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Blood Demon It's because of being trapped in the foggy mountains Can't drink human blood, brutally wiped out Wushan Five Elements what a man of justice let it go If you want to seek revenge in the future Come to me though, you.

Will regret thanks a lot Brother Ziye Reckless don't teach people a lesson here I can't even protect my closest relatives what else can you do three years ago you killed my mother and sister Yuan.

Now he almost killed his own brother have you considered your reckless behavior if it will cause any harm to others? Brother Ziye what happened three years ago Are Sister Yuan and my mother really still alive? Yuan Shu i'll take this me And this one too.

Is it worth your joy to go to Chiyan? I've never been out so far Broaden your horizons and increase your knowledge Of course I'm happy This time the patriarch chose you to go to Chiyan I want you to complete the task of seizing the gods not to play Of course I know this I heard that the person who took the séance this time was very talented.

His fire power is too strong unable to control I don't know if I can suppress his ability stay if you are afraid I'm going to ask the patriarch for a replacement right now. sit down sit down sit down sit down This is the patriarch's order we can't defy.

Moreover The task of descending the gods has been given by the Five Elements family over the years not a dangerous task don't worry too much patriarch really Why did they choose you elder brother you've been busy this morning what are you doing.

I wanted to use this fine spirit bamboo Make Shun Shui flute for you Is it a flute that enhances water vapor control in water areas? for me yes But now I'm afraid I won't be able to finish it before you leave. All right when it's done i'll send it to you as soon as possible.

Very good brother is the best time has come time to go As soon as I know- Yuan That guy from the Wenren clan is indeed very powerful be careful thank you bro.

I am leaving I'm so uncomfortable with your tidal air inside me Yuan this is my task no negotiation Yuan did a good job in the trial It seems that the mysterious power in Xuan's body can finally be under control Next I want to move the real pendant.

Be careful Aunt Huo are you ok aunt Huo? Aunt Huo? Don't worry too much, Brother Huo The best elders of the families are treating Aunt Huo it will be fine Her meridians are all burned There is still a lot of flames hidden in the body that cannot be eliminated.

Not long to live how come Is there really no way to heal? Too late Lin I heard that the unicorn scales of the Giant Que Aegis look like shut up why would you bring that up it's a taboo.

Yes aegis Unicorn scales right there is another way brother Huo where are you going brother Huo so.

Did you go to the Giant Que Aegis to save your mother? yes because of your selfishness Unauthorized activation of Aegis Causing chaos in the demon world disrupted the balance of the millennia these three years i have been confessing it's all my fault.

I'm taking the holy beast wait a while night You no longer have the ability to escort the holy beast everything started with me yes I used to be too selfish Willing to go my own way but now Only by sending the holy beast back to Aegis safely.

Only then can Yuan and Lin be rescued maintain balance This is the mission of our Five Elements family Please trust me Brother Ziye midnight leave the holy beast i did not expect He still has this much power hidden.

There are still too many things to deal with in the water seal Can't leave it for too long If can't save Yuan I'll Kill you Thank you Ziye I'm sorry i'll take you home Is mother really alive.

She must be alive That being the case Let's go to Chiyanju to heal first. yes Who is this i didn't guess wrong You should be from the Mu Xingrongcheng family, right? you were hit by the poisonous needle of the burnt tail I'm afraid you'll be paralyzed for a while.

Need not don't worry about me How many Juxian pills are left in the village? There are currently 300 seals in storage In addition, the two hundred pieces brought back by the elder brother who had not sold them before not much left village head sister-in-law Gui what's the matter with you.

Village head The baby's father sent him to Chengshou Hall for treatment a while ago so many days have passed no news at all I have no idea How is he?yes, village head mine too My son has also been cured for several days. Haven't seen each other yet.

My brother has no news did they heal so many days no news Is it hopeless? Yes, mayor take it easy everyone Take it easy The village has recently been attacked by monsters All those who suffer from this disease.

Were moved outside the village To be treated in a safe and hidden place Don't worry too much mom I miss my dad can she go see herfather? Of course not Treatment requires rest how can you talk nonsense.

