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Brother Who are you calling Brother? Brother You're awake Brother Brother All right. I'll get up Brother.

There are a lot of people out there. I… Maybe we will die. But I'm with you. Don't be afraid. Who's the one talking? Is it me? What does death really look like?.

We will never really die. We just fall sleep, and we'll wake up again. Crossing the badlands, and raising the battle flag, return to our hometown again. On the day when the flag is raised, brother,.

Will you eat me? I will. You will be with me, ruling the world. Time's up. I should go now. Be careful. Remember, you can't.

Believe humans. Yes. See you when you wake up next time. Hello? How long will it take along the way? Can you find him? Hey. Wait.

Wait. (White Emperor City) Constantine. =Dragon Raja= =Episode 0= Lu Mingfei. Come here. (Our base has been destroyed. )I won. Brother.

(Mission failed)Actually, you're quite strong. You just lack micro-operation. (Evaluation of this Bureau)If you go online tomorrow, let's play together again. Okay. I gotta go. Okay. If Tang knows that I'm playingwith him with red dots, he'll call me a pervert and won't play with me anymore.

(Chen Wenwen, do you want to take part ina literary activity the night after tomorrow? ) Chen Wenwen hasn't been online for 18 hours. (QQ Space Chen Wenwen) Chen Wenwen is so beautiful. (Player “Nono” sent a private message:How about playing for a round ~) Come on. (Sky Peerless Online Snow Top 1v1) Master.

Let me be serious, too. (Mogicool S703H mouse). Amazing. Make up for two more attacks on the periphery. She won't guessthat I'm secretly upgrading the base. You're upgrading to the third level base. How did she know? Retreat. My side has been upgraded to Level 2.

You can't beat me. Where did the expert come from? (Nono) Blank information. She's quite mysterious. He played the game well, with good dynamic vision and micro-manipulation. But it's not that special. I really don't know why the principal.

Is so eager to find him. This is the principal's decision. After all, we haven't seen such a person for many years. Have you arranged the interview? 9: 00 tomorrow morning. At Lijing Hotel. I always think Lu Mingfei is weird. Why is he S-rating?.

Do you want to know more about him? Maybe we'll find something new. Norma. Link. Hello, Nono. Give me some basic information about Lu Mingfei. Lu Mingfei is 18 years old.

He studied at Shilan Private High School as Chu Zihang. He's a junior. He doesn't have many friends at school and doesn't have a sense of existence. He likes playing games so much, but he can adapt to that kind of environment. Then he should be a more self-enclosed person. Yes,.

He is very satisfied with his own world. So he doesn't have the initiative to do things. Such a person must have a crush on a girl . – Chen Wenwen.- There's a girl he likes in his class. See you tomorrow. – Great.- His character is caused by his family, right? – Mingfei.- Yes. He lives with his aunt and uncle.

Aunt, are you calling for me? Go to the supermarketto buy half a box of discounted milk, half a catty of sausageand three jin of eggs. Pick them carefully. Don't always pick some junk back. Okay. Brother, bring me a copy of Green Bud. – The latest one.-He registered a secret account.

Called the Score of Xiyang. Pretending to be a girl and having an online relationshipwith his counsin Lu Mingze. It's to disgust his cousin and satisfy his desire for revenge. You can't even apply to the university. Are you still in the mood to play games? The application fee has cost meseveral thousand. If your parents don't pay for it,.

Your living expenses will be below zero this month. Below zero? The money from my parents was all for you to play mahjong and buy BMWs, and Lu Mingze is wearing a famous brandto act as a young master at school. What about me? Not to mention pocket money, my clothes are still fake. Forget it.

My parents don't care about me. What else can I expect from others? (ID: N4568923156)Does he have any wishes? This kind of guy often fantasizes about himself as a hero who saves the world. Yes. His wish is… Mingfei.

Sir. I heard that you're going to study abroad. I haven't even been admitted. I want a new Green Bbud. It's good to study abroad. It's said that returnees make a lot of money. What's the point of making money? I like to watch the stall for you. Just enough money.

For me to surf the internet will do. Go, go, go. Unpromising. I'm serious. It's really good. Watching the newsstand, basking in the sun and being in a daze. It's so pleasant.

His dream? Yes. Watching the newsstand? Watch out! Well, this kind of person… Why did the college want to recruit him? Let's wait untilthe result of this interview is out first. Professor Goode is also coming in person.

Maybe… Yes. Let's wait until the interview result. Anyway, the interview materials have been delivered to Lu Mingfei's home. Brother, is there a letter for me? Mingfei Lu from An Country.

So thin. It's definitely a refusal. (FedE) Sign for it. What is this? Package with the letter. Cell phone? They even send gifts to those who failed? Dear Mr. Lu Mingfei,.

You failed to meet the admission criteriaof An's International University. First of all, Kassel College is a fellowship institutionof An's International University. I'm inviting you to enroll it. Professor Goode will be your direct tutor. And the college will offer scholarships.

(Address Book Professor Goode) (Professor Goode) It's not a dream. It's true. It's fake. It's definitely a liar. I've heard of cheating money.I've never seen giving money instead. The minimum price is more than 10 thousand. -Did you buy it secretly?- Nonsense.

Where did I get the private money? – Did you buy it secretly?- This college…? This kind of fellowship college – Did you hide your private money?- is similar to An's Union University. Did you buy it secretly? Only a genius like Chu Zihang – Did you hide the money in the toilet lid?- can go to this college. Chu Zihang? – You must have hidden the private money.- You can't even.

Compare to his toes and you still want to get in? It's Chu Zihang. What does he want? Boss, the organization needs you. Brother, you…

What's your background? I am destined to be the savior. Liar! He's definitely a liar. Liar! Liar! Liar! – This could never happen.- Let's talk. Why are you in a hurry? Liar! He must be a liar.

Being a hero is too tiring. I'd better play games. Someone is calling. They began their actions to cheat. Hey, who is it? Okay, thank you for your hard work. Mingfei.

Auntie. They want you tohave an interview tomorrow morning. Tomorrow? It's said to be in Lijing Hotel. I've checked the college for you. It's really in An Country. I can't find out the details. It's quite mysterious.

But it's a noble college. Good for you, bro. Interview for a prestigious college. You're so proud this time. Tang, you're the only one who's happy for me. You're so loyal. I'm your big brother after all. Right?.

You're well-informed in An Country. Give me some tips for the interview. Easy. We can play rounds of games after tutoring. I promise they'll be astonished tomorrow. (Meeting Room) Lu Ming… Fei?.

Hello, boys and girls. You… We're here for an interview. So am I. The invitation letter was writtenlike it had to be me. But actually I was called hereto fill out the numbers. Chen Wenwen. It's a worthwhile trip. Is Zhao Menghua here?.

Yes. I'm Ye Sheng, the examiner. Please come with me. Okay. Chen Wenwen, how is your preparation? I'm not sure. I'm sure you can succeed. Your spoken English is so fluent.

Thank you. He came out so soon. Chen Wenwen. Yes. Chen Wenwen, good luck. How's it? They asked… Lu Mingfei.

Yes. He… Why is he looking at me like that? I'll get going then. Good luck. Wait for me to go back with you. I'll be ready soon. Come with me. Okay.

I am… Are you okay? I'm okay. I… Hello, Lu Mingfei, my name is Aki Sakatoku. I'm also the examiner this time. Hello. Hello.

(Lu Mingfei) Let's get started. Okay. First question, do you believe in aliens? Please answer. What's going on? The first question shouldn't be, “Please introduce yourself.

Or why did you apply to our college?” These answers were enthusiasticallypolished by Tang, and I recited them back and forthfor 70 to 80 times. We've worked so hard. And now… Lu Mingfei. Please answer. Forget it. Just accept your fate.

Of course, I believe there must be aliens. Just say it normally. You're in a university in An Country. I can count it as a test of my oral Anglish if you ask me to talk about aliens in a foreign language. What's the point of answeringsuch a darn question in Xinese? Why do you believe it? Please tell me the reason.

You even ask me why? Why do we need reasons for that? In that case… I often hang around on the roof at night and watch the starsif I have nothing else to do. When I watch the stars, I'll think the universe is so big, with a diameter tens of billions of light-years.

From one end of the universe, it takes tens of billions of yearsfor a beam of light to reach that end. In the middle, it passes through many galaxies, but only when it passes through the earth can it meet someone. Light doesn't even take a secondto pass through the earth. For tens of billions of years, it only has one second to meet someone. This is weird.

Don't you think so? It refers to the loneliness of light. Do you often feel lonely in your life? Yes. Really? So serious? Second question, do you believe in superpowers? Of course.

I firmly believe it. Why? If there's superpowers, and if we admit that those in the anime are all made up to lie to everyone, then what motivation do we have to live? In my future, I'll wake up every morningand catch the bus to work. I'll pay my mortgageat the end of every month with my salary.

And go to my mother-in-law's houseto take care of them on weekends. This future, I… I just believe it. It's like believing in aliens. A tough life really doesn't need an explanation. Okay. The third question. Do you think the foundation of human existenceis idealistic.

And spiritual or materialistic and physical? Science. Fantasy. Politics. Is this interview a sociology experiment? Would a normal interviewhave this kind of problem? Don't you get it?.

You've been tricked. What does that look mean? It's nothing. I was wrong. I give up. I shouldn't have come. Thank you for inviting me. Goodbye. Well,.

Thank you for your interest in Kassel college. Goodbye. One minute and 30 seconds. The fastest record, right? Whatever. Chen Wenwen must still be waiting for me to go home with her. Hurry up! Hurry up!.

Ye Sheng. Aki. How did interview result go? – Professor Goode.- Professor Goode. Result! He abstained. He might look down on us and not try to pass. Why didn't you stop him,.

Kneel down and beg him not to leave? Kneel down and beg him? Kneel. Yes. I will kneel down and beg him. Get him back. We have to get him back.

Yes. Phone. I'll call his parents. Professor, let me do it. You'll scare people. Lu Mingfei, I'm thinking aboutorganizing a literary club gathering before graduation.

I want to go to a small cinemathe day after tomorrow afternoon to book a venue. Will you go with me? Yes. Sure. See you at the cinema the day after tomorrow. I'm leaving now. Okay. See you the day after tomorrow. I don't care An Country.

If I can marry Chen Wenwen in my life, and have a small house with her in this city, wouldn't this life be great? – You're going to An Country?- You're going to An Country? Professor Goode from Kassel college called, saying that you passed the interview. He even asked us to have breakfastat Lijing Hotel tomorrow. Hello, everyone.

Welcome. Hello, Goode. Welcome, Lu Mingfei. – Hello.- Welcome. Well, Professor, you speak Xinese very well. We believe that the East will be the centerof the world in the future. So our college only learns Xinese. This college studies oriental culture.

Let's get down to business first. If Mingfei enters your college… As long as Mingfei enters our college, I give him 36 thousand as a scholarship every year. You promised. Of course. I'm sure Mingfei will do well in your college.

Yes, yes. Thank you so much, Professor Goode. What do you see in me? You're outstanding, potential and a once-in-a-century young talent. It's called exalted education. Foreign culture.

Actually, for Lu Mingfei joining the college, there is another important additional reason. Your parents are honorary alumni of our college. Oh, I see. Are they okay? I didn't even know they were from Kassel College.

It's kind of a secret. Lu Mingfei. Lu Mingfei. Lu Mingfei. This is for you. This is a letter from your parents to the principal. Mingfei, Mom and Dad love you. The principal asked me tobring your parents'greetings to you.

I see. Professor Goode, you're so interesting. The principal said I had to express it face to face. This way, the emotional transmission will be more direct. You're right. That's right. Speaking of which, Mingfei was separated from his parentswhen he was very young and hasn't seen them since then.

Yeah. They're all busy. When Mingfei enters college, – will he be able to see them?- I need to go to the bathroom. I don't know. They've been busy with researchall the year round, and I haven't seen them for a long time. Dear Principal Anjou, I haven't heard from you for a long time.

I hope your health is as good as before. We'll see each other after a long time. The recent research is very intense, so we can't leave for now. So please keep your black tea and wait for us to go back to taste. My child Lu Mingfei is 18 years old. He's a smart kid.

Maybe his grades are not so good, but we all believe that, he will make great achievements academically. So if possible, please help us in accepting him into Kassel College. I can't tell him myself. I have to ask you to pass it on for me. Mingfei,.

Mom and Dad love you. This is the ladies'room. Hurry up. Okay. Nono, you're finally here. Come on.

Everyone, this is an outstanding second-year student of our college. Chen Motong. Nono, this is Lu Mingfei. Nono. I thought too much. Do you mind if I eat yours? Nono, be polite.This is your new classmate. He has no appetite anyway.

Look at how distracted he is. It's possible for himto walk into the ladies'room. Distracted. Could it be… Mingfei, do you have any worriesabout entering the college? I… I… I think.

I need to think about it. – What?- What? – 36 thousand.- Mingfei, you can ask for anything you want. Mingfei. It's because of your girlfriend, right? Your classmate, a quiet literary girl who loves reading. No.

No, no, no. No. No. No. No. Of course not. Who would like me? My brother doesn't even have a friend. Not to mention a girlfriend.

– You're right.- You're right. Did she make a wild guess just now? It's a wild guess. You're upgrading your Level 3 base. Nono, what's your background? You know so much. Kassel college. Mom and Dad.

Why are there so many weird things these days? (Chen Wenwen: Yes, see you tomorrow) But the omniscient Nono. You guessed right. I hesitated because of Chen Wenwen. Lu Mingfei. Lu Mingfei, do you want to join our Literature Club?.

Chen Wenwen. Chen Wenwen. Chen Wenwen, let me tell you a story. There's an ancient interstellar novel, called Blood-stained Totem. He said, on some distant planet, there was a giant robot warrior named Godzilla. He was in the middle of a hail of bullets,.

Confronted with the Zerg, while using QQ to chat with a little girl on earth. But the little girl didn't know that. She always thought, the one who chatted with himwas a big brother who likes to joke. One day Godzilla told the little girl, he's going to die. His battery is running out.

His battery is dead. The little girl said, “if you don't want to talk,just don't. See you tomorrow.” Godzilla said, “It's nice to talk to you.” Then, he was forced to go offline. A grumpy puppy.

Jumped on the wreckage of the robot, and tore his circuit with his claws. (Chen Wenwen: Yes. See you tomorrow. ) I love this story. Because I think, I'm the robot, and you are the little girl.

If one day, the circuit of Lu Mingfei is broken, will you be sad? Just ask her directly. Be careful. You… Why are you here? Norma can peek at your map,.

Ao she can find you, too. Norma? Confessing love to the phoneon the rooftop in the middle of the night. You're really boring. Well, you talk like that… I don't think we know each other that well. I didn't want to know you. Professor Goode asked me to persuade you to join Kassel college.

What are you hesitating about? I was thinking about it. Because of Chen Wenwen. Do you want me to tell you what is Chen Wenwen thinking? Don't doubt it. Nono knows everything. Then she…

She doesn't like you. Come to Kassel college. Anyway, you're lovelorn. What nonsense are you talking about? I think I still have a lot of hope. Okay, let me analyze the situation for you. Have you ever sent flowers to her? Have you seen a movie?.

Have you ever given her a birthday present? You've liked a girl for so long and you haven't sent flowers or seen a movie, or given her a birthday present? And you want a girl to like you. Can you be more cowardly? I really like her. I know I'm a coward. But,.

I can't help it. I really can't help it. I really can't help not to like her. Nono, did Lu Mingfei agree? If necessary, I authorize you to use force. No matter what, no matter what, let him come to our college.

Nono. – Nono, did you hear me?- What you just said… Nono. – Nono, Nono.- It's all true? Say something. Nono, answer me. What did Lu Mingfei say? (Professor Goode)Tell me. It's not easy to love someone.

You have to fight your way out of the army. If you die on the way, don't regret it. If you have this awareness, then bring roses with you, find an important place, play touching background music, and invite your best friends.

Then show your sincerity, look her in the eye, and say it in front of everyone. Say it out loud that you like her. Bet your dignity and future as a man on it. Can you do that? I can do it.

At the party the day after tomorrow, I'll let everyone see my sincerity. But when you succeed, Kassel college will be completely closed to you. Good luck. Little brother. Nono. Who on earth.

Are you? (Nono)Nono. Answer a message and answer the phone. Nono, what are you doing? What are you doing? Professor Goode. You… What are you doing? We're here to say goodbye. Qiushan Project is advanced.

Professor Mance told us to go to Shu immediately. He said the things in the reservoir over thereare very dangerous, and asked us to go there immediately. Me too. We just got a resume from the college, saying there's a candidate from Qi Countrywith great bloodline. I have to go to Qi Countryfor an interview right away. Then.

Lu Mingfei… I have to leave it to Nono. I hope she can succeed. Norma, link. Hello, Nono. I want to check Chen Wenwen's information.

It went so well. The movie theaterfor tomorrow's Literature Club gathering was booked right away. Yes, thank you for coming with me today. I'm always on call. Right. Which college do you want to apply for?.

Anywhere. As long as I can pass the exam. Will you apply to a local university? Yes. Isn't a college with many classmates the best? I'll leave the speech for tomorrow's party to you. No problem. Why do you look so coquettish?.

You… Your friend? She is… I'm his senior sister. Am I right, Mingfei? Yes, Senior Sister. Then I'll leave you to it. Goodbye.

Goodbye. Hey, why are you here now? The atmosphere is all messed up. You have to leave Chen Wenwen immediately. You didn't say so yesterday. Professor Goode is leaving early tomorrow morning, so, you have to make a decision tonight.

You know I have something importantto do tomorrow night, so, wait for one more day. You won't get a chance if you wait one more day. You should know, the gate of our collegeis only open to everyone once. But I have something to do. Or forget it?.

What did you just say? Forget it. Okay. Since you refused, I have nothing to say. For Chen Wenwen, you… Why did you mention her? To me,.

Chen Wenwen is more importantthan anything else. As long as I have no way back, and go after her freely, no one can refuse me. Well, I'm a person who sometimes goes crazy. Three years. These speeches should be for all students.

But I just want to say it to one person. No. How about this? Chen Wenwen, I like you. It seems too frivolous. Chen Wenwen, I like you. I still can't do it.

Mom, my brother is crazy. That's right. I'm someone who goes crazy occasionally. (Chen Wenwen: OK) Please play the most lyrical music for me. Flowers.

Check. Music. Check. Speech. Lu Mingfei, what are you doing? Zhao Menghua. I'm actually… The party is about to start.

We're looking for you everywhere. Clothes. Change it when you go on stage. Be formal when Chen Wenwen gives the speech. Look! Monkey is wearing suits. You guys are wearing this too. Are you going to give a speech?.

We don't give a speech. We'll just act as a foil. The extras will get paid. Why not? Lu Mingfei, later, you'll stand in that positionand make a speech. That piece of paper. Don't block the screen.

We want to show everyone's photoon the big screen. Is there such an arrangement? Here we go. If you have this awareness, then bring roses with you, find an important place, play touching background music, and invite your best friends. Then show your sincerity,.

Look her in the eye, and say it in front of everyone. Say it out loud. I… Hey. Hey. You're not standing at the right spot. Step back. You're I. I? What… What are you doing up here?.

(Chen Wenwen, I LOVE YOU) Hey, stand in your spot. Look, it can't even be a sentence without you. Today is supposed to bea gathering of our Literature Club, but I just want to take this opportunity to make a confession. I want to tell Chen Wenwen,.

I've liked a person for three years. Three years. If no one knows that, wouldn't it be too lame? Stand back. It's not even a sentence without you. (Chen Wenwen the heroine on stage)(Boss Zhao Menghua) (Go back. It can't make a sentence. ) Zhao Menghua is tricking you on purpose.

I know. Are you sad? I'm fine. Everything I want to say is on the screen. Be together. Promise him. I like you too.

What about now? I'm so sad that I want to die. And then? (Chen Wenwen I LOVE YOU) Oh. Just that? Oh. I see. This is your life.

And your future. Ricardo, do you still want to waste your time here? ♪You've broken the silence♪ ♪It's like a shackle that opens the heart♪ ♪ As if to light up the color of the whole world♪ ♪with an overly dazzling outline♪ ♪By your side♪ Who is it?.

♪The light dissipateseverything around me♪ ♪I can't see through it♪ ♪There's only a touch of red left♪ Have you forgotten? There are more important things waiting for us. Didn't you leave? Why would I leave? Ricardo, if you don't agree to go with me, I can't leave.

♪Pull yourself together♪ Someone is waiting for you. We are all waiting for you. Get him changed. You have five minutes. Not over there. Pants. Pants. Students, I'm sorry,.

But it's very important. I had to take Ricardo away first. His name is not Ricardo. He has different names in different places. You can forget the name Ricardo after hearing it. The quality of the clothing storeis not too bad. That's it.

Stand up. They're all watching. Let's go. ♪A gloomy past♪ ♪It's beginning to look colorful♪ ♪There's a bright burgundy lightbetween my fingers♪ ♪No more running away and losing my way♪ ♪By your side♪ One more look?.

No need. I want to move forward. ♪Same as before♪ What are you thinking? I didn't expect this to happen to me. Someone set up a trap to steal the confession, and you were trampled on the ground and rubbed. I'm talking about being picked up by a hot girl.

In a Ferrari in front of my classmates. I'll take it as a compliment. Why are you here? Chen Wenwen has been texting with a boy named Zhao Menghua. It's been very frequent lately. Chen Wenwen likes Zhao Menghua? It can't be wrong based on the content of the text message.

Besides, Zhao Menghua is going to do something at the party the day after tomorrow. Ricardo, the Ferrari driven by a hot girlis running out of gas. Secretary is unreliable. She didn't even fill up my fuel tank. Let's take a few steps to get a taxi.

I don't want to walk. You didn't see I'm in high heels? Why are you so nice to me? What we're good to you? It's just that I'm nice to you. The college only needs talents and doesn't care who stepped on you. I still can't believe it. No one will be nice to me for no reason.

Hey, someone treats you well,and you're whining. Fine. I just can't stand you being bullied, okay? Thank you. Nothing. If you agree to enter the college, I'll be your senior. It's necessary for me to be nice to you. Didn't you say I don't have a chance?.

