Every Lady In The Academy Must Fragment One Boy To Continue to exist

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Our story begins with lots and lots of clouds,light streaks, black bars, and everything in between because Himekawa Hayuru and Hida Kizunahave to do some non-invasive whammings, bammings, and thank you ma’amings to charge theirHeart Hybrid. After that whole ordeal, the two leave the base and are greetedby Yurishia Farandole, who teases them for always taking too long. Ah well, it can’t behelped! Her tone has Hayuru all defensive, and she insists that she didn’t enjoy it at all, no sir!Sure, sure, Yurishia believes her. Now it’s time to get to work! Suddenly, a huge mech appears fromout of nowhere, but it’s effortlessly vanquished by Aine Chidorigafuchi. An action scene already?!Without even giving the others the chance to process what just happened, Aine drags Kizunato a private room and asks him to do it with.

Her NOW. Oh. I guess it’s a different type ofaction we’re getting. As sudden as this all is, it’s necessary for views and profit—I mean,it’s necessary since she needs to acquire the “forbidden weapon” to win, or so Aine says. Shethen reassures him that no matter what happens, she will never change. She is her.“Let’s Climax Hybrid,” Aine says. But before anything else,let’s go back to the start. While on the train, an old dream replays inKizuna’s mind. It’s his mother abandoning him as a child, and her last words are:“Goodbye, Kizuna. I don’t need you anymore.” With that, he wakes up and thinks that he mustbe really nervous to be having that nightmare. He then checks the email he received fromhis older sister, Reiri, stating that they’ve.

Finalized his admission to Ataraxia and thathe has to report to HQ at noon the next day. The train announces their arrival and he’s greetedby a view of a beautiful futuristic island. The place is looming with tech, sights, sounds, anda sophisticated crowd of students. Welcome to the Strategic Defense Academy Ataraxia! It feelslarger-than-life… Almost like a theme park. Just then, he sees Yurishia being fawned overby a group of girls, and Hayuru chasing down a guy over something dodgy. At this point, Kizunadoesn’t know anyone yet, so it’s quite a lot to take in. He sees a raunchy mag on the ground,and assumes that the guy must’ve dropped it. As if on cue, Reiri contacts him to askabout his arrival, which Kizuna confirms. Still, he asks her if it’s reallyall right for him to be there. He was.

Already a student in Ataraxia before, but hisgrades were bad and he got kicked out. Reiri, however, dismisses his concerns as excuses. Shedoesn’t have time for that – she needs him and his Hybrid Gear. He continues rambling,which pisses off his sister even more, prompting her to basically go loud speakeron him while several holograms of her pop up, asserting that she always gets what she wants!Mortified, Kizuna finally makes a run for it. But then again, where’s HQ? He’s gottenlost and finds himself by the ocean. As he recalibrates his internal compass, he seesAine standing at the edge of a platform, crying alone. This reminds him of a memory of alittle girl crying some years back. She quickly spots him, though, so she jumps off the viewdeckto ask him who he is. Kizuna’s left speechless,.

Which makes her question his intelligence.Scrambling for things to say, he introduces himself and asks if she’s a student here.Aine, with a straight face, questions what else can she possibly be. An intruder? Some crazyperson? We can’t tell if she’s kidding or not. But one thing’s for sure: her personality needs somework as she asks him to grovel before her feet. Damn, girl, can’t you waitfor the second date at least? Luckily, a campus-wide air raidsiren interrupts their conversation, saving Kizuna from kowtowing on his first day.Kizuna wonders if this is a false alarm since Ataraxia is renowned for its impenetrabledefense. Fool. As Aine puts it, there’s no such thing as a false alarm at a place likeAtaraxia. This is serious and he needs to run..

