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Actually, We really should have prepared a cake. Right? So what should we do? Xi, you can't always think aunt in a bad way. No matter she did it the right way or not, she is all trying to help you. Wait till aunt comes back. And you should volunteer to admit your mistake that day. If you don't give in today, I'm afraid the birthday won't end well.

Why you become so understanding of women as long as you come back from Japan? You even understand my mom's thinking. If I can do that earlier, it won't turns out like this today. What do you mean? Mom. I apologize for what happened last time. I'm sorry.

And happy birthday to you. You can still remember my birthday. Alright, it is not a big deal, I have already forgotten it. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Yang Zhao, takes your sister and Li Yu to have dinner first. You mom and I are tired because of the shopping. We would like to take a break first. Didn't she say that at Er Tiao's houses last time.

It's up to me whether I learn or not. I didn't say I was going to learn this. Well, you'd better can find one you can learn by yourself. 哥 Yang Zhao, come in. Why don't you try? Wait. What's the name of that world famous song again? Liang zhu is right, right, right.

Liang zhu is right, right, right.Liangzhu, Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet, and they end up to be two butterflies. 你等着Liangzhu, Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet, and they end up to be two butterflies. Liangzhu, Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet, and they end up to be two butterflies. I'll play two butterflies for you.Liangzhu, Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet, and they end up to be two butterflies. I'll play two butterflies for you. What is it? Wow. This is a nice color. Do I have anything like a miss calendar?.

Guess how much the dress costs. How much? Mom and dad are resting, stop making noises. Li Yu, finished your dinner. and take Xi to review. What's going on? I don't know. Hello, Yang Zhao.

I has been actively looking for money injection, promoting our products to others. How can you change your mind temporarily? Tell me your reasons. You just quit out of no reason, what shall I do? Is it something happen? Hello? Mom's sorry about that, son.

Mom, what are you talking about? That's what it is. Why would I give up a good chance to have free further education and choose to do something need more effort and money instead? I am not stupid. What? You are still not resigned to the model test? And come to me for tutor? Do you have a minute? Just talk to me for a minute.

I'm the last person who people would love to have conversation with. But I'd love to listen to you. My mom said you were the most precocious one of us. And I think so. You look just like us, but are actually not quite the same. Why? We all evolve from ape. I think you can do anything.

Then learn from me, you can do anything too. Do you have any worries? Of course. And it's a lot this year. I think our families have become strangers. I haven't seen my parents since I was a child. So I can't understand your feelings. But I think your parents are really nice,.

And your brother is really funny. Your family has a great atmosphere. That is the reason why I would love to pay a visit to your home. So why haven't you been going lately? Mom and dad have been talking about you all the time. Have you ever felt that way? You can only be jealous about some world, but can not fit on. Of course.

For example, those who study well, their world, I can only be jealous, but never fit in. Why are you so sad? Trees can not move but we can. It is better to choose your way than be jealous of others. For example? For example, I grew up without parents.

But I can choose to let my grandma live a long time. For example, all the top students want to study in Bei Qing. But you can choose the university that you like. Go for it. Yang Xi, there is only one world that belongs to everyone. But as long as you are willing to work hard to build it,.

There will be many, many worlds that belongs to you. Do you understand? Grandma, I've come to bring you some scald cream. Is Hua Biao here? The first person who you wants to talk when you are in trouble is him. And he, who has more troubles to worry about, is still willing to encourage you. Sometimes, love is simple.

Grandma, don't pick it up again. The bad habits when you were a noble lady. Do it the same as What you did when I got a fever . It is bitter than what you used to drink. What's more, I just got a little scald. Why should I take so much medicine? No playing. Grandma.

I eventually gained these medicines by asking Er Tiao to find the most powerful medicine businessman. Do you know how many rare and expensive herbs are there? You look like have only scald, but your heart lung are all affected. You have to cure both inside and outside. You never say anything serious. Grandma,.

Take some more and will will allow you to watch Maroku. See? It works. You got a glib tongue. Grandma, by taking these medicine these day, did you still dream about Hui and Jun Sheng? No.

I always dreamed about Maroku's grandpa. Grandpa is great. Great. The most simple way to love someone, is to believe in everything impossible with her. Mom, I'm home. Mom?.

God, what a mess. Dad, I am home. Dad. You are back. Have a seat. I have something to tell you. I was laid off. You were laid off?!.

No way. Aren't you the factory director? How did you get laid off? It's because the glass. You shut yourself at home. Hua Biao broke into the window. So I took a glass from the factory. Then, I was accused of stealing public property.

I had been in the factory carefully for years . eventually I got laid off by a glass. Who could imagine that? Uncle Li, where have you put the spare key to our house? I put it in the factory. OK. Goodbye uncle Li. Yang Xi, where are you going? I'm going to my mom's office, to take the spare keys.

