Exhaust On to the Villain’s Legs S1 FULL ENG SUB / 《反派大腿我抱定了》第一季 英文合集版

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The system forced me to confess Since you don't accept my confession, I'll go back first bye what Ning Yi you you are presumptuous I was a doctor in a modern hospital, reading novels in my spare time Doctor Ning, just finished the operation?.

Yes I didn't expect the great luck from the sky, I traveled into the novel I how did i get smaller Your identity is Ning Yi, the princess of Ning's Mansion Ning Yi The vicious female supporter who was soon wiped out by the male protagonist Xuan Jue I ain't gonna die here warn.

The host must complete the plot of the original book There are assassins Protect the Fifth Prince Start the story of female partner Ning Yi rescuing Xuan Jue's disfigurement No I don't want to be disfigured It was detected that the female partner Ning Yi refused the mission Enable enforcement what.

What happened why am i backing off My body is out of control System constraints eased This is the Seventh Prince Xuan Ling I will definitely live up to my trust, and I will return with a great victory. The bastard of the brothel Nancheng Kingdom can't have such a humble prince scheming too deep.

Coveting military power Nancheng Kingdom will win This is Xuan Ling, the villain of the original book, the tyrannical and inhuman Xuan Ling be careful It's over The fifth brother asked the woman to block the knife It really impressed me Go away Xuan Jue.

Go to hell Forced execution of female partner Ning Yi rescues Xuan Jue's disfigurement do my best No matter how terrifying Xuanling is, he is not as terrifying as disfigurement what's the situation System binding suddenly disappeared let go Ning princess let go.

A ha ha ha help me Ning Yi, you really don't know how to live system is controlling wow ah ah ah system fuck I won't let you off the hook Lord, you are finally awake.

It hurts The fifth prince is too much You're in a coma because of his injury, but he's in a hurry to send us home I'm fine, it's just a skin injury county lord Prince Ning's Mansion is here you be careful Does it still hurt? no pain.

Cough cough It's a shame that you went to the Fifth Prince's Mansion again. You only know it's time to go home when you're injured father don't call me father If you continue to be so embarrassing, Prince Ning's mansion will not be able to accommodate you. Do you know what's wrong? Daughter is wrong Humph.

Forget it I'll teach you a lesson next time Go back to heal first Thank you father father I asked you to pretend to scare sister, and you failed again you bastard You know I'm soft-hearted towards Yi'er, and you make me play the bad guy Next time you come to train her.

Forget it I am also reluctant Why is Yi'er obsessed with liking the fifth prince? What should my sister do if she insists on marrying the fifth prince It's a big deal, I gave up this old face and asked the emperor to decree that they get married I'm just worried that Yier won't be happy after marrying Ning Yi You are so lucky to meet such a good brother and father But they will all die because of you.

Ning Xuan was implicated by Ning Yi and rushed back to the capital to die tragically Prince Ning was framed and infamous and was poisoned to death Xuan Jue I was disfigured for you, and I did my best to help you after marrying you why are you doing this to me self-indulgent your heart can be punished Ning Yi I'm just taking advantage of you.

Ning Yi's family was destroyed and finally died tragically under the sword of Xuan Jue Do not I mustn't let us be ghosts in the book I remembered it Xuan Ling He seems to have an effect on the system I have to find him out father Why did the emperor suddenly look for us.

It should be the assassination of the Fifth Prince's Mansion Yiyi, how is your injury? Back to the emperor, the doctor said that there is no major problem, and it will be good for a few days of cultivation That's good I have one more thing to ask you Did you find the seventh prince abnormal at the assassination scene? You can be completely honest, don't be afraid of some people I, Qin Sichen, will do my best to protect the princess Open the plot of female partner Ning Yi testifying against Xuan Ling's assassination.

It turns out that this is the plot of Xuan Jue colluding to frame Xuan Ling in the original book good chance let me verify Princess what are you doing It was you who pushed me away today that hurt me I'm going to settle with you Does it work if you touch him? clothing.

