Dude confronted an Frequent Man, Unaware He Was as soon as the Worn Chief of the Most Feared Gangsters

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The movie begins by showing our main character,Liu Ye, a former gangster boss who has retired and is now trying to live his days peacefully.Even though he is old, over 50 years of age, he doesn't want people to call him grandfather orhis real name. He just wants to be called by his nickname, Mister Six. Despite his past, peoplein the neighborhood respect Mister Six a lot, as seen by how they greet him when he takes a walkalong the street near his house in the morning. He did like to go for a walk in the morning, andit was usually very peaceful. But something is different today. Mister Six heard a commotionfrom the direction of the street he was going to pass. And so, out of curiosity, he walkedover to the crowd to check what was happening. It turns out that the commotion occurred because apoliceman got into an argument with an old street.

Vendor named Deng Zhao, who used to be MisterSix's subordinate. Their argument escalated to the point where the policeman slapped Deng Zhaoin front of everyone. Realizing that the person involved in the problem with the police was hisformer right-hand man, Mister Six then asked the police what happened between them. The policemanreplied that Deng Zhao refused harshly when he was about to confiscate his cart. He reasoned thatDeng Zhao did not have a license to do business there and that it was normal that he confiscatedhis cart according to the law. Hearing that, Deng Zhao got angry instead and even damaged the policecar. Now that he knows where the problem lies, Mister Six persuades Deng Zhao to let the policetake the cart away. Not only that, he even gave the police money as compensation for the damage tohis car. However, he asked the police to be fair..

Because the police had slapped Deng Zhao hard justnow, Mister Six wanted him to return the slap. Then he slapped the policeman as hard as possible,just as hard as he received the slap earlier. The policeman's face instantly turned pale. Butthen, Mister Six revealed that he didn't mean what he said. Through this experience, he askedthe policeman to control his anger and not use violence whenever he faced difficulties. Becausenot every problem can be solved by violence. With this, the policeman left the location whilethe people around him shouted mockingly at him. The next day, Mister Six helped Deng Zhao tomake his new cart. And while they were working, they talked about Mister Six's son, Xiaobo, whomhe had not seen for the past half year after he had run away from home. Deng Zhao advised MisterSix to look for Xiaobo because he was worried that.

Xiaobo would choose the wrong company if he wasleft alone. But Mister Six refuses to do that. He didn't even seem to care about his son anymore. Inthe afternoon, Mister Six received a call from the police informing him that one of his friends namedScrapper had been put in jail. If he wants his friend to go free, Mister Six must pay the fine.So he went to the salon managed by his old friend, Hua Xiazi, intending to borrow money from her.After getting the money, Mister Six then went to the police station to free Scrapper, who was alsoa former member of his team when he was the gang leader. And it was from Scrapper that he gotXiaobo's address. It turns out that Xiaobo now lives in an apartment. Yes, even though he didn'tseem to care about his son before, Mister Six was worried inside. Thus the next day, Mister Six goesto the address Scrapper gave him with a box of.

Food. He sees Xiaobo's shoes on a shelf in frontof the apartment door, leading him to believe that Xiaobo really lives there. However, he decidednot to knock on the apartment door. Instead, he placed the food he had brought on the shoe rackand then left. When Mister Six had barely taken a few steps, he changed his mind. He missed Xiaobotoo much to leave without seeing his son. So he walked back to the door and knocked, hopingXiaobo would open it for him. Then the door opened a few moments later, but the man behindit wasn't Xiaobo, his friend. It turned out that Xiaobo was not in the apartment because he wasin trouble. A few days ago, he came home with a battered face. And last night was even worse: hewas kidnapped by someone. His friend had recorded the moment when the kidnapping took place, andso he showed the video to Mister Six. However,.

