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=Episode 1= The treasure of ninth heaven is transformed into divine thunder. The divine aura of heaven. Direct it with the sword! Mighty Sword of Thunder? You're from the Qingyun Sect? Is this the power of the Taoist? Buddha is benevolent.

Brahman Prajna! I'll come back for you. Amitabha. The child is innocent. The evil can't kill them at will. If I get them two to learnin Qingyun Sect, then my wish of learning Zen and Taowill be… That's great. That's great.

Everything is fair. Everything else is determinedby our own behaviors. Ghost Doctor. In the end, I still have to take this Three-day Death Pill. I didn't know he's hurt so badly. Don't move. You're hurt the qi of sword. I'm treating you.

Is Jingyu okay? Don't worry. Your friend is fine. After dawn, he'll be awake. It's raining and windy. Why did you come to this secluded place? In the evening,.

It was about to rain. I was thinking to send you some food. That's great. This is fate. It's all predestined. Buddha is benevolent. I have a set of practice approach. Little boy,.

Are you interested to learn? A practice approach? A practice approach is the skill to breath. Perhaps it can make you stronger. Really? However, you have to promise me a few things.

Go ahead. After learning it, you must not tell anyone else. Not even your family. Can you do that? Can you do that? Yes, I can. I'll not tell anyone. Besides that,.

You must practice once every day, but not in front of anyone. You can only practice at night. Can you do that? Practice every day, but not in front of anyone. I can only practice at night. I can do that.

Also, the most important thing. Unless it's the matterof life and death, or else, never use it. Can you do that? What is that? Can you do it?.

That's great. That's great. I've taken Three-day Death Pill. I can only live for three more days. If your life is threatened, look for Ghost Doctor. Tell him that Monk Puzhifrom Tianyin Temple asked you to look for him.

Tianyin Temple? Take this bead. Keep it well. Don't let anyone else see it. When you're settled down one day, look for a cliff in a deep valley and throw it away. But… Did you remember it?.

Also, you must not tell anyone else about my name. Yes. We met each other by fate. I wonder if we'd meet again in our next lives. Child, kneel down andkowtow three times to me.

Call me your master. Yes. Master. Now, get ready to memorizethis verbal formula. =Episode 2= Master. You must practice once every day,.

But not in front of anyone. You can only practice at night. Practice every day. (Shoujing Hall) Ningjing Hall. It's Shoujing Hall. Stop barking, Dahuang. This is Xiaofan. Dahuang, be nice.

Xiaofan, don't be scared. It's my father's dog. It's Dahuang. I've never seen such a big dog. Of course. Dahuang's awesome. It's lived at least 50… No. A hundred years.

Amazing. But, I'm better, because Dahuang listens to me. So, remember. From now on, you must listen to me. Yes,.

Ling'er. What are you discussing about? Daren! Xiaofan, we'll start your practice today. Come with me. I'm coming along! Okay, come with me.

Xiaofan. This is the rule of Dazhu Peak. The new disciple has to come here to cut bamboofor the first three years. You're still young. In the first three months, just cut one a day. Daren, I've gathered wood before.

Don't worry. Here you go. Look at this! Hurry! Xiaofan, try now. This bamboo it is. It's so thin. This is our Dazhu Peak'sspecial black bamboo.

It's very hard. It's suitable for a new disciple to build up his foundation. – Bishu, please be safe.- Okay. Done cutting? Yes. =Episode 3= I must teach the stupidmonkey a lesson today! Watch out, Ling'er!.

The mountain roads are dangerous! You… Just you wait! Ling'er! Come up! I must make it pay! – Ling'er.- Hold me tight! Let's make it pay. Watch out, Ling'er!.

Go right! No. Turn left! No. Go right. I'm so mad! Get up! Let's get it! Where are we?.

We've never been here before. I've been all over Dazhu Peak. Xiaofan. Wait here. I'll get the monkey here. Ling'er! Ling'er! Ling'er. Ling'er!.

