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All right my little sweet potatoes the day that we've been simultaneously dreading and dreaming of is finally here our favorite show has ended and even though I'm heartbroken that we don't have any more new Owl House episodes to look forward to I'm so grateful for how much happiness this Series has given all of us the owl house is really a show.

That makes you feel seen no matter what kind of weirdo you are I never wanted this series to end but this finale has way too much for us to talk about for me to not be excited I'm taking you through the ending of the final episode Watching and dreaming to explain how Lou's ultimately defeated Bellows and where the heck side gang ended up after.

Graduation you're watching Whitney vision and this is the ending of The Owl House explained this is your spoiler warning seriously this is the worst episode in the history of episodes to have spoiled for you so close Twitter hit pause on this video and come back when you're done watching and dreaming just a heads up we're gonna be doing a.

Full in-depth frame by frame breakdown on the entire episode later in the week so stay tuned but for now let's briefly go over the ending and get into the nitty-gritty of the epilogue despite the fact that the bad girl Kevin empathetically worked together to help the collector understand kindness and forgiveness Bellos was still a lost.

Cause he dragged his sludge all the way to the Titan's heart where he face planted straight into it infecting the still beating Morgan unfortunately the bad girl Kevin's powers and even the collector's forgiveness weren't enough to stop his souped-up powers and his horrifying beastly Dragon form ends up infecting lose with his rot like Anne.

Boon Joy before her Liz ends up dying temporarily from bellows's curse teaching The Collector the Bittersweet lesson of sacrifice and loss although it appears that her body dissolves into floating balls of light lose somehow travels to the realm in between where Papa Titans Scoops her out of the darkness before she descends for good.

When she opens her eyes King's dad is standing before her obviously rocking some sweet sweet BCG merch along with a pair of glyph printed pajama bottoms if the Mystery Shack is listening please please make those reality the fans need comfy Titan PJs we also got confirmation the Titan is in fact gender fluid as he refers to himself as a king and queen.

The Best of Both Worlds before he's fully taken over by Bellows and Fades away for good King's dad imbues lose with the last of his powers encouraging her to choose herself by accepting after adorably telling Liz to tell King that he loafs him the perfect bread pun he disappears and loses transported back to the aisles to confront Bellows with her.

Sick new powers Titan makeover and the support and guidance of King Eda and string bean lose is able to kick that a-hole's hiney to next Tuesday healing the aisles and stopping the emperor's reign of terror for good although Philip wouldn't Bane tries to appeal to loses Humanity in his old school meat suit either rain and King give him the.

Stomping he deserves kindness and forgiveness are great but store King's cute little cookies side quest we'll definitely talk about it way more in the full breakdown but how badasses loses anime Hot Topic look I'm never getting over how cool it is I think I know what all of our Halloween costumes are gonna be this year folks sadly when the Titan.

Leaves lose his magic dies with him removing all traces of his glyphs from the boiling Isles in her Bittersweet Triumph loose takes a moment to reflect on the importance of the glyph's Magic in her life and attributing it as being a foundational element in her growth in a lot of ways this is metaphorical for the show itself and storytelling in a.

Wider sense like Azura for loose or the owl house for US stories can become formative parts of our being helping us discover pieces of ourselves in ways the day-to-day world around us doesn't Foster or Worse actively suppresses when you fall in love with a piece of media it's like learning a new language Avia obviously fandom spaces can be a mixed.

Bag but the best parts of a fandom that's finding others that speak your language personally that's one of the reasons I love making videos so much at times it feels like being an anthropologist trying to dust off fragmented pieces to a Rosetta Stone that's the key for a language no one truly knows how to speak yet coming here.

And sharing my thoughts and theories and translations and then hearing everyone else's is a spark in the Darkness at times and once you spend long enough learning the shorthand and lingo of a story you have the tools to share and create subculture with like-minded weirdos weirdos you can send inside jokes to or write fan fiction with or.

