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(Copyright Notice) ♪It's time to say goodbye♪ ♪Carry some happiness in your bag♪ ♪It is covered with dark clouds ahead♪ ♪The entanglementThe trapped beast is growling♪ ♪The silence♪ ♪Feels bitter♪ ♪May you never be hurt♪ ♪Don't fall asleep with tears♪.

♪The tortuous world♪ ♪Lies numerous answers♪ ♪The wound is heroic because of love♪ ♪Let's move forward together♪ ♪The power of rebirth comes within me♪ ♪Defeat respectable opponents♪ ♪Faith is all I have♪ ♪Reach the vastness in my heart♪ ♪Lost, go ahead♪.

♪Regretful, go ahead♪ ♪Reluctant, go ahead♪ ♪The glory♪ ♪Leads the way♪ ♪After the catastrophe♪ ♪There will be hope♪ =Swallowed Star= (Based on the novel “Swallowed Star”.) (Audience under 18 are requested to watchwith the permission of their guardians.).

(The whole video is made by CG.) (Please do not copy in real life.) (Previously on Swallowed Star)The H-bomb has completely infuriated it. (Hanxia)Forecast where the Giant will go. The spaceship willbe ours to command. The intelligence system has found outabout what's happening at the gate. Luo Feng, get in there. Warning. Warning. System under attack.

Please enter the password in 30 seconds. Or the self-destruction programwill be activated. (Warning)It has a self-destruction program? Barbata, quickly. (End of Swallowed StarSeason 3 Announcement) (Thank you all for continuouslysupporting Swallowed Star.) (Swallowed Star Season 3 will end at Episode 78.) (The guardians will continue fightingagainst monsters to protect our homeland.) (Stay tunedfor Luo Feng's future challenges.).

=Episode 78= Emergency notice. All citizens,to the underground shelter. I repeat. All citizens,to the underground shelter. Quickly, quickly! Quickly, quickly! Come on! It is the Gold-horned Giant.

Turn on all the positive ionelectromagnetic guns to draw the Giant's attention. Others, get into the fighter jets with me. The Giant cannot getclose to the shelter! (These positive-ionelectromagnetic guns) (just arrived via air transportation.They haven't been installed.) (They are twice as powerful asthe newest laser cannons in Merica.) (I hope they will work.).

Use the supercomputer to accuratelycontrol all the electromagnetic guns. Focus on only one point. Fire! Oh, no. Plan B. Bring it on, monster. I have his attention. Gather, all units. We have its attention. All units, dodge its attack.

Mind the rear. Scatter! Yes! Parachute failure. Cannot be opened. The fighter jets have led the Giantout of Jiangnan base city. Salute to our heroes. Barbata, what have you done? The countdown is finished.How come it didn't explode? Well, clever me. Time is short. Just tell me.

It is simple. I have destroyed the intelligentsystem on the ship, so the self-destruction devicedoesn't work anymore. You destroyed the system? I flooded the intelligent system with a multitude of data, causing it to fail to processsuch a large data volume, so the system would just collapse. Quite forceful.

Not everybody can dobrute-force destruction. Intellectually speaking, I'm far beyond the system on the ship, so I made it. But sadly, the brute-force destruction caused the total breakdownof the ship's control system. It won't be possible to reactivate itin a short time. Barbata,.

Thank you. It's no big deal. Luo Feng. This is BDM X81, a good spaceship modeluniverse-wide. I believe (Spatial Item)its owner had to be (Spatial Item)someone important across the Galaxy. I bet he left some good stuff.

We'll take them away. As well as those three Silverium guards. I'll try to repair them. What about the weapon? Is there a weapon that cankill the Gold-horned Giant on the ship? Did your brute-force destructiondamage its weapon system? It only targeted at its intelligentand control systems. It didn't damage the weapon system. I just checked.

