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(Copyright Notice) ♪It's time to say goodbye♪ ♪Carry some happiness in your bag♪ ♪It is covered with dark clouds ahead♪ ♪The entanglement The trapped beast is growing♪ ♪The silence♪ ♪Feels bitter♪ ♪May you never be hurt♪ ♪Don't fall asleep with tears♪.

♪The tortuous world♪ ♪Lies numerous answers♪ ♪The wound is heroic because of love♪ ♪Let's move forward together♪ ♪ The power of rebirth comes within me♪ ♪ Defeat respectable opponents♪ ♪Faith is all I have♪ ♪Reach the vastness in my heart♪ ♪Lost, go ahead♪.

♪Regretful, go ahead♪ ♪ Reluctant, go ahead♪ ♪The glory♪ ♪Leads the way♪ ♪After the catastrophe♪ ♪There will be hope♪ =Swallowed Star= (Based on the novel “Swallowed Star”.) (Audience under 18 are requested to watch with the permission of their guardians.).

(The whole video is made by CG.) (Please do not copy in real life.) (Previously on Swallowed Star) Strategically withdrawn from the frontline base. (Those two nuclear bombs have successfully let down its guard.) Luo Feng, you have lost your fighter jet. Stage 3. The H-bomb project is on. It is humans' last hope. Detonation.

Our project failed. Mankind is over. (No.) (It is not the end of mankind.) =Episode 77= The H-bomb has completely infuriated it. The entire world needs to take measures immediately against its retaliative actions. (Target Lost).

Intelligence system, analyze the video. Forecast where the monster will go. (Hanxia) It's heading for Hanxia. Gold-horned Giant moves 15,000 meters per second.) (It will reach Hanxia in less than five minutes.) (Jiangnan base city is only) (a few miles away.).

Darn it! Feng. You get into the gravity room now. Remember, don't get out before I come back. I'll explain to you later. (Dad) (If the Gold-horned Giant goes straight into Hanxia,).

(the death toll in the base city will be unthinkable.) ( I must find a weapon to kill it at once.) Barbata. Anything about the ruins? Yes. (16,000 meters long, 3,200 meters wide,) It is inside a secret chamber (800 meters tall) on the mo thership. (Risk Evaluation) (Evaluation Completed).

(No Sign of Life) (The spaceship is the secret hidden inside the No. 12 ruin of ancient civilization.) Let me see. I see. Master destroyed an entire space fleet with one hit . The wreckage we are in was the mothership of the fleet. And this is Black Dragon Mountain Spaceship Model x81. The manufacturing cost is much higher than the mothership.

Its standard weapon would even stand a chance to kill a Star-level Phase-8 one. It is much higher than Star-level Phase-1. Only a Universe-level one or someone with a special background can afford it. So it has to be powerful. All right. (The spaceship has a strong defensive system.).

(It is highly risky to break into it.) (It is a long and narrow passageway at the entrance.) (It perfectly matches what the database says.) (It also says) (that it has many laser launchers) (that once took the lives of numerous good ones from Earth.) I'll give it a test. It is crazy. They are almost as powerful.

As the laser cannon of the highest frequency on Earth. Luo Feng, other than the laser, you will have to open the gate at the far end. The entire body is made of uyrium metal. Only Universe-level ones can break it. Even Hong can 't open the gate. Can Hybrid Mother Copper shard.

Break it? It is likely. But right now, you are not strong enough to exert its pull power. (What should I do?) Let Barbata open the gate for you. It's a disc, as thin as the edge of a sword. Is it the tool to open the door?.

It's a power jack. I repair spaces with it. It works like a lifting jack, but it's Highly technical. Insert the tool into the crevice between the gate and the floor. I'm not sure if my Skyscraping Vine and the Mountain Shield can withstand the intense laser attack.

(It'd be impossible for me to physically get there.) (I'll get it there with my spirit energy.) (The laser is too fast.) (It shot it away before I got it to the gate.) The laser attacks anything in the tunnel. You are on your own, so of course, you are the target of all the laser launchers. What if there are multiple targets? (I see.).

Break the Soaring Shuttle into multiple blades, so there will be more targets. So laser launchers are distracted . So you can better cover the power jack. Good. You understood me immediately. The intelligence system has found out about what's happening at the gate. Luo F eng, get in there.

Luo Feng, quickly. (Press forward.) Quickly, the power jack can't take it any longer. Luo Feng! My entire body hurts. Luckily, I got in. What? The laser hurt your feelings ?.

Well, I'll feed you with extra food. We need to hurry to the command room. Plug the annunciator into the intelligence system of the spaceship. Only by doing this can I figure out a way to hack into the intelligence defensive system and take control over it. =Swallowed Star= Luo Feng,.

Three unidentified objects are catching up with you at a fast speed. They have no vital signs, but electro -magnetic induction. They are most likely defensive robots. After 800 thousand years under the sea, the spaceship's robot maintenance function still works. (Its fists are like two hammers.) (I can't hold on much longer in the head-to-head battle.).

