Dracula Minions Look Demise In The Face To Free His Soul From Hell #shorts #castlevaniaseason4

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Hi there this video is a short recap of the animation series Castlevania season 4. please comment subscribe share and like if you enjoyed the recap six weeks after the battle of lindenfeld Trevor and Cipher find themselves exhausted from constantly traveling the land killing night creatures and cultists trying to resurrect Dracula.

During these battles they learn about an elemental named death that eats The Souls of the Dead the two arrive at targovish day where Dracula's campaign Against Humanity began while exploring the ruins Trevor finds a magical dagger a pair of vampires named Barney and ratko watch over the two with Barney getting angry.

At their interference meanwhile after adding numerous corpses outside Dracula's castle Alucard encounters a horse with a dead messenger that has a map strapped to it he learns that he is being summoned to the Village of Dynasty who needs his help after burying the body Alucard looks in a mirror and realizes that he turned into Belmont.

Because he feels the need to interfere in other people's affairs no longer imprisoned and on good terms with Lenore Hector attempts to craft a new blacksmith's Hammer while secretly placing magic stones in the walls of the castle when Lenore asks carmilla to put up with Hector Lenore learns that carmilla seeks control of the entire.

World and that she wants to take everything from those who took from her Hector finishes working on the hammer while trying to take a break Trevor and saifa are ambushed by Barney and lacco's night creatures but are rescued by zamfer head guard of the targovi stay underground Court zamfir hopes to recruit the couple to the local.

Resistance if she and the underground Court can trust them while zamfir pursues Varney and rako Trevor takes a glowing Rock off the Corpse of a resistant Soldier hoping it will help in the future we see creatures of the night burying corpses and rebuilding the city of the magician under Isaac's guidance he is.

Pleased with the work and sits and enjoys the calm at the campsite Morgana and striga are ambushed by ordinary people who try to drive them away after she and her soldiers kill their attackers stagger laments that she and Morgana will plan and fight forever conducting carmilla's War leaving them uncertain of their future.

Carmilla contacts her sisters and urges them to return home back into govish day Trevor and saifa witness how the rest of the people are malnourished and decide to investigate the city hoping to gain some Fierce trust by helping others instead Trevor also discovered that the magic dagger is energized by the glowing Stone.

He took off the Corpse while Trevor and saifa discussed the situation in targovish day Alucard arrives at Dynasty and defends it from the attacking night creatures accepting the village leader Greta's request to act as its protector Alucard also meets Saint Germain in flashbacks Jermain is shown meeting his lover and.

With her researching the infinite Corridor until she went missing again within the infinite quarter Germaine meets an alchemist who gives him a key to the quarter which he can use to find his beloved so long as he sacrifices everything he ever had including his morals he is also informed that the only way to truly control the corridor is to.

Create a Rebus an artificial body that is both man and woman infused with two Souls returning to Earth Germaine embarks upon a dark path to collect necessary items and information until he was recruited by Varney to Aid in resurrecting Dracula a line with him in the vampire Warrior Dragon they orchestrate the attacks upon.

Dynasty in other villages back in the present day Jermaine suggests taking the people of Dynasty to Dracula's castle for protection to which Alucard agrees Alucard Greta and Jermain escort the villagers from Dynasty but are ambushed in the forest by creatures of the night al-ucard and Jermaine managed to kill.

Them and lead the people to the castle while Hector is creating the creatures of the night Lenore informs him of carmilla's plans to take over the world and confesses that carmilla used her in the same way Dracula used Hector back into govish day scifa expresses her anger that zamfir is feeding her Soldiers by stealing food from the.

Already starving townsfolk she saves zamfir from a night creature attack despite her indifference to her methods as they cannot afford to lose able Fighters however the creature covertly plants a magical tracking Stone onto the back of zamfir's neck before being killed by saifa back in magician's Town Isaac and his creatures of the night set.

Off to attack carmilla's Castle Isaac orders them to destroy everyone except Hector who is thinking about murking himself the Battle of Sheria begins when Isaac and his army of night creatures collide with carmilla's army Lenore tries to pull Hector out of the castle but she is trapped in Hector's magical barrier.

Isaac meets Hector again and wants to kill him and Lenore but decides to spare them both after seeing Hector willing to give his life for Lenore safety Hector cuts off his own finger to remove her restraining ring taking the control away from her and her sisters and Isaac activates a barrier from the stones Hector had placed in the castle trapping.