But he does nothing of the sort, so he begins tobear witness to her getting in – or out of gear. The boy’s baffled by her suspicious hobbies,but of course, Aine didn’t do that for the lols, she has a Heart Hybrid Gear Pilot Suit!But there’s one teeny tiny problem: her heart hybrid gear is low on energy.A Magitech weapon rushes in to attack them. The girl pulls out her rifle and fires at thething, but it doesn’t have much effect. Instead, she flies towards the weapon and bashes itsarmor in before firing from close range. Boom. No more surprises. Ataraxia’s famedinterception systems are now online. Fearsome turrets are coming out, and the studentscommandeer their assigned battlestations. Kizuna’s impressed by her ability to take outa Magitech weapon with an ordinary rifle. She.

Explains it’s expected since protecting thisplace is part of Amaterasu’s mission. Dozens of Magitech reinforcements are coming.Aine instructs Kizuna to evacuate before flying back to the battlefield. The boywonders if he too should join the battle, but his mother’s cold words play back in his mind.His heart hybrid gear is weak. But there must be something he can do with it!He puts in his best effort to summon his gear… however he’s still lacking the courage todo so. Not even an approaching Magitech is enough to pull him out of his rut! Fortunately, he’ssaved by Hayuru whom he’s now meeting for the first time. She reprimands him for not evacuatingdespite the emergency. Just as they’re surrounded, Yurishia launches a wide-range attack to savethem. Without fail, she still finds the time.

To tease the two before commanding him to run tothe shelter. And so, the girls set off for combat! But, what’s this? There’s a disaster-levelspaceship floating in the sky. They have infinite reinforcements. To makethings worse, Aine’s running out of energy. Unwilling to let the girl sufferalone, Kizuna activates his pilot gear with a single word: “Eros!”He speeds up towards the falling Aine and saves her in time. But they both stillcome crashing down into the forest. She’s not doing too well… and neither are her clothes.Luckily, Reiri contacts him to give him some advice. If he wants to save Aine, then there’sonly one course of action: a little touchy-feely on the fronty, and he must do it gently!She reminds him that it’s not about the degeneracy.

But about feeling her heart. Uhuuhhh. Feeling herHEART, right. It’s the only way they can survive. If he really feels guilty, then just think aboutit as carefully inspecting her body for wounds. Every nook and cranny. The boy peeks through herpeaks then down between her legs as instructed. This triggers something in Aine that buildsup her Heart Hybrid Gear. He then sees a light radiate from her body, a sign of progress. Toconclude the process, he handles her roughly and this boosts her to a successful recharge.Reiri explains to Kizuna that the fusion of heart and love is the true power of the Heart HybridGear. However, it’s hard to be thankful when you realize what was just done to you… by a guyyou hardly know. So, yeah. Sleep tight, Kizuna! However, she does feel lighter and strongerthis time around. Reiri orders her to get back.

Into the fight, and she destroys the entire enemybattalion! Everyone’s impressed. It’s clear that Kizuna’s power is needed for this war. They’ve wonone battle, but all this is just the beginning. Episode 2We now interrupt this program for a quick history lesson.Fifteen years ago, beings from another dimension invaded the human world and appeared allover the planet. Every nation’s military suffered a horrible defeat without even knowing who theywere fighting. Two weeks after they appeared, the gates closed. It seemed like thethreat was over— or so they thought. The beings came back soon after. Governments,alongside a small percentage of the population, evacuated to oceanic Megafloats.Everyone else withered away..

Today, Reiri speaks to the whole student bodyabout the tremendous battle. Humanity has been developing Heart Hybrid Gear suits capable ofbattling Magitech machinery. Ataraxia’s ace team, Amaterasu, is fully-equipped and trained.While these suits are powerful as is, a revolutionary innovation that can boosttheir output has been discovered. Reiri introduces her brother Hida Kizuna as the keyin boosting the Heart Hybrid Gear. Now playing on the screen is his “recharging session”with Aine earlier. Disciplinary committee chairwoman Hayuru is revolted by the act,but the commander continues her explanation. The lost energy of a Heart Hybrid Gear can bedramatically restored through similar acts with Kizuna. As such, those who join the elite force ofAmaterasu must comply with this practice. Everyone.

