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(This work is adapted from the novel of Dragon Rajaby the writer Jiang Nan. ) (Copyright statement) ♪It's not easy♪ ♪Lost my gripThose dreams are calling me♪ ♪Like a hermit♪ ♪Used to find a reason not to be♪ ♪You teach me 'bout the history of our fallen heroes♪ ♪Realize I have found a solid companion♪ ♪Cos I was afraid♪.

♪Was alone in a cave like a stone♪ ♪This dance is so dangerous♪ ♪So cryptic it changes us♪ ♪But the secrets that we learncan give power to all of us♪ ♪Dance, shook me dangerous♪ ♪So glad that you came to us♪ ♪Can a lesson that we learn transform our view♪ ♪Do you hear me♪ ♪Destination I♪.

♪Gotta invitation I♪ ♪Gonna change all my sense of reality♪ ♪Gonna change reality♪ ♪Come on my destination I♪ ♪Got my information I♪ ♪Gonna change all my sense of reality♪ ♪Gonna change reality♪ ♪Fight for us♪ ♪Can hear them calling from towers that we trust♪.

♪Can feel the legacy grow and so we must♪ ♪Stand together be tight♪ ♪Making everything right♪ ♪Empowers you to be strong♪ ♪Do you hear me♪ =Dragon Raja= =Episode 16= What's going on? Could it be Dragon King?.

What's going on? Isn't he dead? Or is there a stronger opponent? You are evenly matched now, but the later it goes, the less advantage you have. The dragon won't get tired after all. I know. He is hiding.

Just for the last strike. What's wrong? So quiet. It's as quiet as an alien planet. What really challenges divers is loneliness. The deeper you dive. The more you feelthat you will die here in silence.

Die. In fact, the earth will still rotate without me, right? For most people, this sad news will only last until dinner. A few people will feel sorry for me. But they can also find someoneto comfort them and recover gradually. Maybe it's Finger who will be really depressed.

No one will eat supper with him anymore. Brother, looking at your facial expression… Are you a little sad? What do you mean? The one who's trying to save the world is the one that the world doesn't lack. If you're desperate for the world, why don't you cut me some slack?.

Just say the word “desperate”, and we'll complete all the contracts immediately. Desperate my ass. I don't have a girlfriend yet. For the girl who will like me in the future, I'm going to kill Dragon King, too. You're afraid if you'll give up, all your friends up there will die, right? Let's fight then.

Time to seal his Kotodama is running out. Remember. The real body of Norton on the dragon head is the key to him. I figured it out. But next, we have to find him first. The dark wind becomes my eyes.

Razor Wind, let's go! It's too noisy. Everything is amplified. – Focus.- I can't hear clearly. – Think about why you're doing this.- I can't hear clearly. If that reason is strong enough, you can do it. What strong reason can I have?.

What does this world have to do with me? I just can't stand that some girl is being too loyal. And her, him, them… I don't want them to die here with me. Come back. Bring back the enemy's hiding place.

Razor Wind, return to the nest. I found you. Tang. Tang. Why are you here? Do you still remember me? Brother, you're always so soft-hearted.

All right, as I promised you, I'll do it for you. Come on. – Hold it tight.- No. Brother, look. He lost his brother's power. A dragon that is not fully awakened is not that hard to kill.

Right? Tang. Tang. I'm sorry. Good for you, bro. Interview at a prestigious college. – I didn't mean to.- You're so proud this time. Tang. You're the only one who's happy for me. You're so loyal.

I'm your big brother after all. Am I right? I didn't do it on purpose. Tang, I really… – I didn't mean to.- Lu Mingfei? It's really you. Tang. Tang.

Brother, how are you doing in An Country? Are you acclimatized? Be firm and pray for them. You have to know, the world runs through all kinds of energy. Your heart and your prayers are also part of your energy.

So, take it easy. Everything will be fine. Hey, the signal is bad. I'm on my way to pick up an order. I'll contact you later. Thank you. Tang.

