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Hi! Welcome to another Movie Plot Spoilers Ahead In the empire of Izmer powerfulmages rule the common people treating them as little more than slaves. While the princess Savinawishes equality for her people, beneath the castle the leader of the Councilof Mages Profion attempts toforge a Sceptre in defiance, hoping that it will allow him to control anarmy of Gold dragons to conquer the kingdom.

With the help of his villainous general Damodar, the evil mage tests out his newly created sceptreon a Gold dragon he has kept in the dungeons. After first appearing tosuccessfully control the monster, the staff begins to wain, eventually failing the mage causingthe dragon to advance on him. So Profion effectively kills it by lowering a gateonto it rancor style before it can reach him. The two begin to plot the takeover of thekingdom and the overthrowing of princess Savina, as the dragons blood runs into the waterways and catches the river on firefor the whole city to witness.

Two teenage rogue thieves Ridley and Snails, stare upon the blood fuelledriver speculating it’s origins, with Ridley blaming everything badthat happens in Izmer on the mages, rightfully so. While Snails believes things just are the waythey are and there is nothing we can do about it. Ridley gets the genius idea to breakin and rob the Sumdall magic school, convincing Snails that the mageswill be dealing with the fire and the two of them willbecome the envy of all thieves. Meanwhile at the Council of Mages,.

Profion argues that PrincessSavina will eventually use her own dragon staff to enforce her will upon them, feeling threatened by her desire togive rights to the common people, and he convinces the council to usurp herpowers by stripping her of her sceptre. Savina meets with the library wizardof the local mage school Vildan, who tells her of another staff called the Rodof Savrille which can control Red dragons, allowing her to give up her gold staff andstill maintain a level of power over Profion. But a spy of Profion overhears her plan, and with the sudden realisationthat there is another staff,.

Profion sends Damodar to kill Vildan andreturn with the map to the staffs location. Meanwhile Ridley and Snails, scale the enormous mages tower and break into theschool through a window in an attempt to rob it. Dropping in to a plethora of mageantiquities ripe for the stealing, they begin to loot the place stealingwhatever they can fit in their bags, with Snails eventually setting offan illusion box and causing a racket. Vildan works in the tower with the aidof his young mage apprentice Marina, attempting to decipher the map of therods location with Manticore wing. The two hear a crash from the room over butjust assume it’s a lab creature loose again,.

So Marina is sent in alone to check it out. Ridley and Snails are busted by Marina who doesn't believe their lie of being cleaners, and casts a magical rope on them planning on submitting them to the dungeons. Hearing a commotion coming fromthe library Marina rushes off, dragging the boys along with her due to her spell, to find Damodar interrogatingVildan on the maps location. Having refused to tell him Vildanheroically throws Marina the map, causing Damodar to kill him. Marina uses a spell to knockDamodar and his soldiers away,.

Giving her time to cast a portal andescape to a poorer part of Izmer, but the crimson brigade pursue them through it. During the chase Marina frees the thievesas they are the least of her concerns, and they come across a dwarf fighter namedElwood who gets caught up in the trios problems. He attempts to go at Damodar with his axebut decides to just leg sweep him and flee, with the three joining him as they escape outthe back of his shelter and into the city sewers. Damodar has them framed for the murder ofVildan with a reward out on their heads, so the group make plans to leave the city. Back in Profion's chambers,disappointed with his generals failure,.

He infects Damodar with a magicalworm-like creature in his brain, stating that it will vacate the premisis when hecaptures the party and brings them back to him. Profion then suggests that Damodar follow the Empress' best tracker who isalso on the hunt for the party. While hiding out in a tavern, Marina tries to decipher the scroll whilethe two friends teach her about the term, honour among thieves. They begin to bicker about thestate of the empire as Marina is wanting to restore it to it’s former glory,.