The video isn't giving enough clues for MisterSix to find Xiaobo. So he went to see some of Xiaobo's acquaintances to get more clues. And itwas through them that he got the information that Xiaobo was dating the girlfriend of a streetracing gang leader. The gang leader, Kris, was angry when he found out that Xiaobo had stolen hisgirlfriend, and Kris beat him until he was black and blue. But the hot-tempered Xiaobo avenged thataction by scratching Kris's expensive car. That's why Kris decided to kidnap Xiaobo. He demandedthat Xiaobo repair his car within three days at any cost. If Xiaobo failed to do so, he wouldhave to pay for it with his own life. Worries took over Mister Six as soon as he found out aboutit. He continues to seek information from other people to find out where Xiaobo is now. Finally,his efforts led him to find a man with glasses.

Who was a member of Kris's gang. And so, MisterSix meets the four-eyes by pretending to be a package delivery person to avoid suspicion. Then,as soon as he found an opportunity, he grabbed the poor man by the throat and interrogated him,demanding that he tell him where Xiaobo was. Afraid of being killed, the four-eyed man can'thelp but tell Mister Six everything he wants. He would even be happy to accompany Mister Six towhere they detained Xiaobo. But on the way there, Mister Six felt nauseous because the four-eyed manwas driving his car so fast. So he asked the four eyes to pull over so he could rest for a while.And it was at this moment, as Mister Six took a breath of fresh air, that a sports car suddenlystopped in front of him. It turned out that the car's driver was none other than Kris. MisterSix and Kris then exchanged glances without.

Saying anything. They stared at each other untilKris finally backed up his car and left. Feeling that this was an opportunity to escape, thefour-eyed man went after Kris, leaving Mister Six alone on the street. The next morning, whileeating breakfast with his friends, Mister Six gets advice from Hua Xiazi and Scrapper. She suggestedthat he report the kidnapping case to the police, while Scrapper said he should just finish off Krisand the rest of his gang. However, Mister Six did not accept these two ideas. Instead, he asked themto be patient and let him sort things out with his own methods. Mister Six really meant what hesaid because next, he went to the gathering place of Kris' gang alone. He begs Kris to let him seeXiaobo, and Kris unexpectedly grants. Soon after, Kris asked Xiaobo to come out so Mister Sixcould meet him. But instead of being happy,.

Xiaobo was rude and disrespectful to his father,so Mister Six got angry and kicked him. Even so, Mister Six still wants to help his only son. Heoffers Kris 2,000 yuan, hoping it will be enough compensation for his damaged car. But that madeMister Six to be laughed at by the people there instead. One of the gang members even slapped himbecause he thought the old man was mocking them. As it turned out, the amount of money Mister Sixhad offered was far from what was needed to repair the scratches on the car. According to Kris, theyneed at least 100,000, which he probably doesn't have. However, Mister Six took the humiliationvery patiently. He could actually beat up those arrogant kids if he wanted to. But he chose totake a peaceful path because he realized all of this was his son's fault. Therefore, he asked Kristo wait three days before he could settle Xiaobo's.

Debt. After returning, Mister Six gathered withhis close friends for dinner. Here, he tells them about the big problem he and Xiaobo are facing.Indeed, they are in big trouble, bigger than they think. However, Hua Xiazi knew that Kriswas not just any young man. He is the son of an influential official, and because of his father'spower, he can escape the law, even when he has killed someone before. But all those storiesdidn't make Mister Six afraid. He doesn't care about the facts about Kris's family. All he caredabout now was how he could get the money needed to bring Xiaobo home. Hence, Mister Six startedvisiting his former subordinates in Beijing to borrow money. But unfortunately, their livingconditions make it impossible for them to help him. They could barely buy their daily needs. Oneof them was even in debt because he had to pay for.

The treatment of his sick wife. The irony is thatMister Six instead gave his friend money to help his wife. However, Mister Six still hasn't givenup despite encountering several failures. Next, he went to Matchstick's house, a former member of hisgang who has now become a successful businessman. But just when he stepped foot there, Matchsticksaid he had to meet his client. Hearing that hurt Mister Six's feelings because he felt Matchstickno longer valued him as a friend. He even refused when Matchstick offered to give him money, sayinghe was not a beggar to be pitied. And so Mister Six went back to wandering the streets, trying tofind someone to lend him the money. But when he was walking, his chest suddenly hurt. It hurt somuch he fell to the ground and had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctor there diagnosed him withcoronary artery disease, which required him to be.

