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The Revolutionary Army is about to becomeone of the most important figures in the world of One Piece, preparing to begin their Revolutionand even potentially being in possession of a Road Poneglyph, but there’s probably alot of things you don’t know about its many members or the way it operates, especiallysince a lot of it has only been revealed in Databooks, SBS, and other side material, soallow me to tell you everything you need to know about the Revolutionary Army before theymake their big move at the end of the series! To start things off, we need to understandhow the Revolutionary Army is built, but much like a Yonko crew, they are basically distributedin a hierarchy of commanders and officers. At the every top you have the Supreme CommanderMonkey D. Dragon, followed by his number two.

Sabo, and then five commanders beneath themruling over the five armies in each of the five oceans, and each of the commanders hastheir own deputy officer. To start from the top though, we have thelegend himself, Monkey D. Dragon. 55 years old and from East Blue, he was raised in theGoa Kingdom much like Luffy or Garp, but it seems the corruption of that kingdom lefta deep impression on him. Not much is known about his past or lineageaside from the fact that Garp was said to have some form of connection to CelestialDragons, which makes the name “Dragon” that Garp seemingly chose for him all themore odd when you think about it. In his youth, he witnessed Roger’s executionin person, some even believing he is the one.

Who caused it to rain at the end of the execution,and went on to found the Freedom Fighters Corps, a small militia attempting to standagainst the government. However, after the incident of Ohara, Dragondecided to found the Revolutionary Army in full alongside his colleagues Ivankov andKuma, which he would then begin to build up for the next two decades. During the period from 22 to 12 years ago,Dragon began sporting the scar-shaped mark on his face. While we’ve never seen Dragon seriouslyin action, it’s almost certain that he has a devil fruit, being a fruit that allows himto generate and seemingly turn into wind,.

Which could allude at a Logia Kaze Kaze noMi or something along those lines. This particularly fits with his ship beingcalled the Wind Granma, a ship that is completely covered in black, which fits the rumors ofthe Firescar man pretty accurately. It’s also been confirmed that Dragon hasa bounty, but there’s always been a rumor associated with it that claimed he has thehighest bounty in the story as the “world’s most wanted criminal”, but this is simplya mistranslation. The accurate translation of his epithet is“the world’s worst criminal”, with “worst” being the same used in “worst generation”. That he does have a bounty has been confirmedthough, so it could still be possible for.

His number to be insanely high, as after allRoger was said to simply be the pirate with the biggest bounty, and Dragon ain’t nopirate. Also fun little fact it’s practically confirmedthat Dragon has Conqueror’s haki, as Ivankov attributed Luffy having Conqueror’s hakias being just like his father. Working under Dragon is Sabo, who acts asthe number 2 of the Revolutionary Army and its Chieff of Staff, essentially acting likea Vice Captain. You obviously already know enough about hispast with Luffy, his amnesia, and his joining the Revolutionary Army, but what interestsus the most is his position in the current story, as after the Eight Nation Revolutioninspired by Sabo’s declaration of war against.

The Celestial Dragons, he’s become reveredin some places across the world as “Entei”, the “Flame Emperor”. Now Sabo has seemingly found out the biggestsecret in the history of the World Government, being the existence of the hidden King Imu-sama,which might mean a major change in the Revolutionary Army’s focus now that he’ll share theinformation with Dragon. His current bounty is ß602,000,000, but Iwouldn’t be surprised if it went further up after everything that happened. Followingly we have the two co-founders ofthe Revolutionary Army alongside Dragon, the first being Bartholomew Kuma, who simply ranksas an officer.

Born as the King of the Sorbet Kingdom inSouth Blue, of which he seemingly was a “Tyrant” to his people, he was deposed and had to escapeas a pirate, becoming a Revolutionary after joining Dragon, and only finding a pardonfrom the Government by becoming a Shichibukai in exchange for his old friend Vegapunk turninghim into a living bioweapon. However, this choice to sacrifice himselffor the sake of becoming a weapon seems to have been for the sake of some grander planas it has been alluded to, something that appears to tie with Kuma’s painful pastthat include fragments of memories of his suffering at Mary Geoise as a slave, likelysomething to do with the fact that he’s been stated to be part of an incredibly rarerace of people.

Coupled with his sudden return to Mary Geoiseand the truth of his past that Bonney shouldn’t have learned about, there seems to be a deepand complicated past lying in the heart of this gentle giant. On the other hand we instead have EmporioIvankov, who makes up one of the five commanders that overlook each of the oceans of the world:he is the commander of the Revolutionary G-Army, which overlooks the Grand Line. Being eaten the Horu Horu no Mi Hormone Fruit,Ivankov can change the genders of others and even themselves at will, switching betweenbeing a man or woman whenever he or she most feels.

Having been a founding member since the start,he’s one of the few people who knows Dragon and Kuma the best. We don’t even know if Ivankov had a bountyfor certain, but given how he’s been jailed in Impel Down it’s almost certain he hadone, we just don’t know the number. Each of the Army commanders has a deputy commanderserving under them, with Ivanov’s case being Inazuma, who you likely well remember fromthe Impel Down Arc, Ivanov’s right-hand and the user of the Choki Choki no Mi ScissorsFruit. As for the other commanders, we first haveBelo Betty, commander of the Eastern Army, a free-spirited woman as clear by her outfitand the user of the Kobu Kobu no Mi, the Cheer.

