ENG SUB《完美世界》Expedient World EP120 | 祖孙相逢并肩破阵,兄弟二人不日重逢元天秘境 | 腾讯视频 – 动漫

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[Copyright Notice] [Perfect World][Inspiration of Family] [This animation is adapted fromChen Dong's novel, Perfect World] [Episode 120] [Minors please watch itwith the permission of the guardian] [The content involved in this filmis made virtually by computer] [Please do not imitate it in real life] The aura of the way of immortality. [Leaders of chasers of Mountain of the Immortals]Who are you?.

Grandpa! Don't give him any chance. Attack. Yes. Kill Shi Zhongtian first. Don't let them meet. (Hao.) (Qin Hao doesn't look that way.) Grandpa,.

It's me, Hao. Hao. You… You are Hao who was harmed. You are Hao from the lower realm. Grandpa, take me out to have fun. Ha-ha. Okay. I'll take you out.

You always spoil him like this. Ha-ha. It doesn't matter. Oh, we'll go out for fun. Sit well. Hao, listen to your parents at home. I'll find you something delicious. Yes, grandpa. I'll be good. Father, please take care of yourself.

Okay. Grandpa, come back early. Grandpa. I'm not dead. I also came to the higher realm. I've been looking for you. Grandpa. You… You're not dead.

And you even came to the higher realm for me. Ha-ha. (Hao from the lower realm) (came to the higher realm.) He's Shi Hao. My Hao is still alive. You lost your Supreme Bone twice, and you were able to get through it. What else can stop you?.

The man in the lower realm is still alive. Something bad will be triggered. Demon Subduing Formation. Subdue and kill them. [Runic Light of Sieging, a secret techniqueof Qin clan's Demon Subduing Formation] I can't just keep it going. I'll defend us. And you'll destroy the formation pivot. OK.

Help me break the formation. Yahoo. How could you call this piece of junk Demon Subduing Formation? Well. I'm almost full now. So what if you break the formation? With his condition, he won't be able to leave.

Who said I broke the formation just to run away? You can manipulate these Silver Butterflies? I think many of them have ignited the divine fire. The attacking power must be extraordinary. (If I can use them…) Silver Butterflies have surrounded youfrom all directions. None of you can escape. Ah! Help me extend my gratitude.

Who actually are you? We came from Qin clan and we specialize in dealingwith some ulterior matters. This time, who sent you here? Well… A guardian of the Qin clan and an Angel of Light were also hired by the mastermindto hunt down your grandfather.

Humph. Envoys from the Heavenly Kingdom are specially ordered to hunt targets. Among them, those who ignited the divine fire will be radiant with luminescent spots. So they are called the Angels of Light. The Heavenly Kingdom? I still have accounts to settle with them. Where are Qin Hao,.

Shi Ziling and his wife now? And where is Man? She's the girl who came to the higher realm with me. Ah. If you reveal the secret like this, you'll be betraying the Qin clan. [Silver Butterfly Valley, Demon Island] Grandpa. When I go to places in the higher realm,.

I name myself Huang after my birthplace,the Desolate Land. And I also changed my appearancewhen I was reborn from fire. You should be cautious too. Oh, I'm not stupid. Let's talk about you now. You fight your enemies head-on. And you usually have a clear mind. Your eyebrows are exactly the same as mine.

Your face is still so similar to mine. You are indeed my grandson. Grandpa… Hang in there. Actually, I've seen the hunters of the Heavenly Kingdom. And they were really impressive. I'm afraid I can't last long.

Grandpa, you'll be fine. I have the sacred potion. I won't let you die. Don't worry, kid. Listen to me. I'm totally fine. This-This is just a spiritual body. Ah. Do you really think.

I need my grandson to save my life now that I went over so many obstaclesin those two realms? -They are merely idiots…-Grandpa. Ha-ha. Remember, the hunters from Heavenly Kingdomare not simple, and they use unique techniques. Heavenly Kingdom… I must go there in the future.

Grandpa, where is your real body? It should have left the island. Had I known you'd come, I should have kept my real body. But at that time, I found the Taboo Real Blood left by Demon Lord. I really couldn't withstandthe power of the medicine. I was in a rush.

To get rid of the strong enemy, so I could pick a place to break through. But I missed the chance to meet you. But now that you're here, you'll see my real body at last. It's a pity that both of us can't travel the same way. (Grandpa.) (I'll find you soon.).

Huang? My name is Huang. May I ask your name? Both of our techniqueshave their own advantages. They are neck and neck. Why don't we exchange it? What do you think? (He's so strong at such a young age.).

(And he still learns from others.) (He's such a brilliant rising star.) (He must shock the 3000 states with his ability.) I'm lucky enough to have fought with you. Why did you spread the news that the Heavenly Envoysare hunting your grandfather? (The news that my brother will appearin the Yuantian Secret Area) (is well known.).

(Grandpa must come there to see him.) (But that Land of Danger) (is also the perfect place) (for hunters of Heavenly Kingdom to attack.) [Five Elements State](I have to remind Grandfather.) Sir, here is your dish. I heard it's going to be Qin Hao's battleto become famous. Hey, what's so special about his bones?.

I heard that one of them came from the lower realm, which was originally his brother's. It can release the Power of Reincarnation. Don't talk nonsense. If you have a Supreme Bone, will you give it to someone else? I heard that the Qin clanis fighting against each other, and they want to kill the grandfather of the talented young man with those two bones.

I heard about it too. It's said that killers from Heavenly Kingdomwere sent here. They'd lead his grandfather, that's to say, Shi Zhongtian, into the Yuantian Secret Area for hunting. So heartless. -Yes.-Right. (My news is already spread.).

(If grandpa also pays attention to this,) (he will definitely know what will happen to him) (in the Yuantian Secret Area.) Fairy Yuechan, the master from Immortal Palace has arrived. -Really?-Let's go and have a look. The witch from the InterceptingHeaven Sect is here too. Young Master Lightening. That's Teng Yi from Fire Gold Clan.

Qing Xian from the Lotus Clan. There are even people from Tianxian State. (Looks like there are so many people I know.) Hum. [Next Episode Preview] [Perfect World][Inspiration of Family]

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