Is scandalized and concludes he’s a degenerate.Aw, c’mon, those were his sister’s words, not his! The following morning, Kizuna wakes up with Aineon top of him. Our boy’s in utter shock. She’s here to bond and perform a Heart Hybrid! Alas,they’re interrupted when Hayuru knocks on the door and pays a visit to apologize for her rudebehavior. So imagine her shock when she finds another woodpecker perched on Kizuna’s trunk.Surprisingly, Aine takes responsibility for this but refuses to yield.Hayuru transforms into her pilot gear to teach the two “lovebirds” a lessonand Aine does the same. Before Kizuna can even finish his sentence, his dorm room implodes.News of the dorm room explosion spread. The girls loathe the fact that Kizuna is not only stayingin the girl’s dorm but he’s also taking classes.

With them. Yurishia interrupts the girls by sayingit’s not right to judge someone so rashly. When Kizuna enters the classroom alongside the twoladies, he’s immediately greeted by the blondie. Her fanclub is quite offended that he’s saidhello to THE YURISHIA-SAMA, who’s both a rich celebrity and a military ace, in such a casualway. Heck, he’s unworthy of even speaking to her. Yurishia tells everyone to calm down andclarifies if bonding with him will truly restore her hybrid energy, then she’s evenwilling to hold a demonstration right now. However, Hayuru refuses to let such inappropriateactions be conducted in the classroom. Before things can get too rowdy, a petitestudent appears at the door and introduces herself as Sylvia Silkcut; a first year middleschooler. Ohh, get her away from this anime!.

*Ahem.* Anyway, she’s there to call for Kizunaon behalf of the Commander. While on their way, Sylvia gives him a mini tour of the facilitywhere the basic tech of the Hybrid Gears was developed. In one group picture, Dr. Hida Nayuta,Kizuna’s mother can be seen. She’s the genius who developed the gears. They eventually arriveat the office and Reiri introduces Kizuna to Chief Engineer Shikina Kei. Reiri hands Kizuna aportable terminal that also serves as his student handbook. This has a special function: tappingon the icon of Amaterasu gives him access to each member’s personal information as well asthe status of their Hybrid Gears. The goal is to never let their Count go below 5% as the gearsbecome exponentially more difficult to maintain. The reason why they need him is that naturalrecovery takes too much time. Kizuna and his gear,.

Eros, provide a huge advantage on the battlefield.Its special function, Heart Hybrid, drastically restores Hybrid Counts. It’s so important thathe’s been appointed Captain of Team Amaterasu. Before he can object to this, Sylvia is taskedwith updating Reiri on the team’s progress. His first mission as captain involvesgathering data from an island. Hayuru is doubtful that a degenerate like Kizuna caneven be reliable as a captain. She flies ahead to scout the area alone. Yurishia, on theother hand, is instructed to avoid combat since her Hybrid Count is only at 20%. It caneasily be depleted if they encounter an enemy. Well… if there’s someone to worry about, it’sher brother who can’t even fly straight, so she goes on to follow Hayuru. Meanwhile, Aine tellsKizuna that Hayuru is Japan’s Ace and Yurishia is.

America’s. When he asks what that makes her,the answer is simple: she’s the world’s ace. Snazzy.While the data recovery is underway, Yurishia pulls Kizuna tothe side for some alone time. Once alone, she asks for his gear’s specs. Not sure. Kill count?Zero. Battle experience…? Yesterday was the first. Honesty is the best policy!Meanwhile, Yurishia’s secured a kill count of 300. It’s obvious she hasn’t let it getto her head though. As they’re about to regroup with the others, a gate opens near them. Yurishiaquickly gets into her pilot gear and fires at the incoming enemies. While it’s true that commscan be disrupted whenever these gates open, gear users like them should still beable to comm… Wait, it’s not working!.

