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Hello. Welcome back to Review 5 Minutes.In the next developments, after taking Pham Lao's life, very quickly, Tieu Viem returned to Gia Nam Academy and then brought troops to attack Hac Minh. And finally After a few words, the battle between the two sides broke out. And as usual, the focus of the battle is still Han Phong and Tieu Viem. In the air, each powerful blow between the two also constantly collides. In the end, in Xiao Yan's hand, a powerful chain-burning flame-throwing attack was struck, immediately colliding with Han Phong's attack to create an explosion that shook the entire field. But not yet, after that one hit. , in Tieu Viem's ​​hand, a fire lotus with two colors of green and yellow immediately took shape. Witnessing this, Han Phong also changed color. Immediately, in his hand, the flame immediately formed a lion beast and began to condense the force. Then, in the hands of the two, the fire lotus and the beast flew out. In the moment of impact, a terrible explosion exploded, causing the place to vibrate violently. When the light gradually disappeared, only Han Phong's face was now seen with a blackened face. After that, he was immediately chased by Xiao Yan and then severely injured. However, because he wanted to finish Han Phong, Xiao Yan immediately used the strength of Medicine Lao. Therefore, the people of the Soul Palace immediately discovered. Immediately, the black chain on his body rushed to the chest of Xiao Yan. At this moment, facing it, Tieu Viem could not do anything. Fortunately, at that moment, My Do Toa appeared and blocked the other chain to save Tieu Viem's ​​life. Not only that, but one kick. kicked out, she also immediately took Han Phong's life to make him leave quickly. Seeing that, the people of the Soul Palace did not dare to move. Therefore, quickly retreated, after that, he captured Han Phong's soul and disappeared. Also from here, the battle ended. Quickly taking away a few good things from Han Phong, Tieu Viem also quickly left this place. Returning to the academy, after finishing his treatment, Tieu Viem also successfully opened the Emperor's Seal that Huan Nhi gave him. for myself. Next, after discussing with the second brother about the man's attack on Van Lam Tong finished, Tieu Viem also called My Do Toa and told her about the refining of the Restoration Dan. Hearing that, My Do Toa immediately Agree. Also from here, she did not pursue Tieu Vien anymore, instead, she became the protector for the other man. As for Tieu Viem, after convincing the arrogant queen, he also set her up for her. A new name was Cai Lan. Also from here, an invisible affection appeared between the two. Next, after completing everything, Tieu Viem also began to practice the Emperor's Battle Technique. It can be said that this method is extremely powerful. However, practicing it is also extremely difficult. Therefore, Tieu Viem had to practice in seclusion for a long time. And at the same time, in Phong Thanh, after Han Phong died, Tieu Le captured this city and established Tieu Mon. However, After a period of expansion, Tieu Mon was attacked by three sects belonging to the first row, joining forces to attack, led by three strong fighting emperors. Therefore, Tieu Le immediately sent a message asking for help to Tieu Viem. And very quickly, after knowing this news, Tieu Viem immediately went with My Do Toa to the rescue. And at the right time, when Tieu Viem arrived in Phong Thanh, this place was surrounded by Thien Am Tong and La Sat. Mon and Cuong Su Bang. Therefore, immediately, Tieu Viem went in alone and faced the other group of people. Seeing that, the other group of people were also not polite at all. However, after My Do Toa. appeared, using her great strength, she immediately scared the other people. Therefore, not only did they not dare to do anything, they then submitted to Xiao Yan, in return, the matter. doing business in Phong Thanh also had to give them a little, along with that, Tieu Viem also gave them one more Hoang Chi Dan, a top-class green medicine pill. Finally, when everything was done, Tieu Viem also immediately Prepare everything to help Yao Lao awaken the soul again. But before awakening the spirit of Medicine Lao, Tieu Viem took advantage of refining some necessary medicinal pills. And the first pill that he refined. It was Phuc Tu Linh Dan, the sixth product of the medicinal pill that Hai Ba Dong was always waiting for. Next, after refining for Hai Ba Dong, Tieu Viem then also brought a lot of medicinal herbs to refine to make a profit. .So, thanks to the huge profit after the auction, Xiao Yan quickly obtained enough medicinal herbs to begin the process of recovering the Medicine Elder's soul. And time passed, at a mountain top, Tieu Viem also carried out the process of refining medicinal herbs and contemplating it in the precepts of Medicine Lao. However, this process was extremely arduous, even drying up the whole battle, so Tieu Viem immediately fell. She fell into a coma and fell into the abyss. However, at the same time, My Do Toa was moved, so she immediately went and saved the other man. After all, in that situation, a kind of love A special feeling appeared in her heart. However, just at the moment when the two were about to fall in love, suddenly, Medicine Lao woke up again. Thinking that the other woman took his disciple's life, he immediately took action. repel My Do Toa. Therefore, the emotional scene also ended. And next, Medicine Lao recovered, Tieu Viem and everyone also officially headed to Gia Ma Empire to attack Van Lam Tong. what's attractive. Subscribe to the channel for more details.

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