And the rest see no benefit to it. Recognising the lock spell on the map having had his dad use similar runes toprotect his carriage blueprints, Ridley speaks some words over itand is instantly transported inside. “See that there, I knew that boy had talent” So the mage joins him While Snails and Elwood wait aroundthe tavern for them to return, Snails spots an attractive elf enter, and after getting some love pointersfrom Elwood he approaches to meet a.

Stubborn ranger who gives him nothing. Having paid an informant for theirlocation Damadar arrives with his men, but is spotted by Elwood whocauses a fight to break out. With the soldiers all gettingcaught up in the commotion he takes Snail and the two escape into the woods. Snails then calls Ridley and Marina out of the mapand they tell the group they spoke to a Wraith, who gave them directions to a dragontemple where the rod is being held. However in order to get into the temple theymust first find a thieves guild in Antius to obtain a ruby called the Eye of the Dragon.

Snails wants no part in it and wants tojust leave until this all blows over, but Ridley convinces him that theywill steal the ruby and split it, all while the elf watches on. The party arrives in Antius and spot a localthief working his way through the market. After stalking him for a bit theyconfront him on directions to the guild, but branding them outsidershe refuses their request. So they decide to follow him instead, being led right into the heart of the denbut being captured by the guild members. They are taken to the king of thieves Xilus,.

Who shows Ridley respect asa fellow thief, but not much. He tells them that in order toobtain the Eye of the Dragon that they seek they must make their way tothe centre of the guild's deadly maze, famously known to all thievesbut never having been survived. Entering the maze alone Ridleyencounters swinging blades as the thieves guild bet on how long before he dies. He uses his acrobatics to make itthrough and move into the second room, where flames begin spurting from thewalls being triggered by pressure plates. The wall begins to close on him asthe floor tiles begin to change,.

So he just legs it through thecorridor into the next room. Finally at the vault door, the roof begins to close on Ridley asthe vault turns into a wood chipper, so he smashes the hour glass counting downcausing the ceiling and door to retract. Obtaining the Eye of the Dragon, Ridley is congratulated by Xilus for his successbut is soon demanded to hand the ruby over, citing that the leader has waited 15years for someone to obtain it for him. Thankfully Damodar arrives atthe guild in the nick of time, so Ridley sets the map on fire making him let themthrough or else never finding the staffs location.

But with Xilus having other plans his menjump the crimson brigade and a fight ensues, where Damodar captures Marina and the map butRidley and Snails manage to escape the tavern. But are captured soon after by another group, elves led by the lady from the barwho introduces herself as Norda, the empresses tracker. Having heard their side of the story, Norda mirror calls Savinaand reports to the Empress that Damodar has already taken Marina and the map, so the Empress commands Nordato find and retrieve them both.

Elsewhere in his castle Damodar pleadswith Marina to help him obtain the rod, saying that he has served the empress loyallyfor years but that Profion has a hold over him. When she refuses he reveals his head worms, using them to suck the information from her brainlearning that the group has the Eye of the Dragon, and that it is needed to obtain the rod. Norda tracks Marina's location whileSnails finds out that she is 234 years old, and the group learn dwarves are afraid of horses. Ridley and Snails stage a rescueby using their rogue skills to sneak inside Damodar's camp whileNorda and Elwood remain outside.

They distract the Beholdersand sneak past the guards, splitting up when they get inside with Snailsgoing for the map and Ridley going for the girl. Ridley easily finds andrescues the terrified Marina, but while attempting to steal the map from Damodar’s chamber Snails getstrapped in a quicksand rug, before being found and thrown aroundthe room by the general himself. Snails manages to slash at Damodarwith a knife and escape the chambers, only to get outside to an enclosed courtyard. Damodar and Snails have ashowdown atop the castle,.

With the highly trained and armouredcrimson general easily beating the thief. Ridley and Marina having been caught up withguards inside arrive to find Snails defeated, and try to offer the stone for his life. But Snails throws them the map likeVildan causing Damodar to kill him, and throw his body from the Castle wall. Ridley charges him only to hit nothing but steel, and eventually being stabbed by his own sword. Marina spots a bag of magical dust thatSnails had stolen from the generals quarters and uses it to casts a spell at Damodar,.

