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Do you know how scary it is when a zombie starts to discipline itself? His name is Jiang Si. Age unknown He doesn't know when he became a zombie He only remembers the first day of the zombie outbreak Too late to escape, he became one of them After that, he followed his own kind around Until one day Humans appear with guys that glow blue.

From then on the zombie army was routed Some of the zombies were enslaved by humans and turned into perpetual motion machines Jiang Si doesn't understand why the zombies have to eat people And I don't understand why humans have to kill all the zombies But he knew If you want to live, you have to get stronger And from that day onwards Jiang Si began his life of self-discipline Swimming around the Earth every day.

Lifting weights several million times a day continuously Even the protein powder is eaten as food Even exercising with the TV at night That's it Jiang Si became bald and strong at the same time But despite this He still wants to be friends with humans To be able to realize this dream He has rescued human cubs from fires.

He even avoided a major disaster by catching a plane with his bare hands In the face of a fast-moving train He also needed just one punch to solve the problem To get along better with humans He gathered all the zombies into an abandoned city and asked them to feed on eggs every day However, on this day Jiang Si was buying eggs in the supermarket when he found out that his little brother had become a wanted man again Meanwhile, two journalists are taking pictures.

It turns out that they didn't believe that Jiang Si was capable of lifting a plane with his bare hands But the next second They were stunned by the scene before them They saw Jiang Si lifting trucks weighing tens of tons Then it was a jump in place And in an instant, the truck broke through the atmosphere. After having travelled halfway around the world Jiang Si finally arrived in his own territory The crowd of zombies was thrilled to see this scene.

But the two zombie cubs next to him asked Why don't you bring the truck over, my lord Uh~ that~ I don't actually have a driving licence Jiang Si answers the question awkwardly and then goes to the gathering place of the minions And by now the various zombie elites inside were already waiting a bit impatiently But as soon as Jiang Si opened the door The boys still rushed to stand in two rows At this point Jiang Si slapped the wanted notice on Dog and said.

Dog, what's going on? Why are you wanted by humans again? Dog was in a cold sweat at his words Then he explained fearfully I can't control myself when it comes to humans At this point Blacky, who was next to me, also said Although our zombie territory is still expanding indefinitely but we've changed capitals several times to avoid the humans Saw even suggested the idea of a war with humans.

It's been so long, my chainsaw is getting rusty But just as Jiang Si was about to give them a lecture on the horrors of the human race There was a sudden “boom” in the sky It turned out that human fighters had come over them at some point and the commander inside at that moment was a wonderfully handsome woman The president of the fighter plane was looking at the data on the screen and pondering At this moment, two subordinates reported Everything is ready for action The girl asked with a slight sideways glance: Where's the goods?.

It turned out that the warplane had a heavyweight nuclear bomb on board Come on. I'm going to level this place in 20 minutes. And at this point The zombies below have sensed the crisis The light in Saw's eyes shone brightly He shouted that he was going to fight them But then Jiang Si stopped him. No, you'll lose control when you get close to humans.

It is better to evacuate the area with the citizens first As for the humans, leave it to me. It didn't take long Several armed trucks also slowly drove into the area Their task was to search for survivors on the ground. And that's when The hatch of the fighter jet in the air suddenly opened And there was a young man with white hair in full armour standing in the middle He wasn't afraid of the hordes of zombies below.

Instead, he threatened to kill all the zombies here. Meanwhile, in another place A man in a white coat is staring at the screen in front of him Ming, that seems to be someone from the Academy for Abnormal Human Beings The man heard this and said with a slight tilt of his mouth Then let's play with them And with that he pressed a red button In the next second An iron cage full of humans falls from the sky.

It finally landed slowly in the middle of the zombie horde At the same time The search and rescue team also received a message from the human rescue team They then slowly pressed on with firepower But then a red-haired woman suddenly shouted Why can't that zombie be killed? Looking in the direction she's pointing And there were two zombie cubs cuddled together, shivering And the one in front of them was Jiang Si.

Suddenly A yellow man raised his bazooka and took aim With a “swoosh” The rocket was fired towards Jiang Si at a very high speed. Just for a moment And he was surrounded by a violent explosion and fire However, at that moment someone reminded Yellow Hair that We seem to have bombed the wrong person The man in the zombie mask seems to be an unnatural human being who has just recently come to prominence.

