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Hello guys, we meet again How are you guys, I hope you are healthy, Mimin will bring you a new story with the title Skeleton Evolution episode 1, so according to Mimin this will be an interesting story and worth waiting for, guys and for now the number of new chapters is 1 because it is still new and Mimin up because I want to tell my friends that this is an interesting story, guys, before continuing Mimin Remind that Mimin is only telling Mimin according to Mimin's point of view if you want to be clearer Please read the comic on the website or if the comic is available at the nearest store please buy it as this form of appreciation to the creators also says thank you to friends who help this channel grow by giving likes and comments that mean a lot to this channel and I hope.

This channel will grow and become a hangout place for friends and for friends those who want to treat you to coffee, the link is asking for spirits in the description, yes, without going into further detail, take your snacks. Brew your coffee, close your room door. It's time for us to enter the storyline . a creeping Skeleton My name is Jiang Cheng I used to be a Game Master but now I've turned into a Skeleton Until now I still don't understand why this happened to me explained in 2025 the wilderness opened for public trial its high realism and freedom made billions players around the mad world of swords and sorcery come from the most primitive fantasy of humans and the weatherness make it.

Real thousands of professions hundreds of millions of mission paths and countless online games settled in this fantasy world the popularity of this gene brought many orders leveling studios countless levellers working overtime without sleep i took part in the builderness internal test also one of them but less than 3 weeks after the server opened after completing a 42 hour scaled continuous mission i died suddenly Hey this guy looks dead someone said hurry up check if he still has equipment who hasn't been picked up by someone else damn it he died in game so his equipment can't be connected to other people strangely I can still hear someone saying Hey what's wrong with you you just shut up quickly move if you don't move I'll be in trouble Jiang Jeng is also confused about.

What's going on going on good finally you move said the wand girl Jiang Cheng also kept thinking and processing what was going on with her how is this the world after death so the girl said Hey why are you quiet again shortly there was a loud crash behind them and it turns out that the collision came from one of the monsters namely the elite wolf Zombie The girl told the change to leave and sometimes she Jiang Cheng was still silent and thought this wasn't the wolf Zombie from the novice village I understand this is not the afterlife world this is the novice village the wildest desert I actually arrived in the world still Bengong here what if he comes we will both die said the girl Jiang Cheng thought Who is this woman dare to order me soon.

The wolf ran and tried to attack them Jiang Cheng again thought it works Dog type monster zombie level 2 his weak spot was in the neck previously during internal testing and link level I don't know how much you're bad at that one Cai waited for the right moment and aimed for his weakness the moment I saw his weak point he also did an attack using a bone sword when they Jiang Chen's attacks collided with each other and the wolf managed to attack Jiang Cheng by breaking his arm bone. After that, Jiang Cheng was hit by an attack in the form of a wolf's leg kick, causing him to be thrown into the air and Jiang Cheng thought what happened, why did I become so weak, Jiang Cheng who he was thrown, he fell very hard.

And when he crawled he realized something and came back to thinking this arm's body I understand being a low-level Skeleton Knight, it seems that this body should be summoned by a novice andeat. Ceng is also seen trying to reach for his sword, but has not yet had time to reach for his sword . champ left many great classics that time i felt i was the protagonist of the world but a car accident changed everything due to that car accident my gaming skills dropped drastically and i couldn't continue my professional career to pay medical fees and heavy fines.

I lowered my self esteem and being a game lever didn't want to submit to my fate but in the end I died like trash and just before dying I can still hear their conversations Hey don't bother calling the doctor just call the funeral home he's dead MD he still has a lot of game materials those that haven't been taken are all gone Should we tell the family of the deceased to take care of compensation compensation compensation compensation does he owe the club a lot of money that's great if he can pay off the debt Haha yes you can but it's a shame he didn't see the day when the debt was paid off it's really sad this guy's champion ever won the world as a gamer he must have no regrets, right, shut up Ceng replied in his heart no regrets, my life is full of regrets. How can I be willing to die in this place, if God is.

Willing to give me another chance, I will definitely control my own destiny and when I have a wish strong to live and managed to grab his sword a system notification pops up saying detect your very strong will of your life god tier evolution system activated this system aims to help you continue to evolve to become the strongest being in this world you are currently in a near death state activated a special gift pack your life value has been recovered your weapon has been increased your attribute value increased by 100% for 30 seconds Hearing that I got up with full power and managed to escape from the Wolf's leg at that moment Jiang Cheng raised his sword and gave a strike to the Zombie Wolf until his head was cut off and screamed in thought I want.

To live on when I beat the Zombie Wolf system notification Appears again and says reinforcement time is over you have killed Walls Zombie Elite leopol 3 get 10 experience points and get 10 evolution points then Jiang Cheng thinks I survive this body is not as bad as you think then the girl behind Chiang Cheng thought the low level Skeleton Knight I summoned How could it be so great and looks like Ceng's current status level 1 raskeleton health 100 magic points 0 attack coins 2 with extra sword bones get extra 3 points so attack power is in 5 defense points one weapon point bonds World initial reinforcement points 100 points Points in evolution 10 of 100 ability points no assist system you need another 90 evolution points.

For your first evolution please get evolution points as soon as possible and the chapter ends

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