Body Can I touch anywhere? Is this counting? It doesn't matter, let's try on the clothes first. back to the emperor I didn't find anything unusual about the Seventh Prince at the assassination scene. system not responding Touching clothes is effective Ning Yi clearly likes Xuan Jue, why did she suddenly help me?.

Princess may have misunderstood. I have the evidence I found on the assassin what a fool To believe such obvious evidence for a false accusation you emperor Everything I say is true I beg to summon assassins Heaven and mighty.

I would also like to confront the assassin I'd like to see what Ning Yi is up to I give my permission Your Majesty Your Majesty The assassin suddenly died a violent death What Your Majesty The assassin is still alive.

I can bring him back to life I give my permission Who ordered you to do this? The man The man with a black scarf over his face I I couldn't see Your Majesty Assassin testimony contradictions are never credible.

Xuan Jue What is your intention in falsely accusing Xuan Ling without investigating? I I I am tired All of you should leave yes Lord Ning Yi Still not letting go?.

I don't mean any harm. Just want to be friends with you Be friends? Isn't Ning Yi obsessed with Xuan Jue? How could she come to haunt me? As the saying goes The enemy of my enemy is my friend I don't like the fifth prince So you and I are destined to be friends.

Sheriff You are sowing discord between me and fifth Brother I The Sheriff doesn't look well You'd better to go back to the house and rest. I'm scared to death I don't know what to say Will you promise to be my friend or not? King.

The plan has begun Investigate the Lord Ning Yi Yes One of these two paintings was made by Shen Liu Shen Liu, the first painter in the capital Hm Perfect for my father's birthday gift Does a strawman know how to read a painting? Don't pretend to understand if you're a loser.

I'll take these two paintings Gu Fei would like to choose another painting for the Sheriff Xuanshang'er You're picking a fight again Opening the supporting role of Ning Yi makes famous the painting plot To watch the painting was taken away really unhappy Xuanshang'er I'll show you something What a noise!.

What is there to argue about a painting Seventh Prince Why are you here? What can the system do to me now? You two are actually hooking up in public and you're really a natural pair One has a mother who comes from a youthful house A slut Princess You will be punished for talking nonsense.

You How dare you hit me Why does it suddenly tickle like this? Ning Yi You piece of shit! You plotted against me. Princess What are you doing? in front of a large crowd.

Unaware of manners What's going on? Don't look. No one is allowed to see it. Princess Why are you so out of order in public? What a shame! I'll kill you Hahahahahahahaha.

Boss Wrap those two paintings up for me Okay Seventh Prince You will come to my father's birthday banquet tomorrow, right? Yes I'll be waiting for you! Today is my father's birthday How dare you?.

What wouldn't I dare to do? I'm going to make you lose face in the House of Ning Ning Yi I'm going to ruin your face You will be scorned for the rest of your life Open Ning Yi was disfigured plot System You are so persistent You have to ruin my face.

But this time the initiative is in my hands Don't make her laugh Rip her mouth off! Rip her face off Finally five meters four meters Three meters Dad.

You be careful Don't drink so much. Hahaha It's okay. It's okay. Daddy's happy Daddy's happy Ah Help Help.

Someone poisoned Poisoning No way No way Will we also be Hey shut up! Don't talk nonsense Let me try This matter should be referred to the doctor.

Human life is at stake Will you take the blame for missing the time? I I have asked the guards to find the doctor There is no harm in letting the Sheriff look a look at this time Is it true that when you work hard, you get short of breath and can't breathe, in severe cases, heartburn? Yes, yes, yes. Father's old problem is coming back.

Lord Ning Do you have a solution? Yes One tea break and you'll be awake Hmm Ning Yi I seem to have underestimated you. Ah! What's wrong with me?.

Father You had a heart attack and fainted It was Lord Ning who saved you. Thank you, Sheriff. Ah! Master is weak now, no need to be polite Also Tai Fu's heart condition still needs daily warming Do not be overjoyed or overwhelmed with grief.

