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Hurry. Hurry. (Anna?) [A country in West Asia] This is the Anna who has attacked several drug lords. Listen! You have three days to get rid of that Anna.

I'll pay 2 million to the one who takes her to me. [The King of Snipers] (Do you know what 200 million dollars) (look like?) (With this great deed I did,) (spending 20 years behind barsshould serve me right.) Guilty. Your Honor, Anna is a… psychopath.

[NPM Hospital]I'm not a psychopath. I'm going to prison. Doctor, there's no way that I'm ill. You are ill. Smashing drug dealers with their own money, how creative the idea is! I should be going to prison, not here. I'm going to prison. Prison. Early psychosis,.

Bipolar disorder, and severe paranoid psychosis. Fine. This little hospital can't hold me anyway. If there isn't anything else, I'll get going. Let's go. Yes.

This place can't hold you, but others can come here rather easily. Don't move. What are you tying me up for? Quiet. I'm telling you, he is a killer. (He is a killer.) (Do not underestimate the enemy.).

(She is worth a 2 million bounty.) (Do not do anything more than you should.) (Make sure there is no witness.) Don't move. (I told you no witness.) (There won't be any witnesses.) Damn. Room 03, the east side of the second floor. She's there. Go.

Hey, doc. Give me the gun. There's a sniper across the street.Give it to me, or we both die. Now! Okay. It seems like somebody enjoys the game. Let's play. Wait. What are you doing here? Go now. Run.

One, two, three. Stop. Yes. I like the way you move. Run. Run. I got you, baby. One, two, three, stop.

Run. Help me. What are you doing? Get down. Lucky boy. The Hippocratic Oath, Article One says, no matter where I am or who I meet,a man or a woman, a good person or a bad person… Give me the gun. my only purpose must beto save and heal the wounded.

So that my life and medical skills can enjoy… Hold this. Do not move. supreme glory. No, I don't want to die. No? Then you die now. While she's changing the clip, go now. What the heck! Done. Get off and get ready.

A lot of people are here for me today. I'll get going, partner. What are you doing? The hospital has a rule that patients should be sedatedif they try to escape. Seriously? Stay alive. Luo Jie. (Anna, who joinedthe government army at the age of 12,).

(is the only sniper in the armywho can hit the target from 3,000 meters away.) (Your team was attacked three years ago.) (Afterwards, you disappeared and became a killer.) (Then you killed at least 50 major drug lordsby bizarre means,) (bringing chaos tothe entire underground drug market.) You're still here. Na Xipan, a doctor with double degreesin pharmacology and clinical science, actually works as a carerin a psychiatric hospital.

Interesting. Who would've knownthat you'd be betrayed by your partner? How many times do I have to tell youthat I'm not her partner? You got the wrong man. He is my partner. I have explained a thousand times that I'm not. All right, partner, stop trying to explain. We are already exposed. I am not her partner.

Now good. We are both staying here. She has a mental illness. Are you done talking? I'm done. You guys go ahead. If you're done, then let's continue. Wait, wait. What do you want? I want to make a deal with you. Kill a person for me. Okay, I'll do it.

Cut me loose, please. Tell me. Who do you want me to kill? We are the Third Divisionof the Libiwala Royal Army. We take orders from the old chief directly. And now, we are ordered to assassinatethe new chief who is about to succeed. So, a power struggle? Libiwala has always beena hotbed of the drug market. (Although the drug lordsand the government are intertwined,) (things are under the control of the old chief.).

(Once the old chief dies,) (the new chief) (will sign the legalization billof drug cultivation,) (which will bring disastersto the country and the people.) He deserves death. Deal. What did you give me? Nano bomb, an insurance. If you refuse to do your job, it explodes.

If you try to run away, it explodes. If you fail your job, it explodes. You call this a deal? Once your job is done, I will give you a new identityand a large amount of money and use diplomatic meansto revoke the wanted order on you so that you can live in peacefor the rest of your life. International drug trafficking organizations offer a reward of 2 million dollars for your life,.

And 32 countries put you on the wanted list. You are already a dead person. I'm offering you a chance to live. Okay. Deal. I have a request though. I'm taking this no-good doctor, Na Xipan, with me. What's wrong with you? I'm not this Na Xipan.

No, no, I am Na Xipan. But I am not a no-good doctor. Help me. Now Libiwala is influenced by its civil war. All border passages have been blocked. We can only enter by air. Tommy will brief us on the action plan after landing. As you all know,.