Treated. But Mister Six refuses because he doesn'tthink he has the luxury of being hospitalized, especially now. He needed every penny he pocketedto free his son. Luckily Hua Xiazi, who the hospital had contacted about Mister Six's illness,rushed to see him. And when she hears directly from him that he still lacks the money, she giveshim her money to cover the shortfall. She had to sell her salon to get the money, but she waswilling to give it to him. As long as it comes with one condition: Mister Six must have surgeryafter he solves Xiaobo's problem. The next day, when Hua Xiazi had just finished taking a shower,she found a package containing Mister Six's land certificate. He left it for her in exchangefor the money she gave him yesterday, and he had purposely not told her beforehand. Because heknew she would definitely reject it. Meanwhile,.

Mister Six goes with Scrapper to the car repairshop to pick up Xiaobo and pay off his son's debt. But to their surprise, they found Deng Zhaoalready there, repairing Kris's Ferrari. Deng Zhao thinks Mister Six won't be able to collect themoney Kris demands in three days, so he decides to help by fixing Kris' car. But Deng Zhao didn'trealize he couldn't repair such an expensive car. So instead of repairing the scratches, he ended updamaging the car. Of course, Kris was furious when he arrived at the shop and saw the condition ofhis favorite car. Now, the cost of repairing his car would need more than 100,000 yuan. And MisterSix has no more money to pay compensation for the increasing damage to his car. And it wasn't justKris who was angry. Kris' friend, who had slapped Mister Six the other day, yelled at and insultedhim while pointing at his face. But this time,.

Mister Six's patience has run out. With a coldexpression on his face, he grabbed the young man's forefinger and snapped it as Scrapper steppedforward to confront the other members of the gang, daring them to fight him if they had the guts.At that moment, Kris wants them to resolve their conflict by fighting, but not now. So heproposes to Mister Six to settle things with a group battle, which will be held a week later.The winners of the fight can then do whatever they want to the losers, including taking everythingthey have. Hearing that, Mister Six agrees to the challenge, even though he knows his formergang members are not young anymore. It would be hard for them to keep up with the energy of theiropponent, who was at their peak. Still, Mister Six sent letters to his former crew members, trying toget them to help him. But as predicted, neither of.

Them accepted the invitation, making Hua Xiazianxious. She once again tries to convince Mister Six to report it to the police. But again,he ignored her advice. He is determined to fight against Kris' gang, even if he has to do italone. While they were arguing, Hua Xiazi's cell phone suddenly rang, and the person on the otherend of the line asked her to come out. It turned out to be Xiaobo, who was driven home by Kris'girlfriend in her car. The girl then returned the money that Mister Six gave to Kris the otherday, remembering that Kris no longer needed the money because they would solve their problemsby fighting. When Mister Six opened the package, he found the 100,000 yuan bill inside. Buthe also found a strange letter that he did not understand. So without thinking, he threw theletter into the trash. When Xiaobo comes back, he.

Does not try to improve his relationship with hisfather. They kept arguing with each other, forcing Hua Xiazi to intervene once more by engagingXiaobo to talk. And in response, he explained to her that he was cold to Mister Six because hisfather had never paid attention to and loved him, even when he was little. Hearing that, Hua Xiazidenies Xiaobo's accusation of his father. She said she had known Mister Six since she was 16 yearsold, and she knew his past and how he had become who he is today. Many people fear him, especiallywhen he is a gangster boss. He even once fought twelve people at once and defeated them all. Butbehind all that, Mister Six has a good side that makes him loved by many people. That was evidentfrom how he treated his men as if they were his own children. Maybe it was true that Mister Sixhad never shown his affection to Xiaobo in person,.

And Hua Xiazi believed he regretted it now. Butthere's one thing that Xiaobo doesn't have to doubt, Mister Six is ??willing to do anything forhis son. After saying all that, Xiazi ended their conversation by begging Xiaobo to reconcile withhis father and give him one more chance. Luckily, he was willing to do that by going to Mister Sixand talking to him. Then they try to talk to each other nicely. And after that, their relationshipgradually improved. They even planned to open a bar they would run together after their businesswith Kris and the gang was over. Unfortunately, when Mister Six and Xiaobo reconciled, his illnessreturned, causing him to be taken to the hospital. Here, Xiaobo learned that his father had coronaryartery disease. And worse, the doctor found that his condition was worse than before. Like it ornot, he must undergo surgery if he wants to get.