You're really good at the art of qihuang Oops! How did this straw woman suddenly change her nature Coincidence, right? Ning Yi Possessing excellent medical skills Also a distinguished family With the support of the Ning Palace behind him If I marry her.

Hmm Lord Ning You're a real eye-opener today You're welcome, seventh prince. I hope you'll consider my offer. Yi Yi When did you learn the art of Qiyang? Yeah. Looks like you've learned a lot.

Oops! Today, showing medical skills have made the Prince of Ning suspicious I have to find an excuse to cover it up. This medical skill was learned by my daughter for the Fifth Prince. I just haven't had the chance to use it. That's why I didn't tell my dad. What? You are the daughter of a royal family To suffer such hardship for a man.

You're really Oops! Father Don't be angry In the name of my mother, my daughter promises never to do it again. Oi! The fifth prince is not a good match Yi Yi Stop being obsessed.

Yeah. That fifth prince is so insensitive What a lack of vision Don't worry Brother If I continue to be obsessed I'll break Xuan Jue's legs OK Brother help you.

Uh Uh-huh. From today's experiment The closer you get to Xuan Ling within three meters the more you can resist the system Contact will unbind the system Good Just hold on to Xuan Ling's leg Our family will make it to the end Drops.

Mid-autumn wedding plot will be opened in half a month Please prepare Whew! In the original book Ning Yi's disfigurement to save Xuan Jue Asking Xuan Jue to marry herself So at the mid-autumn banquet, Emperor Xuan himself gave the wedding But I'm not disfigured.

Why did the emperor give the marriage The original plot will be fixed automatically Warning to hosts not to try to mess up Poof System you Ha! Oops! Yi Yi.

Yi Yi What's wrong with you? Hmm Nothing Just suddenly I feel really resourceful. Ha! Father I'm going to the Empty Moon Temple for a short stay to heal my love wounds Well, well, well.

Stay as long as you want Hey, hey. Plan Pass You've come to apply for the Master Your name is Hao Xinren You can do the math. That's right. I will You.

Come with me. Ah! It's over. Found. Hao Xinren Good Samaritan Nice name. Uh… Nope.

No So dressed to blend in with the King's bandit fighting team What's the reason? Lord Ning I'm already dressed as this ghost Xuan Ling can still recognize it at a glance Do cannon fodder have to be so bad? Hey, hey. Actually I don't know any Sheriff.

Do you believe it? Sheriff Military camp No strangers allowed Who says I'm a stranger? I am a great and glorious master Without my nod Who dares to take you Actually.

My mother was killed by bandits. To avenge my mother's death is my lifelong wish. Woo-hoo! Mother After all, I have to save the lives of my family I'll use your name The danger of fighting bandits is not a child's play You are the daughter of the King of Ning and cannot take risks Now I'll send you back to your home.

I won't. I don't need to rush Just playing the plan How can anything go wrong? Oops! I'm still a doctor. I can help with healing The army has an accompanying medic cut.

I'm a better doctor than they are. Headache typhoid poisoning I can cure it all LOL I'm sneaking out I'm sure I'll get beaten up when I get back like this. And My reputation will be even worse if word gets out Ning Yi is so strange.

00:02:59,700 If it's true that there are evil intentions Stay around so you can always watch The Sheriff can stay But There is a condition Heh heh heh You can have a hundred or eighty of them Considering the safety of the Sheriff I'll transfer the Sheriff to my side.

In order to cover the eyes and ears 00:03:15,900 –> 00:03:18,875 I'd like to ask you to take care of my house. No problem. I can Hey, hey, hey. Kim Thighs is just too sweet After that I don't have to go around looking for excuses to approach Are you there, Your Highness? What is it?.

Ah Heh. Is the Sheriff satisfied with what you've seen? Ah! His Highness has good biceps. It was as if one hand could easily lift my whole body up Blah blah blah What the hell am I thinking? Oops!.