[Libiwala Emirate, West Asia]a civil war is taking place in Libiwala. The chief's eldest son, Sulika,and his second son, Tirchai, are engaged in large-scale armed conflicts because of the position of the new chief. 35.1° E and 34.6° N, this is the accurate coordinateof your landing point. Go away. Go away. You must land there accurately to show your professional quality as an agent,.

Including… Bugger off. As an agent… Stop there. Stop… This is the safe house I prepared for you. This place is absolutely safe. I'm telling you, it's more than just safe. You can even have a party here and it's fine.

You can trust the safe house I prepared for you. I remember my last time being here… You move. Go, go. Stay right there. Can you see that I'm a priest? The reason I'm here isto protect and comfort these children. Oh, no. The neutral zone went down as well. This Tommy of you…

If you want to murder a chief, you can do it alone. Why did you take me with you? It's okay. It's okay. Calm down. He's new to this. Sorry about that. It's okay. We jump in 15 minutes. I'll count to three, then you jump. Ready. Three.

What are you doing? He forgot his parachute. I'll deliver it to him. We haven't arrived at the meeting place yet.You land at the original location. Stand by for Plan B. You're finally awake. What just happened? I told you to avoid war zones. You just had to land in one. What's wrong with you? We found our target already. How nice!.

Look. What are those things? Sit tight. Run. Please stop. Stop. I surrender. I surrender. Please stop. Stop. Stop. I surrender.

[Chief of Libiwala's eldest son, Sulika] My dear little brother… [Chief of Libiwala's second son, Tirchai] what is this? Decapitation strike? Only three people? Ha-ha. You have no respect for me. Sulika,.

Your men messed up. They are not mine. They aren't mine either. This is not something I would do. Well, we kill them in accordance with the law. General, rest assured. Our sniper has eyes on the targetand can take the shot at any time. Tirchai,.

How dare you! Why are you dragging me? [Drug lord of Libiwala, Luo Jie] (Pi Jiana, tell Sompa,) (the powder bucket has been lit.The two heirs will die.) (The coronation ceremony can be readied.) (Besides,) (invite Anna over, please.) What do you plan to do?.

Chill. I will never point my gun at children. Keep everyone safe. This guy here will take you somewhere safe. Come on. Sweetheart, why are you… Guns. Are you done? Take her.

Move. What about the diplomatic means you mentioned? Those two are with me. Why am I the only one being taken? They got Anna. Aren't you going to save her? We go to the safe houseand get some equipment first. Come on. Where is the safe house? It's upstairs.

Are you sure a safe house in the war zone is safe? You can always trust Tommy. You… Do you need… What do we do now? Don't worry. I'll call Tommy. He'll find a way. I found Tommy. Hang in there. I'll get you out. Tommy……

Tommy. The men who took Anna work for the Minister of War, Sompa. We must save Anna. Tommy. Your Tommy. (According to reliable information,) (whoever succeeds the chief of Libiwala) (will sign the legalization billof drug cultivation.).

(Then, the drug industrymonopolized by drug lords) (will be controlled by the people,) (and drugs will becomethe main source of Libiwala's tax revenue.) (This bill that seems to bebeneficial to the people) (isn't being welcomed by the people.) (There are mass protests all over the country.) Get out of my home. Get out of here. Your life is worth 2 million.

You are not so special. Yes, yes. You are right. Can you share the money with meafter you claim the bounty? I can buy some dessert. I really haven't had… Will you buy me some? I am so hungry. Little girl, come back here. Don't be so petty. This is our first time meeting Mr. Sompa.

Put on your best show. Even if he's fine, we need to find some problems. Okay, yes. Stop there. Who are you? You are the private doctorsMinister Sompa asked for. Doctor, how is my health? Come on, don't shake your head.

Open your mouth.I need to check your tongue coating. Have you got a flashlight? Here. Try to find where the dungeon is. How is it? Open up. Open up. Where is the dungeon? Where is the dungeon? Ah.

I need help. My chest itches. I shouldn't have worn bras with underwires. Guys, maybe you can help me out? Hey, I see you. She is gone. What do you mean by she's gone? Keep looking.

I found her. She's in the atticin the west of the top floor. What are you doing? Closing the window. I found her. She's dressed as a maid. No dessert. Don't go there. She is gone again. Are you kidding me? I don't want to hear your voice.

