Eng Sub【我的战舰能升级】 My Starship Could well well even additionally be Upgraded EP35 phoenix sky 凤凰星空

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You still try to rest microbial infection There are still broad-spectrum antibiotics that can treat it Maybe some good news will come back after a while persistence is hope so impatient ready to take me Public presentations to parties within the Black Market South Territory The city is too physically unable to hold on.

Don't worry, I'm not that fragile yet do your own thing leave it to me I will never let you down elder brother just arrived at the training ground Wang Guanbei ran over and threw himself on Wang Dong. Wang Xujun and Wang Guan's boyfriend gathered around Brother, why don't you take us to mine when you go out to play?.

I have never experienced Well Mining is no fun. This is a gift for you from the mines Wang Dong could only take out a few pieces of sparkling ore as a gift right to fool children I also want to go with my brother next time Hey, next time, next time.

The day's practice is over Wang Dong who returned to his room at night stared out the window Thinking about my plan With no control function It's time to send the Pond from Voyage Shudi Phoenix Galaxy in Tianfang Earl Ridge Assuming the role of a transportation hub Gathered a large number of interstellar explorers Massive supplies are also gathered here.

Is in the northern star field The largest free trading market Chitang needs to access the Tinder network mixed fish and dragons there Account registration and cancellation every day Risk of exposure should be low decide to go there Finally arrived after 8 days of sailing Across the long starry sky.

The canteen jumped out of the wormhole Looking at a huge airport ahead Dense spaceships shuttle around The Phoenix Galaxy built this automated skyport can be parked at any time Spare anti-aircraft batteries throughout with a strong patrol fleet maintaining order and security Complete.

Here Is the best trading system in the entire northern star field Rebirth from the Ashes Phoenix Wing Tianxiang Welcome to Phoenix Galaxy Dear Tinder Battleship Please send identification information Phoenix Star Airport will prepare berths for you For you to stop at any time I am a senior commissioner of the Phoenix Star Commerce Department.

Susan phoenix During your stay in the Phoenix Galaxy I will do special service for you Now please indicate your intention and send identification information I will help you arrange the itinerary Pond Apply for supply and trade at Phoenix Star Airport Worthy of being produced by the system Innumerable light-years apart.

When there is no control I feel like I'm still in the cafeteria Received Phoenix Star No. 102 has been arranged for you No. 031 booth of the airport Please go according to the directions on the route map Please contact me if you need any help Also since you first arrive in the Phoenix system we will do it for you Provide a certain amount of ammo and energy supplies for free.

I wish you a pleasant journey With the guidance of the receptionist Canteen enters the airport Wait until the berthing is complete Wang Dong couldn't wait to start registering an account Link Live Seed Network Reminder Linking to the Tinder network requires payment Whether to confirm confirm.

The tinder network is connected All functions can be used normally Charge 1 yuan point or 1 yuan per hour Warning that you are not logged into any account Please log in or register an account to complete the transaction Register account ID pond number 1 yuan point is equal to 1 yuan coin Unscrupulous operators Bad review.

After completing the account registration Fearless manipulation is over Wang Dong returned to his room Sima Zhongda's communication request was also connected Changes between Wang Jingqiu and Wang Jingli brothers Wang Jingli began to collect Wang Guannan The Row of the Two Sisters of the Crown North tracked and made chance encounters Wang Jingli presented a flame fruit to Wang Guannan.

Rejected by him Although Wang Jingli didn't say anything on the spot When I went back, I was furious Blame Wang Guannan for not knowing what is good or bad In the previous life, these two guys made trouble in Nanjue Ridge Later, when Nanjue Ridge faced catastrophe, But there is oil on the soles of the feet should It was Wang Jinqiu, a hypocrite who was instigating behind his back.

He He was willing to spend all his money to choose the Valley of Flames as a gift This thing can assist in the practice of breaking iron Increase recovery speed by 5 times in one month Looks like they're ready to take action tell them OK I will step up surveillance on both of them. won't let them out of sight.

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