Episode fifty three Xmas Silent Nitgh Animation Classic Comic strip for Child#anime 平安夜的圣诞老人 倉鼠樂園 兒童卡通 動畫

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See if I look like Santa Claus. The princess doesn't think so at all. I heard that the Christmas Eve ball in the forest today is very fun . Maybe I can meet my prince. There must be a lot of delicious food at the ball . Let's go quickly. Will the director agree to going out to play at night.

? Uh , I think the director will… disagree with the director. On Christmas Eve, let’s go out and play. The dance in the happy forest is said to be very exciting and there are many animals participating . It’s because there are many animals participating . If there is any danger,.

It will be terrible. I am so disappointed. I want to play Santa Claus and dance for everyone. My Christmas dinner is gone, and I can’t see my prince . Well, this is good news, good news, the annual.

Christmas Eve party in the Happy Forest will start at 8 o'clock this evening. According to the custom, all the animals on Christmas Eve will be put down to hunt and have a happy and peaceful Christmas Eve. Happy and peaceful Christmas Eve . Director, you listen to everything today Stop hunting the animals, don't worry now, I forgot to have this custom,.

It seems that I am really old haha ​​Director , you can rest assured, let us go out to play at night , but you still have to be careful, it is best to be in I know you have to come back before 12 o’clock. The director, I’m waiting for you to come back safely, Shrik. I didn’t catch the hamster today.

The boss will definitely get angry again. We’re going to be kicked again. What should I do ? It’s not the first time I’ve been kicked by the boss. I'm afraid the boss wants us to work overtime at night to catch hamsters. Good news. Good news. The annual Christmas Eve party in Happy Forest will start at 8:00 tonight.

According to the custom, all the animals on Christmas Eve will stop hunting and have a happy and peaceful Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve. It’s great to let the animals stop hunting. I don’t need to work overtime. I’m going to sleep tonight. Why do you have to attend the dance because you want to catch hamsters.

? Do you understand ? But the boss is Christmas Eve and can’t have any hunting behavior, you idiot , you can catch hamsters after 12 o’clock Merry Christmas? I heard that Santa Claus will come to give you gifts at 12 o’clock.

I’m so looking forward to it. Everyone, let’s make a wish. Okay, wow , Santa Claus, have you come to give us gifts? But you Why do you want to hide? Create new subtitles.

Hehehe … I didn't expect this trick to catch hamsters is really effective. I want a lot of delicious food here . There is also a small hamster here , although it is small , don't waste it all together Catch it back and give it to the boss.

This pack of hamsters is the best Christmas present for the boss. Haha, does Santa Claus want to hide here to surprise us ? Haha, I found you. Hurry up and give me presents . Our wish is really useful, Santa Claus really is Here comes.

Santa Claus , I want a basket of radishes , please give it to me, I want a lot of delicious food, please give it to me, I want a toy car, my son likes toy cars the most , give it to me, I think You want a sports car.

, you are so noisy, Santa Claus , let them all go back to sleep, in order to maintain a sense of mystery, according to the custom , I will give out gifts when everyone is asleep, go back to sleep, remember to hang a large Christmas stocking.

By the bed this year Oh , really, of course, can I, Santa, still lie? That’s great ! These animals are so obedient, and those fools are so easy to lie. They still believe in the legend of Santa Claus. I.

Knew about Santa Claus half a year ago. It’s fake, what is that, Santa Claus , you look more like me than me, and the props are well prepared. You pretend to be me to do bad things and destroy my image in everyone’s mind. You are so disgusting. What are you doing? It's true…

Santa Claus has a very strong wish waiting for me to make it look like I have to make a move today oops just forgot to make a wish The Christmas gift I hope to receive is… oops it turns out Santa Claus It's interesting that the legend.

Has such a long history. I don't know if it's true . Oh, the hamsters haven't come back so late. I'm also trying to make a wish to Santa Claus. I hope the hamsters don't encounter any danger and come back safely . It's the best for me. This is the Christmas present. Oh,.

It’s great that you’re finally back. Why do n’t you have my present? I’ve already given you the best present, Director. What’s the best present you’ve received ? You … you just leave me like this Christmas presents and don't give me a Christmas.

Gift , what kind of Santa Claus is there really is a present ah wow it's a bomb oh hoo hoo… merry christmas merry christmas

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