Did you go drinking today? Never mind, I'll go find you. Prince Haman, please enjoy. Kid, what are you playing? If the train can't be stopped, which way should it take? This way? Or maybe this way?.

There you are. It can go whichever way it wants. None of my problem anyway. Leave me one. You want it? Come get it. Come and get me. Save me one. Please leave me one. What are you doing here?.

Hurry to help with serving dessert. Come on. I owe you one. It's me. Did you find Anna? How should I know where that psychopath has gone to? Be quiet. Keep looking.

Where is Sompa? The coronation ceremonywill take place tomorrow night. Without our support, nobody is becoming the chief. If you ask me, you might as well support me. I have thousands of mu of poppy fields. Each one of you is a respected figure. I believe you don't need me.

To teach you table manners. Mr. Sompa offered you food, so you should eat quietly. I said, eat quietly. I'm hungry. I'm just eating some dessert. Why are you so petty? You have too bad a temper to get married. See you.

What are you looking at? Where are you going? You should run. This is a dead end. What do we do? This is bad. We are trapped here. How else do you think I opened the vault of Manora. It's only a lock. It stinks here.

I never knew that Sompa hasa drug processing factory hidden in his home. Why are you putting drugs in your mouth? This is sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Idiot. He seems to transport drugsunder the cover of sugar. Why isn't sugar sweet? Yours isn't. What do we do? What else? Have some nice food before we die.

Look at the situation. Stop being nuts. Well, we had a solution. Now we don't. You've never heard of the sugar bomb? It's hot. How much more do we need? This is it. Find a place to hide. What the heck is this? Move back.

I sent you to invite Anna over. Did you use the gun as the invitation? Are you accusing me of anything? We're on the same team. Do not get angry over silly things. [Libiwala's Minister of War, Sompa]The next time you ask my men to do something, inform me first. Sorry I kept you waiting. Hello, Mr. Sompa. A toast for our future.

So you have another safe house. This one was abandoned. This doesn't look abandoned. It looks a lot safer than the previous one. Our target is a human, not a tank. Hang in there. I've been hurt worse than this. I can survive a small surgerywithout the anesthetic. I… I am so sorry.

I've got rusty. I cut a blood vessel. I… I will try again. It's fine. I can do this myself. Are you sure? I'm sure. What is this? The anesthetic. Why didn't you tell me you have it?.

You said you can survive without it. This is Sodium Thiopental Solution.Not very strong. It will make you feel relaxed and feel like talking. It sounds like the Veritaserum. Medically speaking,there's no such thing as Veritaserum. Back at the refugee camp, you said you'd never point your gun at children. Aren't you a killer?.

Are there professional ethics in your line of work? (When I was still a kid,) (someone pointed a gun at me.) (There're all kinds of sins in this world.) (Hurting children) (is the most malevolent.) (On that day,) (I learned what I need to do.).

Thank you. Thank you. (Thank you.) (Thank you, sir.) Thank you. (I thought I would stay in the army) (until I kill the last drug dealer in the world.) (I didn't know) (that drug lords couldturn citizens into monsters.).

Don't come closer. Stop. Anna. Did you take that shot? I suggest you not put your hope in this person. She is just a killer. Give me one of those things. This is Veritaserum. Are you sure you want it? I told you I am a well-trained soldierfrom the special forces. This thing won't work on me.

Yeah, as if. You must find the Third Prince and let him succeed the chief. More importantly, the drug bill can't be issued. At all costs, even if you have to sacrifice the Third Prince. Chief. As the commander of the Third Divisionof the Libiwala Royal Army,.

I vow to execute the edict of the chief. Wake up. We're all counting on you. How do you like the Veritaserum? (According to the information we have…) Special forces have nightmares as well.Who would've known? (a fierce armed conflict broke out) (between the two parties near the ceasefire line.) (The eldest son of the chief, Sulika,and the second son of the chief, Tirchai,) (were shot and killed in the conflict.).

(More will be shown in the detailed report.) It's done. They're all dead. Come on. Doc, take the bomb out. Hurry. This is the medical kit. No. (According to the provisionsof the Chief Libiwala Inheritance Act,) (the Third Prince, Haman,) (will be crowned as the seventh chiefof Libiwala at 8 PM tomorrow,) (for he is the third person in order of succession.).

(Please rest assured.) (The new chief will lead us) (to a brighter future.) Tell me. Is there an end to this? First the eldest son. Then a second son. They are all dead. And now there's a third one. Will we be able to kill all of them? Do you know the sword of Damocles?.