It's over! Xuan Ling is paranoid and shady I hate it when people look at him like that. Is it too late for me to run? Don't compliment me I'm surprised he didn't get mad Is there something wrong with the Sheriff? I I'll serve you close.

So I thought I'd come over and help you make your bed In that case Please My character is set to be the Sheriff I have to act like I can't make a bed to do it I'm so smart Tomorrow the army moves Your Highness, go home early and rest I won't bother you here.

He seems to be angry I'd better run away OK The sun is going down. Order the army to camp and rest Yes Seventh Prince The night is cooler This is the wool blanket and hot water bag I bought for you specially.

You don't have to be so attentive, Sheriff I am now the master of the division You can't call me Master Sheriff Master Hao Well done Thank you, Your Highness. As you wish I will do it for you! The man who served the seventh prince was like a weakling and had a lot of problems.

That's true Feminine looking Baths are separate He's not really a woman dressed as a man, is he? Hahahahahahahahaha You guys say Although the boy is dark and thin, his features are quite delicate Oh no I've disguised myself like this and I'm still recognizable.

I neglected I – I wanted to win Xuan Ling's favor Forgot to make good interpersonal relations I'm going to find a way to change these people's perceptions Dr. Liou Not good not good What's happening I'll go check it out. Mushroom toxins penetrate deep into the lungs.

It's hopeless So it's a poisonous mushroom! No They are still saved Hao Xinren These people are too deeply poisoned to be saved You'd better not get involved Please fetch my medicine box Everyone stand back three feet.

Give me enough room You have to play hard to get Forget it. You try it This will make him spit out as much of the poisonous mushrooms he ate as possible Here comes the medicine chest Master Hao You are really a god Master Hao is excellent!.

We underestimated Master Hao Speaking of poisoning I remember that in the original, Xuan Ling was hit by a tide of poisonous snakes and lost a lot of money No Must be prevented before it happens Dr. Liu The countryside is full of poison You send someone to sprinkle this poison repellent powder by the barracks just in case.

OK OK What are you doing? What are you doing together? A few little soldiers ate poisonous mushrooms by mistake It was Master Hao who saved them. Master Hao healer's benevolence This is what I should do.

Master Hao Do you still have work to do? No more no more Dr. Ryu will take care of the next thing Let's disperse if there's nothing else. Master Hao, follow me for a walk Yes What is Dr. Liu holding in his hand It's the anti-venom powder I gave him.

How did the Sheriff carry this powder with him I was returning to my tent when I ran into a poisonous snake That's why I want Dr. Liu to sprinkle powder on the outside. This is a test? This is an oversight on the part of the temple Master Hao has a heart It's really a disguise that doesn't reveal anything I think he believes it. Tomorrow the army will arrive in Laxzhou.

It's not far from the place where the banditry is rampant The Sheriff must protect himself Is the seventh prince concerned about me? Go back to your tent by yourself. The pounding rain washed all the mud down from the mountain With a loud rumble The mountain collapsed instantly Numerous soldiers died under the boulders and mud Right here.

Mudslide We can't cross this pass Oh Why can't you pass I see the shape of this cloud and I am afraid it will rain There is very little vegetation on these two sides of the mountain If it rains heavily there will be flash floods What kind of trick are you playing here? Ugh!.

It's really raining Your Highness I am military doctor Zhang Lei I think we need to pass quickly if you don't want to get wet Mr. Hao You are also a healer The soldiers may catch wind chill if they get wet again What is your intention to persuade us to stay? Are you a spy, intentionally left us and then set up an ambush.

You're sowing dissension. Master Hao is recommended by me Family history is clear Do you still suspect me? I didn't mean that The last incident with the poisonous mushrooms, Master Hao saved the lives of the generals If he was a spy why would he bother Xuan Ling I was right about your golden thighs.

