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This is one of the best episodes since the start of the second season of No Job Transmigration Because his girlfriend Sara is missing, Rudy finally shows his absolute strength He ventured out alone to rescue Sara, and in the face of the blizzard raging with extremely low visibility, he simply flicked his staff, and peace was restored to the thousands of meters in a circle with him as the center For sleeping high-level magical beasts, he could also instantly kill a group of them with just an earth magic ball But actually, he wasn't sure if Sara was still alive, after all, he didn't participate in this squad action It was just that his teammates were powerless to rescue him, and no one had seen Sara die with their own eyes Holding on to this slim hope, the hero rummaged through the pile of bones left over from the mushrooms The first thing that set his heart racing was finding the bones of one of his teammates,.

And he carefully wrapped the other up Immediately after that, he finds something familiar and picks it up before realizing that it's Sara's earring But now that it appeared here, there could only be one outcome So he started a fire, as a way to honor his fallen teammate Although his relationship with Sara was never that good, at least over a long period of time, the other party slowly changed from targeting to accepting him But just as he thought of this, the forest behind him suddenly stirred The sharp-witted Rudy quickly bounced himself off the ground with a strong stream of air, and only then did he escape the sudden blow.

But this also brought good news, Sara did not suffer any misfortune So Rudy dodged and attacked at the same time, and at the same time ran towards this side as fast as he could Eventually, when the entrance was about to be sealed, he managed to use fire magic to repel the enemy and bring out Sara safelyRudy didn't hesitate and jumped into the icy cold river, Rudy and the tree spirit kept a safe distance from each other Meanwhile, due to the strong stimulation from the outside world, Sara opened her eyes in a daze Surprisingly, Rudy saves her Then, in order to treat Sara's wounds, the two came to a cave covered with ice and snow Since their clothes are soaked through, they have to wear very little, which makes Sara feel a bit embarrassed.

But fortunately Rudy didn't do anything about it Unlike the sharp and mean girl in the past, this time she thanked Rudy frankly and solemnly This thank you seemed to touch Rudy's heart, and he felt that he had been forgiven for what he had done all along It turned out that not so long ago, Rudy had managed to make a name for himself in this country after months of constantly accomplishing tasks in order to make his mother aware of his existence so that he could find each other But for a long time, he hadn't made the slightest progress or even heard anything So he can't help but think that it might be because of the fact that he's constantly on the move with Sara's squad, thus slowing down the spread of his personal fame But the indecisive Rudy, again, didn't know how to refuse the other party's invitation,.

So he was always forced to take part in the action If the rescue of Sara was the turning point in his thinking, then this operation was the trigger for his outburst Several people came to a site of a human-demon battle The environment here is menacing and always gives Rudy a sense of foreboding Just thinking about this accident happened Amazing, I'm afraid Rudy is the only one who can be so calm as if nothing has happened These few people's commission this time was, to collect the scales of the Snow Dragon, although it was an A-rank commission, it was very easy Because they didn't even need to deal with the snow dragons in depth,.

Just collecting the scales on the paths they must pass through was enough But strangely enough, this place was unusually quiet, and the statue on the opposite side of the street looked more and more familiar to Rudy, always feeling extraordinarily similar to someone Of course, this thought was quickly interrupted by a hissing of a magical beast No wonder, this place was unusual Sure enough, from the broken cave entrance on the opposite side rushed out several snow dragons To these few people, this was undoubtedly very tricky The crowd didn't hesitate and could only rush to escape, while Rudy took the initiative to stay behind to stall the magical beasts.

But no matter whether they erected a stone wall or utilized falling rocks, they were unable to stop the Snowy Dragons from pursuing them Moreover, the Wraiths kept calling out to their companions Seeing that he couldn't get rid of them, Rudy thought of his companions behind him However, there was no one behind him for a long time, which made Rudy not know whether to be happy or desperate However, this thought came and went quickly It turns out that his teammates didn't abandon him, they just didn't expect Rudy, who was walking behind, to fail to get out of the trap, so they turned back Rudy was comforted and recovered from his shock.

But then, the accident happened again, and a man fell from the sky and killed the Wraith in seconds And, with his superb force, soon the hordes of Wraiths all fell in a pool of blood And, with his superb force, soon the hordes of Wraiths all fell in a pool of blood Just after everyone thought the situation had calmed down, Freddie punched the captain without saying a word, accusing them of stealing his prey At this remark, the hero did have the impression that the other had been in the guild and had taken on the crusade against the snow dragons with great fanfare, which was why he remembered it However, there was a contradiction in this, the two teams had obviously taken on different commissions, and the crusading locations were also very different, so why did they meet here?.

