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(Copyright Notice) ♪It's time to say goodbye♪ ♪Carry some happiness in your bag♪ ♪It is covered with dark clouds ahead♪ ♪The entanglement The trapped beast is growing♪ ♪The silence♪ ♪Feels bitter♪ ♪May you never be hurt♪ ♪Don't fall asleep with tears♪.

♪The tortuous world♪ ♪Lies numerous answers♪ ♪The wound is heroic because of love♪ ♪Let's move forward together♪ ♪The power of rebirth comes within me♪ ♪Defeat respectable opponents♪ ♪Faith is all I have♪ ♪Reach the vastness in my heart♪ ♪Lost, go ahead♪.

♪Regretful, go ahead♪ ♪Reluctant, go ahead♪ ♪The glory♪ ♪Leads the way♪ ♪After the catastrophe♪ ♪There will be hope♪ =Swallowed Star= (Based on the novel “Swallowed Star”.) (Audience under 18 are requested to watch with the permission of their guardians.).

(The whole video is made by CG.) (Please do not copy in real life.) (Previously on Swallowed Star) Stellar Giant? What is Stellar Giant? There's a monster of a scarce population, but once they are mature, they immediately rise to Univer se Level. Its appearance means the end of Earth. Killing it.

Is… is but a pipe dream. My root is in Hanxia, ​​and planet Earth. If the root is dead, there's no point in the leaf staying alive. Barbata, please tell me exactly how powerful the Gold-horned Giant is. = Episode 73= Knowing the enemy and yourself wins you a hundred battles.

This one? Look. There is a bulge next to its horn covered by golden grids, right? -horned Giant is quite recognizable. It presents different characteristics at every stage.

When being a baby, it has only one horn. In the growing period, a second horn appears on the forehead. a fourth one when reaching maturity. The fifth comes out in its prime of life. The older and stronger it gets, the more complex the golden pattern is. In the end, the horn becomes pure gold. That's why.

It is called the Gold- horned Giant. There is only one bulge on its second horn. I guess it has just reached the Star Level. But its blood is pure and powerful. It grows at an amazing rate. In its growing period, it wolfs down and absorbs a large amount of metal to enhance its strength. So kill it now while you can,.

Or it will only get stronger. wonder it scavenges from war bases, which are replete with metals. Don't worry. While it owns an internal world, it has just finished the baby period. So it has a limited stomach. But, Luo Feng, I have to tell you that.

No star beasts are easy to mess with. They are born with ancient inheritance. It's hard to kill a Stellar Giant. It's even harder to kill a Gold-horned Giant who ranks high in strength. My master heard a story. encountered a realm-level Gold-horned Giant and intended to kill it.

It should be easy for a powerful immortal to kill a realm lord. Surprisingly, that Gold-horned Giant was no match but managed to escape. has power in its veins. Though it can be defeated, it's almost unlikely to be killed. You'll nev er know until you try.

It wants to destroy the Earth? Over my and all the other warriors' dead bodies! The earth is the common home of humanity. And I, as a warrior, was born to guard the home with my life. One-track mind. It's a pity there are no weapons on the spaceship Almen. Otherwise, with its hardness and sharp edges, it would be able to kill star-level beasts.

As easy as cutting vegetables. One collision can cut open a planet when accelerating to an alarming speed. But unfortunately, Almen got damaged too badly to fly. Dawei. There is hope to win if it's a tier-8-or-9 beast of planet level.

But in the face of a star lever, we have only 10% chance of winning. Is it possible to hit with a 100-kiloton nuclear bomb? (All underground bunkers are ready, the crowd can be evacuated anytime) Before the Great Nirvana, there was no place to test a 10-megaton nuclear bomb. But now in the era of base cities, we have plenty of open space, thousands of square kilometers of it. The condition permits.

But the detailed plan is up to experts of all countries. Commander. I' m worrying if our plan fails… The plan for the continuation of our nation? Ever since the Great Nirvana, (File Name: Ark Project I) we've seen too many people (File Name: Orbital Leap) displaced because of those behemoths. Now they're finally settled in our base city.

(File Name: Vertical City) and can enjoy some peace. I didn't expect (File Name: Ark Project II) the doomsday to come so soon. I believe it's the same with all countries. Start the Continuation Plan in secret. If humanity really couldn't fight this, we would do it on a large scale. We 'll discuss the details after leaving the virtual space.

Maybe… Maybe it's not that bad. (As a member of the earth,) (no one wants to give up.) Hong, are you sure? No. But even if I'm not sure, I will fight the war at the last moment. I've moved up to tier 7 of planet level.