(Intelligent System Weapon System Control System)Its weapons are obsolescent. After all, hundreds of thousands ofyears have passed. But don't you worry, I guarantee you that I will assemble a weapon that kills a Star-level onein one or two days. Great. I'll leave it to you, Barbata. Easy-peasy.

I'll put away the spaceshipinto my storage space for weapon reparation. After we are out of here, I'll take away the mothership as well to search for potential good stuff. (I wonder what is going on out there.) Luo Feng. Luo Feng. Do you hear me? Commander Jia.

I had no signals inside a ruin of ancient civilization. Good. I'm glad to hear you're out of it. How are things looking out here? After the H-bomb attack,the Gold-horned Giant was injured, and started to attack all war basesin Hanxia and Hindia crazily. Jiangnan base city was damaged, too. What? Luckily, it only let off some anger.

It wasn't committed to destroyingthe base city. Hanxia warriors resisted bravely, and the Giant was heading for Sun Scorch. You go home and visit your familyin Jiangnan base city now. And we'll meet at the Palaceof Gods of War. Inspector Luo. Luo Feng? Gold-horned Giant!.

(Brother, are you OK? How is everything?Brother, when will you be back?) Brother. Feng. Luo Feng. Dad, Mom. Hua, Zhennan. How are you all? Fine. We are all fine. =Swallowed Star= (Hanxia TV Live).

Fellow citizens, tonight, bearing much pain and grief, we will bid farewell to all thosewho perished in the catastrophe. It is a catastrophefor the entire mankind. We fight to survive. More than five million citizens and warriors were killed by the Gold-horned Giant's first round of attack.

(Five million.) (Gold-horned Giant.) (With its supremacy in the universe,) (although it's only Star-level,) (it's still capable of bringing) (doomsday upon human beings.) (Men are like ants) (in front of it.) (And the Giant islike a formidable colossus.).

(It has trampled over) (one ant nest after another.) Now that the Gold-horned Giant has destroyed all war basesin the world, numerous sea monsters are marching towards the inland areas. Military forces and warriorsfrom every nation are engaged in intense battles with those sea monsters.

This is a war of speciesand a war of survival. Commander Jia Yi. Luo Feng. Luo Feng, do you hear me? Commander Jia, what happened? (Major General Luo Feng)Is the Giant backtracking to Hanxia? No. It has returned to the sea for a rest after destroying virtuallyall the war bases on Earth.

Now, our problem is the sea monsters. Sea monsters? In the east of Jiangnan base city, twelve sea monster overlordsjust landed. (Warning. Unknown monsters are detected)Six of them (near the base city.)Six of them (Monster data analysis)are heading to the southeast military region. (Contact Major General Luo Feng)I won't waste your time anymore. We'll count on you, Luo Feng.

Be careful. Take care of my family. Once the base city is under attack, you'll assistin the defense and rescues. Too bad, those three are maintenance robotsfrom BDM X81. Their attack power is weak. They won't offer much help.

How much time will it take you to fix the Silverium guardsand the weapon? Three days for the Silverium guards. As for the weapon. I have detached the strongest single-target weapon, the laser gun, from the spaceship, and it's being repaired at the moment. The laser gun needs energy crystals,.

And fortunately, I have some. How much longer will you need? I'm doing the best I can. I'll need another 28 to 30 hours. (More than a day.) (I only hope the Gold-horned Giant) (will spend more timeon its rest and recovery.) We have learned all aboutthose six monster overlords. The ruler of the east sea,Azure Dragon of the East Sea.

The Mountain-shaking King Whalefrom the northern sea area. The Deadly King Medusaand Hyacinthine Dragon from the seas on two sidesof the Land of Nan'ao. The Strong Armored Imperial Turtlefrom Hindia. And the Earth Dragononce appeared in Arraha. (They each rule an area.) (And they used to live by the principleof mutual non-interference.) (But now, they have joined hands.) (Only the two monster emperorsunder the deep sea).