The yellow hair who saw this scene was confused I can't believe I blew up the wrong person But as the white smoke slowly cleared but Jiang Si was standing there intact He rubbed his head in confusion At this point The president on the fighter suddenly spotted the zombie boss So she instructed Xiao Wu to go to B to block it As she gave the order.

Xiao Wu then immediately leapt from the 100-metre high fighter plane Do you know how scary it is for a zombie to discipline itself? Not only can they catch a falling plane with their bare hands He can also hammer a speeding train with one punch He was even unharmed when he faced a rocket fired by a human But when he was confronted by a girl, he was in a cold sweat Just a few minutes ago As rescue teams began to evacuate survivors The white-robed man in some room was about to start getting ready to make things happen again.

Ming, I didn't think they'd pull the civilians out It seems you can't underestimate them Hearing this The man smiled with a slight sideways glance Well, let's give them something interesting. The green-haired man immediately understood Then under his control One of the zombies in the herd suddenly underwent a horrific mutation. Just a little while later.

He had already turned into a licking monster who had lost his mind. This change also attracted the attention of the zombies in the distance But just at that moment The yellow hair of the search and rescue team suddenly sprinted While Jiang Si was still confused He picked him up and ran towards his caravan. And as he ran, he chanted I saved your life. After he threw Jiang Si into the car, he hurriedly urged the driver to run.

That's it. The boss of the zombie was successfully rescued On the road The girl asked him why he was wearing a zombie mask all the time Jiang Si feels embarrassed I don't know how to answer And at this point The other side of the search and rescue team started to run into trouble Only to see the mutated zombie lifting a bus.

And then threw it violently towards them But then Xiao Wu appeared in time He cut the bus in half with just one slash. The crowd cheered at the sight of this scene Great! It's Xiao Wu from the Academy Knife Club! Now we're saved! Xiao Wu told them to take the civilians away first He'll take care of the rest. At this point the zombies suddenly burst out with a tearing roar.

Xiao Wu seemed to feel as if he was in pain. Then the moment the zombies pounced on him Xiao Wu pulled the knife out of his hand. It's just a simple draw and chop. And the zombie's body was cracked. And then it shattered into countless pieces with a “bang”. And yet Just when he thought he could call it a day early Suddenly a sound of footsteps interrupted his thoughts.

Xiao Wu looked in the direction of the sound It turned out that Jiang Si had come to the side of the zombie at some point I'm sorry, I'm late after all. Hearing this Xiao Wu immediately put him in the zombie category And then he brought up his knife and slashed at Jiang Si. But the next second he was naked and hanging from a telephone pole. Meanwhile The short-haired girl on the plane also noticed the anomaly.

Oh no, Xiao Wu's vitals are dropping. The president who heard this was also stunned Xiao Wu was defeated. Damn, the civilians haven't all been evacuated yet. There's no way to strike with a nuclear bomb. Then she was seen to move slightly The next second she was already flashing down from the fighter plane This man was stripped naked and hung on a telephone pole the first time he went into battle to round up walkers Jiang Si was looking puzzled when.

There was another figure in the air that came in a hurry It was their commander who came She quickly drew her sword from her waist. And then she hit Jiang Si with a white blade slash But the next second The indestructible sword shattered The president who saw this scene was in disbelief And on the other hand, Jiang Si was just dumbfounded at the moment At this point the girl's eyes were slightly stunned.

What the hell is this thing? Then he hurriedly jumped back and pulled away from him by several meters Jiang Si looked at the girl who came out of nowhere He was a little embarrassed Then he rushed to explain I~ I already apologized earlier The girl was shocked to hear the zombie speak. But a zombie is a zombie after all The girl then immediately pulled out a second knife.

Come on, let's see what you're capable of At this moment, Jiang Si is also very depressed Can't you humans just listen to what I have to say? As his words fell The girl was already dashing towards him with a knife But the blow didn't hit him. She didn't expect to miss with the speed she was so proud of. Immediately after another 360-degree rotation She used her strongest move, the “Red Blade Slash”.

Just for a moment. Those swept by the red light were cut in two Not even the buildings on either side were spared. But with such a killing blow Jiang Si dodged it with a simple bend. Damn, how dare you provoke me like that! I'm going to kill you today! At the same time The survivors around us are almost done evacuating.