I'm just kidding. I was urging you to make a decision. Just accept it. Chen Wenwen did that to you anyway. She didn't do it on purpose. Actually… But if I don't promise you, I really don't know what to say when I go back.

Then… So be it. Mingfei. Lu Mingfei. – I'm so glad to hear from you.- For most people, – Mingfei, have you made up your mind?- life's options – Are you sure?- are clearly written. – Lu Mingfei, say something.- But you're not the majority. – Are you sure?- In your life,.

– Lu Mingfei, say something.- there's a hidden option. – Can you give me a definite message?-After this call, – Is this a yes or no?- that option will be activated. – Tell me.- Other options – I'm waiting.- will all disappear. I'm sure. Thank you, Kassel college, for giving me this opportunity. Verified. The options are on.

– Great.- Lu Mingfei. – Welcome.- Temporary number. – Lu Mingfei.- AD 0013. S-rating. I'm Norma. Welcome to join us. You… If you put on the crown, it will be hard to take it off.

Many people shed blood for the crown, and many people died. (CLOSE)College Database Security Lock. (OPEN) (CLOSE) Sky Eye System Global Rescue. (OPEN) The right to hold weapons in alchemy.

(CLOSE) (OPEN) Personal injury insurance. (You received a new message) (Got a new message) Lu Mingfei. You're finally back. =Dragon Raja== Episode 1 = Lu Mingfei.

S-rating. The option is turned on. Global Rescue of the Sky Eye System. The right to hold alchemy. Personal injury insurance. Lu Mingfei. You're finally back. Beggar? How can I be a beggar?.

I just want to know where is the CC line? Look at my subway card. I'm sorry, I've never heard of this line. I'm sorry. But… If you need anything, you can contact the Embassy of Xin Country. They'll provide you with room and accommodation.

Room and accommodation? I'm not a beggar. Look, I'm rich. Money… It's not much though. It's all my fault. I really believed that guy's nonsense. After leaving the airport, go straight to the subway station with your luggage.

And swipe your card to board the CC lineof the special branch line of the airport subway. Then you can reach Kassel College all the way. Have we met before? It's easy to say, but I can't find the CC line at all. I only have 20 yuan in my pocket. Why don't I buy a hamburger first? Beggars cannot enter. I'm not…

I'm not a beggar. Look, I'm rich. Beggar friend. I'm not a beggar friend. I have money. I… Money, great. One coin, just one coin.

This place is really open to everyone. No. I'm poor. No money. You're from Xin Country. What should I call you, brother? I can't speak a foreign language. You still want to pretend to be a nativeof Fu Country with your pronunciation? I actually…

Wait a minute. Did you misunderstand that I'm homeless? Let me introduce myself, Finger von Frings. I'm a student. But recently I suffered a lot and I was forced to do so. I want to borrow some moneyfrom you to buy a coke. You…

Are you from Kassel College? Yes. What's wrong? What a coincidence. I'm your senior brother. You dare to make up any lie just for a coke. Beggars also have dignity. There is a Beggar Gang… Subway Card?.

CC line, you're really a senior brother. My name is Lu Mingfei. I‘m a freshman from Xin Country. – Brother, we're …- Now you believe I'm not a bad guy anymore. Brother, what grade are you in? The eighth grade.

I should've graduated after four or five years. I just failed for four years in a row. I became the most familiar face in the college. That senior brother used to take on this CC line? Yes. Hidden routes start from time to time. Our college is hidden in the mountains,.

And doesn't have access to the outside world. It's most convenient to take the CC line. If you're of high-rating,they'll pick you up as soon as possible by asking someone especially to come. If you're of low-rating, you have to wait for the subway. The subway will come pick you up when it's convenient for them. Senior Brother, you're in your eighth year.

Your rating is not high enough? I also think they should respect their seniors. These days, the world is getting worse. Senior Brother. Senior Brother. The bell has rung. The past has to be traced back. Are you ready?.

The bronze mountain will melt, the sea will boil, the earth will be turned upside down, and in the end, the storm will destroy everything. Are you ready? Do you want to buy something to eat? Or make a phone call. After all these years,.

You are still so kind. What a pity. Take your luggage. Take your luggage. It's a dream. The subway will be here soon. Hurry up. It's really a dream. Passengers of CC1000 Express, please get ready to enter the station. Take your tickets and luggage.

Freshman, please show me your admission notice. Is it a person or a ghost? Does this subway go to hell? I'm here. I thought I wouldn't see you this year. The subway arrived so late. My rating has dropped again?.

It's F now. You get down from A-rating. It's really a disappointment. Hello, I'm a freshman this year. My name is Lu Mingfei. I'm from Xin Country. Lu Mingfei. You're Lu Mingfei, the S-rating guy.

S-rating. Isn't your rating as high as the principal's? How can someone of such a high rating not be picked up? Pick up? I don't know. Professor Goode, who was supposed to pick you up,went to Qi Country and delayed the return journey. But in fact, as long as you swipe your cardand pass through the gate, the college will get the news immediately.

At the same time, the subway prepared separately for you will come into the station. What? I've been waiting for nothing? Why are you talking like that? I was infected by you. (Professor Goode) All right, let's give it a try.

S-rating. Okay. Welcome, Lu Mingfei. Attention, CC1000 subway is about to enter the station. Attention, please.Subway CC1000 is about to enter the station. So, this airport really has a subway CC line. S-rating is really a big deal.

Such a big scene. Welcome. Lu Mingfei. Zombies? Don't look like you're seeing ghosts. They're all alivie. They are just called out to make it look good. My Kotodama can only do such a small thing.

Kotodama, what is it? This is the CC1000 express. Oh my god. Lu Mingfei. I thought I lost you. That's great. Thank you.

Mingfei, on this trip, I'll give you the final tutoringbefore entering college. Do you need something to drink to calm yourself down? Tequila with lemon juice. Finger. Get out of my sight. Don't come backuntil the enrollment counseling is over. Enrollment counseling?.

Okay. Drink some. It's useful. Trust me. Mingfei, this is a confidentiality agreement. You have to sign your name first. We don't want the content ofthe enrollment counseling to be leaked out. I don't understand it. Just sign it.

All right. Here. I don't want to make enrollment counseling scary. But some freshmen have been scared. Scared? Our normal academic system is four to five years, and the degree is also recognizedby the Ministry of Education of An Country. But the curriculum of our college is special, to be precise, the object of our research is special. What we're studying is.

Dragons. Dragons? Mingfei, how do you understand dragons? Dragons are a legendary creature. He… The dragon is mysterious in every culture, and people respect him and fear him.

But no one can tell what a dragon is. Do you know why we study dragons? To kill them! Kill dragons? At where most people don't know, the war between humans and dragonshas been going on for thousands of years. Humans have written a history without dragons. But there are dragons in every line of another history.

With the efforts and sacrifices of generations, they buried the revived Dragon King again. To this day, Kassel College is still carrying on their legacy. What we want to cultivate is a hero who can face the dragon. I see. Professor Goode is actually a mental patient.

Kassel College is a mental hospital. What a pity. Professor, I think what you need might not be a dragon slayerbut a doctor. Your illness… What's wrong? Did we hit a mountain and have an accident?.

Brother, what he said is true. It's you. You're also on this trip. Why didn't I see you get in the car? I got on the bus with you. I'm also a passenger going to Kassel College. You sound.

Like a ghost. If I were a ghost, what you heard just now would be a ghost story. Come on. Look out the window. Welcome to Dragons' World. The ancestor of the dragon,.

The Black Dragon King Niedhogg, was killed on his throne thousands of years ago. His throne is the mountainthat is always covered with ice and snow. The one who killed him, placed his huge body on the top of the mountain. They called that day the First Age. This is the oldest emperor recorded in history.

The day he died, the crowd cheered. That's great. If it hadn't been for that day, the world wouldn't have become what it is today. You… You know that black dragon very well? No.

It's good that he died. He deserved to die. Mingfei, you're awake. Where is this place? Did we roll over? No. You were just stunned during the enrollment counseling. There were students who were scared before.

But you reacted like this. This is the first time. Do you have that much fear of dragons? I'm not afraid of dragons. I'm afraid I'm mentally ill and being sent to a mental hospital. Do you think we're mentally ill? That's right.

Actually… Professor, I've brought the stuff. Mingfei. Let me show you an example. Hello, Lu Mingfei, my name is Toyama Masashi. For more than 40 years, among the freshmen,.

Finally, there's an S-rating genius. Forty years? Well, is that S-rating student still in the college? He shot himself to death. Let's not talk about this. Mingfei. Come on.

We brought two proofs. They are all very high-level relics. I borrowed them from the cellar. Look. Scales. These are not ordinary scales. By the way, do you know how to use a gun? Gun.

I practiced it in militarytraining. A little confident about it. That's good. Come on. You shoot this scale with it. I don't have your gun license. We don't need a gun license here. All right.

Apply even force. The handle of the gun is stuck in the middleof thumb and the index finger and relax the index finger. The eye, gap and shooting point are in a line. Pull the trigger with your index finger. Turns out, the new S-rating isn't the kind of student with excellent physical fitness? Don't talk about me. Why is the scale.

So hard? This is Dragon Scale. This scale was found in an ancient city in 1900. After it was brought back to the country, Menek Kassel recognized it. Don't lie to me. Isn't this high-tech?.

It doesn't matter if you don't believe me, you can look at the next evidence. This specimen was found in Ying Country in 1796. Before he hatched, he was swallowed by a giant python. The local farmers killed the python and got this cub from its belly. Dragons are hard to kill, especially the noble first-generation.

And the second-generation species. Even if you destroy their bodies, you can't destroy the souls. They will wake up again. What do you think? Mingfei. Does this sleeping red dragon cub tell you everything? Why are you showing me the garage kits? The workmanship is not bad.

What do you mean by garage kits? Can an artist make such a perfect creation? Take a closer look. Look at his details. What's wrong? It's okay. I have a hallucination all of a sudden. It feels like he'll wake up.

He's alive. He sprayed Dragon Flame. His wake-up day shouldn't be today. Blood Call. It's Lu Mingfei's blood that calls him to wake up. He fell asleep. Luckily, the nano-material container has been replacedsince the year before last, otherwise it wouldn't have been able to control him just now. But this little dragon came back to life early,.

Which is a miracle. Mingfei. You're really good. Mingfei. Mingfei. Mingfei, are you okay? Mingfei, are you okay? I'm fine. What's wrong is my world view,.

Which has completely collapsed just now. Let me take you out for a walk. Fresh air will make you feel better. Professor, can I drop out of college? You've signed a confidentiality agreement. If you drop out of college,.

You have to be brainwashed first. Brainwashing? Will I turn into a fool? It's possible. If you lose your memoryand are sent back to Xin Country you still have to repeat for a yearto go to college. An absolute threat. Okay. I'll try it for a couple of days.

Mingfei, the real world is so vastthat it's hard to imagine. Compared to it, the world you used to know is as small as a grain of rice on the wasteland. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to Kassel College.

= Episode 2 = According to our research, there are several important figuresof the Dragon Raja who are princes. Their sleeping places are all in Xin Country. So since ten years ago, our college has made the languageof the Xin Country compulsory. Each of you will take the task of going deep into the hinderlandof Xin Country to kill the Dragon King. Okay.

By the way, Professor. After visiting for so long, why is there no one in this college? That's right. Why aren't there any students? Is it…? This is air defense alert. Is the Dragon Raja attacking?.

I've accepted the hypothesis that dragons exist in this world? Oh, no. I forgot what day it is today. It's started. Run. What's going on? It's Caesar Gattuso,the president of the Student Council. I want to deduct his credits. Soldier? Mingfei,.

Don't be afraid. Remember to choose my classes. What on earth is going on? All teams, report the location. There are still 43 people left. There are 27 people left.

Snipers can't locate them. He has killed 13 of us. Kill him first. Caesar, how many people do you have left? There's only me and a female player left. Chu Zihang, how's it going over there? There's only one female player left.

But the snipers can't take your positions. Shall we do it another way? I'm taking Dictator with me. Murasame. See you at the square. Professor, I'm going to find a doctor. Hang in there. Your tactics have improved.

To be honest, I didn't expect it to end this way. I'm honored to have Caesar praise me like that. Then… Let's end it. Compared to your Dictator, Murasame is still not as good. Dictator. Murasame.

What are they talking about? This college is full of… Senior Sister. I surrender. Senior Sister, I… Get down! This is… You're a good boy. But you're.

Still too slow. We won! Nono was shot. We won. Should we punish them for their crimes? Let me help you. Brother. Chu Zihang, we don't have to continue anymore. Stop fighting.

Why are you here? This music… Again? I surrender. Don't kill me. Team A, go over there. Over there. The students in charge of Lionheart Council in Team B… Every year like this. It's so troublesome. Who won this year? I don't know. It looks like it's completely wiped out.

The one over there. He is hanging on the wall.Get him down. There are students in the room. – Check carefully.-Is this ….? There's another one here. Nowadays, students don't put their schoolwork first at all. These are all money. It's all from the college. You,.

Freshman? Yes. A freshman came to this kind of activity? Is the war game fun? Haven't you grown up yet? – Are you happy about this?- Actually, it wasn't me. Money! Never mind. – Maintenance costs money.- Professor Manin is a good friend of mine.

– A lot of money.- He's in charge of finance and discipline. It's inevitable for himto be a bit serious and stingy. I see. The god blesses youand releases you from suffering. Evil spirit, retreat. Stop it. He's a living person. I'm a living person. It's Earth Fighting Spirit.Don't come near me. Professor Bald,.

You look like a master of Sun Fist. Take care of him. Mingfei, I'm not dead. Look at the blood on your chest. That's the proof that you're dead. Go back to be reborn. You mean this? That was just a live-fire drill. Today is the college's Leisure Day.

Students can do whatever they want. Look, all the bullets we useare small, powerful tranquilizer bullets. When it hit the target, the warhead will quickly shatter and vaporize. It won't hurt anyone. But it will leave traces of blood as a mark. Look. Look,.

I'm okay, right? You just said, powerful what? Tranquilizer bullets. So… That's right. Doesn't the college look at intelligence quotientwhen hiring professors? I'm different from him.

You can't get up yet. Lie down a little longer. You hit me so hard. Our Student Council must have won. These guys, do you still want to make trouble? I want to report to the principalto terminate this activity immediately. I remember the three college rules are not to use the alchemy equipment in the cellar.

No casualties shall be caused. No strangers outside the college are allowed to visit. Don't you think so? Those injured people, they fell accidentally. Accidental falls can't be counted as injuries. So, we didn't break any rules. Stop making excuses.

Okay. Caesar, Chu Zihang, you are brave. Then… (Principal Anjou)Let the principal decide. Hello, Professor Manin. Principal Anjou. I'm sorry to bother you.

But there are really some special circumstances today. This year's Leisure Day is very chaotic. The members of the Lionheart Counciland the Student Council used Freestyle bullets and made the entire campus a battlefield. The maintenance cost is as high as 240 thousand yuan. It doesn't include the cost of relaying the lawn. Caesar. How could you trample on my favorite lawn? You know I don't mind spending my dad's money.

To pave a lawn for you. Do you want me to fix a fountain for you? It was just a joke. The maintenance fee will be paid from the college board fund. It's your privilege to have a Leisure Day on the college anniversary every year. You can fool around. The college will pay for you. We old guys.

Won't go back on our word. Dear students, I can't make it back this year. I'm looking forward to the next Leisure Day with you. Principal. Professor, don't be upset. The principal is actually quite nice. Next, I want to greet someone.

Is Lu Mingfei here? Did you choose my class? He's here. What's your name? Lu Mingfei. Hello. I … I haven't had time to choose. But I will definitely choose. I'm glad to hear your voice.

You took down Caesar and Chu Zihang on the first day of college. You deserve to be a S-rating newcomer. I look forward to meeting you in class. Okay. Goodbye. See you, Principal. Hey, why don't you go back to the dorm?.

Are you going to die? See for yourself. It's him. Take him down! Where is my dorm? (Professor Manin, Kotodama: Vacuum Snake) (Professor Manin) The popularity of Leisure Dayis getting higher and higher every year, so maybe we should take care of it.

I connived at them on purpose. Why? Mance, do you remember the defeat eight years ago? Back then, Kassel College had talented young people. They obeyed the discipline like soldiers but they were wiped out in the battle.

No one shall forget. I've been thinking ever since, maybe for the war with the dragons, we don't need an army, but a genius. A genius? A unique genius. A leader.

A dragon slayer that the dragon kings fear. One is enough. Cultivating talents requires a free environment. Caesar and Chu Zihang are unprecedented geniuses. But Lu Mingfei… You think he's too ordinary. Am I right? There's a reason for his S-rating. I can't tell you yet.

I know you want to train him. I'm afraid before he builds up his confidence, he would be crushed between Caesar and Chu Zihang. Stress can only destroy ordinary people. A true genius is like a sword blank, which needs a stone to cut the edge for it. I believe he can do it. When will the Qiushan Project start?.

Tomorrow. Ye Sheng and Aki are ready to go into the water. But, are you sure he's down there? I'm sure. But we can only get close to him and couldn't wake him up. He is a sleeping king, the King of Bronze and Fire.

No one can predict his power. So pretty. This dorm is great. A two-person dorm. It's nice to have someone to talk to, so… Senior, do you have anything to say? Welcome to 303. I'm your roommate, Finger.

Are you happy? What's bothering you? Don't you know what happened today? How could I not know that you won the Leisure Day on the first day of college, and took down Caesar and Chu Zihang? Well done! I won. But the way people look at me…

They all seem weird. You're just hated by the Student Council and Lionheart Council. It's okay. Don't worry. I'm here. You just came hereand you don't know anything about this college. Let me take you for a walk. Okay. Kassel College is divided into several areas with well-equipped facilities.

This is the Rhine Pavilion, and in the distance is the Hall of Souls. Amber Pavilion, church. It's okay. That's the equipment department. It's full of crazy people who change weapons. It's okay. Kassel College is so big.

Not only is it big, but it has a long history. The students here all look ordinary. No matter how you look at it,it can't be associated with dragon killing. That's because the Kotodama of all studentshas been suppressed. Look at that. That's the bell tower. Professor Manin's dad lives up there. We call him the Night Watchman.

His Kotodama covers the whole college and under the restriction of his Kotodama, no one in the academy can use Kotodama. Kotodama. Let me show you. After passing through the first floor of the library, you can reach Kotodama Teaching Area. In the whole college, this is the only placethat is not affected by Commandment.

And where Kotodama can be used. Amazing. The power of Kotodama comes from the resonancebetween the dragon inscription and the dragon bloodline. It's usually performed by singing dragon inscription. Some are released by using body language. There are seven categories of Kotodama. They are Elements Mastering, Space Breaking, Divine Symbiosis, Self-refining, Spiritual Interference,.

Blood Imprinting and Time Effect. You have to remember it carefully. Let's go. It's more intuitive to witness it with your own eyes. I'm sorry. This is Kotodama. You can interpret it as some kind of special power. There are about 100 kinds of Kotodama found by now.

The college arranges the order of Kotodamaaccording to numbers. The lower the serial number, the more powerful it is. In here, every student knows how to use Kotodama? Not necessarily. For example… Run away. Don't hesitate.

Or you're going to be a drowned rat. Half withered and half bloomed. Destruction and rebirth. =Episode 3= What are you doing? If you can't control it,don't release such a big Kotodama. Senior brother, what is this?.

Well… A statue of the World Tree. Legend has it that the Black Dragon King Niedhoggwas suppressed under the World Tree, so the college made this statue. It's kind of a symbol of Kassel College. Mingfei, Mingfei. Professor Goode. You're here.I've been looking for you everywhere. How's it?.

I think you already know Kotodama. Yes, roughly. That's great. Come back to the dorm with me. Let's do a little test. This is your student ID card. By the way, tomorrow is the day of the 3E exam. Be sure to attend on time.

3E exam? What's in the exam? Dragon languages and words. Take a seat. For an S-rating student like you, it's as simple as having lunch. Actually, I'm here because I can't wait to see your blood. So I borrowed a little thing from the cellar.

A music box. Legend has it that in ancient times, the growl of the Black Dragon King Niedhogg on the throne can cross mountains, and sweep across the continent. Wherever it goes, the blood descendants of the Dragon Raja will bow down in the direction of the throne from afar.

Later, a mixed-race mechanic made this music box. And it contains the dragon inscription of the Black Dragon King. The dragon inscription is the beginning of all Kotodama. It's also ranked first in Kotodama list. (Emperor)Emperor. I don't get it. What is Niedhogg and what is the Emperor? Is this really human language?.

I don't understand at all. You just got here.It's okay if you don't understand. Come on. Let's get started. Praise the awakening of my king. Destruction means rebirth. Mingfei, how is it? Do you feel the call of blood, Mingfei?.

It is here. Dragon's roar! What is this? I'm sleepy. Sleepy? You don't feel anything and there is no picture in your mind? No. You don't feel likeyou're summoned by a great master? Not at all. I got it.

You mutated. You're the first one. The human gene overpowers the dragon gene in you, making you immune to the Emperor's pressure. You deserve to be S-rating. Is there another possibility? Maybe I'm just an ordinary person. It's impossible.

The principal has never missedin the bloodline rating. Your bloodline… Don't… Don't tell me… It's incredible. Professor, you only said half of it. Brother, what are you doing?.

Lu Mingfei didn't respond to the Kotodama, Emperor, how could such a big news not be on the College News Network? Done. Why are you sighing? Are you unhappy? Nothing. I just feel like this journey is like a dream.

Journey? If I can't pass the 3E exam, I have to be brainwashed and go back home. You don't want to go back, right? Do you mind cheating? Who do you think I am? Why would I mind? A talent that can be shaped. So,.

How to cheat? I have a test bank. Brother, what would you like for dinner? We lost on the Leisure Day, so we will lose the right to use this Norton Pavilion. This is the last meeting of our Student Council here. For me,.

This is an unprecedented defeat. We didn't lose. That's not a fair game. Yeah, we can't give up the Norton Pavilion. That's right. Only cowards refuse to admit their failure. The Lionheart Council kept silent. It means Chu Zihang accepts the result. Are you guys.

Not as good as Chu Zihang? Nono, what's wrong? A piece of news just came outon the campus news network. Something very rare happened to our S-rating freshman. He doesn't resonate with Kotodama, Emperor. How is that possible? This newcomer doesn't resonate with Emperor?.