What's going on? Ling'er. Wait for me. Ling'er! What's the matter with this place? I lose all energy in me. Ling'er. Wait for me.

Ling'er. Ling'er, are you all right? Ling'er, wake up. Wake up, Ling'er! This… What's… What's going on? =Episode 4= The disciples of Longshou Peak.

Are not used tothe drinks of Dazhu Peak. Am I right? Uncle Tian. That's not true. I'm Lin Jingyu. My master ordered meto inform you, Uncle Tian… Inform me? Your master Cangsong thinks he's nobler now.

You're passing a message to Dazhu Peak, yet you claim to be informing us. Don't interrupt us. His disciples are as rude as him. Uncle Tian. My master was ordered byGrandmaster, Uncle Daoxuan, to manage the affairs of Seven Ranges. We came here not to inform you.

We have something to discuss with you, Uncle Tian. Let's see what's so important that you're actuallyturning to Dazhu Peak. It concerns the Duel of Seven Ranges. There're changes tothe rules of the duel. So we're informing you. No.

We're discussing with you, Uncle Tian. There're changes to the rules? Qingyun Sect's Duel of Seven Ranges has always had firm rules. Why is my senior, Cangsong, changing them? Uncle Tian. Qingyun Sect has beenestablished for a century. We have close to 1,000 members.

It's thriving, thanks to the guidance ofGrandmaster and the key elders. My master discussed with Grandmaster and decided to increase the numberof participants of the duel. Increase the number of participants? I remember in the previousDuel of Seven Ranges, each range sent four people. Zhang Sect would send four more. What do Daoxuan and Cangsong mean.

By increasing the numberof participants? Madam Su. Grandmaster thinks our generationhas been working hard. In order not to miss out on any talent, this time, Seven Rangeswill send nine people each, with Zhang Sect sending one more person to make up 64 participants. They'll draw lots to compete for six rounds.

There will be nine finalists. Longshou Peak's membersare only second to Zhang Sect. Cangsong is smart. The disciples of Dazhu Peak don't have to fight toparticipate in the duel. Uncle. This was decided by Grandmaster. I… Jingyu.

Xiaofan! Xiaofan. Master. Madam. Jingyu. What brings you here? I… Xiaofan. Who is he?.

Why did you get here in a rush? Ling'er. This is Lin Jingyu. He came to Mount Qingyun with me. Do you hear that? All disciples of Dazhu Peak can participate in the duel. Gentlemen. Please make yourselves at home.

Daren, entertain your peers, Qi and Lin. Yes. Are you Ling'er? Qi, you met her before? Ling'er is talented. Everyone in Qingyun knows her. I've also heard.

She learnt fast. She's mastered the sixth levelof Qing Method of Taijixuan. Congratulations. Qi, I'm flattered. For Duel of Seven Ranges, you'll certainly shine, Ling'er. We look forward to that. Xiaofan.

Qi, you're kind. Xiaofan? Jingyu. Bring me around. All right. Ling'er, come on. Go ahead. I'll join you later.

Qi, I didn't know you knew Dazhu Peak so well. Not at all. Come on, Xiaofan. Jingyu. (Shoujing Hall)It's been five years since we last met. How have you been? Not bad. I've been practicing.

Do you have any information about the tragedy of Caomiao Village? No. Whenever thunder strikes, I'm fearful and uneasy, as if the tragedy is re-enactedbefore my eyes. There's still no progressregarding the case. I feel like I've let them down. Xiaofan.

Come on. Do you want to challenge me? I'll surely beat you this time. Bring it on. I didn't expect you to keep this. Stop talking. Watch me. I won't go easy on you. The 99th duel betweenZhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu.

I'll beat you. Come on. Why are you bullying him? I… Ling'er. Xiaofan. I won't let you bullyanyone from Dazhu Peak. Ling'er! Ling'er!.