Besides Lao Qi I understand everyone's feelings of missing relatives But what Lao Qi said just now is correct If indiscriminate disturbance leads to repeated aggravation of the condition it's worth the candle yeah, that's right OK OK go away.

Go away it may not be long it will be cured it seems This batch also failed Dosing intervals cannot be shorter they are worthless Dispose of them Um.

So many people couldn't make it through only her So far the effect is not bad it was a windfall observe for a while If there are no other changes, add the dosage Do you want to try that next time? that's not necessary The quantity is not large and cannot be used at will.

Yes How is the five recovering? almost healed The power has also increased a lot But still can't control need to get used to hey don't tell him beforehand The power of this demon pill is really powerful Ordinary weapons are simply unbearable.

I want to control such power not easy do i really need to rely on it Fifth Uncle it's me It's you what do you want me for Fifth Uncle please take me as your apprentice.

Teach me how to fight why apprenticeship Me and my brother Hadan dependent on each other since childhood However, monsters invaded Danzi died because of this I couldn't protect him Uncle Wu please teach me martial arts He learns to avenge his younger brother.

It can also help the village resist foreign enemies Sixth brother is dead The young men in the village also lost a lot If the monster strikes again I'm afraid it won't last long Currently lacking combat power might as well try it get up Let's see how qualified you are.

Make another decision Thank you Uncle Wu I have a total of 16 types of guns Thirty-two ways to kill hidden dragon crouching tiger unpredictable want to understand the essence no easy task Don't worry.

I will do my best follow me yes Fifth Uncle These few days There has been some gossip in the village Said Juxianwan Yes, it's made of the blood of that little monster That's why the villagers were demonized.

What do you think It's impossible Xiao Anyuan took Juxian Pills for her previous thin disease Sheshe did not demonize Dao,is it Juxianwan? There are two more Fifth Uncle stop talking nonsense Fifth Uncle.

How are you so strong I exposed I can't breathe, I'm out of breath Uncle Wu Wu your face Did you take Juxian Wan too? no more nonsense or i'll take your life.

I know is this The power of Juxian pills This demonic power can easily confuse people's minds use it with caution where are we I feel getting closer no more.

I can't move anymore I haven't walked so much in three years I'm exhausted feed the stinky duck Can you do it this way? do not trust me you can find it yourself etc. Take me to this deep mountain forest.

It can't be that there are some plans for me, right? you Is there a misunderstanding about a duck? You ducks are talking what is impossible Who knows what you originally looked like, duck spirit The little unicorn should be hiding somewhere nearby It's hard to find it exactly All right.

Next I have no choice but to use my unique secret technique these are herbs never seen I picked it up on my way They are all rare species unique to Wushan what to do with these herbs Legend has it that unicorns like to eat a kind of Grass jelly called Cha Su Yu.

But this grass Mostly grows on the Que Aegis It's impossible to find but we can use these herbs Deploy a tea-like scent ohh i see self-evident Use this scent to attract the little unicorn.

Oh yes This way we can save a lot of effort quietly waiting Xiao An pick up some twigs We found a place near a water source Fire Pharmaceuticals okay done.

Why are there three bottles of potion After reading various ancient books I found that there are three descriptions of the smell of tea leaves just in case I prepared three potions with different scents sinking fish and wild goose Biyuexiuhua Qingguo Qingcheng As expected of Mr. Water Crown.

I didn't expect you to have such a high attainment in medicinal materials It will work this time alright less gossip let's try it first bottle sinking fish and wild goose what flavor did you use disgusting.

Failed Let's use the second bottle in another place Beautiful scenery good, right here It won't be a problem this time rest assured Biyuexiuhua ahsmell good.

The moon really hides like something is coming Is it a little unicorn? take it easy this flower is run fast Look at what your potion has attracted You can't go wrong with this recipe.

Must be an accident catch up Find a way to get rid of it have sinking fish and wild goose I can't run anymore nothing more than three I believe this last bottle must succeed.

Whatever you want I don't have any hope Qingguo I haven't opened the lid yet Qingguo Qingcheng nothing happened You read wild ancient books, right? Appeared let's catch up.

Let's go quietly catch it together take advantage of now caught it where are you running like Not quite right i believed you rotten duck Why is it happening like that.

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