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My must-watch spring anime Mashle surprisesurprise the Sao Studio doing this one stop me if you heard this one before you got this fantasyworld war everyone has a magic Quirk except the main character magic oh no no no this overpoweredguy uses his muscles to do the talking just fisting his way through the class it's like a onepunch and Mob psycho had a kid never mind bleach to that thought one punch man and tatsumaki butseriously the martial manga is right up my alley it's just feeling that void in my heart waitingfor mappa to make one punch man season three you want a konosuba how about the Megumin spin-off thelittle explosion nuclear lowly is back how many of you could tell I'm super hot let me introduce youto a world filled with explosions Megumin’s tragic backstory and don't forget about her best friendYunyun The Loner oh how about aqua and Kazuma. I.

Do recall those two getting cameos in the Meguminkonosuba lineup so don't be surprised if the anime splashes you in the face with more four of thembut for Darkness who cares and I know some of you weeps are worried there is an Anime Studio changehe got from Dean JC staff and now Drive who's also doing konosuba season three but the people behindthe scenes for the previous konosuba anime seem to be sticking around so Mega meme fans soundoff are you watching hell's Paradise by mappa Studio besides me keeping track on the overworkedStudio the author for hell's Paradise also used to be an editor for chainsaw man you got thismain character ninja dude that left his Naruto Village he's done with life he doesn't mind beingunalived but after one faithful meeting with this Samurai trick edgy danmachi here realizeshe actually wants to live so now to try to.

Get a pardon he has to go to this dangerousmysterious Plant Island and somehow trying to find the secret of immortality and bring itback the anime has just got into the island and it really reminds me of early Demon Slayer bleachthe start of Attack on Titan with the Titans just that mystery overall and yeah who cares ifmappa is doing like practically every anime they killed Jujutsu Kaisen they gave chainsaw mana glow up can mappa hit a home run a third time with another Shonen anime for those of you fansof Animation Demon Slayer season 3 or Kimetsu no yaiba of you’re a weeb you ufotable is back andI know some of you lucky basters got to see the early screening movie there are some news aboutthat spicy shower scene uftoable over here said that they're gonna be upping the animation thisseason bro what does that even mean it's like.

That op isekai dude finally showing his op isekaiability this time around he had the sword Village Arc this Demon Slayer needs to get a sword niceand hard and sharp and it wouldn't be surprising if the affordable squeeze is another short hashiratraining Arc right after that way they can set up the final Demon Slayer Arc some of you are likewhat the end game already Dr Stone season three so if you haven't already jumped on the doctorStone train one day everyone gets super stoned now it's up to this 1 million plus IQ guy andhis friends to science the crap out of this Flintstones age bring back the good things likeTwitter and Tick Tock and save everyone are they going to be able to overcome the hidden enemiesand threats not to mention everyone not being too cheerful about bringing the old order back it'slike the Marvel Fanboys saying Thanos was right.

I've always just been this huge colossal fanof Dr Stone really just due to my engineering background fun fact the doctor Stone manga is overso the anime should be a complete adaptation let's just hope they don't pull up promised Neverlandsituation a personal favorite for me oshi no ko from the among author of kaguya sama war is loveyou're gonna be hearing that line a lot the first episode is basically three or four episodes justpolymerized together stay off of Twitter watch it now if you want to avoid spoilers the premisefor oshinoko is involving idle anime which I know I know that alone will turn a lot of you weebsoff and this overarching mystery or challenge presented let me not say any more just pleasewatch it so far I've been a major colossal fan of the animation I think if this mild DeathNote Vibe the manga is a real page Turner not.

To mention the artist is gorgeous if you need anymore convincing to watch this just know this is not Shonen toniikaku Kawaii season two I actuallyrecall toniikaku Kawaii season one blowing up during the Rona period he had everyone enjoyingthe Cozy Love Story plus the mystery tingled in it got this pink haired waifu saving the maincharacter from getting a set guide damn you one thing leads to another and boom married instantRamen no instant waifu so if you're looking for some immediate romance this anime may give you thefeels hit this up not to mention the mystery what one of these individuals actually is stickingwith the Love Story theme my love story with Yamada Kun at level 999 madhouse involved alreadygot me interested the introduction hit right at home for me you got this gamer dude that dumpedhis girlfriend for another girl that played the.