And another that creates a portal, escaping with Ridley as it closes behind them. Back at the Council of Mages Savina and Profionare publicly debating in front of the Council whether or not the Empress shouldgive up her Gold sceptre to Profion. The Empress stands her ground demanding equalrights for the non-magical people of Izmar, and claiming that she will not give up the sceptre believing that the evil mage onlywants it to leave the city defenceless. Though when the empress leaves Profion calls forwar against her to the applaud of the council. The fellowship are led by Norda to an elf village,.

Where their king heals Ridley of hiswounds saying that unlike humans, elves don't need spells to cast magic. The king warns them that if dragons are destroyedthen the balance of magic will go along with it, saying that Profion is very close to this. That night Marina offersher condolences for Snails but Ridley dismisses her as she cannotunderstand what it's like to be a commoner, and he no longer wishes to fight in this war. Marina tells him that the Empress wantsto make all commoners and Mages equal, and that this is what Snails died for.

So they kiss, as the tiny demonspy watches them from a distance. The party leave the village and make their wayto the dungeon that holds the Rod of Savrille. Ridley is first to enter the dungeon but theothers cannot follow due to a magical force-field, so he carries onward alone, eventually falling througha trapdoor and happening across a statue made to look like a red dragon. After placing the Eye of the Dragoninto an empty socket on the statue, a doorway opens to reveala vast room of treasures. Apologetically Ridley ignoresthe contents of the room,.

And approaches a skeleton hangingon a hook with the rod in hand. The skeleton comes alive andstates that it is Savrille, cursed with the crime oftrying to control dragons, waiting for a worthy person tocome and take the rod from him. Ridley takes the rod but notbefore Savrille warns him that “Whoever wields the rodwill suffer a horrible fate, for the evil it creates cannot beundone until the spell is broken.” Without telling him how to breakthe curse Savrille passes on, and Ridley gains the power to controlall the red dragons in the land.

Outside the council the Empress uses her rodto call for the Golden dragons to attack. With Profion leading the councilhe tries to form a counter attack but has little effect on the creaturesas they begin to destroy the tower. Using ballistas the crimson soldiersmanage to kill a gold dragon, so The Empress calls the dragonsback in order to lead them herself. Exiting the dungeon Ridley finds that the partyhas been captured by Damodar and his troops. Ridley gives the rod inexchange for the party's life, but Damodar orders his men to kill them anyways. So the group begin to fight there way out,.

Killing Damodar’s men as he opens a portalto return with the good news to Profion, but Ridley alone manages to followDamodar through before the portal closes. Damodar gives the rod to Profion who in turnremoves the brain worm creature from his head, then uses the rod to summonred dragons onto the board. The empress stages another attack personallybut begins to get attacked by the red dragons. Meanwhile Ridley confronts Snailskiller and the two begin to duel, with Damodar defeating Ridleywith sheer strength but the light footed thief beating him with his agility, stabbing him in the back beforethrowing him from the tower.

Ridley tries to attack Profionbut is no match for him, until he is about to bekilled and the group show up, not doing anything to the powerful mage but effectively knocking the Rod away fromhim long enough for Ridley to obtain it. Marina encourages Ridley touse the Rod to kill Profion, but feeling the Rod's corruptionRidley refuses and destroys it. The Empress appears to confrontthe now weaponless Profion, but he almost overtakes her with his dark magic, until she uses her staff to havea Golden dragon eat him whole.

In the aftermath of battle, the Empress declares that everyonein the kingdom is now equal. On the day of Ridley's knighting ceremony, he along with Marina Elwoodand Norda visit Snails' grave. After saying his goodbyes Ridley placesthe Eye of the Dragon on the cairn. As he does the name Snails engravedin the headstone disappears, and the gem begins to glow. Norda tells him not to question it andas they take the Eye in their hands, the group are turned into ballsof light and taken to see Snails.

And the movie ends. Thank you for watching Subscribe for more

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