the right time The purple flames should be enough Elder guhe Please Oh Isn't it heavenly fire? It was unexpected that the alchemist guild of the Chuyun Empire Actually sending out a lot of third grade alchemists To participate in the conference.

They're here for the competition The chuyun empire was always defeated by our jiama empire So they always wanted to win the alchemist conference To suppress the influence of the jiama empire Unfortunately As long as I am president They will never make it I will return to the Yunlan sect tomorrow Unexpected.

This year there is a young brother with heavenly fire This is a big surprise At his current age, he could have heavenly flames This kind of genius is extremely rare Very talented seeds Must be in a suitable place for training Don't waste it For example the Yunlan sect It could also be an alchemist guild.

Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! The delicacy of this world Hailao You feel fast This was the finest wine that only the royal family could enjoy Very delicious indeed Dou huang with that dark attribute douqi May have other motives My brother it is.

The opponent is dou huang How can I find clues so easily Is it possible that he isn't your opponent either? Then I was all over the northern continent Give gifts to exchange for treasure Should be able to draw some dou huang I… Never mind I can only ask someone.

But… In the process of investigation We found The imperial capital seemed to have a lot of spies Come from the Chuyun imperial alchemist guild It should be because of the alchemist conference But there are lots of spies I always feel uncomfortable Purifying medicinal ingredients.

First, complete the purification of the medicinal ingredients Next See how far it can be refined Shit Damn fire poison Can't Guhe can tell This young brother It seemed like it wasn't easy to control the heavenly flames.

Not really Maybe I'm too obsessed with heavenly flames Yes, he is The disciple taught by master Guhe Ensure to have great skills Liu Ling is truly extraordinary Just a trial match The path of an alchemist He's just getting started.

Brother Liu I didn't think you were the fastest The princess wasn't too slow either Even though you are faster than me But a purifying medicinal ingredient Maybe not as pure as mine Aiya … This guy Time is running out.

Is it possible that it's still not over? No way, right? With his strength Performed by aimexin, Even if his refining time can't keep up with a superior participant like Liu Ling It shouldn't be left for so long either Brother Liu Why don't you still see your friend who has heavenly fire? Aiya … Could it be that he couldn't even pass this test?.

The princess jokes I've only met him once Far from being said by friends between the two of you That is true With your skills and strength Think of it as never met What friends don't have a lot of potential Naughty boy Actually what happened to you?.

Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! This is the last remaining ingredient Must do whatever it takes to suppress this damn fire poison Good luck Shit Time is running out Gotta purify it quickly Aiya … He didn't really fail, right?.

He's a lucky person who has heavenly flames In the whole jiama empire I thought he was the only one It turned out that he couldn't even pass the test The teacher's words are correct Heavenly fire is hard to control Shit Why is there an error at a critical moment? My ancestors.

You have to help my black stone city If not funding for the guild next year Will be reduced again Yan Xiao must be in trouble I don't know right now What's going on in there The one who can conquer the heavenly fire Just have to wait Even if it missed this alchemist conference.

This old man believes Very talented person Will be famous all over the world Time is running out Congratulations to the contestants who have completed the purification I declare The jiama imperial alchemist conference qualification exam Officially closed Sorry.

I'm late Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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