At that time, Tang was always looking at me, and then slowly sank into the darkness. I thought maybe he wasn't looking at me. Maybe he just wanted to see the sky again. Nono. Nono.

Doctor, why is she still unconscious? What's wrong with Nono? Her breathing and pulse are stable. Her blood pressure and body values are normal. Don't worry. Nono is fine. She's awake. Nono is awake.

That's great. That's great. – You're really awake.- That's great. – You're really awake.- Nono is all right now. Yeah. That's great. That's great. Tang. Zero.

Can you still swim? I don't know. Let me help you. Okay, thank you. You're welcome. Just treat me to a big meal. You… Do you have a big appetite?.

Looks like this is a happy ending. He's fine after being hit head-onby Storm Torpedo. Seems that only Ira can kill him. The Dragon King's vitality is so strong. But that's it. The bullet specially given by the boss, is prepared for you. Mission completed. Lu Mingfei survived.

The King of Bronze and Fire, Norton, has died. Where's Chu Zihang? The helicopter landed at the nearest airport. Chu Zihang is healing and waiting for the next order. Try this black tea. It's great. Actually,.

I don't quite understand. You got full marks in all subjectsin the first semester. I've kept my promise. Congratulations. Not many people get full marksin practice classes in history. What do other people do in practice classes? It depends. If a dragon happens to wake up, he will be involved in some kind of operation.

You're lucky to have such a good chance. But you have to make up your thesisfor the practice class. I've come up with a topic for you. The Twin Paradox of the Four Kings. It sounds very profound. I'm afraid I can't write it. It's not that deep. You proved our long-standing conjecture through practice.

The four kings created directlyby Black King Niedhogg in fact are eight dragon kings. On each throne sat a pair of twins. Why twins? Is it to restrain each other? Or is it because even if he has tosacrifice an important child, he still has a backup. Well,.

This is still very academic. Actually, all I do is hard work. I can see that you have questions. Go ahead then. Why does Dragon King look like a human? You used to think dragon slaughter is probably to kill a monster, right?.

But when dragons appearin front of us as humans, it's hard for normal peoplenot to have empathy for them. You are a normal person, of course. His real name is Ronald Tang. Of course, this name is meaningless. After his adoptive parents passed away, he grew up on social assistance.

He dropped out of high school and lived in a low-income community. He took some temporary jobs to earn money, and then secretly donated themto the orphanage where he stayed. That's why he's always short of money. In fact, before you left, we had his information. I didn't tell you because I know you met online.

How did he become the Dragon King? Not becoming, he always is. Based on the recordsof the Ice Sea remaining scroll, the two brothers have been livingin a bronze palace in the North World. One year in the ancient century, they crossed the continent to the Xin Country.

Before they were killed, they made their own Bone Breeding Vase, a cocoon for breeding new bodies. Many years later, the older brother broke the cocoon first, but failed to recover his memory. However, he looks like he's only in his 20s. Actually, it may be far more than that.

I don't know in what kind of way he went to An Country and was adopted again. There, he lived as a human for more than 20 years. He was sure that he was a human until he was awakened by his brother. Dragon King won't die, right?.

Usually no. But this time, it is different. Norton didn't have timeto make his own Bone Breeding Vase. Instead, he merged directly with Dragon Servant to gain a huge body. In order to create the most powerful Kotodama, Torch Dragonknown in the Flame System. If he succeeded, the number of deaths.

Would be countless. Does he hate humans that much? It's because of Constantine. In order to protect Norton, Constantine hatched early and sacrificed himself. That's why Norton wanted to dowhatever it takes to avenge him. But even without Constantine's death, he's no longer your friend.

Friendship is more like a burden to them. But I think they're miserable. This is a war between two races. All of us have stood our groundfrom the very beginning Won't you keep it? All right. Why do we.

Keep the secret about dragons? The reasons are complicated. Most importantly, no one wants to shakehumans' understanding of the world. Humans have been breedingwith their own beliefs for many years. If this belief is broken, no one knows what will happen. By the way, I have a letter from an unknown place.