You can wait in Li Yu's place. What about aunt Du? She was laid off two weeks ago. You have to comfort Xi recently. I can't do anything to help since I was laid off. Aunt Du didn't agree with that and went to the factory. Said before checking her working ability, she will never leave the factory.

So she is cleaning the toilet now. Hello. Aunt. Mom. Yang Xi, Yang Xi. Mom, what are you doing? Running Yang. Aunt, Yang Xi forgot her key to the house. Let's go. The water is still boiling at home. Running Yang, stop crying.

It's not a big deal. Aunt was just laid off by the factory. What's more, aunt can be outstanding in any industry. If she do well in cleaning, maybe she will be the advanced employee tomorrow. And gain her position back. No. Auntie used to sit in the office as the head of the finance department, now work as a cleaner.

What does that means? That means aunt can do any job well. The thing about aunt is a big hit to Xi. Yeah. Even pinching her face doesn't work. Let's give her some time. Calm her down by herself. It's too late.

I ask Hua Biao to go back to take care of grandma. My mom's the finance chief. How can they ask her to clean the toilet? She is so good at math. Why should she clean the toilet? It was a birthday present from my father. How can they ask her to clean the toilet in that clothes? They are so mean. That's my mother!.

I won't let them go. Welcome to the news of Yiyang city. First, I'd like to introduce you to the main content of this news. In order to respond to the call of national economic reform, we will ensure the smooth implementation of some restructuring, some enterprises implement public – age buyout. The total number of laid-off workers is expected to reach 2,000. City leaders said, he will do a good job of laid-off workers'.

Basic living security and reemployment. Dad, the soot. Li Yu. Forgive me. After all, we're the only men in this house. I hope you understand my situation. Believe it or not. Life closes a door on you. It will open a window for you.

Okay, stop here. Li, you've really made your decision? Yeah. This country is encouraging laid-off workers' spontaneous re-employment. Our generation, have experienced everything. It's just going into the sea. If I feel like I'm drowning.

Just swim back. Give me a favor. I really admire you. Remember to call me, after you arrive in Guangzhou and settle down, OK. You need to understand Yue Mei. It is a hard hit for her. She did not sort it out yet.

Xi also cried a lot for her mom. for her mom. I'm afraid she'll be too sad to see your leave. So I didn't tell her. I understand that. OK, go back home you guys. Dad, I want to accompany you all the way to the train station. No need for that, you still have classes this afternoon.

Dad, what are you doing? I been watching you all day. Pay attention to your image. These days, I have been so anxious. Let's go back. That because you always have to go to the bathroom. You always bring newspaper into the bathroom. Nine men have hemorrhoids out of ten. You should pay attention to that. How can you talk to your father like this?.

It's hurt. I just care about you. You brought it back? I told you to get the yellow peach. Why did you buy orange? You don't know Xi love yellow peach? Why did you buy this? That's called “things doesn't work out. That's called no story out of coincident.

I wanted to buy yellow peach, but there is only orange left. Xi had never gone to your work place. But she did it as soon as you was laid off. Let's go home. I don't want to. I don't know how to face her. It doesn't matter if you're the head of the finance department or a toilet cleaner.

You're her mother. Of course you know how to face her. No, I can't. You shouldn't either. Lots of people have been laid off, their also have children. Are they all not go home like you? You didn't see it that day. The look she had when she saw me.

It really irritates her. You said I spoiled children. But I only let it go on trifle, and stand firm over big events. Xi is going to be 18 years old this year. Wait till she gets to eighteen, she has to face trouble every day, face life everyday. This time,.

It's her first meet with grown ups' life. This is for Xi. Why did you eat it? Because Xi loves yellow peach instead. You… Du Yue Mei, I'll tell you. In fact, you dare not face the image of yourself in the mirror, who have been defeated.

Oh, come on, come on, stop eating. Stop eating. Stop eating. Look, it's all gone! What's wrong with you? Don't come over. The hemorrhoids is broken. Yang Wei Guo… I always remind of the sense when I saw mom.

The more I think about it, the worse I feel. I remember that I was at Er Tiao's house that day, arguing with mom in front of so many people. I want to strangle myself now. Alright. Seems like it take the remnants of conscience out of you. It worth. Am I way too ignorant? Adjust your mood,.

Listen to what I is going to say. Do you know why mom got off the job? What's wrong with you? Tell me. I will help you. I just know my father was laid off only because of the fat head deputy factory director's instigation. My dad bring back a piece of broken glass from the factory,.

For the window of my room. Then he was reported by the fat head, by ” Corruption of public property “. Aunt Du's laid off is even more unfortunate. Just because she is on good terms with my dad, and she stayed there, wanted to clean my dad's name. And the fat head just insulted her. I'm dying to meet him some day,.

Kick the shit out of his ass. Just do it. I really want to meet that fat head and roll him into a dumpling filling. Don't get excited. The point now, is how do you help your parents to overcome the difficulties. I'm going to find that fat head right now!.