Make games for there are so many wonderful moving cogs to this series but one of my favorites and perhaps the one least talked about is the owl House's love for fan culture it's a Core theme in the pilot it's a catalyst illumidy's relationship and in many ways it's the reason the show works so well we wouldn't have all those hidden codes or.

Intriguing character Mysteries without production team that loves storytelling from the perspective of being fans who love storytelling so here for lose the Owl House crew and for us fans the Titans magic ending signifies the end of a chapter in our little communities and lives we've become experts in a dying field it's not the end of the world but.

It is sad knowing that there's nothing new to learn and that the Comfort we were once afforded by wild magic will fade over time the important lesson here is to carry what we've learned about ourselves and the friendships we've made from this little story forward as the next chapters in our lives unfold and as we can see at the end of the episode.

There will always be new stories and languages to learn as Time Marches On despite having finally made their first real friends in King and lose the collector decides to return to the stars but of course they don't go alone King ends up gifting The Collector his beloved Francois and tells them that he hopes he sees them again soon but now.

Let's talk about what we really came here to talk about the incredible epilogue that the Owl House crew clearly poured so much love love and effort into it begins with lose packing up all of her good witches or emerge mirroring the beginning of the series when she felt obligated to gather up all of her most prized possessions and say goodbye but.

With all the weirdo acceptance she's learned over the past several years of course it's completely different now she's packing them up to take to college with her something that Andy clearly didn't know was an option in Toy Story 3. in addition to her Azura merch we can see her Grom queen crown Tamagotchi eda's letterman jacket and a scroll with.

A red seal I'm wondering if this scroll might be the prophecy from adagas she received back in the second episode although I'm not sure why she'd keep that perhaps as a reminder that she's in control of her Destiny on her desk we see loses acceptance letter to the University of wild magic and she'll be moving into dorm room 406b on August.

21st her desk shows her in amity's initials carved in the upper right hand corner and her to buy list for college includes a laptop sheets a laundry bin and an umbrella to combat those pesky boiling raindrops on her Bulletin board lose has a Graves field goals flag from her human High School a photo of her and V hugging at graduation held up by a.

Bisexual flag heart pin and a certificate for the gravesfield writing scholarship signed by none other than Creator Dana Terrace there's also an A plus on a writing assignment with a sticker of Polly from amphibia at the top as well as tickets to Comic-Con and a 3D showing of the new Azura movie but obviously the photo she has hanging are.

The best part we get to see Tiny snapshots of her life over the last three years including the coffee Barista from yesterday's lie who might lose a hand feeding hoodie lose Camilla and V at the zoo with those terrifying giraffes King Eda and lose on Grom night Eda and Camilla doing some mom bonding over glasses of Apple blood lose with.

Amity stargazing on the roof of the Owl House a team photo of the emerald on trails with Flapjack a light glyph King Eda and Hoodie playing baseball and a photo from a more recent Grom that features the whole gang in the corner of luz's bedroom we can see string beans little sleeping quarters complete with a mouse chew toy who is still adorably.

Rocking her heart-shaped Pride pen all these years later asks Liz to help her wrap some Maduros a sweet fried plantain dish loose reveals that true to her character she's choosing to measure in everything in college just like she did when she decided to study multiple tracks in her early days at hexide the majors available at the University of.

Wild magic include ancient glyphs and combos which to be fair she's already kind of a specialist in oiling Isles history boiling biology thalmaturgy which historically means Miracle performing but probably just means general magic casting in this case Abomination engineering curses 101 and Etc betcha 10 bucks if you actually.

Unfurled the full list of loses Majors it would be longer than the collector's favorite bedtime story Liz's new more grown-up design features the striped shirt from her beta design as well as a stick jacket stylized with a snake wrapping around it to represent string bean with that new more androgynous haircut paired with the colors of her.

Purple and white shirt the golden color of her pants and her white black purple and yellow shoes use I wonder if this is a hint that Luz May identify as non-binary now although her outfit features colors from the non-binary flag as of writing this it hasn't been confirmed by the staff and I don't want to make assumptions about the way that.

