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The One Piece Live Action has been made witha massive amount of care and passion. The writers and staff members are every bitas much of a fan as you are, and a great way in how they expressed that love for the seriesis by the sheer massive amount of hidden easter eggs, references, and lore allusions thatare scattered across the entire Live Action. A long time ago I made a promise with theproducer of the show that when it released, I would do a complete analysis of all theeaster eggs I could find, so with that said, here are all the easter eggs in the One PieceLive Action! But before that, I wanna tell you about mynewest project I created, being the Library of Ohara Globe Plush!.

I teamed up with Makeship to create a plushiethat would be emblematic of this beautiful world, rich with detail from all the iconicplaces from the story, ranging from things like all of East Blue, to a fluffy Skypiea,Long Ring Long Land, Sabaody, Tequila Wolf, Zou, Totland, Egghead, and so much more tolook for! I worked closely with Makeship for severalmonths carefully referencing Oda’s original sketches to ensure that this globe could beas closely accurate to canon as possible, making it the perfect gift for yourself orany fan! The plushie is available to order on Makeship.comfor 29,99 with a flat shipping rate of only 9 bucks, shipping anywhere in the world nomatter where you are!.

However, this plush will only be availableto order for the next three weeks, and after that it will be gone FOREVER! So if you want this, don’t wait and makesure to order yours right now! Once again, find the link in the descriptionbelow to get your very own Library of Ohara globe! EPISODE 1 – Starting off on the map from the Openingnarration, you can spot Roger’s ship, the Oro Jackson- Across the Grand Line you can spot a Sea King as well as a Sea Cow that looks a lotlike Mohmoo.

– You can also spot the outline of the islandsof Jaya and the outline of Alabasta with its great Shandora River- Just barely cut off close to Alabasta we can see the Boin Archipelago, where Usoppspent his time during the time skip – On the East Blue itself, we can spot severalislands. Outside of those the Straw Hats visit on theirjourney, there’s Shimotsuki Village, where Zoro’s village is located- Sixis Island, the island where Ace first landed in his adventures- Kumate Island, where a tribe of cannibals captured Buggy’s crew during his cover story- Mirror Ball Island from Jango’s Cover Story- The Oykot Kingdom, where Nami was born.

– Cozia, the island that Germa invaded duringSanji's flashback – And a drawing of the island with the BigBird from Buggy’s cover story – During Roger’s execution, Dragon can bespotted wearing his green cloak – Mihawk can obviously be also seen, but youcan also notice his iconic ship later among the several boats- Young Smoker can also be seen, as can a young Shanks and barely a young Buggy- A certain Crocodilish woman can also be seen… could it really be or is it just a harmlessjoke? – One of the pirates running out of the plazacan be seen carrying a Crimin star on their.

Clothing- On the barrel on Luffy’s ship you can see a label of Gyoru’s business. Gyoru was the fishmonger from Foosha Villagefrom whom Luffy always got seafood and his face can even be seen on the barrel’s labelitself – On the newspaper the News Coo carries, youcan very briefly see the text “War continues on Broc Coli Island”, making reference tothe 2 year war on Broc Coli that the Vinsmokes put an end to at the start of Whole Cake Island- The cannonballs on Alvida's ship have hearts on them and explode into glitter- On Alvida's crew we see named characters Heppoko, Peppoko, and Poppoko- But we also see a pirate with a viking helmet,.

Who happens to be the pirate from the crewwho in the anime Nami kicked in the nuts – One of the sailors mentions Zoro bookeda passage to Sixis Island. Sixis is the deserted island where Ace firstshipwrecked after leaving Foosha Village in the Ace novel. The joke is that Sixis is a deserted island,meaning Zoro has no idea where he's going – Beyond Beckman, Lucky Roux, and Yasopp,we can also spot the other members of the Red-Haired Pirates, such as Lime juice, Hongo,Bonk Punch, “Howling” Gab, and Building Snake – On the box containing the Gomu Gomu no Miis a Marine symbol. This is foreshadowing to indicate that itwas being transported by Marines and Chipher.

Pol agents before Shanks stole it from them- On the box of matchsticks Zoro uses, there's the writing “Beast of Baltimore” with a tigeron it. This is an easter egg to the Beast of BaltimoreIncident when Franky set himself on fire by accident while wearing a tiger rug- As you may already know, this Mr. 7 is the previous holder of the position who, as wasbriefly alluded to in the manga and Oda explained in an SBS, came to recruit Zoro in the pastbut was killed by him after Zoro asked he wanted to be the boss of the group. This is referenced in this scene with Zoromentioning the number one position, unaware of the moment that the boss is Mr. 0, butit also works as nice foreshadowing of his.