Cheer Fruit, which encourages people to rallyafter her flag. Her design is likely based on that of Marianne,the personification of the French Revolution, who was also depicted as a woman with exposedbreasts leading the people. She’s got a ß457,000,000 belly bounty toher head. Under her, her deputy commander is Ahiru,a young woman of color with a mechanical arm that can seemingly pack quite a punch. Her name “Ahiru” is the Japanese wordfor bird. Morley is the commander of the Western Army,being a giant okama who goes by feminine pronouns in Japanese, something that was confirmedin the Vivre Cards as well.

The name Morley is a pun on the sound effectMori Mori, which is the sound that moles make while raising out of the ground. Morley possesses the Oshi Oshi no Mi, allowingher to literally push any surface with ease, and it is actually these very powers thatmade the Level 5.5 of Impel Down over 100 years ago before Morley escaped, making herthe first ever escapee in the prison’s history even before Shiki, the Government simply unaware. Even Ivankov isn’t aware of this fact. Morley has a ß293,000,000 bounty. Morley’s deputy commander is Uciano, whosename is a very clear pun as “ushi” is.

The Japanese word for cow, seemingly beinga cow mink. He seems to have limited understanding ofour language, only speaking in small brief sentences. Lindbergh is the commander of the SouthernArmy, a cat Mink with exceptional understanding of technology, even having developed a jetpackthat allows him to fly. This likely ties in the origin of his name,having been named after Charles Lindbergh, a famous aviator who did the first solo transatlanticflight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindbergh hashad some sort of connection with MADS before, but while he is a bit younger than their period,being 37 years old, there could still have.

Been some connection with them. He has a bounty of ß316,000,000. His deputy commander is Gambo, a large egg-lookingman with a large mustache. As his name suggests, Gambo appears to havea thing for gambling, often making reckless bets. Finally we have Karasu, the commander of theNorthern Army. Karasu may look menacing and brooding, buthe is actually said to be a very kind soul, loving to partake in charity work and helpingothers, but he does seem to struggle at communicating his feelings across properly, particularlywith the mask speaker he is always wearing.

What is most mysterious about his power howeveris the ability to turn his body into several crows, flying birds with no eyes or features,seeming more to be made of some form of substance. This has led to a lot of speculation of ifhe is a Logia, an awakened one perhaps, or some sort of Mythical Zoan or something else,but we don’t yet know enough to say. His bounty is of ß400,000,000. His name is pretty straightforward, as “Karasu”is the Japanese word for crow. And his deputy commander is Jiron, a man whoappears to have the weird ability to be able to eat solid things, eating a spyglass inorder to get an advantage over a bet with Gambo.

Whether this is due to cyborg augmentationsor some power is unknown. Beyond all the commanders and their deputyofficers, Koala herself also qualifies as an officer of the Army, just not in any particularposition much like Kuma, who herself possesses a yet unknown bounty. She joined the army at 14 years old and hasbeen good friends in particular with Sabo and Hack, the latter being a member of theArmy we saw during Dressrosa who serves as a Fishman Karate instructor, a knowledge hehas imparted upon Koala. Finally we only have the name of a coupleother members, being Bunny Joe, the one who rescued Robin on Tequila Wolf, and Terry Gilteo,being chief of information and communications.

Management. That forms all the members of the RevolutionaryArmy from top to bottom, who now pose a major threat to the world Government due to boththeir knowledge of Imu-sama’s existence and their military power in the race for theOne Piece, particularly true if Dragon is indeed the Firescar man and may possess thefinal Road Poneglyph. This pretty much makes the Revolutionary Armythe fifth and likely final playing team in the grand Battle Royale for the One Piece. At the moment, both the Kid Pirates and theHeart Pirates have been kicked out of the running, though the Heart Pirates have managedto retreat at least, with the JP terminology.

Used being different for the two, one beingeradicated and the other simply defeated. But on the flip side, this has put the focusof the war down on the current new generation of Yonko, with Luffy having to face againstShanks and Blackbeard in his way, but now, shockingly enough, even Buggy! As we are told, Cross Guild is making theMarines slowly more unstable, with the death of T-Bone making the news. Having been recently promoted to Vice-Admiral,T-Bone was known for his kindness and devotion to the people, as mentioned ever since hisintroduction, but he also always said that he’d be willing to die for others, so it’slikely that he offered his very life in exchange.

For the bounty to feed the people of the PepeKingdom. This is driving up business for Cross Guild,but while Crocodile is interested in building up a military utopia like he tried to withAlabaster, and Mihawk simply wants to retire somewhere he can live his life out more quietly,Buggy instead decided to charge all of Cross Guild into the search for the One Piece. This is especially after seeing Shanks, whohe always idolized and envied, deciding to hang back for the past two decades after whatRoger told him after returning from Laugh Tale, likely having to do with the idea ofbeing too early to fulfill his dream and there needing someone to be born, hence why Shanksmay have been raising several different kids.

Across the world in the hopes that one ofthem would become the Joyboy we’ve seen arise. But now Shanks is back on the move, and Buggycan’t help but feel like it’s some sort of fate that he doesn’t want to miss this,dragging all of Cross Guild into chasing after the one Piece. Which brings our current battle royale toa grand clash between The Four Emperors, the Straw Hat Pirates, the Red-Haired Pirates,the Blackbeard Pirates, and now Cross Guild, and the Revolutionary Army as a fifth wildcard as they begin to strike their Revolution to bring forth a big storm to change the world.

More and more, the final clash of the serieswith these five powerful forces and the World Government seems closer at hand, as the warfor the One Piece has already begun!

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