Yes If he was a spy, would he have kept saving our lives? Whoever dares to speak ill of Master Hao again I, Zhao Liu, am the first to disagree Hao Xinren, spoil my big event Okay The crowd is stationed in place We'll wait for the scouts to investigate before deciding Your Majesty is wise.

Report Reply to Your Highness The mud ahead is soft Washed by heavy rain with a vague tendency to collapse Cannot go forward You see Am I right? Vice Admiral.

Send the order for the army to retreat to a safe position and set up camp to rest Yes This medicine can prevent typhoid fever Everyone must finish the medicine soup Yes This is a medicinal soup that Master Hao personally prepared Master Hao I haven't thanked you personally for the poisonous mushrooms last time This time you saved everyone again.

Plus this medicinal soup The brothers owe you too much I'm not owed Your Majesty is wise Let's thank His Highness. Come Everybody take the medicine soup and toast His Highness and Master Hao Good To His Highness and Master Hao.

Okay, okay. Everybody, stop it! Drink up! Rest well Get on good terms with everyone and no one will suspect me Compulsion Your Highness, Your Highness Drink some soup! Preventing cold and relieving dampness.

Clearing heat and removing fire Put it there. No You need to drink now You must not have any problems with your body Oops! Wait a minute You're not afraid of bitter, are you? Eight more sips.

I'll buy you candy when you're done Why did I open my mouth to drink the medicine by accident? Seven bites left Six left Go for it! Only six mouths left How did I coax Xuan Ling as a child I forgot how scary Xuan Ling was The Sheriff seems to care about my well-being.

Of course You are the seventh prince! Your status is distinguished nonsense If you go down, I go down too. I must take good care of you Oh! Should I believe what Lord Ning says? I.

Ahhhhhhh I'm going down Your Highness pull me Watch out! Your Highness I have something important to report. Your Highness Torrents pouring down Mud and rocks washed down by torrential rain But there were people living under the mountain.

If this continues, these people will be buried. Take a team with you Follow me to evacuate the people Yes Your Highness I don't give you any trouble I will be waiting for your return in the camp Be safe! Yes.

We are not His Highness's own soldiers The good things don't happen to us. Dr. Zhang What a good thing What a great feat to save the people from flooding! Not to mention the commendation Maybe if you get into the eyes of the emperor, you'll be able to make it to the top. I'll be able to make a career out of it I feel sorry for you guys.

It's not your turn for this kind of good work You have to be in front of the dangerous things like fighting bandits like fighting bandits Uh-huh. This You were recruited later I'm sure you're not as close as the old men who have been with His Highness for years Isn't this just letting us die while his own people.

Get the credit? No one is a good person in government Hm It took no time to provoke the soldiers against the commander-in-chief What did Zhang Lei want to do? No.

I can't let him get away with this. Zhang Lei Spreading rumors within the barracks False accusations against the commander Attempting to sow discord Beheaded according to military law Am I wrong in any way? Is it possible that His Highness is not biased in this action? Is it possible that His Highness is not biased in this action?.

Master Hao served His Highness closely Not like us Of course you have to be on His Highness' side. What a load of crap. When and where did you hear from whom about the flash flood in that village? How do you judge closeness and distance Why didn't you go if it was a good thing save the people from flooding? You.

I Hmm You can't answer it, can you? Just because Your Highness defended me And you hold a grudge against him and against me Attempted disinformation to shake the army I will report this to His Majesty for decision. Uh… I can't expose myself in front of Xuan Ling yet.

I have to find a way to suppress this. Master Hao This matter has nothing to do with Your Highness I just don't like you. Do you dare to fight with me? Hmm. Why not? How to fight.

You and I are both healers Just remember the herbs In one incense burner Whoever writes the most herbs wins The loser promises the winner a request It's surprisingly more simple than that What in the world did Zhang Lei think I have to plan ahead. The competition begins.

Hum Medical Attainment I have never been afraid of anyone Time's up Hum How much was written You didn't write a single piece of paper, did you? Hmm Hairy boy talking big.