Eventual duel against Mr. 1- During the scene with Shanks and Luffy, you can hear Binks's Sake playing in the background- This could be a coincidence, but one of the characters seen at Party's Bar looks alot like an early draft version of Dadan, who was originally a man with goggles- On the bottle Shanks is holding, you can see the writing “Dawn Island Rum”, which isthe name of Luffy's island, showing it to be local produce- When Koby asks Luffy if he can navigate he picks his nose- The ones saving Nami are based on the Tightrope Walking Funan Bros. from Buggy's crew, asthe scene obviously takes from Nami's introduction later in the manga- Nami's outfit in her introduction is based.

On an early concept design of hers from beforethe series even started – On Nami's notebook, there's actually a sketchof the Wano Country – As well as a sketch of what looks to beone of the underwater ruins Jinbe found – At Shells Town, as you may have noticedin the trailer, you can spot Bellamy, Foxy, and Cavendish's wanted posters- But you can also make out the poster of Jango. All of these posters are identical to theircanon manga counterparts – Not only do we see little girl Rika andher onigiri appear, but also her mother Ririka serving in the restaurant- The Marine who arrested Morgan in the manga,.

Ripper, also makes a brief cameo in the bar- On one of the barrels in the back, the writing “Mikio Itoo” can be read. This is a reference to Mikio Itoo, an oldcolleague of Oda who Oda snuck into the manga as an easter egg, being found as a brand ofalcohol on Shanks's bottle in Chapter 1 and on the Volume 1 cover- The Marine Nami ends up knocking out was confirmed by the actor to be Ukkari, the sameMarine who accidentally scratched Morgan's statue in the manga. His name means “clumsy”, as indicated hereby how many times he gets done in by Nami – On the lamp, there's the writing “Food Foo”,which is the name of the establishment where.

Luffy and Koby ate- The sign found near Zoro's cross is the same one Helmeppo points to in the manga toRika, with the same exact writing – The map Nami pulls out has the writing “EastBlue Section: Organ Islands” – Nami mentions being a transfer from the77th Branch. This is the same branch Pudding Pudding pertainedto, who attacked Arlong during Arlong Park – The teddy bear Helmeppo covers himself withis designed to have hair like him – In Helmeppo's room is a depiction of theBezan Black, Captain Kuro's ship. This is likely here due to Morgan’s obsessionwith having defeated Captain Kuro – The statues in Morgan's office are a referenceto the statue he tried to erect in the manga.

– The safe in Morgan's office is in the shapeof the World Government logo – A Baroque Works calling card can be seenon Garp's desk. As he later mentions, they were trying tohunt leads of Baroque Works in East Blue – Kong can be seen and mentioned in the mapin the credits EPISODE 2 – The bottle reads “Old Cactus Whiskey”, whichmight be a reference to Whiskey Peak on Cactus Island. The writing also reads “Bottled in Loguetown”
-On the counter, you can see a bottle of “Rum Clement”, a reference to a brand of alcoholseen in the anime.

– Makino makes mention of the myth of “MotherOcean”, or “Mother Sea”, the figure Vegapunk would reference many chapters later as beingthe one that cursed Devil Fruit users
- Inside the safe, outside of the map and apaper saying “Absolute Justice”, is a poster of Kuro, as Morgan was obsessed over his victoryover him
- Interestingly, a Baroque Works calling card can also be seen. Maybe he was after them just like Garp
-In this scene, Luffy is wearing a shirt taken from Chapter 198's color spread- The writing on the back of Luffy's shirt though, saying “Marvelous Noon”, is takenfrom the shirt Shanks is wearing in Chapter 28's color spread- Buggy mentions a dancing lion missing, which.

Refers to the absence of Richie. Richie can however actually be seen drawnon a screen in a later scene – As can be seen a collage of several of theBuggy Pirates taken straight from the manga – Cabaji mentions Zoro hunting him down acrossthe Goa Kingdom, referring to Luffy's home Kingdom
- Shushu makes a small cameo atthe end with the villagers alongside mayor Boodle- Woop Slapp also makes a cameo during Luffy's flashback- As well as who might be the fishmonger Chiken – One of the crates next to Luffy has thewriting “Shipwright Tools Galley La Co.” – And finally, when Shanks gives his hat toLuffy, a remix of Memories can be heard in.

The background EPISODE 3- On the signboard at Syrup Village in Usopp's flashback, there's a news pamphlet saying”Actress Tragically Dies On Stage – Victoria Cindry”, a clear reference to the characterlater involved in the Thriller Bark Arc – The person who scolds Usopp is Mornin, themayor of Syrup Village from the manga – The building behind Usopp has the writing”Meshi”. This refers to the restaurant where Luffy,Zoro, and Nami ate in the manga – Nami is using glasses when reading the map,as she is slightly farsighted in canon – While the outfit she's wearing is takenfrom Chapter 28's color spread.