(I must keep a distance from them.) (Now,) (I'll have to take down one first) (with the Hybrid Mother Copper shard.) Go! (The shard only left a shard tch.) They are all made of uyrium metal. It's very difficult for you to break them. (No. I mustn't be surrounded.).

Barbata, do they have independent awareness or do they take orders from the intelligence system ? compromise the system? I am trying. They are under the command of the intelligence system's signals. Hang in there. I'll crack it very soon.

Barbata, have you solved it? (Intruding) Hang in there. Barbata, quickly. (Hacking…) (Oh, no. This is the end.) (Hacking…) (Hacking…) (They're frozen.) Fortunately, they have no intelligence,.

And their attack pattern is simple . could have subdued you easily. I have taken control of these three robots. In another word, they listen to our command now. Right. Let's get into the command room. (I don't think these robots can deal with the Gold-horned Giant.) It is safe here. Luo Feng, come on over. Judging from the uniform,.

It is someone important in the seat. Don't touch it. It's been dead for hundreds of thousands of years. Once it touches the air, it scatters immediately. What are these three? They are a special product called the Silverium Guard. They are made of Silverium, which is more valuable than Uyrium. .

Plus, they have a water-structured body. No matter how hard the punch is, the impact force shall be nullified. So they are good shields for Master, and great bodyguards. It is the common language in space. It means… it wants me to leave.

Never mind that. to us. Just plug the annunciator into the slot on the left of the control seat. The system was strongly secured. (Remote Control System Loading) But I hacked into it within 30 minutes. The spaceship will be ours to command . . Warning. System under attack. Please enter the password in 30 seconds.

Or the self-destruction program will be activated. (Warning) It has a self-destruction program? Darn its owner! Is there a way? 27. 26. 25 24. 23.

22. 21. No, no, no. Even the best AI in the universe would n't be able to crack it in 30 seconds. 16. 15. 14. 13.

12. 11. Barbata, quickly. We are out of time. Eight. I can't! You mustn't give up! Three. Two. One.

(Black Dragon Spaceship Docking Port) (It's located deep in a secret chamber) (Black Dragon Space ship Docking Port) (inside the mothership wreckage.) (It is the core of the No. 12 ruin of ancient civilization.) (In the middle of the giant chamber is the Black Dragon Spaceship) (that is expecting adventurers.) (Laser Tunnel. The passageway at the entrance of the No. 12 ruin of ancient civilization.) (It is a tunnel full of laser launchers.) (The laser here) (can easily kill a Planet-level Phase-6 one.).

(At the end of the passageway is a gate that is highly difficult to open.) (Question: How come pencil cannot be used in space?) (Answer: Pencil lead is mainly made of graphite.) (It may break during the writing process, and in a gravity-free condition,) (the graphite may go into people's noses or eyes,) (or even electronic devices to cause short circuit.) You came at last. Want me to be your exclusive imp? Scan this QR code to follow Swallowed Star's Official WeChat Account.

Here, you will find scoops, previews, and nice wallpapers. What's the hold-up? Scan it now. I'll be waiting fo r you. =Swallowed Star= Add to favorites, so you won't miss the new episodes. ♪When the city is shadowed in gray♪ ♪Blood is running like blazing sunset♪ ♪Law of the jungle is for the old days♪.

♪ Watch who is more qualified♪ ♪To stop explosion by the last sight♪ ♪To welcome the outer space with flame♪ ♪While meteorite tugging with atmosphere♪ ♪Nirvana comes right away♪ ♪War machine built with flesh and bone♪ ♪Faith turned into powerful pulse♪ ♪Let the heart and the planet♪ ♪To be never fall♪.

♪To shuttle through smoke and ash♪ ♪To rise from the ruins♪ ♪Knocked down but never back out♪ ♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪ ♪Roaring♪ ♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with fire♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪.

♪Fire it up♪ ♪Fire it up♪ ♪Breaking through the heavens♪ ♪Roaring heard by the universe♪ ♪ Roaring ♪ ♪Struggling♪ ♪Light up the night sky with blood♪ ♪Watch the stars getting swallowed♪ ♪Fire it up♪.

♪Fire it up♪ (Based on the novel “Swallowed Star” availab le on Starting Point Chinese Net) (Copyrights reserved) (by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd.) (Next Episode Preview) Breaking news. Six monster overlords are heading towards the southeast military zone. Has the monster emperor joined the Gold-horned Giant? The Giant cannot get close to the shelter! Barbata, what did you do?.

(Contact Major Luo Feng) Luo Feng, the responsibility (Contact Major Luo Feng) of keeping Jiangnan base city safe falls on you. (This is a species war.) The battle will be broadcast nationally. We fight to survive. =Swallowed Star= (Every Friday at 10:00 AM)

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