Compared to a full score, (To Lu Mingfei)I think it can make you happier. Mother's handwriting. Mingfei, we received a photocopy of your report card. You did a great job. It's much betterthan your father and I back then. I really hope that at this moment, I am by your side,.

Holding your hand and asking our hero to sign for me. It's a pity that I can't. We don't have much time left for what we are doing. If I leave, we would fail our mission. I am not a good mother.

But I think in the future, you will understand why I did this. You've already taken a great first step. You will grow up to be a sonthat makes me happy and will understand us. I set the time for us to meet to the year when you are 22 years old, also the year you graduate from Kassel College. Your father and I.

Have been planning to attendyour graduation ceremony for many years, watching our only son in his bachelor's uniform. We love you. All the time. (We love you, all the time) Everyone exists in the eyes of others. There's always people who care for you. Last thing.

According to the college rules, you have to keep the detailsof this operation confidential. Details? What details? According to the report, Caesar fired the Storm Torpedo and killed Dragon King Norton. But according to Chen Motong's words, after that, she was attacked by an enemy.

Suspected to be Dragon King. Then I'm curious, who attacked her? Why did you get away with it? She was seriously injured, but how was she cured quickly? Well… Well… I can't say that I made a dealwith the devil with my body.

I … Actually… No matter why you don't say it, I personally believe in you. So, I won't ask. I see. Thank you. Principal. What?.

You just had afternoon tea with the principal. Do you know how glorious it is? I don't care about glory now. What I care about is whatyou just published on the college website. (The Golden Legend Mummy Returned to Kassel College) What kind of title is that? Can you be more serious? Don't you think the mummy'sappearance and temperament are very similar to yours?.

But why is Caesar's news (The Shining Dictator)so cool? Explain it to me. Your persona is different from his. Caesar has established his imageas a rich and noble son. He just needs to maintain his persona. But you have to find another way. I don't want another way.

I just want you to delete this news. Who is it? Can't you see I'm angry? You… Hi. Caesar, it's you. I'm cooking in my room. I need to borrow some sugar. Here it is.

Thank you. What's going on? Did his family suddenly go bankrupt? He's moved into an ordinary dormand he has to cook for himself. You think too much. Borrowing sugar from a neighboris a courtesy here. It's to start our first relationship with each other. Then… Did you hear anything?.

Murasame. So, let's take a look first. Darn it. Caesar and Chu Zihang are living together. They are even cooking together. I know why. Because the dorms have been adjusted, the opposite room has its new owners.

There are two lovely new ladies. President, have you cut the salmon? The first one – is the vice president of Lionheart Council.- Why do you use Murasame to cut? Susie. If I use another knife, Murasame will be angry. Well,.

The second one is… Of course, your Senior Sister. Nono. Nono also moved across the hall? Today is White Day. The girls said they were having a party, so President Chu and Chairman Caesar came to help. By the way, have you ever received chocolate?.

No. Is that new to you? I'll give you one then. Senior Sister, you… It's delicious. Really. Thank you, Senior Sister. I received chocolatefor the first time in my life.

Nono, do you have my share? Go get it yourself. There's a chocolate wall inside. Take whatever you want. Chocolate wall. It's all mine. – No one is allowed to take it from me.- Thank you.

You're welcome. Don't ask me why I thank you? Really? She knows? When I passed out at the bottom of the sea, I felt very tired. I wanted to fall asleep, but I vaguely heard you calling my name. If you hadn't shouted,.

I would have fallen asleep. If I fell asleep, I probably wouldn't wake up anymore. So, thank you. You're welcome. Was I so annoying that you couldn't sleep? Not annoying.

I suddenly rememberedthat I promised to protect you. So I thought, I can't fall asleep. Don't keep saying “you're welcome”. When did you become so polite? She promised to protect me. I didn't expect her to be so serious. Her promise… Nono,.