More and more Magitech units are coming throughthe gates. Hayuru and Aine are domed in while Kizuna and Yurishia are left to fight. Yurishiainstructs Kizuna to go back and warn the others. It’s way better than slowing her down.She continues the battle alone and her Hybrid Count falls to 6%. To make mattersworse, a monstrous Dragorie Category-A Magitech weapon appears from beyond. Nowweakened, her beam’s power doesn’t even leave a scratch. Her armor wears off andshe’s unable to move due to a low count. As the enemy goes for the final blow,Kizuna arrives just in time to block it. “If a girl’s in danger, it’s only natural that aman should help,” he says. While he’s telling her to run, he accidentally makes contact withYurishia’s body and this boosts her Hybrid.

Count up. Dang, these Counts are reallytelling on all of them! More… and a bit more… recharged! She’s now brimming with power!This is the undeniable majesty of Heart Hybrid. Now fully energized, Yurishia unleashesher ultimate Hellfire on the Dragorie, erasing it from existence. Hayuru and Aine arefinally released. Comms are now back online. For some reason, Yurishia’s doing better than ever!After Amaterasu submits the data they gathered and leave, Shikina asks Reiri if she’sever going to tell her brother the truth. She seems queasy about the whole ordeal.But even more jittery is Kizuna who has to deal with all the ladies waitingfor him in his bedroom. Oh no. Episode 3It’s class demonstration time,.

And Aine destroys the dummy Magitechwith ease. She isn’t so receptive to his compliments though. It’s clear she believesthat fighting’s all she’s good for. However, she can’t help but get competitive after seeingYurishia and Hayuru’s dominant performances. In a hidden room, Reiri confirms that the HeartHybrid works with all the girls. Their mother, Dr. Hida Nayuta, developed their strongest weaponsthat are now the only hopes against Magitech: the Heart Hybrid Gears. But usingthese invincible powers comes with an even greater price. She wonders what onearth their mother is feeling right now. Meanwhile, Yurishia is continuously clingingonto Kizuna. She even asks him if he fell in love with her during her training. Ifhe’s so impressed, then why not reward.

Her with something that’ll make her scream outloud…. Like, y’know, going to a Kyoto float! Clean your minds, people.Sadly Kizuna explains that the temple’s just a replica. There just wasn’tenough time to get all their cultural assets on the megafloats. They’re fighting to reclaimthese, after all. He then continues to accompany the American to various cultural landmarks.Their last stop is Tokyo Tower at sunset. What spurred on this spontaneous trip wasthe moment Kizuna saved her life. It made her realize that death may come anytime, so shemust live her life to the fullest. She wants to do everything…. maybe even fall in love. It’sthanks to him that she can feel this way. Awww. On his way home, Kizuna spots Hayuruand the two end up walking together..

She usually goes home late because student councilissues never end… Especially ones that involve degenerate boys. Still, she loves their schooland genuinely wants to make every student’s life better. Kizuna praises her passion for thesethings, but instead of being flattered, Hayuru gets all nervous. Looks like she doesn’t know howto handle a compliment! She ends up falling over, but luckily, Kizuna catches her. This proximitytriggers the Heart Hybrid – shocking them both. Maybe this scene is less wholesome thanwe think… is Hayuru a closet degenerate? Anyway, they can hear loud strikes from the dojo.There, they find Aine still training late into the evening. Hayuru narrates to Kizuna that the girlalways trains alone, refusing to have others join her. The girl’s strange obsession with combatcreates a rift between her and everyone else..