He's S-rating. Chu Zihang, what do you think is going on? Professor Manin? Meet me at the library. I need to talk to you about something important. I'm busy cleaning the battlefield. Don't worry about that. I just had a test. I found that Lu Mingfei…

Chu Zihang is one of the peoplewith the highest purity of dragon blood in the school. Ordinary mixed-race don't even dare to look him in the eye. But Lu Mingfei… He dares to shoot him. (Confidential Archives)So his blood must be fine. But he didn't respond to Emperor. In the most ancient documents, the highest level of secrets are hidden.

I didn't expect that we would have to study this topic again. Ice Sea remaining scroll. The story of the White King. The Great White King and the Black King are the supreme beings. The Oracle of the White King is the only thingthat can restrain Kotodama, Emperor. He used the Oracle to cleanse the blood of all his children,.

So that they don't have to bend their kneesto the majesty of Black King anymore. The rebellion of the White King is the biggest rebellion in the history of the Dragon Raja. It's said that all his blood descendants were buried with him. After that, Black King recorded the fate of the rebels with the sky-reaching bronze pillar.

After that, it was imprinted on the Ice Sea remaining scroll. The Ice Sea Bronze Pillar Charter is the winner's statement writtenby the Black King Sect. But is the soul of the White King really that easy to be destroyed? Lu Mingfei, who didn't respond to Emperor, may indeed be the first case we found.

He should be the subject of study. In fact, the blood of the Black Kingor the blood of the White King, is it that important? You really want to apply the bloodline theory to the children? Neither of us are a complete human being. Do you want to protect that child?.

He… He's a good kid. We want to train fighters, not good kids. Write a report honestly. If he really has the blood of the White King, he might become a precious specimen. I don't want the child I recruited.

To be a research specimen. All right, before the 3E exam is over, I won't mention this to anyone. What if he fails? I'll report it truthfully and fight for him to be treatedas humanely as possible. Thank you. Security system shut down.

Data garbage cleaning starts. Activate the EVA personality program. Is there anything? I want to ask you a favor. Let Lu Mingfei pass the 3E exam. What's the reason? He… There are many doubts about him.

But it has yet to be confirmed. No problem, right? Just protecting a new student. Among the bad things I've done for you, it's not worth mentioning. I'm going to be late. Panda, you're late. – Nono.- Go to your seat.

The exam is about to begin. We're all here. Now I'm declaring the exam discipline. Cheating is absolutely forbidden. – Norma supervises the exam room.-Ricardo. There are no dead ends. I promise – all the tricks you think of as genius cheating- Okay. She thinks I'm Ricardo,.

– don't work here.- then I have to be Ricardo. 3E exam, now, starts. Why did you lock us up? Is it necessary to be like this? Just an exam. Blank test paper. – They may get the wrong test paper.- What does it mean?.

Really. It's really a blank test paper. The 3E test means that after listening to dragon inscription'saudio track, and resonating with it, there will be hallucinations in your mind. This is Spirit Vision. During the exam, you will receive a blank test paper, and then you can copy the picture of the vision on the test paper. Hum.

Did you get it wrong, teacher? It is exactly the same as what Senior said. How can we even answerwithout the exam questions? Did you get it wrong? Are they all like this in universities abroad? What a quiet girl. – Are you kidding us? -I think she's from Qi Country. Be quiet. The test paper is fine.

Good luck. Why did you lock the door? What do you think we are? What? What are we going to do? What's that sound? What is this? It's an illusion. What does this mean?.

Why are you listening to this? The sound of a monster? Everything is under control. The biggest bug of the 3E exam is that the college always uses eight audio tracksas the exam questions. They never change it in an eight-year cycle. You have to study for eight years before you can meetthe exam papers when you entered school again. Who's going to study for eight yearsin this hellhole? I was wrong.

Go on. You're right. This year's exam questionsare the same as when I entered the school. So, answers are here. Let's get started. Thank you, everyone. For me to be the best actress this time,.

– I'm invincible.- I'm so honored. But I'm lonely. My dream is to become bald. Let me help you. Is it bald enough? Is it bald enough? Invincible. Invincible. Bald head. What's wrong?.

I'm invincible. – I beg for defeat.- This girl… – I can do it.- is not normal. Norma, please remind me at any time, in case someone suffers too much mental shock. I'll keep an eye on the exam room. Nono, I remember you were calm during the 3E exam. Since I had a Spirit Vision experience before I came here.

I don't think it's a big deal. What did you see in your first vision? My mother was lying on the bed, and a shadow approached her. It took away her soul. Then, she passed away. What? So real.

It's not real enough. I couldn't see that guy's face clearly. Okay. Seven questions have been completed. Next. Hey. It's you. Why…? Where are they?.

Don't worry about that. Come on. But… Come on. Oh. My name is Lu Mingfei. You're… I'm Lu Mingze. It's the same name as my brother's. Xiyang,.

You're here. Laughing at me every day. Let me sign up for a secret accountto make fun of you. (- You're finally online. – You're waiting for me?)It's called the score of the Xiyang. Why do you know? Who are you? I'm Lu Mingze. This is your Spirit Vision. Everyone will see what's hidden in their heart.

In Spirit Vision. So you see me. Are you kidding me? Why do I hide you in my heart? It's not up to me. The first two times I came to you, but this time you came to me. What is hidden in the deepest part of a person's heart, is either the scariest,.

Or what he wants the most, or the saddest. I have no desire for you and I'm not sad. You're not that scary. What on earth are you? What am I? You have to ask your heart. You poked me in the stomach. Humans are stupid.

You too. But you're different from them. You deliberately want to make yourself stupid. You're not sad, because I'm sad in place of you. How cruel. Am I right? You… Your lines.

Are like in romance novels, don't you think? I'm back. Well… Now I hate it when you're around me. I admire you. You even slept like this during the exam. You're a pig? I'm a rabbit. Examination…

It's over. fYou slept for two hours in the three-hour exam. Then I… You actually answered nine questions. Don't we only have eight questions? Let me check. Sorry, the exam is over. However,.

The answer seems to be fine. Welcome again. Junior. Welcome to college. Norma posted the exam results on the College Network. Congratulations on passing the exam. It didn't go well. You were caught cheating? You didn't mention me, did you?.

How could it be? I'm a veteran. That's good. But after reading your course list, you chose Professor Mance'sMagic Mechanical Design, right? That's not easy. What do you mean? Professor Mance is a killer. He calls the roll in every class.

We are all people who will fight forthe cause of dragon slaughter for life. Why do you still care aboutsuch a trivial matter as roll call in class? Yeah. But he's on a mission recently. All classes have been canceled for the past few weeks. Mission? It's said that they found traces of a dragon, and they are going to kill him. Captain,.

The Channel Bureau is warning us. The storm will continue in the middle of the night. The wind force will increase to level 10. It's another storm. It reminds me of the Ice and Sea Battle back then. Every time I get close to these things, I'm afraid that something bad will happen. How are Ye Sheng and Aki? Their vital signs are stable.

They keep diving. If there's anything unusual,pull the line back immediately. Yes. Norma, turn on the sonar and scan the nearby terrain. Scan opened. This should be the site of a village. It existed about 1000 years ago. Not bad.

And according to Fengshui, mountain dragons and water dragons meet here. It's a treasure land. White Emperor City may be hidden under this village. We need to save time. Please use the Vacuum Snake to detect. Okay. But I need a fixed point.

Am I not the fixed point you always use? It's about to start. Go down there. Captain, we have a situation. (Vibration detected)Underwater mantle fluctuation. An undersea earthquakewith a magnitude of five might be forming. Darn it. It's really not a good time.

We are already so close. Any results? Forty meters below our feet, we detected the existence of huge metal. I left a snake. It's exploring deeper. Then we… Ye Sheng, Aki.

Get ready to float. There's an underwater earthquakewith a magnitude of 5 tonight. Got it. Give up for now. Immediately… What happened, Ye Sheng? Professor, the earthquake has started. Hurry up and float.

Hurry up! Pull the line back. Professor. Pull them up. I might not be able to make it. Ye Sheng. Aki. (SIGNAL LOSS).

Signal interrupted. Darn it. I should have been more cautious. Ancestral level. It's totally different from dragons of other levels. It's like this again. Eight years. And eight years ago…

Professor. Ye… I'm contacting you through the Vacuum Snake. Please reply. I can hear you. How are you? We were swept into the ground by huge waves, and in front of us, it's a huge wall.

If the record is correct, I think we have arrived at the Palace of the King of Bronze and Fire. Principal, Qiushan Project made a progress. Ye Sheng and Aki found a city made entirely of bronze. It fits the myth. That's the palace of Norton,the King of Bronze and Fire.

We should explore it immediately. That crack could disappear at any time. Ye Sheng felt something isin the Ancient Bronze City. Probably it's not a dead city. Approved. If there is living creature in the city and he can't be captured alive, you have the right to execute him.

I need your authorization to use Key. I told you to take him with you just for this moment. The principal approved it. You must be absolutely careful when using him. He's the only Key we have right now. When it comes to the purity of dragon blood, Chu Zihang can't compare with him.

Take care of your daughterwhenever you have time, even though She is also your adopted daughter. Chen Motong? I can't see that she sees me as her mother. Nono is a very good child, so, don't talk about her in that tone. It is said that the White Emperor Cityrefers to the Dragon King's bedroom. Our target.

Is the White King? No. He is the King of Bronze and Fire, the first-generation descendant of four kings and the direct descendant of Black King. His recorded name was Norton. What exactly is Dragon King? In human eyes,.

Dragon may be a God or demon. In the eyes of the ancient dragons, humans may be slaves, or ants. About this problem, for thousands of years, we have neither been able to.

Nor tried to communicate with each other. But today, it might be a perfect opportunity. One cross-ethnic dialogue of the century. =Episode 4= Professor. Two hours.

Is the limit time of our activity. This is the new lifeline. Communication is resumed. Alright. Get ready. I'm going to open the door. Fulcrum. Kotodama,.

Clean Earth. Vacuum barrier. The Fire Devourer curse. After pouring oil into him, he bit the flame and was burned alive. But his body didn't collapse and turn into ashes after death. Instead, it turns into something like coal and keeps kneeling.

His soul will remain in the tomb path. The intruder will be cursed terribly by him. Those are just superstitions, but this thing is the real gatekeeper. Baby Key, I'll leave the rest to you.

(Solomon's Little Key) Solomon's Key. Every door it opens leads to hell. Well, it looks like he's waiting for us to feed him. Don't worry. It's friendly for the time being. Be good.

It's okay. Look at grandpa. Don't cry. Don't cry. Come on. Let's get some sleep. Be good. Remember. Only two hours.

Bring out the skeleton of Dragon King Norton, or… Given by Supply Department. Alchemy bomb. Destroy them if you can't bring things out. Come back alive. Barrier lifted. Ye Sheng.

I'm here. Let's go. Professor, you're back. How is it going? Life parameters are normal. The signal is clear. They've gone deep inside, sending back images simultaneously. At the bottom of the sea,.

How could there be such a building? Ye Sheng, Aki, you don't have much time. Look for the bedroom. There's air here. But the oxygen content is very low. Be careful. Don't remove the oxygen mask.

Got it. I could feel where the snake was traveling around. It's very close to me. This place… Norma, explore. Start exploration. Bronze City.

Is made up of cavities one after another. Between the cavities, bronze tunnels are connected. It's like an ant nest half submerged in water. Yeah, I feel like I'm in the movement of a watch. It's some kind of alchemy machine. Looking at how complicated it is,.

This great Dragon King is also a senior mechanic. What a big bronze pillar. Is it some kind of sacrificial utensil? Don't look at this building from a human perspective. It doesn't belong to humans. That's right. You take photos here, and I'll find the location of the snake.

If something goes wrong,there's no need to rescue me. Evacuate first. This is an order from the team leader. Don't worry. I won't save you. Of course I'm relieved. Although you're stupid, the best thing about you is being good.

What did you say? Aki, check the top. Those branches and leaves are strange. Okay. That's dragon inscription. Judging from the form, it might be written by the Dragon King himself.

Back it up immediately. Use satellite to synchronize it to Norma. The dome is too huge. Please divide it into several small squares, take photos and send them one by one. Okay. The direction of some branches and leavescoincides with the path of exploration. Aki, I can see that your heart is beating faster.

Are you okay? It's okay. Just some adjustment will be fine. The data transmission between us and Aki was interrupted. Pull the lines. Warn Ye Sheng, and ask him to meet Aki immediately. There is no tension on the turbine.

Aki's lifeline… is broken again. (Ye Sheng Kassel College Executive Department) (Aki Sakatoku Kassel College Executive Department) (Vacuum Snake) Aki. What's wrong with you? I'm fine. I'm just a little dizzy.

Ye Sheng, did you find anything? I found it. But that thing is too heavy to take away. I had to blow it up. What a pity. All right, we don't have much time left.

Collect some bronze materials, go back and analyze them. What… What is this? It might be some kind of totem of the Dragon Raja. Take it with you. We'll study it when we get back. Okay. It's so heavy.

Ye Sheng, shoot! Who should I shoot at? Ye Sheng, what's wrong with you? When I came back, I found that this thinghas been following behind you. I don't understand why. So I've been following you. I…

Just now, I became the puppet of this statue. It's because I observed dragon inscriptions? My lifeline… I'm… It's okay now. I shouldn't have left you alone. I… You…

This is… This is what my snake found. It looks like a Bone Breeding Vase. The Mobius ring pattern, in dragon inscriptions, should imply a cycle of life and death. If there really is a Dragon King sleeping here, he's still a baby. I think it's better to abduct him.

What's going on? It should be the system you just started. What did I activate? Whatever it is, go! I think I know the answer. You have restarted the whole city. And it's aware of an invasion, so,.

It's closing. Bell? Why are you ringing the bell at this hour? Don't people in An Country sleep? This is the death knell. You… Is this a dream? I'm afraid of heights.

– According to your understanding,- Wake me up. what you see in your dreamsis not the real world. But what is the real world? Maybe your so-called real world is a dream. What… What on earth are you doing? I'm here to remind you. The death knell is ringing.

Someone is dying. Someone will die. You're about to get into trouble. But it could also be an opportunity. Trouble? Is it the dragon invasionor the destruction of the world? Please, I'm sleepy. In the face of this trouble, you may need to make some preparations.

Preparations? Do you remember the cheats in the game? I remember. If you had to choose only one of the cheats, which one would you choose? If Norma can peek at your map, she can find you, too. Black Sheep Wall, which means open all the maps.

Unseal the cheats. If you use it, you will get a detailed map of your surroundings. Well… What the hell is that? Spell? Do I have to say every time I go out… Shh. Don't abuse it.

If you use too much, you'll find out. We all need a map. Because we're all in the maze. Remember, Black Sheep Wall. You'll need it soon. Why are you still sleeping? Get up. Actually, I just came back.

Didn't you hear the alarm? Follow me. The Executive Department temporarily gathers all students of A-ratingor abovewho are not in a specific position. What's going on? Please go to the Library Computing Center immediately. There's an emergency manual in the fileyou received when you entered the college. You didn't see it? – The Executive Department temporarily gathers- I didn't…

– all students of A-ratingor above…- Level 1 alarm means there's an emergency. – who are not in a specific position.- They're summoning high-rating students to the library. Please go to the Library Computing Center now. Nono, you look so pretty today. They're summoning studentsof A-rating and above. Where are you going? That's just rubbing salt on my wound. – Senior.- I'm not even qualified to help.

– Bye-bye.- You're the only S-rating student. What a scene. Maybe I should readwhat they call the emergency manual. At least now I'll know what to do. She's also A-rating? At this moment, two members of the Executive Department are trapped in a dragon relic.

We must find a way out for them as soon as possible. Norma. The palace of Norton,the King of Bronze and Fire, is a giant ancient machine, and its internal structure changes all the time. In other words, there is no fixed escape route. We must solve the logic of its operation.

These are some photos of dragon inscriptions that we took in this ancient Bronze City. I need you to interpret it. It might be how the city works. How much time do we have? 20 minutes. Humans can only translate a dragon inscriptionevery 15 years on average. It's impossible to interpret it in 20 minutes.

Even if there's still a chance left, we have to stick to it until the end. If it were you in danger, the college would hold out until the last second. The remaining oxygen of trapped Ye Sheng and Aki Sakatokucan only last for 20 minutes. Norma is looking for help around the world. We.

Must also do our best to solve this answer. Aki Sakatoku. My name is Aki Sakatoku. It's her. Approved. Approved. Approved. Approved.

Student ID card. Approved. Me too. Approved. Hello, Lu Mingfei, this is your first time to loginto the internal system of the college. Please configure your preferences. Are you Norma? Saving people is more important.

Let's make it a universal configuration. I'm EVA, one of Norma's versions. I'll complete the initial configurationfor you right away. (Horizon uniquePress any key) This is a game interface? It's the interface you're most familiar with. You should be able to use iteven with your eyes closed.

Fine. Do you have any paleontological information? It's the totem of the evolution of biological patterns. Maybe we can give it a try. There must be a way. I have an idea. Leave the informationof the North World to me. Others will look for the relicsand classics of the South World. Search ancient documents in groups,.

And see if there's anything we can refer to. Even this freshman… Am I the only one who can't do anything? If you use it, you will get a detailed map of your surroundings. Black Sheep Wall. You'll need it soon. A map.

Even if it's just trying… Got the interpretation you submitted. I just… What's going on? Why is the screen dark? It's the route. The route has been solved. It's been solved. (Interpretation by Lu Mingfei)How did you solve it?.

That's amazing. Who did it? Lu Mingfei. Hello, everyone. Have you eaten? It's here. Here comes the interpretation message. But the sensor is broken. Ye Sheng's Vacuum Snake is still there.

Ye Sheng, can you get it? Yes. But the map is too big, and the exit is changing all the time. We can't confirm it in this environment. Ye Sheng. =Episode 5= It's here.

Here comes the interpretation message. But the sensor is broken. Ye Sheng's Vacuum Snake is still there. Ye Sheng, can you get it? Yes. But the map is too big, and the exit is changing all the time. In this environment,.

We can't confirm it. Ye Sheng. Ye Sheng. Ye Sheng, what's wrong with you? Ye Sheng. Ye Sheng. Professor. Key… Key…

Key… Let Key look at the map. Down. Straight down. I see. Through the gaps between the walls, through the tunnel, and even through solid bronze walls, then finally come out from directly below.

Just like… Eight diagrams. How much oxygen do they have left? They're forty-five meters away and have three minutes left in the oxygen supply. Plus the time to hold their breath, at their speed, they can get out in time. That's great.

Professor, I need to keep my strength up, and recover the Vacuum Snake immediately. Communication will be interrupted by then. I look forward to your return. Be careful. Aki, get ready. We'll set off now.

What's wrong with you? It's too late. We don't have enough oxygen. It's enough. No, it's not. Ye Sheng, let's stay here. I want to look at you until.

We're drowned. Aki. Don't talk. We don't have much time left. I… I… I've wanted to tell you something for a long time. Actually,.

I… Ye Sheng, I like… Silly Aki, how could I let you die here? Trust me, there's enough oxygen. Come on, I'll get you out of here. The exit.

Should be opened soon. (Norma Link is missing) Professor Mance, the connection to the collegewas suddenly cut off. It should be because of the storm. We… Professor. Descend immediately. Descend boat to the lowest.

Professor. Send a lifeboat. – Take care of Key.- Hurry. Professor, what's on earth… The location of the escape is directly below the Bronze City. They can get out of Bronze City, but.

They won't have time to float up to the water. We were wrong. They don't have enough oxygen. (Mance Londerberg, captain of the tugboat Moniah) (Clean Earth, Blood branch: King of Sky and Wind) What should I do? We've been disconnected for ten minutes. I don't know what's going on.

Just wait a little longer. They'll be fine. Brother, how are you doing in An Country? Are you acclimatized? It's okay. Although a lot of things have happened… Judging from your tone, I don't think you're happy.

It's the two people that I know, they… Their life is on the line now. I always feel… A little helpless. Be firm and pray for them. You have to know,.

The world runs through all kinds of energy. Your heart and your prayers are also part of your energy. It's tiny, but it can also be transmitted. And this energy is helping them now. So, come on.

Everything will be fine. The signal is bad. I'm on my way to pick up an order. I'll contact you later. Thank you. Tang. Attention please, Moniah. This is Qiu Waterway Bureau. Please light up to reply.

Please light up to reply. Repeat. Attention please, Moniah. This is Qiu Waterway Bureau. Please light up to reply. Please light up to reply. – Moniah, attention please.- Professor. – This is Qiu Waterway Bureau.- It's been 14 minutes. Please light up to reply.

We… Please light up to reply. Do we still need to wait? Repeat. Attention please, Moniah. This is Qiu Waterway Bureau. Please light up to reply. Please light up to reply. Light up to reply.

Evacuate. Someone's here. Hurry up. Someone is swimming up. Light. Turn on the light. Come on, Give me your hand. Aki.

Aki. – Bring the jar and leave. – Leave me alone. – come up. – Forget about the jar.- Professor, leave now. – Come on, Aki. – There are other creatures underwater. Aki. – Aki.- No, Professor.

– There's something down there.- Let go of me. – Professor.- Let go of me! Aki. Aki. Aki. Aki. Aki. Jerk! Retrieve the copper jar.

And then, revenge. Start the engine and the afterburner. Prepare alchemy weapons. How's the sonar response? It's too fast. It can't be accurately imaged. It's huge.

And looks like a fish. What kind of fish can swim at such a speed? As long as it's a living thing. As long as it's alive, it'll surely die. Professor, could that be the Dragon King? That would be great.

I'm here to kill him. That's great. Young man. Hurry up! Give me more ammunition. Is that monster chasing us like this to eat us? It should be called him.

He's an intelligent creature. What he cares about should be the copper jar. Third mate, what other weapons do we have? There are only ten small underwater bombs. Release them immediately. Extreme closeness. 50 meters.

He's coming right at us. He didn't slow down. Ready. Professor. The signal of the bomb is disappearing. What? I guess the bomb was eaten. There's a signal. It's in his body. Detonate it immediately.