Carmilla in her War chamber Isaac ensues on an extensive fight with carmilla overwhelming carmilla with the creatures of the night but carmilla refuses to be killed by her enemies and take matters into her own hands before Isaac can finish her off Morna and striga withdraw with their squad after learning of carmilla's death.

And go on their own while Hector and Isaac discuss how they were taken advantage of Isaac decides to create his own kingdom in hysteria while Hector stays in Lenoir Hector also said he was secretly working with Jermaine and Barney to revive Dracula Trevor and Cipher eventually meet the.

Underground court itself and discover that it consists of the decomposing corpses of the royal family and zamfir who is quite mad and responsible for their demise assumed the royal family was just sleeping the tracking Stone embedded in zamfir allows ratko and Varney to locate the underground Court as they plan their next move ratco.

Taunts Barney as a mere criminal rather than a perfect vampire like himself though Barney cryptically suggests he is not what Rocco thinks he is as cypha and zamfir argue Trevor finds more magical artifacts and finds they all fit together nicely a horde of night creatures led by Barney and latko invade the court at the same time while Alucard.

And Greta tend to the fugitives in Dracula's castle Sun German secretly signals dragon's Army hidden in the woods to march on the castle bringing with them Ariba stitched together from the body parts of several corpses Trevor scifa and zamfir try to protect the dragovich day survivors zamfir sacrificed herself to save a mother and.

Child from Raco who was then killed by Trevor with a special cross-shaped blade taken from the underground Court meanwhile Alucard and Greta lead the fugitives into a desperate fight against dragon's Army but are eventually forced back to Dracula's castle they learn that Jermaine who is now in the room where Dracula died is using the.

Souls of those killed in the ongoing battle to open an infinite Corridor through which he plans to awaken both Dracula and Lisa's Souls fusing them into the Rebus with the power of the Rebus Jermaine plans to gain unrestricted access to the quarter's infinite dimensions and safely search it for his missing lover.

Alucard tries to stop him but Jermaine puts up a magical barrier to protect himself back at targovish day Varney finds a magic mirror that can teleport him to Dracula's castle and uses it to join Saint Germain seeing Barney Escape into the mirror Trevor and Cipher give Chase Trevor and Cipher reached Dracula's.

Castle through the glass and reunite with Alucard to fight the Invaders dragon's forces bring the rubies to Germain and Barney gives him Hector's Forge sequence to fuse it with Draculas and Lisa's Souls as Jermaine prepares for the ritual Barney suddenly reveals that he was The Alchemist who gave Jermaine the key to the quarter of.

Infinity before transforming into his true self he turns out be the ancient Elemental Spirit death death forced Jermaine to participate in the ritual acknowledging that he had manipulated Jermaine into unleashing the insane Dracula upon the world again so he can Feast on the endless deaths Dracula causes.

Trevor Cipher and Alucard kill dragon and his generals and reached Germain just as he summons Dracula and Lisa to Rivas when Trevor uses his Morning Star whip to break through the magic wall a repentance remain distracts death allowing Trevor to destroy the Rebus with holy water and The Morning Star whip freeing Dracula and Lisa's Souls.

The resulting explosion damages the castle and mortally wounded Jermain enraged death consumes the infinite corridor's key to gain more power after telling Cipher he loves her Trevor faces death alone despite being severely wounded in the battle with death Trevor combines the artifacts he had recovered from the.

Courtyard with a magical dagger and in a final display of determination uses it to stab death destroying him in a massive explosion that also engulfs Trevor two weeks have passed since Trevor seemed to have sacrificed himself to conquer death Eleanor and Hector sit and discuss the.

Future to which she thinks she is none making her peace with Hector she comments on not seeing the sunrise for so long before stepping out on the balcony upon seeing the sunrise she comments on it being average before turning to Ash at Dracula's castle the refugees begin building a permanent settlement led by.

Alucard and Greta Cipher reveals to Alucard that she is pregnant with Trevor's child to their shock a horse suddenly appeared carrying the wounded but still alive Trevor who had been carried to safety through an infinite quarter by Saint Germain just before the explosion he reveals that the weapon used was.

Originally created by a wizard turned blacksmith as part of a very one-sided murder suicide pact with God reunited the three looked back on their lives together and look forward to a bright future meanwhile in London it turns out that Dracula and Lisa have been safely revived by the ritual and are living in an in-disguised AS.

Commoners no one understands how or why the ritual brought them back together but they go into hiding and allow their son to live his own life while promising to visit him one day the series ends with Dracula and Lisa in bed together fully embracing life's New Opportunities and vowing to build a new.

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