Stop! Justice prevails between heaven and earth! It's not to slay immortals! It's to slay demons and deities! Slay demons and deities! Ling'er! Watch out! =Episode 5=.

Hey! What? Concerned about Ling'er? Thought you were concerned about me. It would be a bad thing foreither of you to hurt. Look at Ling'er. What an attitude! Does she bully you often? She treats me very well.

She takes care of me all the time. Stop bragging. A woman like her takes care of somebody? I'm not buying it. Why are you dazed? It's your fifth year of study in Dazhu Peak. You! Why are you getting dull? Screw you.

Hold on. Come on. Are you going to take part in the Seven Pulse Martial Art Contest? I'll do whatever my master says. Fine. The Seven Pulse Martial Art Contestis held every 60 years. We're lucky to take part on our fifth year. We should take pride in watching it by then,.

And gather some experience. Jingyu. I think you'll havea good performance for sure. We should both do our best. Make the Caomiao Village proud. Yeah. The Seven Pulse Martial Art Contestis no place for kids. The news has arrived. Jingyu,.

Let's head back. Yes. Qi Hao. Xiaofan. Meet you atthe Seven Pulse Martial Art Contest. Yes. Take care. Take care, Jingyu. Ling'er.

What are you waiting for? Let me in. Close the door. I told you to close the door now. Oh, okay. Why were you bullied by that Lin Jngyu? No, he didn't. Is he that powerful? Did you guys grow up together?.

Yes. We used to battle each otherwhen we were little. However, I never could beat him. So he bullied you since childhood. I saw him and thoughthe couldn't be some good guy. Well… He's lucky I spared him for this time. This is for you.

Take it. Take it! What's this? Way of Taichi Xuanqing? Level three. What's wrong? Pick it up. I copied that just for you. Ling'er.

If master and mistress found out, we would be punished hard. Are you going to tell master and mistress? No. Then why would I tell them? And why would they find out? Tell me. How do you think they would find out? Just keep it and do the practice.

Don't ever get bullied by others. I… Ling'er. Although Lin Jingyu is not likable, but Qi Hao is nothing alike him. Qi Hao? In the last Seven Pulse Martial Art Contest he lost to no one but Qi Hao.

Wasn't it many years ago? Even for this time's contest, he's the favorite to win. That's not sure. We have Daren. There are also strong competitorsfrom other peaks. Xiaofan, do you think this pearl looks good on me? Qi Hao looks decent and all,.

But he's actually quite thoughtful. It's getting late. I gotta go. Oh wait. What? Keep well the spell book I gave you. Practice them well. See you. Yes.

While nobody is around… Nope. It's against the rules. Just have a look. Qi, subject to Zi, can transform everything. Transform everything… This spell, sounds familiar.

Tai Chi's origin Qi, comprised of three, combined as one. Extreme is medium. Origin is start. Walks among twelve hours. Yin and Yang combined as virtue. Qi, subject to Zi, can transform everything. Transform everything,.

This real Qi of level three met no obstruction in its way. It comes through hundreds ofpaths in my body. And it makes a similar senseas the Brahman Prajna. How marvelous! =Episode 6= Let's start drawing lots. Got it!.

This is mine! I'll call for the number now. If your number is called, tell othersyour name and your master's name. Who is number one? Who is number one? Did anyone not get any wax ball? (Number one) Master Cangsong,.

It's with me. For the first round, number one will walk over to the second round as number 64 is not here. Great! The disciple who will goto the next round is Zhang Xiaofan. The duel begins now! Coming up next,.

Shen Tiandou from Chaoyang Peakversus Tian Ling'er from Dazhu Peak. Don't underestimate him. He defeated two skillful personsin the previous duel. That's because he didn't meet me. I'm Tian Ling'er from Dazhu Peak. Greetings. Your weapon is Amber Red Twill. I hope you'll go easy on me. What's going on?.