After analyzing the situation, it turns out that it was because the cave connecting the two places was broken, which led to the demons rushing to this place, and Freddie regained his composure as a result Although the toe-curling man was reluctant, he still sincerely apologized to them Thus, with the captain's harmonious attitude, the misunderstanding between the two squads was sort of cleared up Every time after a big disaster, a celebration is held as usual, but this time is different, Sara insisted on dragging Rudy, who doesn't often participate, to come, just because this time Rudy almost sacrificed himself If it were a normal team, they might have really left him behind and not come back.

In response, the hero sincerely thanked them Although the squad made a lot of money this time, the only flaw was that they encountered Freddie's team Even though they were the strongest and most powerful team in the union at the moment, Freddie as the captain was that unreasonable, which made Rudy couldn't help but have a slight suspicion of the other party Freddie as the captain was that unreasonable, which made Rudy couldn't help but have a slight suspicion of the other party After all, the other party's unruly look was exactly like Paul's father when he was young But unbeknownst to him, this thought would be completely rubbed out next The other party was obviously drunk, but unsurprisingly apologized again for the daytime insolence Immediately after that, he plopped down next to the captain's ear and gave a lecture about.

How he hoped Timothy would be tougher in the future, or else he would suffer sooner or later if he was always smiling He thought it would be over after those words, but he didn't expect him to direct his attack at Rudy He could feel that in Rudy's seemingly kind eyes, there was a deep-seated contempt for others, and there was always an expression and attitude of I'm the worst in the whole world Obviously, he had no idea about Rudy's purpose of looking for his mother Although this is their first meeting, Freddie said a lot of words that have long been dissatisfied with him Perhaps because he didn't want his hard-earned reputation to be tarnished, Rudy didn't even say a word in rebuttal in order to successfully find his mother, and on the contrary, he even apologized to Freddie He apologized to Freddie, saying that if he was upset, he would avoid the other side in the future.

Rudy, who was devastated, began to stay behind closed doors again, which gradually put the team in a crisis Upon inquiring, it turns out that both Milkman and Sara are dead They didn't want to abandon them, but the extreme weather, coupled with the attack of high-level magical creatures, made the three of them exhausted and had to retreat The only good news, however, is that Sara may still be alive, as did not witness her being eaten Upon hearing this, the male lead simply inquired about its place of occurrence, and then silently grabbed his equipment and prepared to go alone to look for Sara, whose life and death were uncertain This then ushers in the opening episode to unfold At dawn, when the two return from the cold and snow, they also happen to meet the people who are going to rescue Sara.

It turns out that it was only then that they realized that Rudy had set off right then and there Susan subconsciously accuses Rudy of disregarding his own safety However, upon seeing Sara's efforts to explain on Rudy's behalf, she realized how much she had gone too far After all, isn't the most important thing, saving Sara safe and sound? That's right, that's the most important thing, and the one who made the sacrifice was clearly Rudy Timothy, as the captain, thanked Rudy solemnly After the encounter, they parted ways for a while But unbeknownst to them, the story of Rudy's rescue of the dying Sara in the blizzard spreads fast This incident has made him famous, and it has also made Sara feel better about him.

From time to time, the two would talk about each other's past, but whenever Rudy mentioned the women around him in the past, Sara would look offended This everyone could tell she was jealous It's time to say no, Rudy is really slow But the good thing was that Sara was not a petty person, she took out her tattered short sword and said that she had always wanted to get a new one, so taking advantage of her recent vacation, she wanted to invite Rudy to pick one out with her Rudy agreed without much thought Obviously, this was nakedly courting in everyone's eyes Unbeknownst to him, Rudy's bad news started with this sword.

The next day, Sara dresses up carefully and you can tell she really likes Rudy So, the two of them went shopping leisurely and did many things that couples are supposed to do before coming to the weapon store to choose a short sword After some careful selection, Rudy took the initiative to buy the short sword and gave it to Sara Before the sun set, the two of them came back to the tavern, not wanting to end their day early Sara wanted to ask Rudy to buy another chest protector next time, as this one was already a bit tight This comment brought out Rudy's original appearance Of course, Sara didn't mind After all, it was a good thing that someone you liked was interested in you.

