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ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE ( Metallic footsteps) (Door Squeaks) (Robot pushes Strange and he trips and falls, Strange curses) Strange: Mother****** Flying Jatt: Stephen Strange, you are now called before the Illuminati I, Aman Dhillon, aka the Flying Jatt, hereby… (Strange Interrupts): Wait a minute, Flying whatt? (Gunshot, Strange screams in fear) Flying Jatt: Arjun Shergill, the first super soldier Chota Bheem, children's favourite superhero.

Strange: Kiddo, if you each so many laddoos then one day you will have to change your name to Mota Bheem FJ: Krrish, Bollywood's lone hit superhero (*I wrote the script before Bhramastra release*) (Shaktimaan enters making weird *Fuk Fuk Fuk Fuk* noises) FJ: and the strongest man alive, Shaktimaan (Shaktimaan theme plays in bg) Strange: Making obscene noises in front of a kid, bro? Krrish: I'm sorry, is this a joke to you? Strange: Well there is a kid over there ready to eat 5 kilo of laddoos, so yeah, a little bit (Bheem hides laddoos) Krrish: Be grateful Bheem's stomach is full.

Strange: yes, and now only loose motion is left (Bheem visibly annoyed) Krrish: This Strange is even more arrogant than ours Strange: No, just more alive (Arjun Smirks): Huh, for now Shaktimaan: Stephen, your arrival here confuses and destabilizes reality The larger the footprint you leave behind, the greater the risk of an Incursion FJ: Today we are here to determine what to do with you and the child Arjun: So before we vote, if you got anything serious to say, now is the time.

Strange: Yeah I do, do you seriously think that I am a bigger threat than the Scarlet Witch? Come on, Wake up to reality Arjun: Oh we can handle your little witch, you don't have to worry about that I'll butcher every criminal so bad that in next life he will be afraid to even come out of his father's ***** let alone mother's womb (Strange visibly disappointed): You guys really defeated Thanos? (Shaktimaan is infuriated ): Please maintain decorum of your position, and avoid using vulgar language We appreciate your concern Stephen, but, its not the Laal Chudail.., I mean Scarlet Witch that we fear from our experience, the greatest danger to the Multiverse, it turns out… is Doctor Strange.

Strange: Wait, your Dr Strange? Earth's mightiest hero, who died defeating Thanos? Chitti: We should tell him the truth FJ: Our final member, Chitti, first sentient Artificial Intelligence Chitti: Hi I am Chitti the robot, speed 1 Terahertz, memory 1 Zigabyte… (FJ interrupts): Okay-okay, that's enough Ira: ♥️He is handsome♥️ Arjun: Ira, Shhhh!! Strange: What truth? Chitti: Our Strange did not died fighting Thanos.

FJ: He turned to the Darkhold, began Dreamwalking SM: One night you called us all together, confessed that you had been doing Swapna Bhraman, i mean, Dreamwalking and in your words, “Things had gotten out of hand.” Krrish: We had to make this difficult decision (Shaktimaan shows Strange the past telepathically) (Titan in flashback) SM: I shall miss you, my friend Stephen: I am ready Bheem: I'm sorry Stephen. ITS MORBING TIME.

(Bheem beats the shit out of Strange) Oh no, Shit ,WTF (Shockwaves) (Bheem continues beating the shit out of Dr Strange) (*Thunderstrike*, Damn this frame, Illustrator proceeds to pat his own back) (Back to present) (Strange remembers how he insulted Bheen before, hears the laugh of Grim Reaper) (Soul left the body in terror) (Sirens).

Chitti: Someone has breached into the building Strange: No shit genius Arjun: Ira, show the CCTVs She is heading towards the child Krrish: I have children of my own, I understand your pain Wanda: Is their mother still alive? FJ: Gosh, how many times do I have to tell you that those are not your children Don't you understand? What are you a little girl or something? What if something would have happened today?.

And you guys, how many times do I have to repeat myself LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING? Don't you understand? What are you a little kid or something?

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