– On the other hand Luffy's outfit is basedon Volume 11's cover – And Zoro’s outfit is also similarly takenfrom Volume 11 – When Luffy first meets the Going Merry,he feels the ship can speak to him, which is an obvious nod to the Klabautermann
-The gardens around Kaya's mansion feature several bushes trimmed to look like the animalsfrom Rare Animal Island, Gaimon's homeland – Usopp makes mention of the giant goldfishstory he mentioned in the manga, which referenced the Island Eater found near Little Garden
-Luffy's outfit during Kaya's party is taken from the Red Databook volume cover, whichwas originally a Shonen Jump cover and also made its way into one of the anime endings- Instead, Zoro and Usopp's are taken from.

The Volume 7 cover
- Nami's Chinese dressis instead taken from the Chapter 32 cover – Usopp lies about slaying a dragon and eatingit over an open flame, which is a reference to when he would do that alongside Luffy,Zoro, and Robin at Punk Hazard later in the series, in an allusion to how many of Usopp’slies become reality
- The penguin statues seen in Kaya's mansion are based on thosefrom Chapter 17's cover – Zoro makes mention of the Funky Bar on Mirrorballisland, referencing the location of Jango's cover story, which might be why he might bementioning it in connection with Kuro – In Kaya's cellar, one of the barrels hasthe mark “dessee” on it. This is the same brand of wine Doflamingoused to drink.

– The bottle Zoro picks up reads as “IthürzburgerStein”, which is referencing the wine that Fullbody mentioned in the original manga duringthe Baratie arc, a wine from Micqueot in the North Blue, as can be read on the label. Fullbody described the wine as “sour and dry”,which can be read on the label as well EPISODE 4 – During Zoro's flashback, the Shimotsukiclan's logo can be seen on the banners in the background, as well as on their outfits- In memory of Kuina are three cups of sake, perhaps a reference to the offering Sabo madeto Ace's grave – Zoro trying to climb out of the well islikely an allusion to the proverb of the Frog.

In the Well Mihawk mentioned- Buchi tries to stomp Zoro, which is a referenceto his move “Cat the Funjyatta” that he uses in the original story- In Kaya's mansion, a painting of the Oro Jackson as well as an Elbaf drakkar can bespotted – Whereas on the roof are depictions of severalsea beasts – Zoro's outfit at the end of Syrup Villageis based on his outfit on the color spread of Chapter 28 EPISODE 5 – The Baratie has a lighthouse at the topof it.

This is in reference to the fact that theBaratie was meant to serve as a place for starving folks at sea to be rescued, so thelighthouse helps bring people to it – Luffy's outfit this arc is based on hisappearance in Chapter 28's color spread – Usopp's outfit is taken from the Vol. 8special color spread – Nami's outfit is derived from her outfitin the arc, but also seen in other color spreads – The paintings inside the Baratie depictseveral locations from around the story. On one of them is Rare Animal Island, uponwhich if you look really closely, you can even spot a green-haired afro man, evidentlyGaimon – In another, you can see the Sabaody Archipelagowith all its bubbles.

– One another showcases a Great King Squid,the animal that the Straw Hats ran into inside Laboon- While another showcases a Sea Lion like the one seen in Fishman Island- The one behind the Straw Hats depicts Foolshout Island- Whereas the one adjacent to them shows Kyuuka Island, even showcasing the pterodactyl fromMiss Goldenweek's cover story – Inside the kitchen can be seen a bunch ofdrawings depicting how to cook different creatures. This includes several One Piece creaturessuch as a wild boar, tomahawk spiney lobster, sea cow, panda shark, tyrannosaurus rex, andelephant tuna – This latter fish is the one that Sanji boughtat Loguetown, which he also uses in his dish.

He's cooking in this scene- This dish itself is also taken directly from the official Sanji's cookbook- The menu on the wall also mentions the elephant tuna and the panda shark- You'll likely recognize Fullbody and his date Moodie, but the one confronting him isGally, the pirate from One Piece's original oneshot who also made a cameo appearance atthe Baratie during the end of Whole Cake Island – Sanji once again mentions the “IthürzburgerStein”, the same drink that Zoro drank earlier during episode 3- He later mentions “Micqueot vintages”, referring to the land of wine from the North Blue- He also mentions “Umeshu”, which refers to the plum booze that Kureha is always seendrinking.