Even Xiao Wu, who had been knocked out by Jiang Si, got on the bus. Then the assistant on the fighter plane hastily called the president Hurry back and evacuate. but she was in the middle of a fight with Jiang Si, and she didn't have time to think about that. And Jiang Si is also helpless at this moment Why is this woman so troublesome? It turns out that the girl was going crazy because she couldn't touch Jiang Si's clothes all the time. Just a few moments They've crossed half the city.

Seeing that he couldn't catch up with Jiang Si The girl immediately activated her second form A large amount of white gas suddenly emerged from her lower legs And when the charge was complete, she ejected like a sword. In an instant, she was behind Jiang Si. And then she used her best move In just a few moments they both landed at the same time So guess what Jiang Si will be hurt by her move?.

Just now This girl thought she'd taken care of the zombies While in contact with the fighter plane The mysterious forces on the other side are going to start doing things again They have a spy on the girl's side. And just when everyone was cheering that they had been successfully saved The spy on the fighter suddenly turned on the nuclear launcher And then he pressed it without hesitation. As the “click” sounded.

The next second the heavyweight nuclear bomb fell from the plane. At this time the spy in the cabin has been controlled by the other two But when they reported the news out Everyone had a look of fear Looking at the nuclear bomb that was plummeting. And the girl started to panic. She then hurriedly opened the ejection mechanism and tried to jump back into the fighter But the next second she was frozen in place. She had just used up all her energy fighting with Jiang Si.

Just when the girl didn't know what to do At this point Jiang Si suddenly came in front of her with a flash Before she could react Jiang Si grabbed her and spun her around on the ground The next second the girl was thrown into the sky And finally landed precisely on top of her fighter It took her a while to get over it. Suddenly.

She was horrified to think that the zombie was still alive By this time, the nuclear bomb was less than 1,000 meters above the ground. However, Jiang Si was not going to escape. He lifted his foot and stomped hard. The next second the ground began to crumble with him as the center And Jiang Si flew into the air like a cannonball. For the sake of his own people. He rushed to the nuclear bomb with determination. And just as he was about to touch the bomb.

Jiang Si reached out his hand and held it tight With a “bang” He hammered the warhead of a nuclear bomb. The people who saw this scene had an incredulous look on their faces. But the next second A loud boom instantly followed the world As a huge mushroom cloud rose up Jiang Si was completely lost in the flames. I don't know how long has passed.

After the flames slowly died out in the ruins The girl on the fighter, however, suddenly showed a look of horror Just because they saw a figure falling from the sky Jiang Si raised his hand and scratched his head and thought Damn, it's time to spend money on clothes again This day he was working out at home The door was kicked open with a snap. The next thing you know, she's telling him to go to some non-human academy without a word. So it started a few days ago.

When Jiang Si was worried about having no clothes to wear The commander on the warplane, however, became depressed What's wrong with the president? How did you become so decadent? You'd better stop. The president has been fighting zombies all his life But now she was saved by a zombie No one can be happy in this mood, right? However, at that moment, another subordinate suddenly shouted: President.

You seem to have made a mistake Just see her take the zombie information and go up and explain This guy is not a zombie. He's the latest unnatural human who likes to wear a zombie mask Hearing this The girl's face was suddenly as gloomy as if she wanted to eat someone The next day, a figure in tattered clothes came to the human city Jiang Si hurriedly teleported to the phone booth After he learned that the minions had been safely evacuated.

That was a relief. But he didn't know… All his movements in the city were recorded by the cameras Just as he was returning naked to his rented room The girl on the other side then spotted him through the surveillance At this point, it seems that Jiang Si also felt that he was being watched And looking at the naked Jiang Si The girl at the moment was also full of black lines This day Jiang Si was working out as usual.

But when I think of the little brothers who are still displaced Jiang Si couldn't help but think I don't know if they've settled in yet And yet, just at that moment His door was suddenly kicked open. It was the girl he had saved. And as soon as she entered, she ordered her men to start moving things around. And while Jiang Si was still confused The girl suddenly took out a letter of admission and put it in front of him.

We're from the Academy for Abnormal Humans I now inform you that you have been accepted From now on you are a member of our faculty After she said that, she fingered Jiang Si Several men in suits got the order and instantly came forward But then Jiang Si hurriedly protested to What are you doing here? Can a zombie also go to school? And yet the girl insisted that he was just a human wearing a zombie mask.