Same game both of them loved the dumb girl thenfollows that some guy that played the same game there's no interest at the beginning but can thesetwo wow Gamers actually form something together like I said this feels super real especially inthis age a positive for me is that it doesn't involve high school students just a change in pacesomething refreshing insomnia after school here's another non-shonen anime tattoo your list like broinsomnia I could totally relate let me not spawn with the dark beginning but this actually turnsinto this wholesome anime you got this young guy and girl making this forgotten School Observatoryinto this low-key Hideout and their friendship begins any possible romance here arama the mangafor this was super cozy so I'm expecting this weekly relaxing possum ride oh summer rankingthis one by the X Attack on Titan studio with.

You know me I've been watching them like a nosyjelly Titan I do have a lot of great things to say about Boji especially after this anime whereI initially hated it if you haven't seen season 1 or summer ranking or King's ranking I highlyrecommend it if you like aot or would still do anime in general in a nutshell you got the storyof the skin who wants to become the strongest King except he's small he's weak he's deaf and mutelike seriously pick a struggle so what is this a science Story season two doesn't really matterit's just a pleasant surprise after their initial season 1 anime let me know are you checking thisout the ancient Magus bright season 2 majorly surprised with this one this anime actually got asequel despite it I'm being a major hit for what studio since the anime is debuted it's actuallytaking this reputation of anime Beauty and the.

Beast no no not that one and much like Beauty andthe Beast are they catching feelings you got this magic world and everything is so beautifullyfleshed out it's like the magical feeling you would expect from a lot of isekai anime thatsound me often sliced out of the actual anime I heard the same team of the people from what studiothat worked on season one are back on this think like a konosuba situation so I'm hyped kaguya samaLove is War the movie in case your local theater wasn't showing anime movies it takes place rightafter kaguya season 3. I will be diving into this in my next video quick review up by the way heyAsh Ketchum just leveled to level 35. there is a new Pokemon anime I know there were some theoriesabout the new main character being Ash and Misty's daughter this new Pokemon anime is probably goingto continue till I have freaking kins but I do.

Want to initially jump on it talking about moviesThe Black Clover movie I still need to watch that anime Psychopaths is getting a movie a sequelto season three the bunny girl Senpai is getting another sequel movie Sailor Moon is Contin endingthis year two movies I think there is Conan for anyone that knows that outside of Japan Oregairunot a movie but getting an OVA am I wrong in thinking is that guy anime are like the superheromovies of anime you got summoned to another world for a second time tongue is suffer like Subaruin another world with my smartphone season 2 hopefully with Tick Tock Kuma Kuma Kuma bear punchAKA season two The Aristocrats author worldly Adventure the reason why rayleana ended up in theDuke's Mansion kamikatsu working for the useless goddess in another Godless world my one hit killsister let's see if I can say this in a breath I.

Got a cheat skill in another world and became arhyme I got a cheat to go in another world and became unrivaled in the real world too so I'mgonna be like darkness and gonna be watching all of these isekai anime but not gonna lie I'mreally only hyped for Kuma season two and one isekai anime I did mention a reversal guy odomaeelf pretty much announced that's been summoned to our world and just became a weeb don't forgetabout continuing anime Vinland Saga season 2 I need to seriously watch that the new Gundam animeI'm not sure if this is season tour just part two whenever you asked me on the live stream what'sa good place to start Gundam and I think this is a perfect spot Tokyo Mew Mew and you season2 the reboot longer video than I expected let me know which spring anime you're watching whichhave you dropped which ones did I miss or forget.

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  2. As keen on the Demon Slayer manga, my favourite arc is the Swordsmith Village arc, and I'm essentially infected for it to be piquant. Improbable video! I'll make sure to ascertain out Oshi No Ko.

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