– Luffy ordering milk is a reference to Chapter1 when Shanks offered him milk and then mocked Luffy for it. This was juice in the original manga, butwas changed to milk in the Viz release which the Live Action followed. Fun fact, this is even paralleled later onwhen Luffy mentions he likes juice when Blackbeard doesn’t- When Don Krieg walks in, a defeated Pearl can be seen on the ground- Luffy's treasure tab references the same tab that Luffy promised to pay Makino backwith – On the bowl Usopp is drinking from, severalSea Kings are depicted.

EPISODE 6 – Zeff's outfit in this scene is inspiredby his outfit from when he was still a pirate – Zeff mentions the nearest doctor is on theConomi Islands. This is a reference to Nako, the doctor fromCocoyasi Village that Nami and Nojiko were close to- Luffy's outfit in this episode is based on Chapter 98's color spread- The canned food Sanji has on the seastack read as “Pigeon Arroser”. This is a reference to the ingredient mentionedin the spin off Shokugeki no Sanji – In a very obvious reference, Nami readsthe story of Liar Noland to Zoro.

However, you can also spot the drawings onthe book being identical to the panels from the manga- Among them, a Pandaman can be spotted – The old man that Arlong harasses in theBaratie is a named character from the manga, Motzel- Nami's outfit in this scene is based on Volume 11’s cover- A Galley-La Crate can be seen on the Going Merry EPISODE 7 – Arlong Park has been designed to look morelike an actual theme park, with slides and attractions.

This is to emphasize the fact that Arlongbuilt the Park inspired by Sabaody Park, admiring the amusement parks that humans had built- The cards they are playing with feature an emblem that is a mix between the Sun Pirates'symbol and Arlong's mark. The Queen on the card itself is also a mermaidinstead of a human – The design of the currency has been lifteddirectly from the manga – Several of the Fishmen's designs are liftedstraight from the original material as well – In the horror theme attraction, you canspot a cameo by the tree zombie Luffy tried to recruit on Thriller Bark, who is namedMocDonald – Kid Nami is seen shifting through a bookdepicting Oykot, the Kingdom she was born.

In. Belle-mere later mentions this Kingdom byname too, despite it only being named in the vivre card databook. The book likens the shape of the kingdom'sisland to that of a Sea King – A Sea Cow and a Sea Boar are also depictedat the bottom of the map – Zoro's outfit in this arc is taken fromhis outfit in the manga, whereas Usopp's outfit is taken from Vol. 11's cover- Zeff once again mentions Micqueot, the Northern land of wines- One of the decorations in the background of the bar looks like Ace, while the otherone looks like Spector, the owner of Jaya's.

Tropical Hotel- One of the Arlong Pirates in the background can be seen wearing a Crimin shirt, whichmakes sense as the fashion originated from Fishman Island- Nezumi mentions Gosa Village being raided by pirates. This is in reference to Arlong destroyingthe village as seen briefly when Usopp landed on the archipelago- Zeff speaks hunting the last of the wild boars of Jaya. This makes sense, as there were no boars bythe time the Straw Hats got there – Garp says he doesn't want his grandson toend up with the same fate as Roger of being.

Executed for his crimes. This is a subtle nod at the fate that wouldeventually befall Ace
 EPISODE 8 – Among the maps Nami has drawn, we can seea fairly accurate depiction of the Red Line between the North Blue and East Blue, as wellas the Organ Islands where Orange Town is located- The Ketchup Usopp uses reads “boshi” on it. This is the Japanese word for “star”, a referenceto all the attacks Usopp uses that have “boshi” in it- Though the Arlong Park set was changed,.

The original entrance from the manga can stillbe seen on the opposite side of the building – Nami's outfit in the after party is takenfrom her outfit in Chapter 98's color spread – Nojiko tells Sanji he should write a cookbook,in reference to the official Sanji's cookbook – An article on the newspaper reads “The Countryof Vira Overtaken by Revolutionary Army”. This is in reference to an event that happensaround this time as Nami reads it in the newspaper herself in the manga. You can also spot the Revolutionary Army logoand even the name Monkey D. Dragon written down on the article- The board at the Baratie mentions a Tomahawk Spiney Lobster, an animal from the spinoffShokugeki no Sanji.

– Meanwhile some of the cards on the sideread “Sandora Lizard Arabasta”, “Nojiko's Tangerines 100% Natural”, and “Beef Mizu Mizu”,the meat sold at Water 7 – Behind Alvida is what looks like Krieg'sbounty poster, though it differs from the poster we saw before- The barrel scene is performed on the exact same Gyoru barrel from the start of the show- And as one final detail, right before the credits, we see Smoker balancing stones, asa teaser for Loguetown in Season 2! Did you enjoy the One Piece Live Action? Have you spotted anything I haven’t? Let me know, and I hope that you enjoy yourtime with the Live Action.

As one last reminder, the Library of Oharaplush is only available for the next 21 days, so act fast! Take care!

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