Who knows if you're writing nonsense I'll be the judge of that. I'll judge the names of the herbs Is that fair? fair Fair Zhang Lei Write eight sheets in total The names of the herbs are wrong for more than twenty.

Master Hao wrote a total of ten Herb names without any mistakes I declare Master Hao wins Do you concede? I'm the one who lost What do you want? Well… I haven't thought about it yet.

Save this request for now Dr. Liu His Highness is back. Hm Your Highness was very tired after a long night. I'll bring him breakfast. Your Highness Why did you just come back and take care of business?.

You should rest more. Lord Ning is so attentive Did you do something again in our camp? I'm doing the right thing. Your Highness I suspect that Zhang Lei might be a spy sent by someone else I don't know where the Sheriff got this information.

I guessed it. He framed me for no reason and sowed discord several times with the intention of upsetting the army I suspect he might be a spy sent by someone else. That makes sense, right? Somewhat reasonable Your Majesty is wise.

This man is suspicious. Your Majesty must be careful. I see. Don't interfere with my breakfast. Ouch. You eat well I have some important things to do. I'll go first. something important.

Ning Yi What's your business? From Poison to Torrent There are no coincidences in this world Most likely, it's a calculation by someone with an agenda Ning Yi I'm going to find out everything about you No one.

Heh heh Good opportunity. Ning Yi is holding a bundle in her arms and looking sneaky She's really not as harmless as she appears to be wow little river Water quality is clear Secluded location Good place.

Comfortable good wow She She's coming here I can't believe it She What is that So it's a rabbit.

Almost got caught I can't look I have to get out of here. la la la la Dr. Liu I got a rabbit. I've been eating dry food for 10 days Let's eat together and have some meat Okay.

I'll send Your Highness some pills to reduce the heat, and then I'll come and help you. Reduce the dry heat? Is Your Highness on fire? Then I don't have to share this rabbit with him Your Highness Two capsules daily Do not take more than one Your hand.

Let me help you with the wound Where is Master Hao? Let him take care of my wounds. Yes Master Hao hmm What's going on? His Highness asked you to medicate him What.

His Highness, he's hurt. Looks like a branch bruise. Small wound Don't react so much Dr. Liu This is not correct A small wound can turn into a big wound And maybe life will be lost I have to go check it out.

That's too much You see Such a big wound When did you get this hand injury? Nothing Just a momentary lapse of attention This golden thigh is also too unconscious My life is directly linked to his life Take a closer look.

Ning Yi is indeed beautiful Xuan Ling What are you thinking about? Don't think about it Focus on the wound. Take a closer look Xuan Ling is quite handsome Ning Yi How dare you think about Xuan Ling.

Don't want to die? He's just your golden leg to live on. What's wrong? Sheriff This ointment three times a day Remember to keep the wound away from water Don't be busy with your business today Get some sleep. OK.

Thank you, Sheriff This is not a good place to stay Hurry up and run! Hoo-hoo! What is this place? Ning Your Highness Your Highness Get up and eat roasted rabbit.

Hoo hoo hoo Don't come in. What the hell I kindly send you rabbit meat to eat Why are you yelling at me for some reason? Master Hao I want to take a bath and change my clothes I can't see you I see.

I'll leave Luckily she didn't get in cold water just what I want I just need to chill out. what Your Highness has a cold again Yes This afternoon for some reason His Highness took a bath.

With cold water and got typhoid fever Well, I'll have to check it out. Don't go His Highness has given the order No one is to be disturbed all night Even you 20 miles further on is the city of Tai Ko The bandits are perched on the surrounding hills His Highness must have spent the night studying countermeasures.

It's so dangerous. I'll stay with him even more I have the original in my hand I'm sure I can help him fight the bandits Send something to eat Xuan Ling should be able to see me What's ringing? Zhang Lei What is he doing next to the grain.