Better. However, Mister Six's stubbornness madehim refuse, even though Matchstick was willing to pay for all the hospitalization and surgerycosts. So one night, Mister six and Xiaobo left the hospital, ignoring Hua Xiazi, who kept askingthem to come back. When they got home, Mister Six and Xiaobo found their house had been ransacked.Even Mister Six's favorite bird was found killed by whoever intruded into their home. His heart wasbroken seeing the condition of his bird, but there was nothing he could do now other than bury it.And their misfortune was still not finished that day. On their way home, Mister Six and Xiaobo areintercepted by members of Kris' gang, who demand that Mister Six give them a letter. However,he had no idea what they were talking about because he couldn't remember getting any letters.Unfortunately, those people did not believe him..

They kept asking him to return the letter. If not,they will not hesitate to harm him. As a result, Mister Six is ??forced to fight them while tellingXiaobo to go find help. But before he could run far, Xiaobo saw his father collapse after beingattacked by the thugs, causing him to abandon his plans and return to help Mister Six. Of course,those thugs wouldn't let Xiaobo run a second time. As soon as he was off guard, one of them hitXiaobo from behind with an iron pipe, causing him to faint and suffer trauma. Soon after, hewas taken to the hospital. Seeing his son lying in bed, it was here that Mister Six's gangstersoul seemed to awaken again. He brought Scrapper and his gang members to Kris's car repair shop toget revenge. But apparently, the place was empty. Let alone Kris, they didn't even find anyonethere. When they were busy raiding the place,.

The phone there suddenly rang. Mister Six answeredthe call from someone asking him to return the letter he was holding. The man explained that theletter was in the package containing the money he had received the other day. Now that he knew theletter those people meant, Mister Six immediately returned to his house to look for it. Luckilyhe could find the letter still in the trash can. And after he checked it, it turned out that theletter was Kris' account statement. Or rather, his father had opened an account at a Swiss bankin Kris's name and used it to keep the money he had received from corruption. Even crazier, theaccount contained 7.8 million euros. With this information, Mister Six met Kris to renegotiate.Then Kris said he would give Mister Six a lot of money if the letter was returned. However, Krisstill wanted them to fight as originally planned,.

Where the winning team was free to do anythingto those who lost. Here, Mister Six agreed to it. When the day of the fight came, Mister Six sentthe letter to the prosecutor's office before he left for the location. Meanwhile, Scrapper meetsMister Six's former henchmen, asking them to help their former boss one last time. Mister Sixeven asks Scrapper to tell them about his health condition, and he wants them to accompany him inhis last moments. Some time passed after that, and now Mister Six arrived at the frozen lakethat would be the fight's location. Carrying only his sword, he walked to the middle of the lake,approaching Kris and his men, before releasing a thunderous scream to announce his arrival. Butthen, a miracle happened. Scrapper, Deng Zhao, Hua Xiazi, and his former minions arrive on the sceneto help Mister Six fight his enemies. Seeing this.

Touched his heart. However, he asked them not toparticipate in the fight. He said he would fight alone no matter how unfit his body was. And thus,Mister Six started running toward his opponents while brandishing his sword. He kept running andrunning until his body betrayed him. Ultimately, he died because of his disease before he coulduse his sword to cut down his enemy. However, at least his courage was able to motivate hisformer employees. Seeing their former boss collapse, they all rushed forward in unison toreplace Mister Six in the fight. And fortunately, they win it. At the film's end, Mister Six'smen are imprisoned for some time before they are finally released due to the influence oftheir own group. On the other hand, Xiaobo is shown to have fully recovered and succeeded inrealizing his plan with his father, which is to.

Open a bar. Then the TV in the bar broadcastsa news report on the arrest of Kris' father for the corruption he committed. The moral that can belearned from this movie is to respect our parents, because no matter what their situation is, theywill always love us as their children.

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