Yes. We made it. Unfortunately, it would be greatif we could capture a living body. Is he Dragon King Norton? Dragon King's IQ won't be so low that he ate the bomb. Selma,.

You did a good job this time. I'll give you full marksfor the practice classes. Thank you. Although I'd rather trade it for Ye Sheng and Aki back now. What's going on? Do you hear that? – Is it the laughter of the dragon?- Professor. This is…

– What's going on? Did you hear that?- You heard it right. The dragon is laughing. He is laughing at us. Jerk! Professor, we received the bomb signal again. It should be the dud from just now. Should we… No.

He's just waiting for you to detonate it. Now, the dragon is pointing its mouth at us. If we detonate the bomb, the hot air will flow towards us. Just like Dragon Flame. He is playing a game with us, his desperate preys.

Professor, the engine has overheated. We can't escape too far. Confirm our current location first. The west of Qiushan River, two kilometers away from Qiushan Dam. Qiushan Dam. Third mate. Start the engine.

And go straight ahead. However, at this distance, we will hit the dam directly. Don't you understand what I'm saying? I'm the captain. But… Start the engine. Maximum power.

Move forward. Yes. Whole crew. Maximum power. Qiushan Dam. Yes. What do you think? He sped up and kept chasing.

1. 5 kilometers to go. Charge forward. One kilometer to go. Move forward. He slowed down. Want to escape? Dream on! If you don't chase us, I'll destroy this jar.

500 meters to go. 300 meters. Key. Detonate it. Kotodama, Clean Earth. Mr. Dragon, we are even now.

What should we do? What's going on? Still no contact. It's been half an hour. – Could it be…?- What happened? What should we do? Don't talk nonsense. What should I do? Wait a little longer.

(Connected)It should be fine. Hello, everyone. Principal. Principal. Principal Anjou. – Principal.- Handsome! Principal Anjou. Top-notch old man. Thank you for your hard work.

At this moment, the Moniah has landed safely in the reservoir. We got important information. Thank you for your efforts. Really? We made it. That's great. We made it.

That's great. That's great. Mission accomplished. That's great. That's great. We made it. That's great. Let me say thank you again to the biggest contributor of this mission.

Thank you. Lu Mingfei. Lu Mingfei, you're amazing. – I knew you could do it.- Thank you. Thank you, everyone. – Lu Mingfei.- Thank you. Thank you, everyone. Now,.

All of you are dismissed! Lu Mingfei. Chu Zihang. Senior Brother. Thank you for solving that map. Well… It's just good luck. Luck is also a kind of strength. Next,.

It's my formal invitation. Please join the Lionheart Council. You should be the next president after me. You… You… You… Are you talking about me? I'm not very suitable to lead a club. I need a suitable successor.

No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. I can't. How could I…? Of course I can't. In that case, I won't force you. Caesar will also invite youto join the Student Council. If you choose to join the Student Council,.

That would be great. People like you, no matter as rivals or friends, I'll be happy. I… Bell. Someone left us. Every time someone leaves, the school bells will ring.

Pigeons will fly out of the church. This is mourning. It's also a blessing to them. May they have peace in the next life and never meet us again. Principal. Don't talk. The doctor will be here soon. He can't help me.

I just want to finish my final report. Let's get started. I think, I have killedone of Dragon King's servants. The copper jar is brought out of that city by Ye Sheng and Aki Sakatoku. I don't know what's inside. The copper jar has been transported to the college.

The dragon script on it is what Norton used on the badge. I'll give my blood to the Great Lord Niedhogg, who is the supreme and most powerful being. Ruling the whole world with fate. This copper jar.

Should be a Bone Breeding Vase. Inside is Norton's cocoon, egg or bone breeding. When we get the answer, I'll engrave it on your tombstone. No need. Principal, please don't tell the students.

That people of Operation Qiushan have all died. Just say we'll go on a new mission. Okay. As you said. For those kids, this kind of thing is still far away. There's no need for them to grieve for us. I think they still think dragon slaughter.

Is a fun and passionate thing and it's worth fighting for their whole life. That's great. I'm sleepy. Take my place to say hello to Nono. It's time for her to find a new mentor.

Good night. You can rest now. Qiu Shan Project Successfully Implemented The Dragon King Sample Recovered Academy's highest state of war mobilisation lifted Nono? Hurry up and have a look. (QQ mailbox, letter inbox)Dear Ricardo. There will be a welcome dinnerat Amber Pavilion tomorrow night.

Caesar said he wanted to chat with you. Sure enough, the Student Council did the same to you. What do you mean? It's clearly an invitation Caesar sent you. Don't doubt it, S-rating. Then… Who on earth is Caesar? That guy's full name is Caesar Gattuso. His family is a famous mixed-race familyin the West World,.

And his family's business has spread throughout the West World. Caesar was recognized as the heir ofthe Gattuso family since childhood. The family expects him to be the future emperor of the West World. Amazing. Of course. His first words after he entered the college became a famous saying in the college.

You can challenge me, but I'm ready to laugh at you. So pretentious. Right? Pretentious to the extreme. What's wrong with you? I was thinking, what was the first thing I saidwhen I entered the college? The food in this college must be very good.

What did you say? No, nothing. I don't think I should go to this dance party. This occasion, I… You have to go. Did you see that? The buffet.

Is very rich. But the e-mail said I wanted to wear a suit. I didn't have one. Come on, look at my finger. (A warm reminder that college uniform is not formal.You can rent one at the College Theater. ) Okay. That's too high-end. Asking me to come to this event,.

Are they really afraidthat I won't have a place to eat dinner? It's both a courtesy and a demonstration. Caesar is slapping money on your face. He's telling you to either work with him, or lick his shoes right now. I hope his feet don't stink. Can you be any less dignified? Yes. I can guarantee you.

It's so pretty. Oh my god, Caesar even prepared roses for you. Why don't you go in? You'll have to pay for the clothesyou rented if they get wet. Nono, you look so beautiful today. I didn't see you wear this dress. – Nono.- Is it new?.

Looks like these roses aren't for you. =Episode 6= Everyone is in a retro style. It's the 21st century, why would anyone hold a court dance? Mixed-race people have old-fashioned aesthetics. Can't help it. They've lived too long.

Please be quiet. The dance party is about to begin. Let's invite the president of the Student Council, Caesar. Thank you for coming. Before the dance starts, let's wish Nono happy birthday!.

Thank you. Happy birthday, Nono. Happy birthday, Nono. The party starts now. What are you doing? I haven't danced for a long time. I can't control myself. What do you want to do?.

Come on. No, I can't. If you bully him too hard, he will go to the Lionheart Council. Of course I know Chu Zihang invited him, and he thought I would make the same decision. But I never like others to guess what I think. You're such a competitive person. Good thing your last name is Gattuso,.

Otherwise you would be exhausted. I want to win everyone under Caesar's name instead of Gattuso. Sorry to disturb you. I have a few words to say to you. When I first came to this college, I was a bit disappointed. Because there are too many people here.

The real elites will never be the majority. Fortunately, there are not many guestsin Amber Pavilion today. Only the best group of freshmen. Elite. What a disgusting word. It's as unpleasant as the remnants of hegemonism. But my dear ones, why are you here?.

For a correct outlook on life and world? For the praise of those mediocre people, or, are you going to run for president? No. You're here to fight. This is the beginning of your battlefield. Only the best people can go to the battlefield. Only the best people.

Are qualified to defend your back. Only the best people are qualified to die here or leave with the medals. If you want to go to the battlefield, whose orders are you willing to listen to? Cae…? Caesar. Caesar.

Caesar. Caesar. No. It's you. It's us who are the best. The real elites will be regarded as lunaticsby the secular world. Welcome to join the group of lunatics. Lu Mingfei,.

Please come up. Stand with me. If you refuse, the door is over there. So suddenly? You can answer me after a dance. Have fun. Fun?.

What fun? Still dancing? Nono. Do you want something to eat? No need. I'm a bit tired. I'll be leaving soon. Drive my car. It will be a little cold at night.

Go on. Let's go. There's no need to pretend to be strong. I can't. Do you need a dance partner, S-rating? (Zero, chief violinist of Student Council) Go ahead. Straighten your back!.

I… Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Show time! S-rating. Show time! Keep up with my rhythm. I want Por Una Cabeza. Okay.

Por Una Cabeza. Let's go. You… Who are you? Zero. This is a number. You can call me Zero. Thank you for helping me.

I didn't mean to help you. I just want to dance. When you do this dance, you have to feel like you're the king of the world. At the end of the song, hold my waist, or I'll fall down. Yes.

You may rise, my subordinate. No, no, no. No, I… That's not what I meant. Yes. Nono. Why did she leave? I'm not welcomed here anyway.

I'd better say happy birthday to Senior Sister. Senior Sister. Senior Sister, happy birthday! Got it. Well… Why are you, owner of the birthday party, leaving first? Of course I'm avoiding socializing with others.

Normally, when an invincible handsome guy throws a huge dance partyfor his girl's birthday, it must be very touching. I didn't tell him it's my birthday. Why didn't you tell him? My birthday is my own business, so there's no need to tell anyone. Can you drive? Yes.

I'm tired. You drive. Where are you going? Let's go to the top of the mountain. What's on the top of the mountain? I just want to walk around. Attention, everyone. Red alert.

There might be a dragon invading in here. The college's defense system is activated. Seal off all entrances and exits, and activate the air alchemy weapon. Space guard activated. Enter the defense mode of Alchemy Body. The gate is closed. How did they get on the bridge? I don't know.

The invaders are a small team of 13 people, and they have dispersedafter entering the college. There are only 13 people, so why do you think it's a dragon invasion? Because the principal had just brought backthe Bone Breeding Vase from Xin Country and then there was an invasion. Where is it now? Wat Alheim Institute. There are many entrances to the institute.

How many men can the Executive Departmentsend to guard the entrance? Elite commissioners are all on missions overseas. We can only rely on the students so I asked Caesar to guard the Hall of Soulswith the Student Council. Chu Zihang and the Lionheart Councilwill guard the library. The rest of the Executive Department will guard the Van Ger Building. Move. Students with battlefield qualifications,.

Get your weapons now. Fill it with Frigg bullets. No live ammunition. Students with battlefield qualifications, get your weapons now. Fill it with Frigg bullets. – No live ammunition.- Student Council, get ready to move. Bear.

Senior, on the mountain… There are many bears on the mountain. When did you come up here? Watch the road. There's a turn ahead. I came here specially to remind youthat there's a turn. Otherwise, you'll probably diewith the woman you like. With you here, it means it's a dream so I won't die.

Also, what woman I like? She's my Senior Sister. There's no need to deny it. Pursue her if you like her. Do you want me to do you a favor? Get lost! Summon Senior Sister back. Get lost!.

She came to the top of the mountain to have funwith you, her little brother, on her birthday. It means she's undefended against you. You know I'm her little brother, right? Besides, Caesar is already wooing her. If I tell you, she has never loved anyone in her life until now. Do you feel better? Ye Sheng and Aki are her friends. When the news of their death came,.

She didn't even have a sad expression. Caesar can do it. Why can't you? What's wrong with you? Do you remember what Senior Sister told you? When you confess, you need music, words… And flowers. I know.

Think of your own words. I'll help you with flowers. Unseal the new secret cheats, Show Me The Flowers. You darned brat. What brat? Just now, there was a little turtle crawling on the road.

I almost… Look ahead. We're almost there. What's wrong? The engine is turned off. Well… All of a sudden. Let's get out of the car for a walk. Maybe.

We can see the stars later. (Nono) Nono. There is an unknown forceattacking the college. Be careful. We lost three squads in the last hour. There are only six people left. The place where Anjou is the principal,.

Must be a tough nut to crack. But it doesn't matter. No. 13 seems to be doing well. For the next action, unless we can use Kotodama, otherwise… The Night Watchman covers the whole college. His Kotodama, Commandment really doesn't give you a break.

Who doesn't know that? Don't worry. Commandment will be lifted soon. Of the seven intruders we caught, there were four nationalities. The one who recruited them, seems to have deliberately organizedan army of random people. According to the trial,.

No one has seen the employer. There are six other intrudersstill lurking somewhere on campus. Can you find them? I'm looking for it. Manin, can you use the Vacuum Snake to find the intruder? Under the Commandment, the power of all of us.

Is forced to sleep. Can you ask the Night Watchmanto break the Commandment? He's your father. Watching this old movie again? Anjou. You're back in college? Yes, we also found the skeletonof Dragon King Norton. What's the matter?.

Well, break the Commandment. Are you serious? Someone broke into the campus. At a time when the Executive Departmentis in short supply. The ancient dragons will wake up together soon. I want young people to have some experience. Let me think about it. Okay.

Oil lamp, how many years have you been burning? 12 years or 15 years. Who is it? Father, I know I don't have the right to make this call. But…

Your birthday is in two weeks, right? Okay. Goodbye. How's it? It's okay if he didn't agree. Commandment will suppress… No. He agreed.

I forgot to buy a birthday present. I'm a good father who will break the college rules for his dear son. Commandment lifted. Who is it? Father. I know.

I don't have the right to make this call. But… Your birthday is in two weeks, right? Okay. Bye. How's it? It's okay if he didn't agree. Commandment will suppress…

No. He agreed. What a dense cloud. There are no stars. Go to the pond over there. Okay. It's cold. Dare you come together, brother? Come on.

I'm from a city in the south of Xin Country. A city without heating. What about it? Nothing. How are you? It's not cold at all. They said Ye Sheng and Aki were dead in action. Are you close?.

Only Ye Sheng and Aki were announced death. Actually, Mance is dead too. They just don't want to scare the students. Mance? Manslonderberg. My direct supervisor. He's good to me. The Executive Department didn't reveal the truth. They only said he was going on a new mission.

Maybe he rerally went to carry out other missions. Mance said that if he was really dead, the college wouldn't release his death. But he would tell me secretly by asking the college to announce he's on a new mission. So this announcement.

Is actually himself telling me he's dead. You… Are you sad? Nothing. If I die one day, I will also secretly send messageson the bulletin board, saying I'll stay at the base of Penn Island. The one who can understand itwill know what I'm saying.

If they can't, just let them forget me. Are all the people of this college not afraid of death? Not at all. Some people will quit after graduation and just pretend they never knew about dragons. As for those who stay, they all have a reason to stay.

Well, Senior Sister, what's your reason? I just want to run away from home. Should we change the topic? For example… Why are there no stars tonight? It's cloudy. You can't see the stars. The star I mentioned.

Is a big glowworm. In the summer, they will fly up along the waterfall. It's like stars rising in the clouds. It is said that in the depths of the East Sea there is a sea eye called Gui Xu. The sea water therewill become a huge waterfall. It's thousands of miles away. If you fall down,.

You will never reach the bottom. The souls of those peoplewill be floating up like fireflie, guided by the stars to their homes. It's recorded in ancient books. Forget it. Let's talk about the college. Attention, everyone. The Night Watchman is lifting Commandment.

Black shelter. The shadow under the lamp. An ideal countrythat has been forgotten by the world. Wake up. The power of the ancient times. Commandment lifted. Kotodama. Ghost Photo.

Invisible. (Ghost Photo) Captain. Although Ghost Photo can hide us, the range is only two meters. Stay close. Now enter the Hall of Souls. Yes.

Kotodama. Vacuum Snake. How is it, Manin? Vacuum Snake is searching the entire collegethrough underground cables. The remaining intruders will be found soon. We are understaffed. The college's defense now is weak. Those spots.

Are guarded by students. But it looks like a lot of areas are still unattended. Those are abandoned entrances. Don't worry. The entrances to those channels are with a high voltage of 100,000 volts. Over there. Watch out over there.

Come here. – Is anyone there?- Let's go there. Over there. It's almost there. – Send two more people.- The defense is tight. – Be careful.- But I've been safe all the way here. The route the employer planned for me is good. (Employer)Hello, this is No. 13. No. 13.

Your target is the wine cellar. The route will be displayed in your device. Search the underground entranceas soon as you arrive. Sound recording? Alright. Let's go to the cellar. =Episode 7= I guess I have to go from here. Let's go.

So much dust. How long has it beensince anyone has been here? They don't drink? Why do they need a wine cellar? Shikoudi District. This is so unchallenging. Or because I'm a genius. (Employer)This is your second hint. After finding the door,.

Use the black card I prepared for you to enter the underground. Go through the central control room to the Shikoudi District. You always say half of it. Okay, you're the employer. It's opened. They call this a warning system? It was open after I swiped the card.

Alright, alright. Let's go. The dark wind becomes my eyes. Kotodama. Razor Wind. Norma. Call Chu Zihang. Caesar,.

What's up? What are you doing now? Nothing. (Chu Zihang)Just waiting. My guest has arrived. What about yours? Whoever should come will come. Who will finish the battle first? Do you want to bet something?.

Is that necessary? It makes sense. Then… Just do our jobs. Razor Wind. Go. (Caesar GattusoPresident of the Kassel College Student Council) (Razor Wind Branch: The King of Sky and Wind) How's it?.

It's about to start in Caesar's place. It should be soon here too. You… Your body… I can do it. Lionheart Council, please reply. Evacuate from the libraryand surrounding areas immediately. Evacuate? We're guarding here.

Because the Executive Departmentis understaffed, right? Susie. Execute the order. Yes. Lionheart Council copy. Let's go, Chairman. This order does not include me. Not including you. The order was given to everyone on a public channel.

Why… Lionheart Council evacuate formthe library area immediately. Not including Chu Zihang. Roger. They're trying to… Commandment has been lifted. They're worried that if I use Kotodama, it might lead to accidental injury. So.

Susie, you can leave now. Give me your hand. Be careful. Try to control it. I know. When it's over, I'll treat everyone to a midnight snack. Seriously, you might as well not smile. When you smile,.

It feels like you will sacrifice yourself. (Caesar) Fool. Captain, with your Kotodama, no one can see us, right? Of course. But, look at that guy in the front. It seems that.

He's smiling at us. It's an illusion. In the middle of the night, Ghost Photo's flaws will be completelyobscured by the dark environment. Not to mention they're novices. What's up? What sound? What's happening? Is it our enemy?.

The music I like. – Dismiss.- Yes. Be careful of the enemy. You want to die? Please stop. Please. Thanks. Hello? Who is it? Are you looking for trouble now?.

Green Forest? Black Forest? When did I tell you to call back? Is there something wrong withthe hearing of your customer service staff? I'm very annoyed now. Don't waste the time I spend with my client… No, the time I spend with my enemy. I hate it. I hate unprofessional people the most. Especially the telephone interview and telemarketing.

It's unbearable. My information says that Caesar Gattuso is an arrogant rich man. But it seems that you're quite likeable. It's my pleasure to talk to a girl like you. What's your name? Mai Sakatoku. Telephone number.

Is off the table. Mai Sakatoku. You… You must think I look familiar. That's right. I'm Aki Sakatoku's sister. I'm sorry. You're late. It doesn't matter.

We didn't grow up together. There's little sisterhood between us. But that fool became other's pawn. This made me angry. All right, let's get down to business. How about we do it like in a western film? When the music is over, we will start.

Familiar music. Is there a last word? I want to know why are you here. For the Bone Breeding Vaseof the King of Bronze and Fire, According to our information, it was delivered here an hour ago. Dragon bones can bring disaster.

But it can also bring different eras. Are you thinking yourself as a revolutionary? You always say that different eras. In the ancient time, your swordsman killed a lot of people. What we call different eras is far more different than you think. After the climax, the residual sound will last for 15 seconds.

15. 14. 13. 12. 11. The ending has been changed? Friga Bullets. It seems you don't want to cause too many casualties. Is your Kotodama Razor Wind?.

So you ordered the system to turn off the lights early. Razor Wind in the dark is almost invincible. You're not eager to enter the underground. That's right. Your elites are all overseas. You and Chu Zihang are the best among the students. My task is to hold you back. I'll leave the rest to the three-not girl.

Three-not girl? Not good-shaped, not beautiful and not passionate. (Chu Zihang)The opposite of me. You changed the ending of the music. Otherwise, you would have already lost. It's too early to say that. I didn't do anything yet. How about this?.

I'll let you take action first. Take it as a return gift. Darkness is your game. Let's play your game. Norma. Count down. Five seconds countdown begins. Five. Four.

Three. Two. One. Razor Wind. Let's go. No one can avoid the tracking by Razor Wind. You won't be an exception. You lost.

Razor Wind lost the target. (Caesar) Please come in. The door is open. Three-not girl. If Mai Sakatoku said that, then I am. I'm your opponent.

I know. Because you don't want others to see your eyes, so you stayed alone to meet me. Not exactly. There's something else that needs to be kept secret. Mai Sakatoku told me to be careful of you. You're the beast they raised. So the story about me is like this.

The girl acted alone. She didn't bring any weapons. Maybe it's because her Kotodama is so strongthat she doesn't need weapons. What's the Kotodama of Chu Zihang? Only the immediate tutors and principalshave the right to access the Kotodama files. You have no right to ask this. Is it a dangerous Kotodama? It's dangerous, isn't it? Chu Zihang.

Finish the battle as soon as possible. Don't give her a chance to delay. They urged me. Let's start. Good. Come from the heights of Babylon and burn into the sun. Kotodama. Lord Flame.

Lord Flame. The Lord Flame with serial number 89. This is a rare but dangerous spirit. Extremely violent. It explodes to ignite the fire elementin the surrounding environment, forming high temperature, high heat and shock waves. The intensity of the explosion is about as the same as a napalm. So it was named Lord Flame,literally the flame of the lord.

That's right. That's why I kept Chu Zihang's Kotodama a secret. That's horrible. I'm glad he's on our side. Come from the heights of Babylon and burn into the sun. Kotodama. Lord Flame. Lord…

Lord Flame. So she can use Lord Flame too. Those people… Who on earth are they? High technology. What kind of college is this? That's impressive. You're a licensed visitor. But I don't know you.

Who are you? I'm EVA. Who are you? Heroes don't leave names. I know you're the enemy. But your pass requires me to treat you as my own side. All I can do is give you a warning. Get out of here now. Before it's too late.

Pardon me for not being able to do it. What bird wouldn't risk finding food? Right? And since I'm a privileged visitor, could you please tell me how should I go to Shikoudi District? From here to Shikoudi District,.