Come in and help me take care of the pizza. – Even if it's just a joke…- I have to watch Chu Zihang. Okay, I'll be right there. It will be an inscription on the heart. Luckily, Senior Sister, you're fine. No one would protect meif anything bad happened to you. But as your young brothers, we should also be loyal.

We're not dead yet.How can Boss die? Isn't that right, Senior Sister? You're making it like a blood alliance. Come and have pizza with us later. No. I have to write my thesis tonight. Enjoy yourselves. Then. See you later.

See you later. Lu Mingfei, your parcel. It's from abroad. Thank you. What is it? Such a big bag. Why is this picture a bit familiar? (New SMS message reminder from unknown number).

Letter. My dear brother. Is it…? Thank you very muchfor your patronage of my business. In the war of annihilationto Dragon King Norton, we worked happily together. I hope that in the future cooperation, we can do better. It's a small gift for you.

It's also convenient for us to contact each other. Please keep this message. Reply directly if you need anything, and I'll rush to serve youas soon as I get your request. Then as a price, I took away a quarter of your life. Be good. Lu Mingze.

Darn it. I'll kill you. If I drop my phone, Lu Mingze will disappear to a place where I can't find him anymore. Forget it. Just keep it. At most, I won't summon you. What power?.

As long as I don't touch it anymore, I can always live across the door from my friends. It will always be like this. Isn't it good too? (Lu Mingfei's 3E exam paper) Long time no see. Also, welcome again.

Lu Mingfei. Welcome to Kassel College. ♪It's not easy♪ ♪Lost my gripThose dreams are calling me♪ ♪Like a hermit♪ ♪Used to find a reason not to be♪ ♪You teach me 'bout the history of our fallen heroes♪ ♪Realize I have found a solid companion♪.

♪Cos I was afraid♪ ♪Was alone in a cave like a stone♪ ♪This dance is so dangerous♪ ♪So cryptic it changes us♪ ♪But the secrets that we learncan give power to all of us♪ ♪Dance, shook me dangerous♪ ♪So glad that you came to us♪ ♪Can a lesson that we learn transform our view♪ ♪Do you hear me♪.

♪Destination I♪ ♪Gotta invitation I♪ ♪Gonna change all my sense of reality♪ ♪Gonna change reality♪ ♪Come on my destination I♪ ♪Got my information I♪ ♪Gonna change all my sense of reality♪ ♪Gonna change reality♪ ♪Fight for us♪.

♪Can hear them calling from towers that we trust♪ ♪Can feel the legacy grow and so we must♪ ♪Stand together be tight♪ ♪Making everything right♪ ♪Empowers you to be strong♪ ♪Do you hear me♪ ♪Destination I♪ ♪Gotta invitation I♪ ♪Gonna change all my sense of reality♪.

♪Gonna change reality♪ ♪Come on my destination I♪ ♪Got my information I♪ ♪Gonna change all my sense of reality♪ ♪Gonna change reality♪ (End of Season 1) (Dragon Raja Season 2 is in preparation) (White Cat Legend) (Under One Person Season 5).

(First place in the Dragon Animation Dubbing CompetitionWinner: cvXubai_NoBlack) Sorry to disturb you. I have a few words to say to you. When I first came to this college, I was a bit disappointed. Because there are too many people here. The real elites will never be the majority.

Fortunately, there are not many guestsin Amber Pavilion today. Only the best group of freshmen. Elite. Such a disgusting word, as unpleasant as the remnants of hegemonism. But my dear ones, why are you here? For a correct outlook on life and world? For the praise of those mediocre people,.

Or, are you going to run for president? No. You're here to fight. This is the beginning of your battlefield. Only the best can go to the battlefield. Only the best people are qualified to defend your back. Only the best people.

Are qualified to die here or leave with the medals. If you want to go to the battlefield, whose orders are you willing to listen to? Cae… Caesar. Caesar. Caesar. Caesar. No.

Caesar. It's you. It's us who are the best. The real elites will be seenas lunatics by the secular world. Welcome to join the group of lunatics.

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