Zhang Lei must be doing something against Xuan Ling I'm going to stop him. But there are only two of us here. Looks like I have to outsmart him I've got an idea Yes The chief soldier sent us to get food Where's the grain? there.

Right behind the tent. Okay, thanks. It's over. It's over. Someone is coming I need to get out of here. I'll scare you to death It's a laxative He's trying to break the army fighting from the inside Definitely a spy.

But who did he send? bandits It can't be This is a letter from Zhang Lei today Please check Useless stuff Can't even fight a master I can't believe I failed twice in a row My Lord, don't be angry!.

Send a message to Zhang Lei If Xuan Ling hadn't died in Tai Ko then he should not come back either Yes Can we find out why Lord Ning is not going to the Mid-Autumn banquet? Back to the master's words Ten days ago Lord Ning went to the Empty Moon Nunnery outside the city She hasn't come out since then Empty Moon Nunnery.

What is she doing there? Your Highness It's the middle of the night Why did you suddenly come to the mountain? I'm exhausted The Sheriff is still awake at this hour. Thinking about things overnight is too draining I've come to bring you something to eat I don't need.

Sheriff, you'd better go to bed early Your Highness You How do you want to enter the city of Taiko tomorrow? What does she mean by that? Are you prying into my plans? I'm a healer. I might be able to help. Tomorrow I'll take a small team of disguised merchants into the city of Tai Ko to find out what's going on The Sheriff may wish to accompany me.

Instead of being afraid of her, I'd like to keep her by my side for the whole time. OK My medical skills can certainly help This is the only inn in the whole city that I can stay at today. After nightfall, the streets were empty. It's strange. Yeah, that's weird. Maybe this store was also taken over by bandits long ago Oh, why do you say that?.

Ahaha I guess it's a good idea to be careful haha Well, I can't say I know it from a book, can I? Shh. There is movement Hold me tight I say just go up and kill these people! Why are you so careful?.

Don't forget what the boss told you These are not easy people. Be careful. Okay… Okay? The Sheriff just didn't move a muscle. Don't care about these details A small life is the most important thing Your Highness Your Highness.

I have detained the owner of the black store. What should I do with him? Uh Your Highness Why is Master Hao in your room? Your Highness, don't worry I didn't see anything I will not say anything Master Hao Although your hobby is a bit special.

But don't feel inferior I won't look down on you Wait What the hell were you thinking? Come back here and tell me what's going on! I always have a bad feeling about this The lieutenant is loyal and won't go around talking nonsense I hope so OK.

Let's go meet the black store owner Okay WangBiao Not going to say anything? That's it. Confession is lenient, rejection is strict I've been in the game for so many years, what have I never seen? Now I've fallen into your hands Kill me if you want to.

I will not be threatened by you boys You little boy dare to hit my head Don't think I can't do anything because you have a concubine to back you up What the hell The concubine is not talking about Xuan Ling, right? Don't talk so much nonsense Tell me about the bandits here. Oh my God. Xuan Ling is worthy of being the villain who can survive until the end of the book.

It's so cruel Outside Taicang City, Jiang Wu Dao of Ping Shan and Zhang Hu of Tai Guang 00:02:24.375 –> 00:02:25.75 I run an inn in the city and I have to make regular offerings to Jiang Wu Dao I have to make regular offerings to Jiang Wu Dao It seems that Jiang Wu Dao will soon arrive on the news Then we have to get out of here. Say hello to Jiang Wu Dao for me The situation is worse than I thought To take down the bandits in one fell swoop, we must find a breakthrough.

That I I have an idea This fold says that Wang Biao gave gifts to Jiang Wu Dao, and there are many things for women and children in it Wang Biao did not have a wife and children himself Then this Most likely Jiang Wu Dao's wife and children But we checked before that Jiang Wu Dao has no wife and children This means that they are very important to Jiang Wudao.

Well, good idea Luckily I remember the original book described Jiang Wu Dao's wife and children At this point, I can just reveal to Xuan Ling Someone search the villages around Ping Shan carefully Find Jiang Wu Dao's wife and children as soon as possible yes I can actually help find it together oh.