There's only one abandoned passage. No one has been there for 35 years. Most of it is underwater. If you insist on trying, go that way to the end. Are you serious? Yes. Then thank you.

I… I'm really leaving. Your smile makes me shiver. Let's go. Congratulations. (Employer)The Shikoudi District is ahead. The place with the highest levelof secrecy in the college, – the Wat Alheim Institute, is here.- What the hell is this place?.

– From this moment,- It sucks. the commission has been increased to 5 million. That's a lot. After that, I can retire. I will remind you of your task again. Good luck, No. 13. There's a reminder? I…

I haven't received the last instruction. This… Forget it. Go on my own. Year 1912. What has this mysterious college hidden for so long? The point is they didn't tell me the name of the college. This feeling… I hate it. Behind the door,.

Is there anything terrible? Why don't I… Brother. I didn't mean to. This… I'm sorry for tonight. Why are you sorry? I could eat the lobsterand look at pretty girls as I like.

It's just such a waste of roses on the floor. Roses? It's not for you and Finger. Those roses were bought for me. I know. Actually, Caesar isn't that hostile towards you. He just feels a little awkward. He knows Chu Zihang has invited you.

But doesn't want to invite you personally. So he asked me to send you an e-mail. He didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed. He just wanted to tell you, S-rating is not a real threat to him. He said that the one who deserves to be taken seriously, would definitely stand out tonight. No one can stop his light. But the one who stood out in the end is Qi.

She's your admirer, right? S-rating. Why are you shy? If she's not an A-rating junior,how can she be worthy of you, S-rating? It's not like that. I don't even have her phone number. Join the Student Council. =Episode 8= It's not that he wanted you to be embarrassed.

He just wanted to tell you, S-rating is not a real threat to him. He said that the one who deserves to be taken seriously, would definitely stand out tonight. No one can stop his light. But the one who stood out in the end is Qi. She's your admirer, right? S-rating. Why are you shy?.

If she's not an A-rating junior,how can she be worthy of you, S-rating? It's not like that. I don't even have her phone number. Join the Student Council. Beauty trick. That's right. Caesar sent Senior Sister to play tricks. She will seduce me right away. I have to resist.

But why am I still looking forward to it? No. I have to resist. Hang in there. That's not Caesar's idea. I invited you myself. What do you mean? I want a sidekick of my own. Isn't Caesar's sidekick yours too?.

How is it the same? That's not the same thing. Although I'm engaged to him, it's a political marriage between the families. I'm still me. Are you engaged? Okay. Caesar can protect you. Chu Zihang can protect you.

I can protect you too. No one dares to bully my bro. But you didn't come to save meat the dance party tonight. I was going to save you. Don't rush to help him. If Lu Mingfei is really the person I expect, there's no wayhe can't even overcome this embarrassment. So…

Turns out that she wanted to save me. It's good that you've wanted. What do you think? As long as you're in danger, I'll help you. Don't act like you can help you only. If there's a chance, I'll help you to return your favor. Today is the day.

Pay it back now. No problem. What can I do for you? I haven't received a birthday present yet. Find me one right away. Well, on this hill, where can I get you a birthday present? If you really want a gift,you should go back to the dorm. Maybe they're all piled up on your bed.

Those gifts are not important. What matters is that person's gift. I'm here, waiting for her gift. Her… Not Caesar. No. Then who is it?.

Every year on this day, I'll be waiting for her gift. If I can receive the gift, it means she's still caring me. I'll be happy for the rest of the year. I'll feel like I'm not alone. Every year. What will she.

Give me this year? If… If it's flowers, that would be great. Show… Show me the flowers. ♪There are always some weak emotionsthat people can't guess clearly♪ Music? ♪Longing to talk but got stuckAshamed to be heard♪.

♪My heart is like being held tight♪ Fireworks. It's fireworks. ♪I'm supposed to be calmbut how come I cannot breathe♪ Flowers.[*Hua in Chinese Pinyin] Fireworks.[*Yan Hua in Chinese Pinyin] Not bad, right? ♪Just want to exchange some curiosity♪ ♪You held out your hand♪.

♪And broke the silence♪ Fireworks! ♪Like opening the shackles of heart♪ ♪As if the dazzling outlines♪ ♪Light up the whole world♪ ♪By your side♪ ♪Tell the brilliant sparks♪ The name is misspelled. Well…

It's so pretty. ♪Only a touch of red is left♪ Whoever it's for, I will think of it as a gift for me. Happy birthday to me! Mom. It turns out the oneshe's been waiting for is her mother.

What's wrong with you? Why do you stop talking all of a sudden? Senior Sister, from now on, I'm your little brother now. Happy birthday! I'll protect you from now on. Little brother. I didn't open it on purpose.

I… What's such a big pool built for? Raising turtles? Or sharks… Come at me if you can,I'm telling you. No animal dares to come near mesince I was born. Since I was little,all the animals didn't dare to approach me. Even sharks now.

But my strange constitution saved my life today. The Institute. The Wat Alheim Institute. Elevator. (Hall of Souls Wat Alheim Institute) So it's under the Hall of Souls. I'm coming. It ssems not easy to open the gate.

But, I have this door-opening artifact that my employer gave me. Liquid nitrogen injected. The superconducting freezingmagnetic field is turned on. Recycled successfully. For a long time, because of the lack of Dragon King's body samples, we can't study them.

But today is a historic day. We captured the Dragon King, Norton. Oh yeah! For the past thousands of years, the strange nature of Dragon King coming backfrom the dead has been bothering us. We have made great breakthroughs in alchemy and kotodama.

But only Dragon King himself… That should be what the employer wants. That's great. – A supernatural being between gods and demons.- 5million. Principal, you don't have to say so much. I just want to know, can we dissect it? Disscetion.

Is there a living body in the brass jar, dear Principal? I'm not sure yet. The only thing we know is the casting time of the brass jar. Around 33 AD. Its owner was a courtier of the king. This is another identity of Dragon King Norton. Is this Bone Breeding Vase safe?.

If it's not safe, should we open the jarand dissect it as soon as possible? Dissect. Dissect. This is a very dangerous thing. How can we make sure thatthe thing inside won't wake up? It's safe. Because the thing of the jar hasn't woken up yet. The liquid nitrogen keeps itin an ultra-low temperature environment, and the superconducting magnetic fieldisolates its important power,.

That is the control over metal. When the two powers of metal and flmae of the King of Bronze and Fire are cut off, it will be dormant for a long time. In addition, the shell of this brass eggis also very strong, which should be cast with some kind of recycled metal. It's hard for Dragon King to open it himself.

Well… What about the crack? When Professor Mance caught it, he used gray tin solution As far as we know, it's the only liquid that can corrodethis regenerated metal eggshell. Norma, did you get the MRI results? It's done.

Show me. There are two chambers in it. One of them is empty. The crack wasn't corroded openby the gray tin solution. It's an old wound, and it's a crack where the cocoon hatched. Something.

Escaped from the inside. Open the jar. Principal. We can't wait any longer. We must study this as soon as possible. But we don't have the right toolsto cut recycled metal. We have. We can use a high pressure water knife. I'm sorry. This thing is too important to the college.

Please take back your laser immediately. And empty this room. You didn't know anythingabout the Dragon King. If we wake that thing up, the whole college will be crashed. Everyone, get out of here right now. Good timing.

Hurry up! Norma, turn on the air conditioning in the room. The temperature should be 30 degrees below zero. The temperature starts to drop. Wait. Principal. Principal. Calm down.

I didn't mean anything else. I was just saying. It's so cold. Brother. I'm hallucinating. 5 million. 5 million is more important than body temperature. That's it. Take a few photos first,.

And see if I can take it away. Brother. This thing is so weird. I don't want the 5 million. Life is more important. This is the bottle the employer sent to mebefore the action. I've given up the task.Who cares?.

No. 13. This is the final instruction. Open the bottle, pour the gray tin solution in the bottleon the target, take out the thing and return. The bonus for this mission will be raised to 10 million. He just gave up the mission. Young people are really unreliable.

This operation will open Dragon Cave. The Dragon King may wake up. Keep quiet, Norma. Operation prohibited. This is the time for us to witness the miracle. I'll give my blood to the Great Lord, Niedhogg, who is the supreme and most powerful being. Ruling the whole world with fate. Welcome back to the world.

Constantine. (Mai Sakatoku, female, 25 years oldKotodama: Ghost Photo) (Ghost Photo Branch: The King of Sky and Wind) Ninjutsu. It is really the style of peoplefrom the East World. The whistle of the butterfly hairpin coupled with the high-speed movement made me lose my goal. It's interesting.

Are all the Gattuso men so pretend ing? How about a quick battle? Three stabs. Can you kill me? Don't be afraid. I've always been merciful to men with grace. I will also restrain myself.

From hurting beautiful ladies. The first stab. The Razor Wind is so sharp in your hand. It's amazing. Because the Razor Wind that fights with me is an army made up of wind demons. Get ready. The second stab is coming. You made a fake self with a hairpin.

Smart. The third and final stab. The flute has stopped. She gave up the advantage of her high-speed movement. The final ending soundcomes from every angle in all directions, which means, now in the 360 degrees around me, in every space of every degree,.

There is a Mai Sakatoku. In that case… Razor Wind. Return to the nest. Not bad. How did you find out where I really was? You used Ninjutsu to suppress your heartbeat. But with high-speed movement, your heart can't help but beat faster.

In the end, the sound of butterfly hairpin is not enough to cover up your heartbeat. This is also the reasonwhy I made a deal with you for three stabs. It's your turn. How could you make so much sound from all directions at the same time? The winner won't say much. We agreed to use a knife.

You shouldn't believe what girls say. Especially beautiful girls. Brother. What's going on? I don't know. How about a truce? Let's call it a tie. Okay. I'll cut you some slack.

Tell your secretary to turn on the light. Norma, turn on the light. She doesn't work too? What third-rate company madethe distribution system of Kassel College? It turns out that you have so many butterfly hairpins. The truth about doppelganger is simple, right? Footprints? If they were left by people,.

His height should be 1. 6 meters, and his stride distance is two-thirds of mine. The wall was burned through in an instant, and he melted through it so easily. His temperature is about the sameas the surface of the sun. Is there anything strange hidden in your college? Isn't he one of yours? Of course not. What's with the ding sound?.

Elevator. It came from the downstaires. What is below the Hall of Souls? Lab. Well… There's no explanation for this. Before I took back the Razor Wind, this person was about to reach this level. But I didn't catch any other heartbeat.

You mean… If he's a human being, then his heart doesn't beat. Stay away from me. I need to make a call right away. The car suddenly recovered. I'm not sure.

Let's go back to the college. Okay. =Episode 9= We finally have a signal. (Caesar)Nono, an unknown force is attacking the college. Take care of yourself. Attack?.

Look at the front. Kassel College has gone throughhundreds of battles with dragons. It'll be fine. Besides, Caesar and Chu Zihang are there. That's good. I guess by the time we get to the college, the battle is over. That's good.

Chu Zihang is also in a stalemate. That girl didn't do her best. Her control over Lord Flame is better than Chu Zihang's. Her purpose is to stall Chu Zihang. That's why she didn't kill him. What.

On earth do they want? There's an intruder approaching the college gate. He should be preparing to escape from the college. The nearby personnel should gather immediately. Stop him. Catch him! Thank you for your hospitality. This is a very pleasant journey. I'm leaving now.

You… Did you hit someone? I'm sorry. Are you okay? Sneak up on me? I'll kill you. I… Tang, you're the only one who's happy for me. You're so loyal. I'm your big brother after all.

You… – Tang.- Lu Mingfei. It's really you. It's me. I'm Lu Mingfei. I… No way, Lu Mingfei. Is this Kassel College? Why are you here? I'm here to do some work.

Now the work is over. But they… Don't shoot yet. Friend? Yes. So… So we're supposed to be hostages now. As a hostage,.

Shouldn't you scream now? Help! Don't kill us! No one is allowed to come near! Or I'll kill him. Just drive to the foot of the mountain. Okay. Then you… What's that?.

What's that? It's so hot. What's going on? I… I don't know. Miss, how about you look back? No need.

Looking at the rearview mirror will do. Brother. Brother. Ghost! The microwave oven becomes a person! Run! Brother. Brother. Brother.

Well, what is this? The heat energy… Could it be a dragon? It must be it. We're in trouble. No one is allowed to go near. Long-range live ammunition.

The bullets will melt as soon as he gets close. It doesn't work at all. Darn it. Those who don't take part in the battle should withdraw now. Some dragon entered the college. All units, gather at the square immediately. Get ready to fight him. Brother. He.

Can control the copper waterafter the bullet dissolves. Is Lancelot there? Yes. Add 40 mm rifle grenades and shoot. He stopped the grenade with copper water. Bullets and grenades are useless to him.

Darn it. What should we do? Come from the heights of Babylon… He's saying… Burn into the sun. Everyone. Get down! This is Lord Flame.

(Chu Zihang, President of Lionheart council of Kassel College) (Lord Flame King of Bronze and Fire) You did this? No. I need to take the call. Lancelot, what's going on? President,.

There's a dragon in the college. Bullets cannot hurt him. Besides, he just released Lord Flame in front of me. I saw it. Try to hide in a safe place, and don't face him directly. His control over the flame.

Is far better than mine. Yes. You released something very dangerous. Is this your plan? It's an accident. Got it. You believe me? Caesar may not understand, but I know.

People like you disdain to lie. I used to lie a lot, but I don't need to lie anymore. Dad, can you release Commandment now? That dragon is releasing dangerous Kotodama on campus. Commandment can't work on the creaturewith higher level bloodline than me. That dragon seems to be a first-generation species.

First generation? Is he one of the four kings? Right. He should be the controller of metal and flame. One of the four kings. The King of Bronze and Fire. Brother. Darn it. Pick up the phone.

Hello. Where the hell have you been? I'm taking a shower. Are you done with your work? That handsome guy from the west. Isn't it fun? Fun? It's a mess here. There's a burning shadow setting fire everywhere.

It's like a steel-making furnacethat's about to explode. A steel-making furnace? No. It's impossible. No way. There's no reason for him to wake upat the sight of the Bone Breeding Vase. At most, he can feel the callof the Bone Breeding Vase to him. Miss Mai Sakatoku is right. The man who is like a steelmaking furnace.

Is less than 100 meters away from us now. Who are you? Caesar Gattuso. Give it to me. What should we do now? If it goes on like this, everyone will die. Make a video and send it to me. You still don't believe me? Brother.

Brother. Darn it, this isn't Norton at all. It's Constantine, and he's out of control and unstable right now. Awakened by the wrong person, in the wrong way. At this time, his ability is not stable, and he can't control his own power.

His body will soon be unable to support itand collapse at any time. What is the result of the collapse? The collapse of the King of Bronze and Fire resulted in a storm called Torch Dragon. That storm is enough to blow up the college. Then come up with a solution. Got it.

The satellite communication equipment is in the safe. What's the password? Darn it. Internet access prompts me to pay. Wait. I'll look for the card first. – Where are my glasses?- Call me back when you're done. Your teammate is a little… She's a pig. Brother.

Brother. Brother. I don't think it's safe here. Let's hide first. I hope he can leave soon. Tang, where are you from? Hunter.

So you're here to hunt? Are there lions, tigers or bears in this college? The hunters he mentioned should be explorers of mysterious events. The things they hunt are hard for ordinary people to touch which are with supernatural attributes. Tang, cool.

A mysterious employer hired me online, asking me to sneak into this college. He said a special item was sent here. This is it. A cracked egg. You made the crack, right? No wonder that guy crawled out from here. There was a crack when I saw it.

So I took a photo. And I thought this thing is really evil. So I ran out. What should we do now? Hiding here all the time is not the way. Wonder how good is his sense of smell. Can he smell us? Theoretically speaking, the five senses of dragonsare far stronger than those of humans.

But this dragon is a bit strange. He is so close to us. He should have found us a long time ago. Brother. I have a feeling. He's chasing us. Or, one of us. Let's.

Rush out first. Out there is open space. Do you want to be attacked by napalm? Where did you come from? Brother. What are you yelling for?Do you want to die? Finger, why are you here? Aren't you the one who dragged me out to a dance? I met Dragon King before I was full.

What kind of fate do I have? I want to cry too. Why are you here instead of Caesar or Chu Zihang? Brother. Brother. On no. He's coming. What should we do now? Calm down.

He is a burning dragon. How about we go somewhere with water. The swimming pool is right ahead. Let's charge towards it. Then run away. No. 13. – Captain.- Caesar. You're still alive.

It's so good to see you. Today is really… I like today. Hurry up and find a way to stop him! Okay. Are you okay? It's okay so far. I really don't want to dieon my birthday. Let's go. He's really here.

Let's go. But Nono… Caesar is already here.It's not your turn to care about her. Swimming pool. Here we are. Swimming pool. Go after them. I can always be by your sideduring the Leisure Day. You know you can count on me. But it is Leisure Day.

Nothing could happen to you that day. Then I won't be nervous. It's different now. If you stay here, I'll be nervous, which will affect my performance. Go ahead. Protect Lu Mingfei. After I stop him a little bit,.

I will retreat. You also think he's after Lu Mingfei? I'm not sure. But as long as it's him, we can't let him get it. I got it. Your girlfriend looks good. What I like is always the best. Aren't you going to run away?.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to live and die with you. It's just that my friend is still nearby. We can't let that dragon walk over them with fire. We have to be cruel if we want the world to advance. I'm their captain. I simply can't stand myself being a coward.

Potato chips. – If I die…- Nonmetal can do harm to him. The younger brother among the King of Bronze and Fire, has absolute power in realm of flame and metal. So a metal bullet can't hurt him. To deal with him. Non-metallic Friga bulletsare far more effective than live ammunition. Can Friga bullets anesthetize the Dragon King?.

No. Under his high temperature, the anesthetic components willinstantly vaporize and decompose. But the kinetic energy on Friga bulletsis effective for him. (Mai Sakatoku)That is to say, we can't beat him to death but can repel him. It's a little slow. But I still can.

Rely on you. Do you have a plan? Friga bullets. Give it a try. Okay. Professor Schneider, we've replaced with the Frigg bullets now to try to defeat the enemy. We'll find out.

The result soon. He withdrew. It is effective. Everyone, change to Frigg bullets. Keep shooting. Don't give him a chance to release Kotodama. Attack. Wait. Are we here to play with water?.

I thought we were here to take refuge. We're here to take refuge, of course. If you've studied Kotodama course,you'll understand that it's hard for Kotodama of fire systemto pass through water. So this is the safest place. Tang. Finger. – Hello.- Hello. Tang, I can't believe.

You're working in such a glamorous industry. I thought you were poor like me. I'm flattered. Actually, I don't have any special skills. I just have better skills and better luck, and I am naturally resistant to strange things. But for a 5 million case, this is also my first time. 5 million?.

Brother, how much money did you get as deposit? 500 thousand. Those 500 thousand got me confused. Otherwise, why would I take such a weird case? Brother. What's wrong? Somehow,.

I think, I think he's coming. I don't think so. I didn't hear anything. Not a sound at all. Brother. He's coming. What should we do? Don't be nervous.

The water will definitely isolate his power. I guess he can sense us because we exposed our heads. So… It makes sense. Fine. Steam? Is the water boiling? Tang.

Finger. Where are you? Tang. Finger. Is this pool that big? Why can't I get out of it? Rock. This… It is…

It must be another illusion created by Lu Mingze. Lu Mingze, Lu Mingze, come out! Lu Mingze, Lu Mingze, come out. Lu Mingze, come…

Someone's here. Wait a minute. Excuse me, where is this place? Why does he look familiar? Brother. It is…

It must be another illusion created by Lu Mingze. Lu Mingze, Lu Mingze, come out! Lu Mingze, Lu Mingze, come out. Lu Mingze, come… Someone's here.

Wait a minute. Excuse me, where is this place? Why does he look familiar? Brother. I … How can I be your brother? This kid can recognize people by smelling them.

He's so hot. Is he having a fever? This is… This building… Bronze City. Well… You… You… You're the dragon in the college.

Why did you come here? Why did you steal my brother? Let's go. The swimming pool. I'm back. Where are they? Tang. Finger. These footprints…

Dragons have really been here. Lu Mingfei. I've been looking for you everywhere. Super… Principal. Follow me. =Episode 10= Lu Mingfei,.

Although this is the first time we've met, I know you very well. Thank you for your attention. Why did we climb so high? All the combat personnels in the college are gathered down there. The dragon has been trapped. The fifth element,.

The Stone of the Sage. This is an alchemy warhead. It's one of the few weaponsthat can kill the Dragon King. Take it. Cherish it. It's rare. Principal, my ability is limited. You can do it.

It's as simple as shooting Caesar and Chu Zihang. Not simple at all. I'd almost kneel down, lick their shoesand beg them to forgive me. Keep an eye on Dragon King. – Brother.- I'll break his defense for you. – Brother.- When you see a twizzling eye, shoot him with this bullet. Why is it me?.

Because you were chosen. In my field, anyone will be disturbed by Time Zero. You're the only one who's completely immune. Believe in yourself. You are an excellent dragon slayer. Tang, how dare you leave your brother behind.

And run away on your own? Where the hell is your loyalty? I… I can't control myself. Listening to the footsteps getting closer, I'm almost overwhelmed. How did I escape here?.

I myself… Well, you just were no slower than me. I… Actually… Brother. You…

Did you hear anything? He was calling me. Brother. Brother. Brother. This guy has become a dragon. – What should we do?- This guy? It's him.

The dragon has evolved. Hurry up. Stop him. Hurry up! Hurry up! Brother. Brother. This is dragon.

(Constantine Bronze and the King of Fire) (Torch Dragon King of Bronze and Fire) Well, what should we do now? Let's fight one-on-one. Thank you for your hard work, my dear students. You've done a great job. – Principal.- Principal.

Leave the rest to me. King of Bronze and Fire, Constantine. Start praying. You don't have much time on the throne. Servants who push the wheel of time. Obey my words.

I will be the scepter. I will be the master. Kotodama. Time Zero. (Time Zero) Time is passing slower. Lu Mingfei.

Don't be nervous. Brother. I'm here. Kotodama, dismiss. The Dragon King has lost his ability to command metal. Everyone, change to the live ammunition. Run away.

