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(Copyright Notice) ♪It's time to say goodbye♪ ♪Carry some happiness in your bag♪ ♪It is covered with dark clouds ahead♪ ♪The entanglementThe trapped beast is growling♪ ♪The silence♪ ♪Feels bitter♪ ♪May you never be hurt♪ ♪Don't fall asleep with tears♪.

♪The tortuous world♪ ♪Lies numerous answers♪ ♪The wound is heroic because of love♪ ♪Let's move forward together♪ ♪The power of rebirth comes within me♪ ♪Defeat respectable opponents♪ ♪Faith is all I have♪ ♪Reach the vastness in my heart♪ ♪Lost, go ahead♪.

♪Regretful, go ahead♪ ♪Reluctant, go ahead♪ ♪The glory♪ ♪Leads the way♪ ♪After the catastrophe♪ ♪There will be hope♪ =Swallowed Star= (Based on the novel “Swallowed Star”.) (Audience under 18 are requested to watchwith the permission of their guardians.).

(The whole video is made by CG.) (Please do not copy in real life.) (Previously on Swallowed Star)(Killing one monster overlord) (equals saving thousands,millions of people's lives.) (So you will all be dead!) Now, all the Hanxia people are craving victory. Finally, there's hope for the human race.

What's going on? Open fire! =Episode 80= (Warning) (Capital Base CityCatastrophe Alert) The Monster Emperor Octopus has emerged from the sea surface. What? Get Hong and Thunder God here.

Sir Hong and Thunder God areat a key stage of confinement cultivation. (Why did Sir Hong choose to doconfinement cultivation now?) When the Gold-horned Giant ran amuck, it attempted to attack the headquartersof the Extreme Martial Club to kill Sir Hong and Thunder Godas it passed by Hongning base city. A space transport ship hasstrong defensive power, it is impossiblefor a Star-level Phase-1 Giant to break it. It couldn't swallow it either. Sir Hong and Thunder God are lookingfor a method in the confinement cultivation.

Against the Gold-horned Giant. Oh, no. (The monster emperor is too fast.) (Warriors are stuck in other placesfighting the monster overlords.) (They can't be here in time.) (The Three Bodyguards fought hard,) (but seeing they are much weakerthan the monster emperor,) (they have all been heavily wounded,) (and are unable to keep fighting.).

(The only monster emperorslain by human) (was the Tentacled Monster.) (Sir Hong is not around this time,) (billions of citizens need protection.) (Someone has to stop it.) After the battle on the Island of Mist, Luo Feng has become as goodas Mo Henderson. He's only next to Hongand Thunder God now. Luo Feng.

Can he make it? (Such powerful self-healing ability.) Luo Feng's flying speed is 16.5 times the speed of sound. The Monster Emperor Octopus is knownfor its defense, venom and contractility, but it is too big to handle the blind spot on its back, and make a timely response. Luo Feng is super fast.

He may be able to spot its weakness. Luo Feng, put all your spirit energyon the Scimitar Disc to activate its second form,which is far more powerful. I heard you are afraid of Sir Hongand Thunder God. So are you not afraid of me? He made it. The Scimitar Disc's lethal strike broke the monster emperor's armor.

Its skull is not pierced through. (No.) (The Scimitar Disc is sharp,) (but it doesn't have enoughpercussive force.) Ah, yes. Mountain Drillhas potent percussive force. The combination of two mighty weapons demonstrates such great power. The monster emperor is slain.

The monster emperor is dead. Good boy. The monster emperor asked for it. It emerged from the sea, and is not even worthy of beingThunder God's opponent. Now, it is a piece of cake in front of you. What a fool. (The southeast military region).

(has the highest monster density.) (I need to reinforce him immediately.) Latest news, the Monster Emperor Octopushas been slaughtered by Luo Feng. (Luo Feng as a genius spirit master) (has grown so fast.) (He has proven to be) (the No. 1 spirit master on Earth.) (He's almost as good).

(as Thunder God.) (With a genius like him on Earth,) (I can rest in peace) (even if I die in this battle.) Hong. The harmony between men and naturein the ancient Hindia Yoga theory. The highest state of Hanxiainner family boxing. Surpass them, and I will enter the Realm.

Congratulations. =Swallowed Star= Hong, you plan to fight the Gold-horned Giantby yourself. We've fought side by side for decades. I won't allow you to put yourselfin danger on your own. Alright, we'll fight together. Drop Poison No. 12. Yes, sir.