Did you get any clues, Sheriff? No No One more person is one more strength End of banditry Your Majesty can also return to the capital in triumph soon Your Majesty wants to return to the capital. Soon it will be the Mid-Autumn banquet If the Sheriff wishes to attend.

I went to the trouble of fighting bandits to avoid that damn mid-autumn banquet so I could escape the clutches of the system I'm a princess appointed by the emperor himself How can I care for my own pleasure and not for the people? Your Highness, you can rest assured I will never return to the capital until the bandits are removed. I didn't expect you to be so understanding If that is the case, I will not send you back to the capital.

Ning Yi Are you afraid to go back to the capital Or are you afraid of seeing Xuan Jue at the banquet? Your Highness Back to Your Highness I have been searching for a day Jiang Wu Dao's wife and son have been found At your service I am Chen Lian, wife of Jiang Wu Dao.

If you have anything to do with me, come to me Please leave my son alone Don't worry, Mrs. Jiang I have no choice but to invite you both here I don't mean to make things difficult for you Vice Admiral Treat these two well Don't be neglected! but.

They are bandits! Do as you are told Yes No to women and children opponents Xuan Ling is doing quite well bullshit The Seventh Prince of Bullshit How dare you threaten me by taking my wife and children I will take his head myself.

Then I will not be angry Grand Master I do have an idea I don't know if you want to hear it or not I found out that the seventh prince is a broken sleeve His concubine is the little white boy Why not catch him for his sister-in-law? But that little white boy and the Seventh Prince have already run away It's not easy to catch him.

Don't worry, sir. We can do this Master Hao How is my son? Found early The disease is under control No need to worry too much Just rest for a few days Thank you.

Master Hao Thank you What's the situation Congenital heart disease Can only be controlled Cannot be eradicated Wasn't it fine this morning? Why are you suddenly sick? Answer me.

In the morning we two talk about bandits The boy heard it Nothing to do with them It's all Jiang Wu Dao's fault Pity my son But at a young age, he has to pay his father's debts Mrs. Jiang Why did you get involved with a bandit? If you don't want to.

Just pretend I didn't ask It's not that hard to talk about Jiang Wu Dao didn't used to be like this Xiao Lian I bought you the wood material to carve pairs of dolls As a gift for the baby in your belly Good Put it down now. Bandits are getting more and more rampant these days.

You're about to have a baby Just don't go out and run around I know Recently the officials have come to fight bandits again Father is sick and has no money to treat The family can't afford it This life is really unbearable Take the little lady away Be my thirteenth concubine.

I'll kill you all Fu An Are we really going to be bandits? This group of dog officials forced my father to die Causing you to be born prematurely My son is weak and sick I don't want to put up with this anymore Only by being a bandit can I protect your safety Fu An.

How can you abuse people for fun? You can't do that. You stay out of it. Someone send Chen Lian back to the village. Jiang Fu'an I was so wrong about you It is reasonable to say that this Jiang Fu'an is also a poor man But what he did afterwards was unsympathetic As they say, the boy who slayed the dragon eventually became the dragon.

That's the way it is Fu An, he sinned a lot. And I've been blessed by him, and I've sinned greatly. But the child is innocent When we both die Will Your Majesty find a good place for the child? I am willing to go to Pingshan myself to persuade Fu An to confess his sins I hope my son will live the rest of his life in peace OK.

I promise you Master Hao Your kindness as a healer Please help me with Rui'er's illness I will help to the end What's right and what's wrong in this world One day he will understand I didn't tell Rui'er about his life in the past I just want him to grow up clean and happy.

But now he should understand Fu An Xiao Lian Why are you here? Didn't you get taken away?

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  1. This shall be more stunning if the subtitles matched the voices in time. I even want to prevent to spend a complete sentence. I surprise how many people blueprint it previous the minute of silence before every little thing?

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