Live ammunition! Shoot! ♪Children of the world♪ ♪How lonely you are♪ ♪Trudging alone in the wasteland♪ ♪How much is there left to go♪ Load the magazine. Brother. Brother.

♪Our god has blessed you♪ Brother. Don't look for me. Hurry up! I don't know you. Run! I don't know you. Shoot. I don't know you.

Don't… I don't know you. Don't go back again. ♪Although you may never reach the destined land♪ ♪Radiant glory♪ Brother. There are a lot of people out there.

We're going to die. But, don't be afraid. I'm not afraid when I'm with you. But why don't you eat me? You're good food. But I would be too lonely. For thousands of years,.

Only you and I have been together all along. But it's really sad to die. The so-called fate that abandons the raja is to cross the wasteland, raise the battle flag again, and then fight back to the hometown. Death is just a long sleep. Who would like it?.

If one day we raise the flag of war and devour the world, will you eat me? I will. You will be with me, ruling the world. Constantine. Dragon King Norton finally showed his anger. That's who he really is.

You know that the four kings of the Dragon Raja have a twin brother each. You also know, the one that was sent in was the brother who escaped from the bronze jar 80 years ago and wandered in the desert. Before Norton woke up, you could have killed him easily. But you…

You killed his brother in front of him. You know he'll take revenge on humans. There will be a mountain of corpsesand a river of blood The city will be swallowed by fire. I'm already tired of it. Tired of what? The life of dragon slaughter or yourself?.

Both of them. Thanks to the dragon blood, I've lived for more than 100 years. But all my friends are dead. You're the only one left. We are two weird flowersthat should have withered long ago. I know what you mean. But there's no one in the younger generation who can be a leader and take onthe responsibility of protecting the world.

He might already be here. Lu Mingfei? Are you so optimistic about this child? I saw some hope in him. He might be a sword. The sword that will cut off the future of the Dragon Raja. I don't have much time left. I want to end this war in the remaining time.

You want to destroy the Dragon Raja instead of sealing them up? Yes. I want to kill the four kings. And then Niedhogg. Why did Dragon King come back to lifefrom generation to generation? Why can we only seal them temporarily but not kill them completely? You know.

The answer but you never told me. You know it too? Tell me. The reason why we can't really kill a Dragon King, is that on the day of recovery, every Dragon King will immediatelycut off a part of his body and seal it up. In it, there's his entire genes,.

As well as his memories of the past. That's his bone breed and his egg. If he's killed, the sealed part of the body will go through a long time and again incubate into a new Dragon King. The only possible way to kill the Dragon King,.

Is before he can make the Bone Breeding Vase. Since you know it, why didn't you kill Norton before he woke up? I need his bones. His current bones are not up to standard to be Dragon King's bones. So you have to ignite his anger, let him wake up.

And push him to a desperate situation. If you want to kill Dragon King, you have to force him to be furious, and force him to bet his almost enteral life and fight humans to the end. When his loved ones are killed, and when he doesn't want to live any longer, he will really have no way back. And what we have to do,.

Is to turn his anger burning in the sky to his tombstone. Then let's start hunting. Caesar. I'm the principal. Later, the Executive Department sent a mass emailinforming everyone, including the students. He said it was an unprecedented successin the history of the secret party. Are you listening?.

Yes. Do you know what happened afterwards? Then… Just a few hours after the Dragon King was killed, several helicopters landed in the college. Those old men of the secret party, escorted by the elites of the Executive Department,went straight to the Hall of Souls for a meeting. It hasn't finished yet. Secret party?.

Before our college was founded, these guys were always hiding their identities. In the public, they were kings, knights, or businessmen. In secret, they were the Dragon Slayers. That's why it's called the Secret Party. Got it?.

Got it. There's more. CC1000 branch line subway brought groupsof Executive Officers back to the college. The defense of the college has now been strengthenedto the point where water can't be poured in. So, we're safe now. Yes. So have you decided which club you want to join?.

S-rating. Student Council. I just uploaded the application form. That was fast. Yes, Senior Sister said she would protect meif I join the Student Council. So I agreed. You are really a young manwho knows which way the wind blows. Welcome to our Student Council.

You are also from the Student Council? Of course I'm in the club with the allowance. Well… Open the door! Your Student Council ID Card. Welcome to join us. So efficient? Nono said you would definitelyjoin the Student Council,.

So we prepared your ID card this morning. Besides, Caesar informs you to attend a meeting in an hour at Amber Pavilion. Meeting? Is there anything important? I don't know. He's having tea with the principal right now.

Because of Constantine's appearance, the previous suspicion has been confirmed. The Bronze City under the reservoir is the Pilgrimage Hall built by the King of Bronze and Fire in Xin Country. That hall is of amazing exploration value. So, before the cracks created by the earthquake disappear,.

The college urgently needs to send a new expedition team. That's right. After the actual battle last night, both the Lionheart Club and the Student Union, they all showed qualitiesthat I'm satisfied with very much. But I'm going to give an honorto the Student Council first. That is to send members to take part in this expedition. Thanks for your approval.

The Student Council will be very happy to accept this task. Remember to take Lu Mingfei. He can help. =Episode 11= No matter the Lionheart Councilor the Student Council, they all showed qualitiesthat I'm satisfied with very much. But I'm going to give an honorto the Student Council first.

That is to send members to take part in this expedition. Thanks for your approval. The Student Council will be very happy to accept this task. Remember to take Lu Mingfei. He can help. So,.

Welcome our S-rating to join the Bronze Project. You have two months to prepare, and we'll charter a flight to Xin Country. Wait. I'm telling you, my abilityto hold people back is amazing. I'm not boasting. Can you dive? If not,.

We'll start training tonight. Nono will be your trainer. Isn't dragon slaughtera professional job? I just learned about your real world, and I feel excited and want to participate in it. I have no knowledge or skills. I will really drag you down, I'm telling you. In the 3E test and the battle last night, you've already proved that you're the S-rating elitewe're looking forward to the most.

For mixed-race, the advantage of blood can make up forthe lack of experience. Elite? Look at my leg and say this noun again. The best S-rating takes on the most difficult task. Nothing strange. And the Executive Department is short of manpower. We have 360 freshmen in this year.

Let's assume that the Dragon Slaughter Departmentneeds 300 people every year, and if they can only work for 20 years, then there are at least 6 thousand commissionersin the world who graduated from here. Let's assume that the proportion of A-level studentsis about the same every year. Then there are at least 200 A-levelsamong the 6 thousand. In this case, you can't be short of people. You're good at math.

But it's a great honor. Only two people were chosen in the first grade. You're one of them. Yes, it's an honor, but you have to ask for my own wishes. Then let's go through this procedure. Lu Mingfei. There is a glorious and arduous taskthat the organization is ready to give you, are you willing to accept it?.

No. Unfortunately, I don't have the right to make this decision. You were chosen by the principal himself. Lu Mingfei, another freshman has accepted the task calmly. You're S-rating. You should have performed better. What kind of psycho would accept it? Did you hire someone to trick me?.

It's not like that. She… I did accept it calmly. Why are you here? I'm also a student council member. Please, you look as cold as an iceberg. Student council member? I'm very keen on club activities, I like to be with you guys.

Have you thought it through? This kind of mission will kill people. So what? Aren't we gathered here to defend humanity side by side? I came to this college purely for the scholarship. I won't stop you if you want to defend humanity. Anyway, I have nothing to do…

We are friends who danced together. If it's dangerous, we should do it together. Not to mention dancing together, I can't go with youeven if we jumped over the building together. You surprised me. I'm disappointed, too. S-rating freshman, everyone will look forward to you.

But you said you only came here for a scholarship. If you want to live a normal life, why don't you choose to drop out of college? If you erase your memory and go back to Xin Country, they will also help you make upyour experiences in An Country. Then you can go on living your old life. Leave your card. You can leave now. Hurry up.

There's no need to be so serious. Everyone calls himself an elite, and wants to defend the world with all their lives. But isn't the world made up of idiots like this? You can't look down on the world while defending it. Stay or leave. It's up to you. I…

Didn't I tell you? I'll take care of you as long asyou're in the Student Council. But if you choose to leave, it will only be today. I… I didn't say no. I was just telling you the truth first. If I have to go,.

And I become a drag then, don't blame me. I'm looking forward to your performance. (Two months later) You've been looking at yourselflike this for 15 minutes. Do you have to be so obsessedwith yourself in front of me? I just think it's stupid to dress like this. This is stupid in itself.

I even promised them to join.I'm even more stupid. All right. Who is your diving partner? Zero or Senior Sister? I guess it's zero. Senior Sister always dives with Caesar, and they are a couple. It should be Senior Sister. According to the rules of the Executive Department,.

Couples can't go into the water together. But aren't Ye Sheng and Aki a couple? What is it? Those two are the classic representativesof the pure love. They've been together for so longbut they haven't even confessed to each other, let alone confirming their relationship. That's why they were on a mission together. I still feel so pitiful.

Don't be depressed. If you ask me, Sister Qi is good too. Although she's not tall, maybe… I'm not saying that I'm pitiful. I've been meaning to ask you. You've been relegated for four years, why do you still stay at Kassel College? Why don't you…?.

I… I'm staying here because I can't overcome the eternal loneliness in my heart. Senior brother. Besides, I have to have a place to eat, right? The food here is good. What?.

Just for a meal? Maybe one day you'll be really asked to go on a mission and die. Ye Sheng and Aki… What are you doing? I got it. You. You're afraid of death. Yes.

Who isn't afraid of death? And I know what I'm capable of. Don't be afraid. Although I'm not qualified to join your elite team, I'll support you from afar. Thank you. Are you going to have a drink here and cheer for me remotely while eating chicken wings?.

My theoretical knowledge is still very strong. I'm F-rating now. But I can still access Norma's databasewith S-rating access. It's a little risky, but no matter what, although my body is not with you, my soul will always be with you. Why are you laughing? Finger,.

Sometimes I think you're quite off-line. But sometimes I think you're really nice to me. You spend so much time with me, is it because you're bored? If losers can't warm each other up, then the world, will be evil to the end.

I've always believed that true feelingsexist in the human world. According to the cartoon, “loser plus loser” make true feelings. Here. This is your S-rating student card with a credit limit of 100 thousand yuan. The legendary top spendthrift.

For this mission… 100 thousand yuan. I probably won't be able to come back. What can I buy in college for 100 thousand yuan? – A famous sports car.- If you hear that I died in Xin Country, – No. It must be hundreds of top-class midnight snacks.- take this card and go shopping. Before it fails… It's not just midnight snacks. – But all the delicacies.- A dead person's credit record doesn't matter, right?.

All the food I can think. You will ask me “Do you really think you're going to die? – Then why are you going?”- And I can eat them every day. 100 thousand yuan. – 100 thousand yuan!- Actually, I have my own little reason. 100 thousand yuan! Forget it.

– 100 thousand yuan!- Stop it. It's meaningless. I want chicken mushroom soup for two. With medium rare filet mignon. The lines shouldn't be like this. The lines should be that you're moved, and then you should encourage me. Dessert after dinner. With foie gras sauce and silver cod rolls.

Is this how you treat my kindness? You asked me to swipe your card. I mean after I die. But you said you really thinkyou're going to die. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to survive. You're right. Even losers have a chance to survive. Because a loser's luck.

Is always great. Do you understand? You're encouraging me? As I said just now, both of us are losers. We need to be warm to each other. Samson, after two thousand years,.

We finally meet again. I've asked you to guard this place for too long. Let's go home together. (President of Kassel College, Hilbert Ron Anjou) (Time Zero Blood Source Black King Niedhogg) Hello, Professor Manin. It's the night of February 12th. The Moniah anchored at Qiushan Reservoir,.

And tonight we will carry out the Bronze Project. This is Captain Manin. Preparations have been completed. Now I ask the board of directors to give us the final order. Let's start. Good luck. Yes. Did you hear that?.

The principal has confirmed the Bronze Project. At this moment, you will not be seen as students, but as temporary commissionersthat can be trusted. You were chosen to be on this ship, because you are the best. The operation has been rehearsed many times… Where's Chu Zihang?.

But only tonight – you'll know all the details.- Why not find an elite like him? – Team cooperation.- How come you pull a loser like me to back you up. Let's make sure we succeed together. Unlike last time, this time the Moniah is fully armed. The firepower is enough to counter a cruiser, and it is not a problem to deal with any creature. Any creature?.

You mean there is a high probabilitythat we will encounter the dragon before? That is a Dragon Servant. It should be the guard guarding the Bronze City. He is also the blood descendantof the King of Bronze and Fire, so it's hard for metal and explosion to hurt him. Norma said we had 1. 273% chance of meeting him. It's not that high. But just in case,.

We still prepared three torpedoes code-named Storm. It is equipped with an alchemy warhead with 8 thousand pieces of alchemy shrapnelembedded in a spiral shape. When the warhead explodes, eight thousand pieces of shrapnelwill spin and open like a metal flower. It's enough to cut Dragon Servant in half. The equipment department is crazy. In this operation, the underwater operation team will carry a special bomb,.

Dive into the Bronze City, and blow it up. Professor, why do we blow it up? Didn't you say it's treasure house? Keeping it would be better. With the current technology, it's impossible for us to get the real body of the city. But if it falls into the hands of Dragon King,.

It will be a big trouble. I thought learning to dive was for saving my life but instead, it's for giving out my life. According to the regulations of the Executive Department, Lu Mingfei and Nono are enrolled in Group B of underwater operation. Team A is Caesar and Zero. Explosion mission will be carried out by Team A.

Zero, I trust you. You can do it. I have a question. Today is a special day. I can't go into the water. No, no, no. You'll be fine. Believe in yourself. Look, the moon and stars are so bright,.

It's suitable for night diving. So… It's not convenient for me. I'm on my period. I can't go into the water. Women's rights and interests must be protected. Then Team B will carry out the operation. No problem.

Senior Sister, could it be your period time? I am not, so we can go into the water together. Don't push me. Lu Mingfei, believe in yourself. Look, the moon and stars are so bright.

It's perfect for night diving. You're taking revenge. Yes, pure revenge. Don't think you can do whatever you wantjust because of your period. You… Een if you don't go into the water with me, I'll be fine. Why do you have that relative behind you?[*In Chinese, we call period “aunt”].

Look! She's trying to run towards you. Senior Sister, are you sure you're okay? So, are you going to get in the water or not? I… Fine. Let's go. Watch your oxygen meter.

The oxygen supply will last for about three hours. There is also a data cable, which is also a lifeline. If we accidentally lose consciousness, the Executive Department will use it to pull us back. What's wrong? Nothing. Let me ask you a question.

When we sneak into Dragon King's houseand plant a bomb, will we run into a dragon? Didn't Professor say it's not likely? I'm asking about the other dragon. The brother of the dead Dragon King. That Norton. It's possible,.

But it's okay to meet him. It should be his dormant period now. Hibernation? Is he sleepy? The brass jar we got before is actuallythe Dragon King's Bone Breeding Vase, from which the Dragon Kingcould have given birth to a new body. But Norton escaped from it many years ago. We don't know why. But when he escaped,.

He was obviously in a human body. So, if he wants to be the real Dragon King, he has to find a new place to lie dormant and nurture a new body. The purpose of nurturing a new body is… It is to use the ultimate Kotodama, Torch Dragon.

He wants to retaliate against human for his brother's death. The ultimate Kotodama. The four Kings have used terrifyingsuper Kotodama in history. The effect they caused can be said to be a miracle. It can also be said to be a catastrophe. But as tiny as a human being, he can't withstand the backlashof the power of Kotodama. So he must fall asleep again.

In order to give birth to the real dragon body. This is the original intentionof the so-called Bronze Project. We don't want that city to be the birthplaceof Dragon King, Norton. Understood. Team B, take action now. We're waiting for your victory. Now the depth is 50 meters. Everything is normal.

An abyss has been detected down there, and you're close to the Earth Cracks. Roger that. Team B enters the crack, and we'll descend naturally. I'm afraid of the dark. Shut up! We went through the crack. The depth is 80 meters.

Got it. The huge wall in front of you is your first target. Bronze wall. He's buried here for thousands of years, right? Are we going to put the key in his mouth? You brought your key card. Lu Mingfei,.

In the sealed tube you're carrying, there's a milliliter of blood with the key. Apply blood to the lips of the living spirit, then entrance will open. So, Senior Sister. Why should I go? He's not alive, is he? Don't move. Let me help you.

Alert! He bit me! The pressure on the diving suit is increasing. Don't be afraid. – Alarm.- Take a deep breath. Alarm. The pressure of the diving suit is increasing. The air-tight valve is tightened, Stop yelling.

– Diving suit closed.- It's okay. Pressure back to normal. The alarm is off. All right, it's okay. What are you doing? I want to float. I'm seriously wounded now. My life is in danger.

– It's a close call.- It's just a small injury. Take a look. It seems not serious. Just wrap it around with waterproof tape. Your smart Senior Sister will help you. Thank you, my smart Senior Sister. Your attitude is very perfunctory. What's wrong?.

He's singing Dragon Chants. Where is it? Are we dead? There aren't many people in the netherworld. You're still so talkative when you're dead. Norma, check the ambient air quality. The air quality is good. What are you doing?.

Saving a little oxygen. Open your oxygen mask, too. The air is quite fresh. It is strange. This dragon relic is so advancedand has its own air freshing system. Norma, there has been no gas exchange herefor so many years. It shouldn't be fresh long ago. Why…? There's an assumption.

The owner has returned to his palace and reactivated the function of this building. Owner? You mean… Dragon King Norton is back. =Episode 12= Where is it? Are we dead?.

There aren't many people in the underworld. You're still so talkative when you're dead. Norma, check the ambient air quality. The air quality is good. You're… Saving oxygen. Open your oxygen mask, too. The air is quite fresh.

It is strange. This dragon relic is so advancedand has its own air freshing system. There has been no gas exchange herefor so many years. It shouldn't be fresh long ago. Why…? Chen Motong. Lu Mingfei. Report the situation. What happened?.

Everything is normal. We should have entered the inside of Bronze City, and now we are looking for a routein a tunnel. It's an architecture style from Konggu era. A passage is straight forward with no crossings. It's the structure of a tomb. It looks more like a cult temple to me. When you walk to the end of it,there'll be an altar where you sacrifice your own flesh and blood.

Unbelievable. I can't believe there's roomwith normal air pressure inside. There's an assumption. When Ye Sheng and Aki entered before, there is only residual air in Bronze City, which can't be used to breathe. The air quality is excellent now, because the owner has returned to his palace and reactivated the function of this building.

Owner? Are you saying the dragons are nearby? The owner refers to Dragon King Norton. Only when he returns can the city be reactivated. Professor, you said before thathe's having a second growth, right? It won't wake up so easily.

Theoretically, it will take quite a long time. But maybe, we're still too late. Really? Where should we place the bomb? Dragon King's bedroom? That's the safest place. However, you must return before the explosion.

Understood. How do we find the way? Try the taste of water first. What? What do you think? It's clean water. As expected, the city has been restarted. This kind of environment with clean water and oxygen is suitable for the Dragon Kingto build the dragon body.

Lu Mingfei, use the dye that you carry and pour it into the water. All the clean water will flow tothe Dragon King's bedroom, so follow the dye's direction. It's high-tech. These statues. Aren't they a little scary? You're so timid.

I'll be so tired to protect youin the future. A new passage? Is the pilgrimage that long? In the Ice Sea remaining scroll, there is a story about how the ancients passed through a mysterious passageand prayed to the god. They entered in a canoe wrapped in walrus skins and saw the bronze statue of godsitting under the sky. They presented five kinds of grains,.

Two kinds of meat, and a virgin to the statue. But the god didn't respond to their prayers. They thought thattheir sacrifice was not liked by God. The leader of the tribe committed suicide and the whole tribe was swallowed upby the fire released from the god. Fortunately that girl is fine. When the ancients sacrificed a girl, they often killed her on the altar.

Even if god is not satisfied with this sacrifice, she can't go back. This tree… This should be the placewhere Ye Sheng and Aki came. You might as well say it's the placewhere Ye Sheng and Aki died. This place should be very dangerous. Let's go! The water doesn't flow here anymore. This is the finish line.

Let's drop the bomb and run. What's wrong? This bronze statue is like… If those snake-faced people just nowrepresent the subordinates, this is Dragon King Norton himself. And this place should be the Pilgrimage Hall. Told you we were in the right place.

Set up a bomb and leave. Wait. Shut the oxygen mask. You're… Turn around. Don't move. Senior Sister. The water is running down here.

There must be a drain down there. I don't think Dragon King Norton will live in a placewhere others worship him. Just like a monk won't live in the main hall. Maybe he has a special taste. Look at this huge pool, maybe it's where he sleeps. As mentioned in the pilgrimage story just now, Dragon King will only show upif he is satisfied with his sacrifice. It means there is a direct passagebetween the Dragon King's bedroom and here.

So, be good and follow me. Yes, Senior Sister. Young Lady.Your Highness. – But, Your Highness…- Shut up! Nono, did you find anything new? The sight around me is poor. We should be passing through a water-gas layer.

Be careful. When you arrive… – What are you yelling about?- What's wrong? – Don't hold my leg.- Answer me. Answer immediately. We fell to the ground below. But here… It seems to be a big cemetery. There's something strange about these bones.

You are now in the deep sea. There were no diving suits in ancient times. How did they get in and die there? These bones are covered with burnt marks. I think they were burnt to death. This theory is reasonable.

There was no water here at that time. Someone launched an attackon the Dragon King's bedroom, and the place you're passing by is the battlefield at that time. One day two thousand years ago, the water here had dried up. – Soldiers attacked Dragon King's territory.- Senior Sister, don't leave me. Just like the war that killed the Black King in the ancient legend.

In the bedroom, they were caught in a fire, and all died in an instant. Give up recalling the legend for now. Can you find the entrance below? Senior Sister, why are you looking at me like that? Give me your right hand. What are you trying to do? Don't move.

Your smile makes me shiver a bit. – The ground here should be fine.- You can't be… I guess this seemingly flat bronze ground should be another entrance guarded by the living spirits. So… So you used my blood to open the door? Seems I'm right about this.

That's… Oh, my God. Water Dragon Whirl. What should we do now? Hold on to me. (Lost connection)Communication is down. We lost contact, and their lifelines were cut off. The dark wind,.

