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Hello Hello guys, we meet again How are you guys, I hope you are well Mimin will bring you a story from The Iron blooded night romancer has return episode 1 before continuing Mimin Remind that Mimin only tells Mimin according to Mimin's point of view if you want to be clearer Please read the comic on the website or if the comics are available at the nearest store, please buy them as a form of appreciation for the creators and those who have just visited, don't forget to click the subscribe button so you don't miss the latest updates from this channel. And don't forget to leave likes and comments so that this channel develops, the story begins by showing a this red colored planet named Ella this world where blood and wars multiplied it was as if it was part of hell and.

I was forcibly summoned here a world where kill or be killed Don't give up I saw several people dealing with monsters in a city that destroyed and burned until one of the youths managed to stab the monster and two young men looked silent when they looked in the other direction and it turned out that a very large monster had come and the young man was not afraid in the slightest and stood before him and prepared to fight the monster and said come here you are a pest and the young man jumped towards the monster in the end many people died in the battle and the young man was also injured so seriously that he lost one of his hands due to the fight with the big monster and he managed to beat him and that too was paid for by his death because of losing.

A lot of blood but a strange thing happened there was a sound that was heard Kang Hyuk The Paradise of the Dead will be your place to rest and Kang Hyuk woke up and was confused about what was going on the wound he received the lost hand had recovered Kang Hyuk thought I didn't know what's really going on but I'm content to have the power to control the ones I kill the stronger the enemies that attack me the more my supply grows as well the opponents I'm facing are humans but each one of them has very different abilities and finally after 10 years of surviving against enemies with transient dental strength I found a gate between dimensions that moved us to my younger brother who wants to return to earth said let's get together this is all I can do for you the rest is up to you.

Said Kang Hyuk my brother smiled As if he understood me for not answering that's what he always does it was when I was first called kehela or when I lived on earth and now it's been 6 years since my brother came back to earth I've become the strongest necromancer a person who can control death what others fear the lord of death is filled with bloodlust for the living only I'm a human being respected and feared by other necromancers I live here refusing to return to earth this place the world Where can I let go of the desire to kill that I feel on earth this is the only place where I can live since awakening to become a necromancer then the story moves in a palace Dominic Hela sees a Skeleton was sitting in his big chair and there was another Skeleton wearing a.

Cloak and staff said my king I have something urgent to tell you know this Skeleton in robe named descement rodrid a spirit of death speak say the king my king your brother back to earth is gone said Desmond immediately the king looked angry and released his aura and slowly the king revealed his form with a bolt of lightning then the king said Desman he is my king sahuddasmen The king also showed his form it turned out that the king who was called Desman was Kang Hyuk Kang Hyuk said you said my brother died explain everything and desment position in here is as Kang Hyuk's right hand with the power to feel all living souls every basement dimension explained when walking through the shadow of death I pay my respects to the king of.

Hela the one who controls the Demonic palace I watch over the soul of your brother someone who come back to earth as you ordered me long time ago i just confirmed that the connection to soul Your brother on Earth has been cut show me the proof say yuk Yes my raja sahuddasment while showing proof to Kang Hyuk by showing the body shape of his brother and saying all memory will come back to those who saw the death eyes of Kang Hyuk who saw his brother said He's still the same as the last time I saw him even though it's been 6 years . who stood before his brother and said.

Finally he died even though the world's strongest returner couldn't fight us alone as expected if you don't realize your situation even though you are the strongest you will have a miserable death alone now that we killed Kang Min our era will begin according to Desmond, after your brother returned, we measured the soul of every human on Earth. The results showed that your brother has the strongest power on earth, but there are some people who are not as strong as your brother, but are almost similar . this Kang Hyuk continued his words telling the 5 nobles to fulfill my summons the five nobles saw it was known that the five nobles were the 5 strongest Summons who followed me after I released their seal the.

Monsters that ruled The Dark Age of ancient Hella and made their story only after conquering them I was able to break through Dominic palace Hela gargao Kang Hyuk back said Desman you will be here and protect the palace I'm sure there will be people targeting this palace when I'm gone but my king it's dangerous to go alone I will ask for help if needed but I can't take you all you know what I mean say will obey your orders think humans who evolve into powerful destroyers think some of them killed Kang Min they should be nothing more than prey than monsters born is but still managed to kill Kang Min a champion on the battlefield Hella.

While still here with me omo Shiroi I can't wait to fight Mecca human I'm running out of things to kill here and Kang Hyuk remembers the moment where Kang Min before going to earth we fought to occupy this palace Are you sure you just go and come back to earth you realized if you stay we both can be ruler of this world my brother even after what happened you still don't feel any feelings even now Kang Min replied Kang Hyuk thought yes I was born unable to feel or experience emotions like sadness and love I think if that's the determining factor for me to be able to mercilessly cut my enemies and rise up to become the strongest figure in a heave but it doesn't matter sapon Kang Min while hugging Kang Tio I hope you can feel comfortable living on earth One Day.