Loose identifies so I'm going to keep using the pronouns she her she's also wearing amity's necklace and has several patches on her pants featuring the potions barred Abomination and combo glyph magic symbols most likely sewed on by Hunter speaking of Hunter Blues also got a tattoo on her left bicep to commemorate Flapjack and we find out.

Shortly after that the rest of the heck side gang has gotten one too these new time-hop look shows her wearing a t-shirt that represents her two homes the human world and the demon realm later on in the epilogue we learned that this is the symbol for the human and Demon realm Exchange program behind her we can see a photo of string being.

Dressed as a cute little pumpkin for Halloween as well as a pic of v and lose celebrating a win on the baseball field and surprise that old house in the woods was not only purchased and refurbished once again this time by Camilla but a brand new full-time portal has been installed my guess is that the collector did this for them the next time he.

Stopped by the aisles to say hi to King we follow Albert into the demon realm mirroring the way we first discovered the entrance to the boiling Isles with Luz all the way back in episode one Albert meets up with Willow in the sky who's wearing an emerald on Trails Jersey clutching a green flyer Derby flag as she and clover head to find.

Hunter who oh yeah is totally her boyfriend now hunt low confirmed baby it also turns out that one of my finale predictions was right Hunter ends up becoming a palaceman Carver working alongside Dell Gwendolyn and of course the bat Queen and her children who also each developed their own unique style since we last saw them not gonna lie.

They look exactly like the people that I went to Warped tour with back in 2007. Hunter is carving an axolotl palaceman for a more grown-up braxus who now has braces and his rocking colors from both the healing and construction tracks of magic like Caleb would have been before him Hunters decided to become a woodworker and we also get what I think.

Is pretty strong evidence that he's also related to the cloth or turns because it seems like he's taking over the family business from Dell back in thanks to them Hunter proclaimed that all he wanted to do was carve Talisman as he was rejecting Bellows his mind control and his career choice is also clearly a lifelong dedication to the memory of.

Flapjack some of the other Palestinian he's carved include a capybara a toucan a worm a sloth a frog a manta ray an anglerfish and a hamster with devil horns keeping with the cawthorne's bird theme Hunter even has a new palaceman a blue jay that Dana confirmed on Twitter is named waffles and y'all Hunter looks so well rested these days the dark.

Circles under his eyes have disappeared and it's so wholesome to see that he's finally at peace he's also Advanced a lot in his style our guy is racking patches head to toe and judging by the looks of the rest of his friend's clothing my guess is that he's also been sprucing up their wardrobes with his sewing I'm so sorry but I just have to.

Take a second to say that I've never seen a cartoon with the exact same favorite hobby as me and these last three episodes featuring Hunters patches and wolf shirts and made me feel so seen I also forced patch jackets on all of my friends as gifts it's literally the only thing I do in my free time Hunter's patches include an Abomination symbol.

For Darius an illusion symbol for his best buddy guess and the emerald on Trails logo to support Willow his red shoes feature gold lightning bolts to represent the Speedy teleporting Powers he received from Flapjack Hunter was most likely the originator for the idea to get Flapjack tattoos and unlike the rest of his friends who placed their.

Tattoos on the left sides of their bodies Hunter has his etched on his right wrist in place of his old coven sigil this is truly the most fitting cover-up tattoo because in the end Bellows and the emperor's coven were never his family but Flapjack was actually everything to Hunter Bellows claim to be Willow and Hunter pay their.

Respects at flapjack's grave site and y'all I could not stop crying when I read the inscription on his Tombstone it says thank you for finding me and all I could think about was how truly different things would have been if his little red cardinal buddy had never shown up for him Flapjack was ultimately able to do what no one else could at the.

Time teach Hunter the real meaning of compassion and unconditional love outside of bellows's manipulations flying over the bonesborough marketplace we see an older Morton the potions dealer as well as Basha running a gregby gear shop methala mule's manthalamual stash is still trying its best and he even has a cool ass tattoo finally.