No one knows what’s going on in Aine’s head.Kizuna can’t help but remember her line.. that fighting is all that she’s good for.So he begins asking around for info. She joined the Academy during high school and noone’s ever seen her smile. Speak of the devil, it’s her. Now the two are alone ona school bench. It’s a bit awkward. She breaks the silence by asking if he’seaten. When Kizuna answers that he hasn’t, she hands him her sliced sandwiches. Kizuna’simpressed. Were these handmade? Yes. Apparently, she bought them at the conveniencestore and sliced them herself. Shef. This confusion causes her to get defensive. Beforethe long lecture on the definition of “handmade” can continue, Kizuna begs for forgiveness.As our boy quietly eats, Aine admits there’s.

Another gift waiting for him… and she opensher legs. What?! Now flustered, she admits researching and discovering that risky activitiestend to excite men more. She then demands him to do a Heart Hybrid with her once more. It’sthe only way to attain her Immoral Weapon. It’s clear she’s trying to be tough right now,but anyone can tell she’s shaking her wits out. Despite this, she begins to unveil herselfin front of Kizuna and orders him to come into contact with her. It’s thenrevealed that this determination stems from not wanting to lose to Hayuru orYurishia. It means so much to her that she doesn’t even care what she has to do to get it.Moved by her conviction, Kizuna decides to do it. As they begin, the expression on herface is one of fear. This shuts him.

Down and he decides not to continue. Theyshould learn more about each other first. She can’t imagine breaking down her walls tofulfill that requirement, so she runs away and leaves Kizuna behind. And with her ever-impeccabletiming, big sis calls him for an urgent talk. The two siblings meet up at the place whereKizuna had his Core Installation Surgery for the Heart Hybrid Gear. He was just a child atthe time and was terrified beyond belief. Still, he soldiered on for their mother’s approval.Seeing that this is a good opportunity to find out more about Aine, he asks his sister ifshe knows anything about her. All Reiri says is that there are no records of her early life.Seven years ago, in Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo, a girl with no identity and memories was found.That girl was Aine. The only thing they discovered.

About her is her high compatibility with thegears. After Dr. Nayuta took her in, she lived the life of a lab rat, just going throughthe motions of one experiment after another. However, all that came to an abruptend when Dr. Nayuta disappeared, and she’s been all alone since then.But that’s not the discussion for today. There’s something the two girls want to disclose to him.Chief Engineer Shikina admits that they recently found a discovery in the hidden archive.Through a sort of VR-esque technology, they show him the events firsthand.It’s seen that a hybrid gear user was struggling to continue flight, but Dr. Nayutaforced her to continue until her Hybrid Count fell to zero. And with that, the user passed awayas well. The doctor was unmoved though. She was.

Nothing if not focused, merciless in her pursuitof knowledge. Though she had blood in her hands, Dr. Nayuta only saw this casualty as collateraldamage. Kizuna can’t believe what he just saw. So now, they know that while the Hybrid Countis the energy source of the Heart Hybrid Gear, it’s also the pilot’s life force. If thecounts of Eros, Zeros, Neros and Kuros go to 0, all units in the Ros series drop to zero as well.The pilot perishes. And no one knows of this risk. Kizuna’s furious. Everyone had their coresinstalled without being informed of the risks. Shikina explains that Reirionly found out about it recently as well. Looking at his sister, he sees thatshe’s stirred up about the issue as well. But it’s not like anyone has achoice since this is humanity’s.

Only effective weapon against the Magitech.So that’s why Kizuna’s so valuable. His ability to quick-charge the girls’ Counts is priceless.Not only does he keep them combat-ready, but he’s their lifeline too. Thisis the special feature of Eros: the special gear that was installed in a male.All these revelations send him into deep thought. He’s more determined than ever toproperly fulfill his role as captain and keep his squad alive. Even if they thinkhe’s nothing more than an opportunist, nothing matters more right now than their lives.Life’s a funny thing. Kizuna lived out his years with his mother’s cruel words on repeat. Shehad no use for him. Maybe, Kizuna had started to believe that. Either way, there’s no denyingthat humanity needs him to win their fight and to.

Keep their losses at a minimum. Hida Kizuna, folks– keeping girls alive with one squish at a time!

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