How's it looking? As we planned, when the sea is filled with monsters, we drop poison into the water. We intend to poison as manymonsters as possible to death, and let the body block the traffic. The marine monsters have done the most damage to Merica. 6 base cities.

In Europa are going to battle with the marine monsters. There will be a battlein Jiangnan base city in two hours. We are not afraidof the marine monsters. Monster overlords, either. We have been reinforcing our base cities for decades. No matter how ferociouslythe marine monsters attack us,.

We will not be defeated. The only thing that daunts us is the Gold-horned Giant. When it's fully recovered, not a single person or any base city can resist it. (Although I killed a monster emperor,) (it hasn't reallychanged the situation.) (The one that discourages mankind).

(is the Gold-horned Giant.) Barbata, how is the reparationof the weapon going? The Silverium Guards have been fixed. The laser gun will be repaired soon. Around midnight last night, the Gold-horned Giant returnedto the seabed for rest. I'm not sure when it'llcome out again. What's going on?.

(Sviscen Island)The Gold-horned Giant has emerged from the seaaround Sviscen Island that's near Antarctica. (Europa Fleet) The Gold-horned Giant has reappeared. Barbata,when will the laser gun be fixed? Very soon. (Monster Emperor Octopus one of the twomonster emperors that lurk in the deep sea.) (It is like a massive floating island,and is the largest monster on Earth.).

(It is known for its defensive power,self-healing ability,) (poison and the contractility.) (The Monster Emperor Octopus)(Front View Side View) (is the most poisonous monster.)(Front View Side View) (City No. 003)(It is one of the most terrifying places) (City No. 003)(in the wilderness area of Hanxia.) (It is near the sea.Many marine monsters dwell in the riverway.) (In the Era of the Great Nirvana,it has the densest buildings in Hanxia.) (Therefore, it has become the hometo a large number of monsters.).

(When the Gold-horned Giant runs amuck,) (more marine monsters come to the city.To resist the monster invasion,) (the military has dropped poison that is unharmfulfor humans to hurt the monsters.) (Question: A star is rich in energy.) (What would happenif two stars collide?) (Answer: If two stars collideat a relatively slow speed,) (the two stars will merge intoa new star with a larger mass.) (If the collision speed is higherthan the critical value,) (the stars will disperseinto massive gas clouds.).

(It will never recombineinto a new star.) Greetings, Baiyue, the Venerable. Today, by the rule of the universe, I shall dispel the void. (Body of Wind and Thunder) (Era of Wugeng Nirvana of Desperation) Barbata, even you don't have a good way to destroy the Gold-horned Giant? Sure I do.

I'm Barbata, the all-powerful devil. Look, this is the secret weaponto defeat the Gold-horned Giant. Scan the QR code to help us defeat the Giant, and obtain awesome wallpapers, exclusive spoilers and other gifts. The existence of mankindrelies on this. Come on, and scan the code. =Swallowed Star=.

Add to favorites,so you won't miss the new episodes. ♪When the city is shadowed in grey♪ ♪Blood is running like blazing sunray♪ ♪Law of the jungle is for the old days♪ ♪Watch who is more qualified♪ ♪To stop explosion by the last sight♪ ♪To welcome the outer space with flame♪ ♪While meteorite tuggingwith atmosphere♪ ♪Nirvana comes right away♪.

♪War machine built with flesh and bone♪ ♪Faith turned into powerful pulse♪ ♪Let the heart and the planet♪ ♪To be never fall♪ ♪To shuttle through smoke and ash♪ ♪To rise from the ruins♪ ♪Knocked down but never back out♪ ♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪.

♪Roaring♪ ♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with fire♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪ ♪Fire it up♪ ♪Fire it up♪ ♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪ ♪Roaring♪.

♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with blood♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪ ♪Fire it up♪ ♪Fire it up♪ (Based on the novel “Swallowed Star”available on Starting Point Chinese Net) (Copyrights reserved) (by Shanghai Tencent PenguinFilm Culture Communication Co., Ltd.) (Next Episode Preview)This is not enough.

It's enough. Come on. The Gold-horned Giant's revenge is on. Luo Feng, what are you going to killthe Gold-horned Giant with? (Distance kilometers)Barbata, there's no time. It has spotted the robot. It's too late.

=Swallowed Star=(Every Friday at 10:00 AM)

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