We kill him. The others will think twicebefore they do anything. We'll still have a chance to fix this. There will still be hope for our country. Let's watch the television.You can both calm down first. Come on. Fine. You hold the detonator.You get to make the call. You have the power. I have the army. You and me together. I can help you claim the throne.

And your request is? General Frey of the Second Group Army and all the soldiers, fully support the third son of the chief, Haman to succeed the new chief and swear that we will be loyal to him forever. After tonight, I will no longer be me and you will no longer be you.

A bunch of idiotswho only know about growing opium will not survive tonight. (The coronation of the seventh chiefof Libiwala is about to begin.) (The legalization bill of drug cultivationwill be issued right afterwards.) (Three minutes ago,) (a large number of protestersattempted to break into the ceremony site.) (How will this historic moment develop? ) (We will continue keeping you updated.) Why didn't you run away while I was unconscious?.

I'm only staying to addanother drug lord to my success list. What the heck, man? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. When do we take action? Who can we kill from so far away? People are smaller than flieswhen you look from 3 kilometers away. Did you think that I went through all the trouble just to buy you dinner? You are the only one who can pull it off.

The securityat the coronation is extremely tight. Within 3 kilometers,there won't be any suitable shooting spot. Distance, 3,002 meters. Wind speed, 1.6. Humidity, 61. Remember, the firework will make three sounds.You only have three shots. One will be enough. (Ready the firework.) (Three, two, one.).

(So he is the Third Prince.) (Go.) (Go.) (I owe you one.) If he signs the bill, you'll be dead soon after. (Go.) (Watch out.) (Breaking news.Heir Haman was assassinated at the coronation.) I missed.

This is your choice? I don't kill kids. Such a big twist? Psychopath. This is crazy. Crazy. Crazy. This is crazy. He's lost it. It's me. You failed your task. Why is he shooting me?.

Someone must take the fault for murdering the chief. I'll give you one guess. Wait. This isn't right. He should be killing you then.What does it have to do with me? We are partners. What partners? We go together. Stay alive.

Luo Jie. (That killer missed.) (If she'd had another chance,she'd have taken him out.) You are wrong. Anna never misses. What do you want? Can this take the bomb out? It can't. Can this work?.

It can't. And can this one do it? I've explained to you a thousand times. He gave you the nano bomb which flows through your body in your blood.I can't take it out. Can this one work, then? It can't. How many times have I told you? Even if you kill me… You broke my rib.

Nano bombs are very small and delicate.They cannot be dismantled by physical means. I told you I can't. Unless it stops working. But why would it stop working? It's not impossible. It's not impossible. If you dare try it. We try it. Voltage this high.

Can theoretically overloadall electronic equipment, but people can't bear it either. I don't know whether this circuit I made will work. I believe you are a good doctor. You will not let me die. I'll count to three. Wait, wait. Hold on. Ready? Three. No.

The Hippocratic Oath, Article One says, no matter where I am or who I meet, a man or a woman, a good person or a bad person, my only purpose must be to save and heal the wounded so that my life and medical skillscan enjoy supreme glory. Who are you? Anna. You could've just asked. Why did you kick me?.

You are here. I am. You are here. I guess I'll leave. Psychopaths. Still you. Including tonight, I've saved you three times. How do you plan to thank me? How do you want me to thank you?.

Maybe you can give me something. I'll give you a bullet. Soldiers are indeed strong. Why didn't you come to me when you're still alive? Are you happy that I'm still alive? Anna, all these years, I've been missing you. If you want,.

I can explain everything to you. I thought you were dead. Killing me is not an easy thing. Anna, we're together again. Don't leave. I had my reasons for not seeing you. But fate brought you back to me.

Don't flatter yourself. This is an extra bullet in case I run out of ammo. I hate to interrupt your little reunion. But a group of soldiers is coming up. Who are you? Let me introduce myself. I'm Na Xipan. My partner. They are with me. They won't harm you. You were saying?.

Sompa. Luo Jie, help me. Anna, save this kid for me. You can use this to track Haman and contact me. She goes to save the kid. What will you do? I'll hold them here. Be safe. I'll see you in Peak Park.

Your boyfriend stinks. Team B, cover me. You take the handlebar. Your helmet is in my way. Cover your ear. Cover my ear with what? My ear. Stay still. Get close to him.