Becomes my eyes. Let's start, Rezor wind. Crossing the sky and the earth, and bringing back the fluctuation of everything. Let's go, Vacuum Snake. Nono. What is this? A water slide?.

(Norma Loynes EVA battle personality). It seems we've landed safely. It seems different from what we imagined. Then we.. Let's go down first. It seems that your basic training is not enough. You underestimate me.

All my training is not enough. What a shabby house. Is Dragon King actually very poor? We'll find out after we go in whether it is Dragon King's bedroom. Why don't you knock first? Don't worry. There's nothing here. Really.

It's just an ordinary house. The two oil lamps here are still on. They haven't been on for thousands of years, have they? There should be some kind of lamp oil tank connected to it, so it can burn for so long. We can ask Norma… What's wrong? That's weird. The safety cable was cut offwhen we came down.

It's okay. It should still be on the upper floor. Open the entrance with your blood again later. We can reconnect it when we go out. Again? It hurts. Let's investigate this room first. Divination. Sit over there.

Hurry up! What are you doing now? I need to make a profile. Senior Sister, what file did you say? What… Profile is a common method used in criminal psychology. By collecting evidenceand thinking about the criminal's psychology,.

We can copy the criminal's information. So, don't make any noise. Let me think. If I say anything strange, don't be surprised. Don't interrupt me. And protect me.

Protect? Is Senior Sister aware of any danger? Why don't you say anything? I'm a bit tired. Every time when my brother goes far away, I will worry about him. Could it be that Senior Sister is imitating the scenewhen those two people were sitting here talking. There's nothing to worry about.

It's just that I'm tired from the trip. What in the world can hurt me? Besides, we are so far away from our hometown. But you still have to go back to our hometown. Hope I can live to that day and go back with you.

Thank you. Brother. Don't come near me. Senior Sister. Two boys lived here. They should be brothers. The younger brother is very quiet and lame.

He's always making all kinds of things. The older brother has been watching him. They spent a lot of time every day, all in this room. The younger brother practiced calligraphy, and the older brother taught him that. They would light the brazier in winter, and keep warm together. The older brother likedhis younger brother very much.

But he's also very strict to him. He's lonely. At sunset, he would look into the distance, and stopping talking for a long time. I'm sure here is Dragon King Norton's bedroom. It's amazing. Senior Sister.

It's like a psychic. I couldn't cultivate Kotodama but I'm good at profile. Maybe it's because of the bloodlinethat strengthens this ability, the result of the profile is always accurate. Actually, the first time I saw you, I made a profile of you. I also figured out your general situation. When you solved the mapin the library's computing center,.

And they applauded you, you thought I had a problem with your S-rating. Am I right? Because I instinctively felt that it was a mistake for me to recruit you. It would make you sad in the future. That's why I didn't want you to live wellin this college at the beginning. I was waiting for you to drop out of collegeand go back to your country. But you insisted on staying.

Then I took you in my squad. But no matter what, I will protect you. Because this thing started with me. If Senior Sister's calculation is accurate, it would be a fierce prediction to me. Anyway, it's right to leave the bomb here. We don't have.

Much oxygen. Okay. It took us 30 minutes to get in. But we only need 15 minutes if we follow the lifeline back. Plus the ten minutes of floating, we still have 20 minutes left to get back to the ship. Let's set it at 45 minutes. So casual?.

Don't worry. It's okay. What are you doing? Souvenir. What's wrong? This thing is different from what I thought before. There is no oil pipeline down there. So who added oil to the lamp recently? Did Dragon King Norton hire an hourly worker?.

There really is a Dragon King. Go to the waterwheel. With it, you can touch the top. There's no lifeline. There's no lifeline. At the current speed here, I don't think it will wash away the lifeline. Someone took it away.

I don't think so. Is Dragon King really a thief? The water pressure here is getting smaller. Something is happening. What could it be? Bronze City is starting to work. Someone started it. The water level drops. It means the water has leaked outfrom somewhere else.

This will generate motivation to drive Bronze City. It is self-destruction. What? Let's go down there. Hurry up! Use your blood. This place is going to collapse too. Let's look for other channels.

It is the same. It's exactly the same asYe Sheng and Aki's situation at that time. What do you mean? If it's exactly the same, the exit should be the same too. Whatever. Let's go. Found it.

Pay attention to the air-tight valve on your wrist. Your gloves are ruined. If this valve breaks again, oxygen will leak out. You won't have a chance to get on the boat. Do you understand? What's wrong? Maybe, I really shouldn't have let you go down. I thought with me here,.

You'd be fine. I can't die. When we got off the boat, Professor Manin gave me an envelopeand asked us to write a suicide note. Actually, I didn't write anything and secretly stuffed a blank sheet of paper. So… I didn't write it either. There's nothing to write about.

That's why I didn't write it. Well, Caesar… If I can't go back, he'd better forget me. Many people will like him for me. The last thing I need to worry about is him. Open the door now, S-rating. It seems that my foreign name.

Will be changed to Alibaba in the future. Open the door, Sesame! 15 minutes have passed. The chances of survival are not high. No. We should send Team Two to dive now. If there is no diving partner, I can do it alone.

Their oxygen can last at least an hour and a half. My domain of Vacuum Snakeis bigger than Ye Sheng's. It can reach the bottom of the water directly. There are drastic changes there, you've also felt it, right? I can't judge what's going on down there. But the Dragon King may have woken up. Remember, we're here.

To kill the Dragon King. So now, you can't dive. If they're still alive, there's enough oxygen to support themfor an hour and a half. After an hour, you can go down and rescue them. Catch me! Senior Sister,.

Why aren't you going? Look around. I think we're lost. If the lifeline is still there, we can contact Norma and find the map. But now, unless there's a miracle.Otherwise… A miracle. Map. If you can only choose one of the cheats…

Black Sheep Wall. Open all the maps. Black Sheep Wall. Yes. That's it. Call for help. Call for help from the world. As long as you shout, there will always be thousands of troops. Brother.

Lu Mingfei. Brother Loser, please reply. It's your dear Brother Loser,Finger's 214th call. Do you copy? It really works? Finger, hurry up! We're going to die. Check the map for me, the map of Bronze City.

Hurry up! =Episode 13= Finger, hurry up! We're going to die. Check the map for me, the map of Bronze City. Hurry up! Professor, how are you?.

Professor. This voice is… A sort of incredible power. Someone forcibly commandeered my brain, used it as a signal transfer station, and is sending a message. Wait, wait, wait. Don't worry.

I'm waiting for the distribution of computing power. The computing power assigned to my F-level permissionis only equivalent to an old 486. I had no choice but to manuallycompare this map with the previous one, but these two maps are totally different. Finger, hurry up! Professor Manin is reaching the limit. We got the result. Loser,.

You just passed a water gate, right? Right now, you're facing countless entrances, aren't you? Yes. Bronze City is destroying itself now. So the escape route this time is different from the last one. Get to the point! The right channel is on your lower left.

Get in there! It will disappear in a few minutes. Then… I don't have enough computing power. I only have F-level permission. Who can give me some permission? Use mine. I have B-level permission. The password is…

No need. (Access Permission)I have access with S-Level Permission. S-Level Access Permission. – The database is open- So… to 97. 5%. That's enough. – Optimal supply of computing power- You… – increased to 100%.- Did you hack the college's system? Special function modules are being downloaded.

It's a critical moment. – Download completed.- We can't care too much. Come on. Welcome. Finger. EVA. I'm counting on you. Trust me, your brother.

Will come back safely. Turn left. Turn left. Pay attention to the passage on the right. Speed up to pass the passage. You will come to a new area. (High temperature warning) What's going on? It's a high temperature alarm.

The water temperature on the river suddenly rises. It's close to 50 degrees Celcius and it continues to improve. 50 degree Celcius? Why all of a sudden? I guess Dragon King did it. He is starting to counterattack. Heat the river,.

And then capture us. Professor. Now. Professor's Vacuum Snake is overworking. So now, the chief person in charge of this ship has lost his ability to move.

Most of the rest on the boat are the elites you picked from the Student Council. So the most authoritative person here should be… Grayson, the new first mate of the Moniah. This is an emergency, so I formally request your permission for me to take over the position of captain. I agree. Both of them are so decisive.

I need to talk to the entire ship. Okay. Attention, crew of the Moniah. This is Caesar. From this moment on, I will take overthe responsibility of Captain Manin. Here are my instructions. Grayson is at the helm, Gunayar monitors the sonar,.

And Kumagaki makes surethe engine room is full of fuel. Okay. Second mate, check the torpedo compartment. Storm Torpedo, get ready to launch. The alchemy warheads have been replaced. We can launch at any time. Zero, you're in charge of operating the torpedo. I'm just a newbie.

But if you insist, I'll be fine. This kind of thing is most suitable for peoplewho don't feel danger. Because we only have three torpedoes. Don't panic, everyone. Let's use the sonar to find the Dragon King, and then… What's going on? What happened?.

Torpedo compartment. Torpedo compartment has been penetrated by something. This is… It's… It's Dragon King. There's an explosion in the torpedo compartment. The second mate is dead. The main engine is on fire.

– The tunnel is badly damaged.- Extinguishing the fire. – What about the launchers and torpedoes?- Extinguishing the fire. – There's only one available device left.- Extinguishing the fire. All three warheads have been destroyed. One of the power parts is still intact. It's the Dragon King. He's attacking our warehouse. But where is he? There's no sign of the sonar.

Is there any wayfor dragons to avoid the sonar? It's like a ghost photo, which can create an invisible effect. There's none among the known Kotodamas. But there's a more reasonable explanation. Before we started to act, that guy was already lying under us. Start the engine and get rid of him.

He's catching up. Left rudder to the full. Engine to the full. Right rudder to the full. Yes. The main engine exploded and the first engine started. Don't worry about that. Open the afterburner.

And get rid of Dragon King. Roger. The second engine starts. I don't think the Dragon King is following us. What did you say? At the front. It seems that you are right. That's the one.

The King of Bronze and Fire, Norton. Stop the ship. The dragon below is passing through. Turn on the external monitor. What are they going to do? I don't know. But the answer will be revealed soon.

Samson, come on. All these years, thank you for your hard work. Go to sleep. Norton killed Dragon Servant. Why? They are merged.

Come on. (Norton Ronald Don) (Torch Dragon Blood Branch: The King of Bronze and Fire) What a sad sacrifice. Did Norton show up? He showed up. But he didn't hatch. Instead, he took up Samson's body. Direct integration saves time.

It's a pity thata powerful ethnic group needs to be sacrificed. Kassel College's understandingof the Dragon Raja is really limited. It seems like they don't know anything about integration. The scene is disgusting, like a parasite. Dragon Servant can do anything for the King. Repeat the order. Lu Mingfei must be alive. It doesn't matter.

Whether Norton is dead or not. Understood. Third grade, you have to hang in there for a while. I'm looking forward to you. Keep going down. Avoid those gears. Speed up.

Through this gate, you will reach the bottom of Bronze City, where you will find the exit. But after a few minutes, Bronze City will be completely locked up. Got it. The passage here is so narrow. Senior Sister,.

This is… The diving suit of our college. Is it him? It's him. Even though he has become like this. He… There is no oxygen backpack. That is why there is not enough oxygen, but Aki was able to float to the surface.

Ye Sheng gave Aki his oxygen cylinder. In this way, Aki would have double oxygen. He's so cool. He is always cool. What is this? It seems to be empty inside. He must have found it in Bronze City. And it's so valuable that it has to be taken away.

But in the end, Aki couldn't take two things with him alone, so… No matter what, take it with you. Get out of there. We don't have time. Hurry up. Hurry up! Is the suction enough?.

No problem. I can do it. It won't affect the action. Well, it's time to say goodbye. Ye Sheng, don't bully Aki there. I won't. You have to work hard too.

The slabstone is falling. Let's go! Senior Sister, where is the new exitthat Finger asked us to find? I don't know. But… Well, well…

We don't have time. There's no new exit around. Is it possible that Finger got it wrong? Error in calculation? Well, we… if we swim to the endand there's no new exit yet, we'll be crushed to death by that slate. No.

I don't want to die. Senior Sister, do something. You must have a way. You don't know how to think about it yourself? You're too used to sitting in the same place. Letting others protect you and tell you what to do has become your way of life.

I… Are you a human or a tool? It's a time like this. I can't believe you're still thinking of handing overthe hope and responsibility of living to someone else. You're such a loser. Look at Ye Sheng, how did he face life? How did he face his life? What did he choose?.

Lu Mingfei, stand up. Then touch your leg and think about what it's for. You. It's time for you to move forward on your own. No. Did Finger really get it wrong? No.

No, he won't. Ye Sheng did arrive here. This should be the exit. I think, from the moment we entered Bronze City, we were targeted by dragons. For some special reason, he wants to trap us in this city. That's why he started the program to lock the exit.

But since there's a lock, there must be a door. Lock? It's… It's the gatekeeper. We found it. We found the exit. The key in its mouth was taken away. Use your blood.

Hurry up! I know. There's no blood left. I've been soaking my hands in the water for too long. Cut your finger with your diving knife. Hurry up! Okay. Senior Sister, I…

Look at Ye Sheng. Why would I let you die here? How did he face life? – Trust me.- How did he face his life? – Enough oxygen.- What did he choose? Lu Mingfei, stand up. Then touch your leg and think about what it's for.

You. It's time for you to move forward on your own. What are you doing? If you open the oxygen maskand the water pressure will… I sometimes can go crazy. Help! Oxygen leakage.

Professor. He's fine. It's just that his body has reached its limit, and he fainted. How far are we from the riverwhere the ships park? About 20 kilometers. Return immediately. Prepare the diving bell. All three engines have been damaged.

The Moniah won't last long, and we don't have any weaponsto deal with the Dragon King anymore. Full speed ahead. I have my own way to deal with the Dragon King. Lu Mingfei, book a venue for tomorrow's club event. Xiyang, you're the best. Even though your family doesn't like you. Lu Mingfei.

Classmates don't like you either. The average score of the whole classhas been dragged down by you alone. But I believe you're a smart and beautiful girl. Are you a steelyard? I'm sure you can do it. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!.

You're finally awake. Can you hear me? Yes. Looks like the walkie-talkie is still working. Senior Sister, we're… Your diving suit was completely brokenwhen we got out. So I can only let you use my respirator accessory tube. But as a result,.

We also lost half of our oxygen. Got out. We're out. We are saved. It's too early to say we're saved. According to the depth of the pressure gauge, this place is more than 80 meters underwater. At this moment,.

The external pressure is about 15 atmospheres. Originally, your diving suit helped youwithstand almost 10 atmospheres. And now, the pressure is all on you. Are you feeling unwell? No wonder I feel dizzy. My whole body hurts, like a python strangling me to death. Therefore,.

For you whose diving suit has failed, as long as you don't inhale for more than ten seconds, your lungs will be crushed by water pressure. Senior Sister, I don't want… I know. I won't let you die. There's still a way. Just wear my diving suit.

What's wrong? I just think, Senior Sister, you've sacrificed too much, haven't you? Now we only have a complete diving suit, whoever in it can live. You… I've learned to subdue myself for a longer time than you. And I said I would take care of you.

There's always a price to pay for taking someone in my squad. All right, turn around. I'm going to take off my clothes. The diving bell has been lowered, but this thing will seriously affect the speed. Especially in the final use.

The Moniah must be in a state close to berthing in order to rescue Lu Mingfei and Nono. But at that time, if Norton attacks us… Moniah, please reply. I'll meet you in a few minutes and assist you in the operation, hunting Dragon King.

With you. =Episode 14= The diving bell has been put down. But it will seriously affect the speed. Especially in the final use. The Moniah must be in a state close to berthing in order to rescue Lu Mingfei and Nono. But at that time,.

If Norton attacks us… Moniah, please reply. I'll meet you in a few minutes and assist you in the operation, hunting the Dragon King with you. That's an unnecessary move. Why did you say that? Isn't it nice.

For Chu Zihang to help? What is Chu Zihang's Kotodama? Lord Flame. You mean… It doesn't make any sense to fightagainst the King of Bronze and Fire with a Flame Spirit. That's why the college at that time… The engine wasn badly damaged. The Moniah fell to the water.

And moved on the water instead. But if the watertight chamber breaks, we'll sink. Check the condition of the torpedoes first. Two torpedoes are completely destroyed. The first warhead is damaged, but the power part is still intact. Before installing the alchemy warheads, we removed the conventional warheads, right?.

I need to know about those warheads. The warheads are in the rear compartment, and the explosive devices have been removed. They're just duds. Load the warheads, now. But even conventional warheads with explosive devices may not cause any harm to the Dragon King.

The supercavitation generatorson the warheads are still there, right? No problem then. A Storm Torpedo is provided with a supercavitation generatorat the head of the projectile. These generators allow the entire torpedo to be enveloped in a slender void. In an environment close to a vacuum, as it moves forward, the resistance of water no longer exists.

With rocket boosters, it will become as fast as an airplane. Imagine with the length of 8. 23 meters, and a self-weight of 2. 7 thousand kg, what effect will a frontal hit at the speed of an airplane have? Indeed, under this impact,.

Any living thing will be pierced by it. So, without any explosive devices, we can also deal with Dragon King. Just use it as a cold weapon. It sounds feasible. But the premise of this theory is, we must hit Dragon King head-on.

Yes. But the reality is, the Dragon King chasing us is as flexible as a fish. His speed was enough to easily dodge the Torpedo. And the Storm Torpedo can only shoot directly so we can't conduct guidance. Just hit him head-on. That requires.

A very close distance. How close? No more than 100 meters. In that case, from launch to hit, it only takes less than a second. The Dragon King's fusion body is huge, so he shouldn't be able to dodge. And his flame can't melt.

A metal torpedo weighing 2. 7 tons. So if we can get him within 100 meters, the Dragon King will surely… Torpedo should hit his real body instead of his fusion. A distance of 100 meters. I'll fight for it. Your mission is.

When you hear my instructions, fire the torpedoes immediately. When a supercavitating torpedo is launched, there will be a huge cavitation noise. It's like you're right under the space shuttle and listen to its sound when it's launched. So, don't use Razor wind. It amplifies that sound multiple times,.

And your eardrum will… Thank you for reminding me. It's just that I've never heard of a space shuttle launch. This time, I'll listen carefully. We can start now. King of Bronze and Fire. The feast is ready. He stopped.

It seems that he sensed danger. How far are we from where Nono and Lu Mingfei dive? We've reached the rescue area. The diving bell is waiting at the bottom of the sea and the laser beacon will guide them. How's the torpedo? Warhead replacement completed. Just in case,.

Zero is on her way to the manual launch room. Manual launch is the only way to be foolproof. Well, let's begin. Caesar. Didn't she tell you not to use Razor Wind? The dark wind becomes my eyes.

Razor Wind, let's go! Come on. I hope it suits your taste. The appetizer is here. The first few bullets are just a cover-up. This one should hit the target. It seems that he used his brain. It's invalid.

It's okay. Caesar's goal wasn't to hurt him. He only wants Dragon King to be angry. Dragons are creatures that easily get angry. If he's provoked like this, he'll surely get angry at him. In this way, at least Dragon King won't escape.

I don't know what kind of soup dragons like, so just make do with it. Zero, how is it going? I'm in the launch room. But it's so hot here. The temperature in the bottom cabinis now close to 70 degrees Celsius. Storm torpedoes use a rocket engine, whose tail flame will ignite the fuel.

It's very easy to explode. It might not explode. But… I bet my life on it. Caesar. All preparations are ready. The engine at its maximum power. Go straight.

At Dragon King. Yes. It's 300 meters. Closer! Dive! He's running away. Don't worry. He can't escape. Good wine has already been served. Razor Wind,.

Dismiss. Sorry to keep you waiting. Chu Zihang. Chu, Chu Zihang. He… When did he arrive? With our actions, we have completely attracted the attention of Dragon King.

But, what do you want to do? Come from the heights of Babylon, and burn into the sun. Kotodama, Lord Flame. The light exposure of the flame is too strong, and nothing can be seen in the field of vision. We can't aim at the Dragon King.

From very dark to very bright, anyone's eyes will be blind for a moment, unless you close your eyes from the start. So you didn't cover your eyes to improve your hearing. Time for dinner. Dear lady,.

Torpedo launch! I'm sorry I didn't prepare dessert. But I don't think you can take it any more. The Dragon King sank to the bottom of the sea, and his life information has disappeared. The helicopter is badly damaged. I'll leave the battle area first.

Thank you for your hard work. Are you okay? I'm fine, my dear lady. The timing of pulling the trigger is perfect. You. There's no problem. I think a minor surgery will do. But you. Your voice is not good.

How're your ears? I'm so sorry. I didn't follow your advice. The damage should not be light. But basic listening is not a big deal. We can communicate normally.

How do you know sign language? With such good hearing, is it necessary to use sign language? I learned sign language to talk to my mom. She gave me Razor Wind but slowly she lost her hearing. Then you should cherish your ears. I will.

Why did you learn sign language? There was a time when no one talked to me. I couldn't hear anyone, and then my pronunciation started to get weirder and weirder. In the end, I couldn't understand myself. So, I learned sign language.

To talk to myself. With sign language, how can you talk to yourself? Look in the mirror. I'm your eyes. You're my hand to shoot. We have to do our best in the future. Thank you.

For your hard work this time. By the way, I hope Nono can find the diving bell in time. Our spare diving suit was also destroyed. But if necessary, I can dive freely to rescue. The laser mark on the diving bell can travel far underwater. They must be able to see it.

Free diving rescue is of little significance. After all, you can't stay underwater for too long. They'll be fine. I've always believed it. (Chen Motong alias: Nono) It's the diving bell. We can be saved. Respirator.

The sealed chamber of the diving bellhas its own oxygen supply, which can surface in a few minutes after it is airtight and then slowly reduce the pressure. This time, we are really out of danger. Confirm your identity. Welcome, Nono. Senior Sister,.

We… The door is closed and air-tight drainage is started. Oxygen supply starts. This is the ladies'room. It's not easy to love someone. You have to fight your way out of the army, show your sincerity.

Look her in the eye, and in front of everyone, say it out loud that you like her. No. Don't die. No. It was a mistake for me to recruit you. It will make you very sad in the future.