Thus, poor Jiang Si was forcibly enrolled in the Academy for Abnormal Humans. At this point the red-haired girl said: President It's not good for us to recruit people privately like this, right? And the college dormitory is full now, too. Hearing that The president thought for a moment and then said Then let him live with me first What kind of sparks will come out of a zombie living with a human? Looking at the girl in front of me.

At this moment, Jiang Si was in a daze He saw that the woman didn't say anything for half a day Jiang Si asked tentatively: That Am I going to live here from now on? And where will I sleep? What? Is there a problem? Or do you want to sleep with me? Hearing this Jiang Si hastily waved his hand to show that he didn't mean that.

But in fact his heart is still more or less fantasy But then the girl turned to him and said You can stay in the guest room next door from now on. Hearing this Jiang Si said with some loss at once You may have made a mistake. I'm not actually human. The girl didn't answer when she heard the words Instead, she pounded her calves.

Just when Jiang Si was looking puzzled The girl actually removed her calf And then began to explain unhurriedly I cut these legs off myself. It turns out that when the girl was small Because of the zombie wave that broke out in the village Not only did the girl's parents turn into zombies but they also bit her on the calf The girl was trying to survive.

She had to choose to cut off her own legs And she killed her parents who had turned into zombies with her own hands And from that moment on The girl swore: whenever she met a zombie Then she would kill every one of them. Hearing this Jiang Si hurriedly held back the truth that he was a zombie At this point the girl looked at Jiang Si and asked What did you just want to say?.

That… You must have misheard me. I didn't say anything. To ease the embarrassment Jiang Si hurriedly changed the subject again and asked What is this Institute for Abnormal Humans that you're talking about? The girl smiled and did not continue to pursue the topic just now Instead, she began to talk about the history of the college for Jiang Si. It turns out that it's been over 1000 years since the zombie outbreak For the betterment of humanity.

The government created the Institute for Abnormal Humans And this academy was designed to train people to deal with zombies. Hearing this Jiang Si couldn't help but remember what he looked like when he became a zombie He didn't realize that he was now 1,000 years old At this point the girl spoke again and said Tomorrow is the time to register for the academy If you dare to escape.

I'll make sure I even find out what color your underwear is. And my name is Zi Ling. Tomorrow, the Xiao Xiao that you know will show you the way Hearing this, Jiang Si was baffled: Xiao Xiao? Do I know this human? At this point, Jiang Si was confused So much so that he didn't even hear the girl next to him greeting him Now Xiao Xiao is anxious She then turned to Jiang Si and began to criticize.

Then after dropping the phrase “We'll have to do the test later” and she walked into the academy in a huff. Seeing this, Jiang Si hurriedly ran all the way to catch up and asked: That Do you have to take a test to get into this school? So this academy is full of students with special abilities. And if the test is not up to par The college will not admit you Soon they arrived at the place where the new students were tested At that moment, hundreds of people were already gathered in the square.

And these new students taking the test are all different from each other Because there were so many new students in the square Xiao Xiao had to ride on Jiang Si's head to observe At this point Jiang Si asked curiously I've lifted planes in front of humans before Does that mean i don't have to take the test? And yet Xiao Xiao told him The ability to lift planes and such is only very common here And.

The teachers at the college don't even read the news Suddenly, a crippled old man slowly approached the lectern Hello, everyone, I'm your examiner this time You can also call me “Chen”, the president of the sports club. The college has been around for hundreds of years. During this period We have produced a variety of talents I hope that you will train as hard as your predecessors Become a good trainee.

Yet his words were not yet finished Jiang Si in the crowd suddenly asked: “President What if there is a zombie mixed in with the students? Of course, I'll take it apart. And cut off the penis in public Hearing this, Jiang Si felt a chill in his lower body Next it was time for the test The first test was a speed contest With a gunshot from the examiner.

In the next second, the cadets rushed out like swords Just three seconds. They actually ran two and a half laps. And Jiang Si, who was still on the track at the moment, was in a daze Soon we came to the second level This time the test item was shooting Xiao Xiao lifted his gun in a handsome manner Several bullets were fired instantly In the next second.

All the zombie heads on the target are hit on the ground The zombie who saw this scene was silly How am I supposed to shoot this?

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