(can commandall these monster overlords.) (Have the monster emperors joinedthe Gold-horned Giant?) Luo Feng, the responsibility of keepingJiangnan base city safe falls on you. The battle will be broadcast nationally. Zhou. Humans from all over the world make up the communityof a shared future.

People need hope. And Luo Feng is the one who willbring hope to the world. Breaking news. Six monster overlords are comingfor the southeast military region. The military forces are organizingthe defensive deployment. The Gold-horned Giant has destroyedall the war bases, so the soldiers now have to build a wallof flesh to resist the monsters. (Breaking News. Six monster overlords are comingfor the southeast military region!) (The military forces are organizingthe defensive deployment.).

(The Gold-horned Giant has destroyedall the war bases,) (so the soldiers now have to build a wallof flesh to resist the monsters.) Latest news, Inspector Luo Feng fromthe Extreme Martial Club is heading for the southeast military regionat his fastest speed. My god. Inspector Luo Feng is flyingat 5,610 meters per second. We'll follow Luo Feng's lead. Inspector Luo.

Inspector Luo. Inspector Luo. Feng. He made it. Inspector Luo has caught upwith those six monster overlords. (Black Dragon Spaceship Command RoomIt is the heart of the Black Dragon Spaceship.) (The control panel is installedwith the intelligent system) (that controls the entire spaceship.) (For hundreds of thousands of years,).

(the system has kept the maintenance functionagainst outside invaders.) (Silverium GuardThe main material of its body is Silverium metal,) (and it has the intelligenceof a real person.) (Its water-like body structure allows itto neutralize damage easily.) (It takes damage for its master,which makes it the perfect bodyguard.) (Front View Female Attack Pattern) (Question: General relativity is the foundationof modern-day cosmology.) (It's been more than a hundred years) (since it was introduced,does its standing still hold?).

(Answer: Since its introduction, many experiments,such as the gravitational lensing phenomenon,) (and the discovery of gravitational waves,have approved its validity.) (However, some cosmologists argue) (that the dark matter or dark energy theoriesderived from general relativity are paradoxes.) You came at last. Want me to be your exclusive imp? Scan this QR code to follow Swallowed Star'sOfficial WeChat Account. Here, you will find scoops, previews, and nice wallpapers.

What's the hold-up? Scan it now. I'll be waiting for you. =Swallowed Star= Add to favorites,so you won't miss the new episodes. ♪When the city is shadowed in grey♪ ♪Blood is running like blazing sunray♪ ♪Law of the jungle is for the old days♪ ♪Watch who is more qualified♪ ♪To stop explosion by the last sight♪.

♪To welcome the outer space with flame♪ ♪While meteorite tuggingwith atmosphere♪ ♪Nirvana comes right away♪ ♪War machine built with flesh and bone♪ ♪Faith turned into powerful pulse♪ ♪Let the heart and the planet♪ ♪To be never fall♪ ♪To shuttle through smoke and ash♪ ♪To rise from the ruins♪.

♪Knocked down but never back out♪ ♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪ ♪Roaring♪ ♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with fire♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪ ♪Fire it up♪ ♪Fire it up♪.

♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪ ♪Roaring♪ ♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with blood♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪ ♪Fire it up♪ ♪Fire it up♪ (Based on the novel “Swallowed Star”available on Starting Point Chinese Net).

(Copyrights reserved) (by Shanghai Tencent PenguinFilm Culture Communication Co., Ltd.) (Next Episode Preview)The video of the Gold-horned Giant previously has killed all hope from mankind. Now, all the Hanxia people are craving a victory. Sir Hong and Thunder God areat the crucial stages during their confinement. (Billions of citizens need protection.) (Someone has to stop it.).

(Capital Base City Catastrophe-level Warning)(Killing one monster overlord) (equals saving hundreds of thousands ofpeople's lives.) (So,) (you will all be dead!) =Swallowed Star=(Every Friday at 10:00 AM)

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