The earth will be comfortable muttering disbelief and thinking not at school or at work never it feels comfortable the more people there the stronger my desire to kill but Kang Min never understand this feeling because he is normal we can't meet unless you come to earth please think about my brother said Kang Min while saying goodbye to go switch in the present seen basement opened a gate towards the earth Kang Hyuk also walked towards the Gate and thought yes I am Kang Hyung the strongest necromancer Hela the person controlling death the lord of death who thirsts for blood for living things and now I will come to earth for the same thing basement also said my king the gate to earth opened the story moved to the world of earth to be precise in Seoul, South Korea where the weather conditions are currently raining then at.

An intersection of a building a gate appears where kang Tiong comes out of the gate and he says it seems there is no one around here shortly there is a telepath from the basement who says your king return safely to earth Did you tell fifth lord of the basement said Kang Hyuk I have conveyed your order they said they will wait for your call said basement good how much power can be used on earth said kapio no problem for you use full power mana has melted in the atmosphere I will always be the eyes and ears to inform you my king said basement thinking there is one thing i have to remember the earth is no longer the earth i know now it is filled with people who awaken abilities through events 16 years ago now humans i mean Meta.

Humans rule the cities of the world including Seoul as well as various types of monsters and Dungeons that appear right before I was forced to move to Hela and said the association should know about Kang Min's death. Let's visit them. Arriving at the association building, Kang Hyun met someone who escorted him in and told him about his brother, Kang Min, as the strongest Hanta. Kang Min had abundant wealth in his life. so his sudden death has caused unrest in society because No one on earth can inherit his property and assets many see this as an opportunity to get rich by pretending to be the only relative who is rumored to be alive they are out of luck the association has basic information regarding Hunter's older brother Kang mint So.

We did a control test and found that their statements are all wrong if it's true you are your married brother no problem doing a genetic test and they arrived at a laboratory the Youth association resumed his words with which from Hunter we can find out genetic test results very quickly then A nurse said and with this we already know that you are a Meta human who can use mana and also Kang Min's sibling You passed the test and was declared a member of Kang Min's family then the man said Well now it's settled Come on let's go upstairs first I have a lot to talk about basically you are not only the family of the late Kang Min So there's no way I can directly talk here too your clothes are all wet and the man.

Also said to his assistant Hey call the General Affairs Department and tell them to bring A change of clothes to the accident management department and the man's name was known to be Huang from the Hunter association. The accident department. Arriving at the work room, he changed his clothes and Kang Hyuk overheard a conversation between two women who said, Hey, did you hear? Brother from Hunter, Kang Min is here. Kang Min has an older brother. boy you don't know he mentions it occasionally during interviews apparently After he was summoned to another dimension only Kang Min came back while his brother chose Orange Didn't he die how he was still alive there I also don't know Kang Min is quite handsome and also his brother is him handsome but Don't you think he's a little pale How can he be pale He's very charming among Kang Min has a.

Nice body but this guy Looks a bit weak huh He looks like a flower soft and fragile then Huang the work came out of the room and shouted Who's gossiping in the corridor fast and can you both go home both women were surprised to be reprimanded and said OK sir we apologize and immediately went money Sang Wook returned to the room and said I'm sorry about that I reported your arrival to the president of the association and asked for permission to give all the data we have about Kang Min to you, information about hamsters is classified as confidential. Same with information regarding perfect effectiveness, especially delivery such as Kang Min, achievement abilities and missions carried out are all classified as confidential.

Information. will be given to them actually there is still a lot of data about Kang Min but this is what you want Kang Hyuk said Are you keeping my brother under surveillance not answering money Sang Wook is a little exaggerated using the term surveillance even though the association does not monitor power Hunters our Hunters are the core of the nation's power so it's very important to manage we don't monitor our Hunter's personal life because it's very sensitive we only collect basic information Hunters like Kang Min Kang Hyuk thinks what I need is information about Kang Min's guild and the relations he has and said what was the cause of my brother's death explained he was on a large-scale Dungeon mission that required the participation of troops from various.

Countries to conquer appeared this was an unprecedented Raid it involved North Korea Japan Russia America and China Hunter Kang Min managed to kill the boss of the dungeon but he was involved in an unpleasant incident and died Kang Hyuk who listened to the explanation thought no my brother didn't die because of the incident with the guest of the deciation I can see what Kang Min went through before his death he was killed in fact the association doesn't seem to realize that someone manipulated the truth of Kang Min's death huh this is the key to the apartment the address is written here please go around and rest well said the work money while handing over the password Kang Hyuk thought I should find out the cause and left the room without saying anything more money Sang.

Wook thought tsk didn't even thank him he looked low A rank Hunter just because he's a red turner I have to be careful around him though when Kang Min came back to earth he proved that he has this unrivaled power it's known that Kang Hyuk has been summoned together with Kang Min hence There's no doubt that Kang Hyuk also has extraordinary strength Brother of the strongest Hunter in the world who is also a savior of the earth soon not only the Republic of Korea but also the whole world there will be commotion chapter end

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