Solving the mystery of who put up that graffiti and for the future some fans have pointed out that methalamual's older brother is Steve who he looks up to dearly so this could be an s in honor of his bro also that makes the S graffiti so much more sad little dude was just trying to find his brother in the collector's chaos mythology mule's.

Head of construction renovation for the library and apparently kikimura is now working as his subordinate the outside of the library Now features a large circular stained glass window that appears to represent the collector with respect to their complicated history and Reconciliation Lilith is head librarian and she unfurls her plans for adding a.

Museum Wing complete with handy reminders scribbled on like space for student exhibits must call bump and note to self write to Florida show off speaking of Laura recently revealed behind the scenes art from Hollow Minds confirms that Bellows had been using Flora to manipulate Lilith all along in happier news Lilith has finally gotten a.

Place to show off her love of dead wardian Arab balusters her big project from elsewhere in elsewhere of course this section will be curated by none other than hutsifer the library will also have a hall for Titan research and while Brett thinks that the note of the bottom left-hand corner is supposed to say discover blank with blankety blank.

Maybe I chose to read it as disco with blank maybe who does Lilith want a disco with wrong answers in the comments only a few moments later we also see that Lilith has made peace with her half of her and her sister shared curse too and can transform into a heartbeat just like Edith Amity arrives in a cat-shaped Abomination air balloon ship a call back.

To the way that Liz reshaped her family's Abomination Butler in escaping expulsion our favorite cotton candy haired goddess appears to be some kind of badass Indiana Jones Lara croft-esque Adventurer mashup collecting important artifacts for Lilith's exhibits the book she brings back looks to be further lore about the archivists and Titans as well.

As information about how the Titan bestowed wild magic to which kind amity's Flapjack tattoo is on her left forearm and she's also gotten a really cool undercut that shows her brown hair peeking out from underneath her purple ponytail she has multiple pieces of Grom Queen Tierra shards holding her hair back and my question is did she just win.

Every Grom nom for the rest of her High School career at the newly rebuilt hex side we find scarra showing her Bard skills off by playing the harp for a group of young demons at the time I'm writing this I'm not sure if any of these little guys are meant to be depictions of toh crew members but that tiny fluff is too specific not to be a.

Crew member's cutie in the next shot though we can see a confirmed which Sona of production associate Rebecca Rose leaning out the window with a smoking vase it turns out that barcus is her professor her teaching her a combination of plant Abomination and potion magic it also looks like the former healing track teacher Miss jenkinsmeyer has been.

Promoted to school principal she welcomes a student that looks exactly like the show's Creator Dana Terrace complete with a shark tattoo on her arm and an owl house pin on her beanie little Dana is also rocking the colors of the former Abomination and construction covens which is extremely fitting for the World Builder of this.

Freaky demon show we've come to love so much bump looks like he's retired or at least partially retired as he tends to his garden in previous episodes he's joked about only being 300 years away from retirement but after being turned into a puppet for The Collector I can see why he decided to move on sooner than expected on his apron you can also.

See a little hoodie Flower Patch and I'd bet a million snails that Hunter seweded on for him alador blight is finally using his Abomination invention powers for good helping a group of healers at a hospital in latissa including gerbo viney and emera reverse bellows's forced coven sigil seals rain Darius and ever also here supervising and Darius is so.

Excited that he shakes alador to celebrate their excess this feels like a strong hand that these two cuties have a flirtationship possibly stemming from their former days as classmates at hexide alidor is also wearing three pins on his apron to represent edrick emmer and Amity and he has a little guy Abomination right in his pocket.

Interestingly it looks like rain's face is now scarred from bellows's Evil sludge just like Hunters but the cutest part of Reign's appearance is the fact that they're wearing a pair of eda's earrings a few frames later we actually see Ida wearing Reigns earrings as well so my question is is this the witch version of engagement rings do you just.