You ambushed me? I'm just taking the first step earlier. What a loser's act. Xiaofan, here we meet again. Where's your monkey? Zeng, Ling'er is competing. Shen Tiandou ambushed her.

It means he doesn't know what to do. Don't worry. Ling'er will win for sure. Oh right. There are many interesting thingsin Fenghui Peak. – Watch out!- Once her duel is over, would you like to go there with me? I have a three-legged rabbit. We'll see how it goes later.

I even have a black-white peacock and a shelf-less tortoise. Can we exchange it with Xiaohui? Zeng, I want Xiaohui to be with me. I don't want your pets. This skill is useless! Shen, take this!.

Ling'er. Oh no! Ling'er! Ling'er, thank you. What? What's going on? Take this! Amazing!.

I didn't expect Ling'er to havesomething up her sleeves. She's good. I still have something good. (Tianxiang Record) It's the one and only copy. I spent a lot to get this. I can't take such an expensive book. Don't be anxious.

I don't want it. Take it. Take a look first. The one and only copy? Ling'er, you're great! Dazhu Peak is going tobe so proud of her! Right, Xiaofan? Ling'er, you're great! Xiaofan,.

How was it? Was I great? Ling'er, you won? You weren't watching my duel? I was watching. You've really mastered whatour master has taught you. It was a great win. You're acting weird.

Tell me. What happened? Nothing. Lu Xueqi? (Flowing water from high mountain) Lu Xueqi. Come with me! We're blessed to see this today. Stop pulling me!.

=Episode 7= (Xiaozhu Peak Lu Xueqi will competeagainst Longshou Peak Fang Chao) Xueqi, I'm Fang Chao of Longshou Peak. I'm glad to be able to compete against you. Greetings, Fang. Please go ahead, Fang. Fang Chao,.

Are you going easy on the pretty junior? I'm afraid he's fallen for her. Senior. Why didn't Xueqi act? Master thinks highly of Xueqi. Her performance concerns the survival of Xiaozhu Peak. Just watch the duel.

Stop talking. Yes. If you don't act, I'm afraid you won't gain a foothold. Xueqi. Watch out. Watch out! Lu Xueqi of Xiaozhu Peakranks among the top 32. Wow.

Xueqi is brilliant. Lu Xueqi of Xiaozhu Peakranks among the top 32. Xun Character Stage! Dazhu Peak's Zhang Xiaofan will competeagainst Chaoyang Peak's Chu Yuhong! Perhaps everyone thinks I'm hopeless. Aren't you drawing your sword? Xiaofan. If you admit defeat, I won't make life difficult for you.

I'm not admitting defeat! Do you admit defeat? I have yet to show my moves. Your weapon is unique. What is it? I call it Fire Burning Stick. Dazhu Peak is interesting. I remember Du Bishu used three dices last time.

Interesting. It's really interesting. Fine. I shall see how great your special weapon is, Xiaofan. Xiaofan! I'm supporting you. You've mastered Quwu to the fourth level of Yuqing.

Watch out! Don't be devoured bythe glow of the sword! Just admit defeat! – Are you all right?- He's badly injured. Oh my God. Zhang Xiaofan of Dazhu Peakranks among the top 16. =Episode 8= I'm Lu Xueqi of Xiaozhu Peak.

Please enlighten me. I'm Zhang Xiaofan of Dazhu Peak. Please don't go easy on me. (Don't go easy on you?) Xueqi. Xueqi! Xueqi. You're the most talented one I've ever seen,.

But you're inexperienced. If you simply useMighty Sword of Thunder, it might backfire on you. We've taken our oaths. No matter how my parents object to it, for eternity, we'll be together. Nine-Heaven Temple turns into Thunderblade.

The might of heaven comes down with the sword! Buyi, ask Xiaofan to throw in the towel. (After I die,) (will Ling'er visit me?) (Many years later,) (as she's living happily,) (will she forget me?)

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