With my domain skill, no one is my match among planet level. And supported by Skyscraping Vine which grows fast by eating Wood Crystals, I may even have a chance to defeat a tier 1 of star level. The biggest problem is that I don't know how powerful this beast is. Everyone. Just now a video about Stellar Giant.

Was sent from Merican Government . =Swallowed Star= They just got orders from the headquarters to abandon the war base and retreat fast. Because the satellite showed that (Stellar Giant Merican W ar Base) the Stellar Giant is flying in their direction. But it moves too fast. Come on, hurry. The troops still need some time to retreat.

They will also be swallowed. Get in the car. Hurry up . . We found two things in this video. One, it didn't swallow the war base but burned it down this time.

Two, it is good at ranged attack. Darn it! What's going on? We've been considering exploding 10- megaton H-bombs on its body or in its mouth. What worried us before was its swallowing ability. If the bomb was swallowed,.

Would it interfere with electronic signals? But that problem has almost been solved. ranged attack. With its incredible defense capability, a 50-meter distance will render a 10-megaton H-bomb harmless even to its scales.

Gentlemen. Once the hydrogen bomb goes off, the soaring temperature, the blast waves, and the nuclear radiation it produces are too much for ordinary people. But for a Stellar Giant like this, it may no t be lethal. Nuclear radiation? Even you are immune from the radiation, my outgunned Gods of War,.

Let alone the Stellar Giant. Therefore, only a powerful explosion at a close distance is likely to hit this beast hard or kill it. (The blast of a 10-megaton H-bomb) (can instantly raise the temperature to a max of 20 million degrees Celsius.) So it has to explode by its side. The energy released by nuclear fusion.

Is radiated in all directions. The further away from the center, the less powerful it is. For a beast as mysterious and inconceivable as the Stellar Giant, the closer, the better. It's best to explode it in its mouth. mouth must be weaker than its scales on the surface. A 100-megaton H-bomb will definitely blow up its head into nothingness.

(Merican Coastal War Base A war base built along the Merican coast.) (Mainly to stop sea monsters from entering the inland, 500 meters long.) (Over 50,000 soldiers guard this place for the frequent visits of sea monsters.) (Gold-horned Giant) (Also known as “Devouring Beast”,) (Gold-horned Giant) (a name given by Earthlings.) (Its real name is little known even in the vast universe.) (A member of the ancient cosmic race, the Stellar Giant,) (it was born planet level and enjoys the peak of bloodline in the universe.) ( Brutal and bloodthirsty by nature.).

(Question: What was the aftermath of the most powerful H-bomb released in human history?) (Answer: The Tsar Bomba created by the Soviet Union during the cold war) (had a blast yield equivalent to 50 megatons of TNT,) (4,000 times that of “Little Boy”, the first atomic bomb the USA dropped on Hiroshima,) (which almost destroyed Japan.) One, two, three. Jingbeifu, go! (Youth and Energy) You can't win with passion alone.

(Unstoppable) The game is not over yet. One more time. Good shot ! Jingbeifu, come on! You came at last. Want me to be your exclusive imp? Scan this QR code to follow Swallowed Star's Official WeChat Account.

Here, you will find scoops, previews, and nice wallpapers. What's the hold-up? Scan it now. I'll be waiting for you. =Swallowed Star= Add to favorites, so you won't miss the new episodes. ♪When the city is shadowed in gray♪ ♪Blood is running like blazing sunshine♪ ♪Law of the jungle is for the old days♪.

♪Watch who is more qualified♪ ♪To stop explosion by the last sight♪ ♪To welcome the outer space with flame♪ ♪While meteorite tugging with atmosphere e♪ ♪Nirvana comes right away♪ ♪War machine built with flesh and bone♪ ♪Faith turned into powerful pulse♪ ♪Let the heart and the planet♪ ♪To be never fall♪.

♪To shuttle through smoke and ash♪ ♪To rise from the ruins♪ ♪Knocked down but never back out♪ ♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪ ♪Roaring♪ ♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with fire♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪.

♪Fire it up ♪ ♪Fire it up♪ ♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪ ♪Roaring♪ ♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with blood♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪ ♪Fire it up♪.

♪Fire it up ♪ (Based on the novel “Swallowed Star” available on Starting Point Chinese Net) (Copyrights reserved) (by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd.) (Next Episode Preview) Everyone. We have one chance only for a close H-bomb explosion. 100-megaton H-bomb to explode in its mouth. What a good idea!.

This Stellar Giant was originally called Gold-horned Giant. The only good news is that its swallowing capacity has a limit. Elder Luo, is your information reliable? We can only pray to God. In this apocalypse, everyone is going all out. Will humanity survive this? =Swallowed Star= (Every Friday at 10 :00 AM).

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