What? Get in the car. It's impossible. Hurry up. I can't do it. You know that killer. I do. We go way back. Where is she? I let her go. I told you we go way back.

Never mind. Not a big problem. What is the big problem then? You are. Now you are my biggest problem. Me? I'd try to tame ten wolves instead of one tiger. Do you think I'm a wolf or a tiger? You tell me. I'm a tiger.

There's no way that I'll let yourun the drug market alone because I know you'd eventually come after me. You are wrong about one thing. They are not wolves. I'd say they are dogs. That's why I'll keep them and kill you. All these days, I owe you my gratitude for helping metake control of the situation.

Make his death painless. You are too kind. If I were you, I wouldn't be so nice. When you need it, I'm still the help you can get. Anna is back, so you don't need me anymore. Of course I need you.

I will always need you. But you need to know your place. I'd trade ten of you for one Anna. Pi Jiana, you dare betray me. I wouldn't call it a betrayal. She has always been with me. -Mr. Sompa.-Luo Jie. We can talk things out.

Even if you didn't come to me, I'd have gone to you. I can give you the other half of the drug market. Who would've known… I can give Libiwala to you as well. that you are so impatient? What a shame. Were you the one who tried to kill me? Yeah. Why didn't you kill me?.

I don't kill kids. They chose me to be the chief and have me sign the bill at the ceremonyso that they can sell drugs. I know that many people lost their families because of drugs. Be it adults or children, drugs will make everyone live in pain. My death.

Is the best for everyone. This isn't the way I'd have done it, but this will do. What an insane kid. You surprise me. The safe is still on. Are you trying to trick me? Here, come on. Put your hand here, like this. I will look down on youif you don't pull the trigger.

Can you help me with something? What is it? Help me take down the bad guy in charge. I am expensive. I am the chief. I have all the money you want. I want donuts. You can have as many as you want.

Deal. You like bombs, don't you? Do you like this one? Help me. Help me. Help me. Why are you shooting me? Shoot the kid. Shut up. If you don't know how guns work, I can show you.

Just point at that little brain, and boom. That brain will explode. It's very simple. Anna, you've been killing peoplesince you joined the army at 12. Your hands were already coveredwith blood before you turned 18. You have also killed innocent kids. Why do you have to pretendthat you're innocent now? You are right. I did kill that kid.

Till this very day, I still can't forgetthe way that kid fell to the ground. So I can only kill more drug dealersto make amends for what I did. If a country has to be saved by killing an innocent child, that country can go to hell already. Whatever you say today, he has to die. Not killing him,.

I will be sentencing the people to suffer. Killing him, I'll be betraying the royal family. Once the job is done, I'll kill myself. Stop. Stop. What's wrong with you? You guys keep talking aboutkilling this one and killing that one. You don't have any respect for life. I am a graduate of medical school.

Do you know how many years it takesto secure a doctor's degree? To save lives? What did I get? I got to be made a scapegoat.Even my certificate was revoked. So I could only work as a carerin a psychiatric hospital and fight with you psychopaths every day. And you? You have the power to save more people. Yet you are here arguing about who to kill. I think it's you guys who should be killed.

Even if I don't sign the bill, they'll find someone else to do it. As long as these bad people are still around, drugs won't disappear. I ran out of ideas to stop them, but you haven't. You can save more people. To stop drugs from hurting more innocent people, sir,.

Can you help me? As you can see, the people in front of you now are weak and harmless woman and child. If you think craps likeyour sense of honor or your sense of calling are more valuable than our beautiful lives, take your shot. It's okay. It's over. We eliminated all enemies.

How could you do things like that? Save your nonsense. Mr. Sompa has something to say. Hand salute. Down. Luo Jie, let's leave. Leave? For where?.

Anna, I know what you are looking for. You want justice.I will try my best to give it to you. Everything I did, I did it for this country. The person behind everything is really you. (I survived that attack.) (And I also learned something.) (There are more drug dealersin this country than we can kill.).

(Greed has made everyone a devil.) (If that's the case,) (I will be the most powerful drug lord.) The poppy in the whole mountain is mine. Work with me and you'll have half of it. Half of it? I want all of it. (I will use my way) (to cure this country.).

(I will use the money from drug traffickingto save this country completely.) The land of our country is poor and infertile. Nothing but opium poppies can be grown here. People were forcedto plant opium poppy to make a living. Do you think they will be willing towork hard to grow food now? If we ban drugs now, within three years,everyone will starve to death.