But you insisted on staying. Then I'll take you in my squad. Caesar can protect you. Chu Zihang can protect you. I can protect you too. No one dares to bully my bro. Don't do this, okay? Don't do this, okay?.

I've admitted that I'm a loser. Then let me live a relaxed life, okay? This kind of heroic drama has nothing to do with me. There's nothing I can do. Don't let me see such a sad scene. Don't let me see such a sad scene. Don't let me watch a girl die before my eyes. If she's dead,.

I'll be really scared. I'll be scared. I've admitted that I'm a loser. Then let me live a relaxed life, okay? This kind of heroic drama has nothing to do with me. There's nothing I can do. Don't let me see such a sad scene. No. No.

Don't let me watch a girl die before my eyes. I'll be really scared if she's dead. If I die one day, I'll send a message in the bulletin board. I don't want you to die. I don't want to play anymore. Don't die. Don't die.

Don't die. =Episode 15= Don't let me watch a girl die before my eyes. I'll be really scared if she's dead. If I die one day, I'll also secretly send a messagein the bulletin board. I don't want you to die. I don't want to play anymore.

Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. Where is it? It doesn't workno matter how loudly you shout. The so-called Kotodama, though it uses language, the one that makes a difference is actually the heartthat resonates with the language.

It's you. Don't be surprised. You're going to die, so I came to see you. What are you doing? Hurry up and take a break. I have work to do after I finish my dream. Please. Don't call me into my dreamwhen I'm busy to death, okay?.

Don't waste your time. You think it's a break now? When you were dreaming, in the real world, the girl's chest has torn open and she has lost 90% of her blood. She's losing consciousness. Her life will end at any time. You're the only one left at the bottom of the sea,.

Stuck in a diving bell, and facing a first-generation dragon kingwith noble blood. So now, you're really going to die. At any time. None of your business. I don't have time to play with you. All right, don't worry. Although time can't stop,.

Compared to here, the time outside is very slow. So when you go back, you still have time to save your friend. The premise is, you have the ability to save her. Why didn't you tell me earlier? I'll take some rest. I'm exhausted.

You… Loser. Do you have any goals in life? Even if I have, it's none of your business. Tell me about it. Maybe I can help you. Maybe I happen to be good at killing dragons. What do you think you're good at?.

Did you hear that? You… We can talk like this here, so you should understand I'm not an ordinary person. Then you… First of all, why did you choose Kassel College? You have to.

Take such a big risk. It's not worth it. You said that, didn't you? That everyone has to have a reasonable reason to convince oneself to kill dragons. There's only one reason for me, that is, to make my parents think I have a bright future. Sometimes I think about it and feel like it's nonsense. I cheated on my 3E exam.

I don't even know how I got the S-rating. All thanks to your help,I unlocked the map of Bronze City. I went crazy and shot Caesar and Chu Zihang, and immediately became the man of the hour in the college. Tell me, am I promising? Being lucky can be considered a kind of success. But people like you shouldn't join the Student Council.

Then you wouldn't have been sent to a place like this. A girl tricked me with her beauty, would I still be a man if I didn't take that? You've been such a loser all your life, but you still care about those girlswho you can't be togther with at all. You don't understand. You don't understand what it feels like. For more than ten years, no one thinks you're important.

No one cares what you did today. Gradually, you feel that you are redundant. Whether you live or die is meaninglessexcept that you will feel pain. You spend a lot of time in a daze every day, because you don't know what to do. People say you don't value yourself and you don't have a sense of existence. But when you don't have a sense of existence,how can you get it out of nowhere?.

Other than commenting on you and sayingthat you don't have a sense of existence, others won't hear a thing about what you think. So there's no wayyou have a sense of existence. One day, when you feel likesomeone is stepping on your head, because you have no sense of existence, you don't even bother to stand up. You just want to sit there and not move. But then the door opened, and the light came in.

A very beautiful girlwearing ten centimeters high heels, with a nice dress and a Ferrari, pulled you out of the cinema and made you so cool in front of everyone. That feeling… That feeling… Very cool. Do you understand? So cool. I've never been that cool.

She just pitied you. She pitied a useless junior brother, because she has had that kind of pitiful feeling before. She just hates that feeling. Her helping you doesn't mean she likes you. But I was just pulled out by her. She took so much effort to pull me out. I can't be a loser, can I?.

I've been a loser for too long. Everything I do… They think I did wrong because I'm stupid and I did well because I'm lucky. Anyone that I care about either doesn't understand meor treats me like a monkey. There is a silly brotherwith the same name as you, who understands me very well. But he said to me,.

“Xiyang, you're a good girl.” What kind of life is this? What kind of life is this? I was pulled out by Senior Sister. I can't be a loser. Senior Sister can't die for me. I'm in her squad. I should be loyal. I'm not dead yet,.

How could she die? Well, that's what I'm here for. Silly, right? If you want to laugh at me, just laugh at me. I don't care. You're right to laugh at me, but wake me up when you're done laughing. I'm in a hurry.

Why are you so excited all of a sudden? I don't know. I just feel like I've been wanting to say these things. But no one listens to me. There are only so few people in this worldwho don't want me to be wronged. Among them, there is this red-haired Nono. How can I watch her die?.

Even if I die, she can't die. Isn't your wish the revenge on the whole world? Lu Mingfei. Nonsense! Revenge for what? Okay, I get it.

Actually, I can help you. But I have a condition. What condition? Do you know about things likethe contract with the devil? The devil makes a bet with the contractor. The devil becomes the servant of the contractor. Once the devil makes the contractorsatisfied with the worldly happiness, the master-servant relationship will be terminated.

At this time, the soul of the contractor, will be owned by the devil. My condition is similar to this. I will sign a contract with you. I can accept your call four times. When all your wishes come true, or when you feel lonely in this world, my contract to serve you will be terminated.

And then your life belongs to me, okay? The price is so high, what can you do? Everything. No. Almost everything. Well, can you get rid of that Dragon Kingcovered with flames?.

It's not easy. But I can do it. In the second half of your sentence, “when you feel lonely in this world.” What kind of condition is that? Is it up to you? No. Only if you say it. This condition will only take effectwhen you admit that you feel lonely.

It's not just loneliness. It's the loneliness of despair. Then… So only if I say it, right? That's right. Not bad. Are you going to accept it? For thousands of years, you may be confused about other things,.

But in this case, you've never been this sober. This girl named Nono has changed you so much and made you willing to pay such a heavy price to even give up the bottom line? Are you kidding me? Do you think I'm stupid? When I use up three wishes,.

I won't use the fourth one no matter what. In fact, I only need one to cope with the emergency. You think that I really want to see you and will call you any time? Hurry up! How can we sign the contract? Give me your hand. Hurry up! Come on.

Power is fascinating. When you try to have power, it's hard for you to turn back. Brother, you fell into my trap. In this world, maybe there is only this devil calling me brother from the bottom of his heart. Contract completed.

Come on, The Gathering. Secret Cheats unsealed. It is to improve your spiritual powerwhen using Kotodama. NoGlues. Secret Cheats unsealed. Your opponent will not be able to use Kotodama. What is this? Touching the head to pass on the power?.

Kotodama, this is your Kotodama. Both of them are only valid for a short period of time. But there's another one that you can use all the time. Because you unsealed it yourself. Which one? Don't die. I don't want to die either.

But it's not up to me. Your Kotodama is, don't die. You really want that girl not to die, but you have a wish, but have no power. Now that you have it, you can use it. After using The Gathering,.

You will have enough power to control life. This is your right. Is there an instruction manual or something? No. Just say it out loud. What if I screw it up? Can I return the goods, profiteer?.

Okay, just to make sure, let me give you another gift. You can copy a Kotodama ability in a short time. But it can't be too high-level because you can't control it. Then Razor Wind. Why don't you choose Lord Flame? I'm going to fight with the King of Fire.

Okay, now you can use Razor Wind now. Then. What should I do now? Turn around. Facing the sea. You, what are you doing? Go, Lu Mingfei.

Charge forward. This is your stage. We agreed not to push again. But I kicked you this time. You… (Lu Mingze alias Little Devil) Come on! Brother. And I said I would take care of you.

There's always a price to pay for taking someone in my squad. The oxygen mask is closed. Black Sheep Wall. The oxygen mask is closed. Start supplying oxygen. The Gathering.Infinit magic. Do not.

Die. Tail thorn, withdraw. Jerk! Now is not the time for you to sleep. The danger hasn't been lifted yet. But if you really want to sleep, then go to sleep. Leave the rest.

To me. (Rescue information found) Caesar. Can you hear me? What's wrong? Just now we got the pulling signal from the diving bell. They're back. They.

Are back. Everyone, get ready for rescue. Medical team on standby. Yes. Hurry up! Prepare emergency lifesaving equipment. How long will it take – to pull them up?- All ready! Not too fast.

– Hurry up.- Water pressure will affect the body. – Come on.- This way. – Coming.- This way. Radar alert. No accidents allowed. Hurry up! Be careful. Everyone, go to the deck.

Hurry up! Okay. Don't worry. The brothers on the ship are reliable. Nono is safe now. Next, it's time for the drama here. Are you ready? Get ready?.

I should have been ready, but I just realized that the Kotodama you unlocked for medidn't have the type to attack. Profiteer. I didn't give it to you because you already have one. It's in your hand. In the box that Ye Sheng found, there are seven strongest alchemy weapons hidden inside. Superbia.[*Pride].

Invidia.[*Envy] Ira.[*Wrath] Acedia.[*Sloth] Avaritia.[*Greed] Gula.[*Gluttony ] Luxuria.[*Lust] Seven deadly sins. Seven deadly sins? There are seven deadly weaponsin the wooden box in your hand,.

Which were refined by Nortonat the beginning of the ancient century. The Dragon King Norton was a furious King who believed that the decline of the Dragon Raja is because the seven sinshave fallen on the Dragon King. So he built seven weapons. to judge these seven sins separately. The effectiveness of each weapon is different. If you use it right, you'll get twice the result with half the effort.

Now to deal with this furious Norton, it is the best to use Ira. Flame. Lock down his Kotodama first. NoGlues. Kotodama locked. Good job. The Kotodama Power of Bronze and Fire.

Has been locked. Norton, come on. You and I are the only ones left here. Without Kotodama. Like the final battle of knights. What the hell. I can't believe Ira wasn't summoned. What.

Are these? What you summon are Gula, Superbia and Luxuria. None of them are right. But you can make do with it. Hurry up, brother. He's not easy peasy. It's deformed. Gula is awake.

This is its true form. It's totally different from real weapons. You have no foothold in the water. So you can't exert your strength. Let me help you. Okay, you can move freely now. Go ahead. Kill him!.

=Episode 16= What's going on? Could it be Dragon King? What's going on? Isn't he dead? Or is there a stronger opponent? You are evenly matched now, but the later it goes, the less advantage you have.

The dragon won't get tired after all. I know. He is hiding just for the last strike. What's wrong? So quiet. It's as quiet as an alien planet. What really challenges divers.

Is loneliness. The deeper you dive. The more you feelthat you will die here in silence. Die. In fact, the earth will still rotate without me, right? For most people, this sad news will only last until dinner. A few people will feel sorry for me.

But they can also find someoneto comfort them and recover gradually. Maybe it's Finger who will be really depressed. No one will eat supper with him anymore. Brother, looking at your facial expression… Are you a little sad? What do you mean? The one who's trying to save the world.

Is the one that the world doesn't lack. If you're desperate for the world, why don't you cut me some slack? Just say the word “desperate”, and we'll complete all the contracts immediately. Desperate my ass. I don't have a girlfriend yet. For the girl who will like me in the future, I'm going to kill Dragon King, too.

You're afraid if you'll give up, all your friends up there will die, right? Let's fight then. Time to seal his Kotodama is running out. Remember. The real body of Norton on the dragon head is the key to him. I figured it out. But next,.

We have to find him first. The dark wind becomes my eyes. Razor Wind, let's go! It's too noisy. Everything is amplified. – Focus.- I can't hear clearly. – Think about why you're doing this.- I can't hear clearly.

If that reason is strong enough, you can do it. What strong reason can I have? What does this world have to do with me? I just can't stand that some girl is being too loyal. And her, him, them…

I don't want them to die here with me. Come back. Bring back the enemy's hiding place. Razor Wind, return to the nest. I found you. Tang. Tang. Why are you here?.

Do you still remember me? Brother, you're always so soft-hearted. All right, as I promised you, I'll do it for you. Come on. – Hold it tight.- No. Brother, look.

He lost his brother's power. A dragon that is not fully awakened is not that hard to kill. Right? Tang. Tang. I'm sorry. Good for you, bro. Interview at a prestigious college. – I didn't mean to.- You're so proud this time.

Tang. You're the only one who's happy for me. You're so loyal. I'm your big brother after all. Am I right? I didn't do it on purpose. Tang, I really… – I didn't mean to.- Lu Mingfei?.

It's really you. Tang. Tang. Brother, how are you doing in An Country? Are you acclimatized? Be firm and pray for them. You have to know,.

The world runs through all kinds of energy. Your heart and your prayers are also part of your energy. So, take it easy. Everything will be fine. Hey, the signal is bad. I'm on my way to pick up an order.

I'll contact you later. Thank you. Tang. At that time, Tang was always looking at me, and then slowly sank into the darkness. I thought maybe he wasn't looking at me. Maybe he just wanted to.

See the sky again. Nono. Nono. Doctor, why is she still unconscious? What's wrong with Nono? Her breathing and pulse are stable. Her blood pressure and body values are normal. Don't worry.

Nono is fine. She's awake. Nono is awake. That's great. That's great. – You're really awake.- That's great. – You're really awake.- Nono is all right now. Yeah. That's great.

That's great. Tang. Zero. Can you still swim? I don't know. Let me help you. Okay, thank you. You're welcome.

Just treat me to a big meal. You… Do you have a big appetite? Looks like this is a happy ending. He's fine after being hit head-onby Storm Torpedo. Seems that only Ira can kill him. The Dragon King's vitality is so strong. But that's it. The bullet specially given by the boss,.

Is prepared for you. Mission completed. Lu Mingfei survived. The King of Bronze and Fire, Norton, has died. Where's Chu Zihang? The helicopter landed at the nearest airport. Chu Zihang is healing and waiting for the next order.

Try this black tea. It's great. Actually, I don't quite understand. You got full marks in all subjectsin the first semester. I've kept my promise. Congratulations. Not many people get full marksin practice classes in history. What do other people do in practice classes?.

It depends. If a dragon happens to wake up, he will be involved in some kind of operation. You're lucky to have such a good chance. But you have to make up your thesisfor the practice class. I've come up with a topic for you. The Twin Paradox of the Four Kings. It sounds very profound.

I'm afraid I can't write it. It's not that deep. You proved our long-standing conjecture through practice. The four kings created directlyby Black King Niedhogg in fact are eight dragon kings. On each throne sat a pair of twins. Why twins? Is it to restrain each other?.

Or is it because even if he has tosacrifice an important child, he still has a backup. Well, this is still very academic. Actually, all I do is hard work. I can see that you have questions. Go ahead then. Why does Dragon King look like a human?.

You used to think dragon slaughter is probably to kill a monster, right? But when dragons appearin front of us as humans, it's hard for normal peoplenot to have empathy for them. You are a normal person, of course. His real name is Ronald Tang. Of course,.

This name is meaningless. After his adoptive parents passed away, he grew up on social assistance. He dropped out of high school and lived in a low-income community. He took some temporary jobs to earn money, and then secretly donated themto the orphanage where he stayed. That's why he's always short of money. In fact, before you left,.

We had his information. I didn't tell you because I know you met online. How did he become the Dragon King? Not becoming, he always is. Based on the recordsof the Ice Sea remaining scroll, the two brothers have been livingin a bronze palace in the North World.

One year in the ancient century, they crossed the continent to the Xin Country. Before they were killed, they made their own Bone Breeding Vase, a cocoon for breeding new bodies. Many years later, the older brother broke the cocoon first, but failed to recover his memory.

However, he looks like he's only in his 20s. Actually, it may be far more than that. I don't know in what kind of way he went to An Country and was adopted again. There, he lived as a human for more than 20 years. He was sure that he was a human.

Until he was awakened by his brother. Dragon King won't die, right? Usually no. But this time, it is different. Norton didn't have timeto make his own Bone Breeding Vase. Instead, he merged directly with Dragon Servant to gain a huge body. In order to create.

The most powerful Kotodama, Torch Dragonknown in the Flame System. If he succeeded, the number of deaths would be countless. Does he hate humans that much? It's because of Constantine. In order to protect Norton, Constantine hatched early and sacrificed himself.

That's why Norton wanted to dowhatever it takes to avenge him. But even without Constantine's death, he's no longer your friend. Friendship is more like a burden to them. But I think they're miserable. This is a war between two races. All of us have stood our groundfrom the very beginning.

Won't you keep it? All right. Why do we keep the secret about dragons? The reasons are complicated. Most importantly, no one wants to shakehumans' understanding of the world. Humans have been breedingwith their own beliefs for many years. If this belief is broken,.

No one knows what will happen. By the way, I have a letter from an unknown place. Compared to a full score, (To Lu Mingfei)I think it can make you happier. Mother's handwriting. Mingfei, we received a photocopy of your report card. You did a great job.

It's much betterthan your father and I back then. I really hope that at this moment, I am by your side, holding your hand and asking our hero to sign for me. It's a pity that I can't. We don't have much time left for what we are doing. If I leave,.

We would fail our mission. I am not a good mother. But I think in the future, you will understand why I did this. You've already taken a great first step. You will grow up to be a sonthat makes me happy and will understand us. I set the time for us to meet.

To the year when you are 22 years old, also the year you graduate from Kassel College. Your father and I have been planning to attendyour graduation ceremony for many years, watching our only son in his bachelor's uniform. We love you. All the time. (We love you, all the time).

Everyone exists in the eyes of others. There's always people who care for you. Last thing. According to the college rules, you have to keep the detailsof this operation confidential. Details? What details? According to the report, Caesar fired the Storm Torpedo.

And killed Dragon King Norton. But according to Chen Motong's words, after that, she was attacked by an enemy suspected to be Dragon King. Then I'm curious, who attacked her? Why did you get away with it? She was seriously injured, but how was she cured quickly?.

Well… Well… I can't say that I made a dealwith the devil with my body. I … Actually… No matter why you don't say it, I personally believe in you. So, I won't ask. I see.

Thank you. Principal. What? You just had afternoon tea with the principal. Do you know how glorious it is? I don't care about glory now. What I care about is whatyou just published on the college website. (The Golden Legend Mummy Returned to Kassel College) What kind of title is that?.

Can you be more serious? Don't you think the mummy'sappearance and temperament are very similar to yours? But why is Caesar's news (The Shining Dictator)so cool? Explain it to me. Your persona is different from his. Caesar has established his imageas a rich and noble son. He just needs to maintain his persona.

But you have to find another way. I don't want another way. I just want you to delete this news. Who is it? Can't you see I'm angry? You… Hi. Caesar, it's you.

I'm cooking in my room. I need to borrow some sugar. Here it is. Thank you. What's going on? Did his family suddenly go bankrupt? He's moved into an ordinary dormand he has to cook for himself. You think too much. Borrowing sugar from a neighboris a courtesy here.

It's to start our first relationship with each other. Then… Did you hear anything? Murasame. So, let's take a look first. Darn it. Caesar and Chu Zihang are living together. They are even cooking together.

I know why. Because the dorms have been adjusted, the opposite room has its new owners. There are two lovely new ladies. President, have you cut the salmon? The first one – is the vice president of Lionheart Council.- Why do you use Murasame to cut? Susie.

If I use another knife, Murasame will be angry. Well, the second one is… Of course, your Senior Sister. Nono. Nono also moved across the hall? Today is White Day. The girls said they were having a party,.

So President Chu and Chairman Caesar came to help. By the way, have you ever received chocolate? No. Is that new to you? I'll give you one then. Senior Sister, you… It's delicious.

Really. Thank you, Senior Sister. I received chocolatefor the first time in my life. Nono, do you have my share? Go get it yourself. There's a chocolate wall inside. Take whatever you want. Chocolate.

Wall. It's all mine. – No one is allowed to take it from me.- Thank you. You're welcome. Don't ask me why I thank you? Really? She knows? When I passed out at the bottom of the sea, I felt very tired.

I wanted to fall asleep, but I vaguely heard you calling my name. If you hadn't shouted, I would have fallen asleep. If I fell asleep, I probably wouldn't wake up anymore. So, thank you. You're welcome.

Was I so annoying that you couldn't sleep? Not annoying. I suddenly rememberedthat I promised to protect you. So I thought, I can't fall asleep. Don't keep saying “you're welcome”. When did you become so polite? She promised to protect me.

I didn't expect her to be so serious. Her promise… Nono, come in and help me take care of the pizza. – Even if it's just a joke…- I have to watch Chu Zihang. Okay, I'll be right there. It will be an inscription on the heart. Luckily, Senior Sister, you're fine.

No one would protect meif anything bad happened to you. But as your young brothers, we should also be loyal. We're not dead yet.How can Boss die? Isn't that right, Senior Sister? You're making it like a blood alliance. Come and have pizza with us later. No. I have to write my thesis tonight.

Enjoy yourselves. Then. See you later. See you later. Lu Mingfei, your parcel. It's from abroad. Thank you. What is it?.

Such a big bag. Why is this picture a bit familiar? (New SMS message reminder from unknown number) Letter. My dear brother. Is it…? Thank you very muchfor your patronage of my business. In the war of annihilationto Dragon King Norton, we worked happily together.

I hope that in the future cooperation, we can do better. It's a small gift for you. It's also convenient for us to contact each other. Please keep this message. Reply directly if you need anything, and I'll rush to serve youas soon as I get your request. Then as a price, I took away.

A quarter of your life. Be good. Lu Mingze. Darn it. I'll kill you. If I drop my phone, Lu Mingze will disappear to a place where I can't find him anymore. Forget it.

Just keep it. At most, I won't summon you. What power? As long as I don't touch it anymore, I can always live across the door from my friends. It will always be like this. Isn't it good too? (Lu Mingfei's 3E exam paper).

Long time no see. Also, welcome again. Lu Mingfei. Welcome to Kassel College.

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