Come back. You've never heard the allusion to crotch insult? Why did our mother wear such expensive clothes to clean the toilet? Because she can't do anything. She can only dress well to clean the toilet. Just don't give mom and dad any trouble now. You should cheer mom on.

Cheer her up. From now on, half of our economic income has gone. If you would like to eat or drink something, tell me. I will buy it for you. Where did you get the money? I have the bonus for starting the company.

Yang Zhao, I think I got the phone call from your partner. He seemed very angry. Never mind. Before I went to America, I will settle down all the things. You just take care of yourself. Cheer mom up, say things she want to hear, do as what she said.

Get a good grade and she'll be happy. Killing me. Keep your voice down, they went to sleep. It's not coming out, right? Is it that hard? Go say good night to mom. Not right now. I think she will be embarrassed when she sees me. And I also don't know what to say.

I am so angry when I think of fat head. I'm warning you do not mess around. It's disgusting to see him like that. He is so fat. Old goat. Li Yu. Did your father ever mention fat head you before? My father sighed when he mentioned the man.

He is a glutton and a lecher. That's right. My mother said on the union ballroom dance competition, fat head must ask a college girl in finance section freak her into tears. He thought it was his harem. Why is he so shameless? Then… Good morning, Mr. factory director.

Good morning. Good morning, Mr. factory director. Good morning, Mr. factory director. Good morning. Which department are you in? I am a new intern, Mr. factory director. Do you know how to get to the woman's bathroom? The woman's bathroom. I know that. I'll take you there.

Have some more of this. I majored in physics. Physics is good. Physics is good. Physics suits us very well. Mr. factory director. Mr. factory director. My glasses, my glasses. Mr. factory director, are you alright? Stand up. OK OK.

Who's that? Your glasses are all broken, I won't bother you for the bathroom. I'll find it myself. Don't go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Who? Jerk!.

I am not. I am the director. I am not. Jerk, stop there! Don't punch me! Why are they missing? You guys over here. You guys over there. I need to find them out today. Go.

Searching carefully! Yang Xi, what's wrong with your face? Er Tiao. Be careful. What do you think they're doing? I can't come home late. Let's go inside and tell them hurry up. Yang Xi, it is not appropriate. It's fine.

Just scare them right outside the locker room. What are you doing in there? Delivering baby? Hua Biao, Er Tiao, stop joking! Li Yu, say something. Stop joking. I heard you and I saw you. Don't be quiet. I am really coming in.

I am really coming in. Why do you keep quiet? 1 2 3. You guys should go home naked. Bye Yang Xi, bring it to me! 杨夕 Running Yang, I counted three, two, one. I'll chase you out if you don't come back. Who are you threatening?.

You. Why don't we give them the clothes? I think they will do it. Who believed he would run naked. Running Yang, if you don't get our clothes back, you're a real rascal. The rope you knit for me is so red. Like that rubber band on a girl's hair. I am a man,.

Can't have much red string around my neck. You can wear it where ever you want. As long as you are wearing it. You're not gonna do anything to Biao. Go back in my clothes. Yours are wet. OK. I'll have tutoring class with you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's OK. It's OK. Why are you two so polite now?.

It is so rare. Come on. You just got a hemorrhoid, did not broke your hands, why can't you eat by yourself? How can I eat when I can't get up? Feed me. I heard something happened to fat head in our factory. He peeked at women in the shower.

The girls he bullied in the factory all come together to sue him. Him will soon out of power. He deserved it. I want to hug my mother and say I love her. Even so, it is so hard to say it out. Why is it so hard to love someone?.

Do I agree with you about marrying with me? You even come here to honer you parents in law? Screw you. I'm making a promise to aunt and uncle, to study hard and make progress everyday. If I break my promise again this time, even lie to uncle and aunt, then I will become a big turtle, to carry their gravestones.

We don't have a tombstone, only the urn. Then I'll be an urn. Tell me how many points you want to make up this time. As much as I can. But this time except for study, you need to tutor me something else. This is a crash course, read twice and you will understand it.

Can you be humble? This is a staff chart. Not some physical chemistry. I show you because you are smart. But it doesn't mean you can be arrogant. Can you sing? Do you know a staff? What is this? Termination of the line.

Do you know anything else besides this? I don't know. I'm actually have no talent about it at all. The job my mom proud of is gone. Guess there's nothing to look forward to for the rest of her life. Even though I can't help, at least I can stop making things worse. So I feel like I can stand it,.

To learn so much as I can. Make up your mind? OK. Let's start with the first song. The crescent moon. So so so do la. so so so so so mi la mi la. 1 2. so so so do la.

So so so mi la mi so so so mi la mi la so so so mi la mi la so so mi la. Let's start with the beat. 4/4 so so so do re. 1 2 3 4 To make you happy,.

I tried my best to do the last thing I would do. To give me confidence, you tried your best to make me witness miracles. Mom, actually it is so easy to love you.

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