Now it's good. The drug supply chainin the whole region is under my control. Drugs are the only hope this country has got. I have suffered so much these years just to give this… It's been so long. You must be tired. Leave with me. Anna. Anna.

You are no longer the Luo Jie I once knew. Anna. Anna. You know I hate drugs the most. (Sign this bill,) (a lot of lives will be saved.) Aren't you ashamed of yourselffor making such terrible law? Have you ever thoughtof the severe disasters brought by the law? Will the profits related to drugsbe distributed to the people? Countries with drug abuseopenly support the enactment of the bill.

Is there any agreement reached? How will you respond to the sanctionsimposed by the international community? Tell us. Tell us why. Thank you for trusting me. Tai, at your service. But how can we, three and a half men, manage to complete a task this big? Three and a half men? Anna counts as one. You count as one.

Little Haman counts as one. I'm that half. By the way, where are your special forces? She took them out. Seriously? I didn't hit them that hard. We're on the same side. Since I chose to take the throne, (I will save this country personally.) I declare that the legalizationof drug cultivation.

Will never take effect. Hurry. Hurry. Get me Haman. Block all roads. Block them up. I'm blind. Let's go. My eyes. I can't see. Get in. Come on. Get in.

Into the car. We are doomed. Why is the tank here? That's an armored car. I knew it. Anna is the best.It's great that the tanks aren't here. You are such a jinx. Let's go. Anna, help me. My shoulder is dislocated. Someone gets up here.

Go. I'll cover you. Everyone, go to the railway track. Why is this so high? Hang in there. I'll help you with it. Didn't you ask me to comeand help with your shoulder? You can help your own shoulder. What? Breath in. Breath out.

I'll shoot when I count to three. Get ready. Three. My shoulder. I got you. Move the barrel to the left by 38 degrees. The tower in the southwest. Run. Shoot the link bridge.

Hurry. I got him. Let's go. Goodness. Run towards the southeast evacuation pointthat's 600 meters away. Wrong direction. You idiot. Three, two, one, run. Three, two, one, run. Give us Haman. Drop your weapons.

Drop your weapons. Now we escaped to the middle of nowhere. What is the plan? I haven't got any plans. We'll die. Hide. This is the last one. Good boy. Run.

(Anna, I didn't know you hadthe armor-piercing projectile.) (I also have other things. Do you want a taste?) Here. Come with me. Tai. Tai. Let go of me. Let me go. Let me go. Thank you.

Help me one last time. Anna, do you have any bullets left? I have one. It's enough to kill you. What? He can't see us in the dark, can he? He can use thermal imaging on his sniper scope. Anna, give up. You can't hold on any longer. None of your concerns. He can't find us like this?.

Yes. But once this thing is out, we will still die. What's the plan then? How many more do you have? This is the last one. Aren't we doomed then? Yes. We will die. Luo Jie, it's over. Anna, is it.

Too late to sue for peace? It is. The Hippocratic Oath, Article Three says, those who are doctors should try their best to alleviate the suffering of the incurable and be as humane as possible. I think I can still be cured. He's not dead. You can give up, you know.

Follow the light. General Frey of the Second Group Army,at your service. From today on, (The royal family willfully cooperate with the government) (to eradicate all poppy fields…) Sir. (and implement comprehensive drug control.) (Please give me some more time.) (We will solve all the problems of our country.).

(Dear reporters from all countries,) (you may keep an eye on our country.) (Our country will become better.) (No-good doctor, Na Xipan.) Your problem is not serious. Just some signs of depression.Remember to pay attention to your mental health. What is it? Nothing. An old friend. Do you know what 200 million dollars look like?.

There's no way that I'm ill. Doctor, I'm telling you the truth. I saved the chief of Libiwala. Really. I'm not lying. Good luck with the movie. This will be a great work. Action. I just need a moment.

I can't do it any longer. Do not move. Don't move. It's fine. It's fine. This is fine. Little brat. Where are you going? One month acting in this movie, I'm now great with the ax. Embarrassing.

No problem. Good job. Continue. This is okay. You moved. Director, I'll take a nap then. Okay, sleep a little. Come on. Show yourself to the camera. That way. That way.

Eat the director now. Ah, it's recorded. I don't speak Mandarin very well. Three, two, one, action. ♪I lift the veil♪ Wow. This makes a great picture. Come on, let's go. Bye.

This will be a great work. This is a wrap and people will love this film.

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