Swap earrings with the person you love in the demon realm if so that is super adorable and I'm 200 here for it we finally get to see rain's palaceman in this scene and it's an adorable little fox I wonder if Hunter carved it for them or if their palaceman was hidden with the bat Queen so that they wouldn't get turned into a protein shake for.

Bellows during Reigns 10 years the The Bard coven head and just a quick little recommendation we've recently put out a video speculating on what the rest of the former coven heads palaceman might be so you should totally check it out across the aisles we see a Slither beast in her cub playing in the snow at the knee as well as a selfie Thomas and her.

Pup as the aisles heal its scenery has only grown more beautiful there's now a large tree growing out of the Titan's chest right where bellus's Castle on the Titan's heart used to stand and the teachers and students at the University of wild magic became its new residence the first Professor we see is edric who summons a cyclops bat for a group of.

Students that I suspect also might be modeled after a couple of toh crew members next we see The Keeper of the Looking Glass graveyard giving a lecture about galter Stones Gus is now the proud leader of the demon realm human realm Exchange program teaching which is all about paper clips and other wondrous human artifacts before sending them out.

Into gravesfield and yes that paper clip is definitely a callback to the human Appreciation Society from something ventured someone framed in the next scene we get a better look at is Flapjack ankle tattoo too outside of Headmaster eda's office we see two of these escaped basilisk siblings from yesterday's lie relaxing with a loot on.

The branches outside over here is the screaming alarm Bell from hexide and the entryway is decorated with framed pictures of rain losing King inside her office there's the hanging portrait of the Owl House family as well as a pic of Eden Lilith as teenagers on the gretchby field if you blink however you might miss that there's even Eda Albert and.

King's wanted poster from season one hanging directly behind her a light glyph can be seen at the top of eda's doorway a little reminder of how far our witchy family has come it also got a hook hand since the last time we saw her which is inarguably Rad She is serving Captain Hook looks and we love to see it next up party planner King is seen.

Wearing a collar with the initials KC for King claw Thorne he's thrown a surprise 18th King zeniera shindig to make up for the fact that Luz spent her last three birthdays helping to rebuild the Isles all of the homies have turned up for the occasion and I love that the former members of bards against the throne don't seem to have changed much.

About their appearances since the last time we saw them mythology Mule the eyeball eating kid a ratworm and salty have rigged a pain Miata using hoodie's long terrifying body and a dangling snackleback this poor guy is gone from being a snack for the albies to a Grom disco ball to a pinata the bat Queen's children present loose with a handmade.

Purple demon claw ball gown featuring spider web accents a Garland made of teeth and a finger bow tie delicately placed by the echo Mouse this little moment parodies the work song scene from Cinderella when the future princesses bird and mouse friends stitched together Her First dress for the prince's ball furthering the surprise King shows lose.

That he's now able to cast his own version of the light Cliff the final shot of the series is absolutely perfect as the entirety of the Isles says the classic Catherine family bye to the audience in our last ever hexade yearbook photo we see viney and her best buddy puddles with what looks like puddles pair parent fascia Willa's dad's.

Gilbert and Harvey salty the bat Queen and her three kids Steve principal bump the bats Amber Derwin Katya and Rain Eden Albert lose Gus and Emeline Willow and clover Hunter and Waffles Scara fairies Dell and Gwendolyn cawthorne Lilith goody Camilla Amity and ghost the tiny nose the snattleback edric and emera metholomew Harry Porter aledor.

Blight Darius eberwolf barcus gerbo tibbles Morton the ratworms and the eyeball eater kid from the conformatorium in episode one this Series has meant so much to me and I know how much it's meant to all of you too those are just some of the Easter eggs and cool details that I found in the epilogue but I want to know what I.

Missed in the comments like I said up top we'll be doing a bigger breakdown of the full episode later this week so make sure you're subscribed to stay tuned I'm Scarlet Witt and you're watching whitneyvision bye

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