Thus, the next second, she took the initiative to snuggle up to Rudy This was the opportunity for Rudy, who had decades of life experience Looking at the affectionate Sara, Rudy felt that it was almost time for him to let go of the past and move forward After a glass of wine, he decided to send Sara back to her place Unexpectedly, he still flinched Maybe it was influenced by Paul, the saint of love, he thought that this kind of thing still can't be rushed Unexpectedly, Sara was already getting into the mood Tonight, she wants to go deeper with Rudy and offers to go to Rudy's room tonight Rudy's mind goes blank at this remark.

But in the end, instinctive desire overcomes reason, and Rudy agrees to go with trepidation Upon arriving at his place, he didn't expect Sara to sit on his ass on the bed Rudy wanted to entertain something, but Sara just wanted him to come over and stay with her She never got a chance to properly thank Rudy If Rudy hadn't come to her rescue that day, she would have been long gone from this world, so this life of hers was Rudy's Of course, including the body was also Rudy's Since the other party had said so, Rudy wasn't polite And the next 2 minutes of content, knowing that people don't like to watch it, so they just skipped it.

It was followed by Rudy being severely taunted by the other party for not reacting at the critical moment While Rudy's ego is bruised, he is also told by Sara that this is just something done based on the obligation to repay a favor he is also told by Sara that this is just something done based on the obligation to repay a favor So, she hopes he doesn't have any misunderstandings about being liked The very different encounters leave Rudy with no choice but to drown his sorrows in alcohol He didn't expect that he would be so indisposed However, unluckily Freddie also came here However, to his surprise, this time Rudy actually fought back, and also pinned him down, beating him up while telling him how difficult it was for him.

It turns out that this is when he realizes that Rudy and himself are the same kind of people Only the difference was that he wanted to disguise himself so as not to be hated by the world, while Rudy didn't bother to disguise himself because he didn't care about the world's gaze Perhaps his constant taunts were meant to irritate Rudy Now, Rudy finally exploded out, so not only did Freddie not fight back, but instead, he sincerely apologized to Rudy for his past irrationality And, even more surprisingly, after this fight, the two open up Freddie begins to make suggestions about the misfortune that happened to Rudy tonight He felt that the accident might have happened because the premise wasn't prepared properly.

The short answer is that professionalism is in the hands of professionals And so, with Freddie leading the way, the duo made their way to a mystery store After choosing a woman whose hair color resembles Alice's, Rudy begins to study in earnest Unbeknownst to him, the other woman is the sister of the girl he once saved And with Rudy being one of the top celebrities in town, the other party even feels that it would be an honor to spend the night with him in this life So she hoped Rudy would enjoy himself tonight However, not surprisingly, there was still an accident Unexpectedly, after only 2 and a half minutes, the two lost their way out.

Because after trying all kinds of ways, they couldn't get Rudy to react Alice also felt guilty about this She guessed that Rudy was probably scared from the bottom of his heart Although she didn't know what the cause was, it couldn't be solved without being with someone she really liked At this point, Rudy is somehow reminded of Lodge But obviously, there was no way to rely on the other person now In short, the only way out now is to drink away their sorrows, and the two of them sleep until dawn On the way, Freddie admonishes Rudy by quoting the method of the maze In short, it means that everything should not be rushed,.

and that one should familiarize oneself with it before being able to take on the big enemies behind them In other words, he and Sara should take their time in pacing, and they still have a chance, so they don't have to be so depressed But unbeknownst to them, the opportunity ends here Rudy, who is still not completely sober, screams loudly, thinking that compared to a breast-feeding woman like Sara, the dimpled Alice is more flavorful But unexpectedly, Sara has heard it behind her Sara's incredulity is followed by endless anger, and without further ado, she slaps Rudy right across the face Afterwards, she drops the sword, which symbolizes the seed of their love, and leaves angrily.

Meanwhile, Rudy finally came to his senses Without saying a word, he picks up the short sword and kills himself, but Freddie stops him in time Because there is still room for redemption by going after him and explaining now But nay Rudy has completely given up on himself The fact that this happened meant that he could never go back to Shara's squad He thought he would be embarking on a one man journey once again, but to his surprise, Freddie extends him an invitation to form a team And those words pull Rudy back from the abyss As it turns out, Freddie has completely figured out Rudy's nature after a night of in-depth communication.

He thinks that Rudy is still a good guy, with a good nature, and his strength is not bad At this moment, in Rudy's opinion, Freddie was the same After that, what kind of adventures will the two have? Let's look forward to it together!

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