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Hello my good friends! I hope you are all doing fine! My name is Jessy and in this video we aregoing to be talking about Apocalymon. A Digimon I have wanted to discuss a whileago but didn’t feel confident enough in my skills as a Digimon researcher. So, I took some time until I was a bit moresure of myself. Let me tell you already that I have multiplereason for wanting to discuss this Digimon. And the main reason would be that this Digimonis extremely powerful. In fact, so powerful that you should alreadyknow it wasn’t done justice in Digimon adventure.

When it was killed. Apocalymon is like the character Madara Uchihafrom the Naruto franchise. A character so powerful that the developersdidn’t exactly know how to write it off. Leading to many fans being disappointed. And Apocalymon isn’t so different. I do admit that there is a part in myselfthat would love to see evil win in anime or in movies or whatever, when it makes senseand when I like the character more than the main character. And if evil were to be defeated, than by thelove of God, make it make sense.

Anyway…When we are talking about Apocalymon, we are talking about an Unidentified Digimon thatis a combination of a humanoid on top of a polyhedron. And mind you, the Polyhedron is huge. Easily reaching at least 240 feet or 73 metersand it looks very solid. The polyhedron doesn’t look like somethingthat can get destroyed easily. So, Apocalymon is the combination of the humanoidand the polyhedron. But when we’re looking at what Apocalymonembodies…that’s when you should understand that we are talking about a totally differentclass of creature.

It’s name is a reference to the apocalypse. And in the biblical book of Revelations, itmeans the total destruction of the world as prophesied. By the final Book, the Earth suffers “SevenPlagues” — from disease to “intense heat” and drought, then finally a shower of deadlyhailstones. And then comes the Apocalypse, the final judgmentof man and the destruction of the world by fire. But the end of the apocalypse leaves us witha renewed world where injustice is gone, humanity is united in self-sacrificial love, and creationis cared for.

Just like how the apocalypse was prophesised,Apocalymon’s arrival was also foreseen in ancient prophecies written in ancient texts. You see, Apocallymon was formed from Digimondoomed to death by natural evolution. It was born from the feelings of jealousyand hatred belonging to Digimon who died during Digivolution. And now, it wants to make the Digital andReal Worlds into living underworlds to justify the darkness that composes it. As a sidenote, this aspect of Digivolutionis something extremely important to know. Not only is digivolving a process that takesa lot of time and experience, which is why.

Only a sparse number of Digimon are capableof reaching their final form. But digivolving is also a process that cankill. And considering how powerful Apocalymon iswhile also taking into account what it represents (meaning the apocalypse), we can assume thatmany Digimon did in fact perish during digivolution. We may be talking about Digimon evolving fromrookie to champion or even from ultimate to mega. All their death’s gave birth to Apocalymon. To add more to it, In the Japanese version,Apocalymon refers to itself in the plural sense as it claimed to be possessed by a multitudeof demons acting as a gestalt.

As an organized whole that is perceived asmore than the sum of its parts. Regardless of the trait it shows, it is clearlymeant to be almost completely insane. So, Apocalymon is motivated by jealousy anddespair, it is a creature formed from Digimon doomed to death by natural evolution and veryimportant, it is confined to an empty world of darkness, only able to watch as the reverseworld – the world of light – gets to rejoice in happiness as it suffers. Cursing it, Apocalymon desires to rule overall the Digimon and the Digital World and twist the world to fit itself and its darkness. Interestingly, Apocalymon itself was bornbeyond the wall of fire.

We have already talked about the wall of fire(otherwise known as the firewall) when we discussed VolcanicDramon (link towards thevideo is in the description box). But suffice is to say that the Firewall isa defensive barrier that defends the Net and it is huge and nigh impenetrable. Only very few Digimon have been able to crossit. RizeGreymon was one who managed to get throughwith a few enhancements. When Apocalymon passed through the wall atsome point in the past, it caused major damage to the digital world. Its passage warped the fabric of time andspace such that time ran much faster in the.

Digital World than in the Real World. Byproducts of the chaos Apocalymon had inflictedon the digital world would be the Dark Masters. A group consisting of Piedmon, MetalSeadramon,Machinedramon and puppetmon. They fought the original Digidestined, whoseDigimon digivolved into the four harmonious ones. A group of Mega-level Holy Beast Digimon whorule over the cardinal points of the compass and who preserve the balance inside the digitalworld. They were defeated and sealed away by eachof the Dark Masters. So, there is so much that happened in theentirety of the Digital World.

So, much despair and so much chaos. And all of that only because Apocalymon wentthrough the firewall and simply was. And simply exists. In terms of combat…I could only imaginea select few Digimon that could hope to face it but even then I’d be a bit skeptical. It can call forth an infinite darkness calledthe darkness zone. Anyone or anything caught in its wake is saidto be consumed by the void and eventually reduced to nothing. This is already an impressive attack but itis the least impressive attack of the most.

Impressive attacks it has. Apocalymon has demonstrated the techniquesof the evil Digimon who compose it. In other words, it used the attacks of MetalSeadramon,Myotismon, Machinedramon, Devimon & Datamon. So, we can assume that Apocalymon has someabilities to copy the techniques of others. This is insane and let me tell you why. We have discussed many Digimon in this channel. We came across Digimon who can create pocketdimensions, Digimon who can absorb digicores, Digimon who can create unbreakable shields,Digimon who literally can summon the power of creation and destruction.

If Apocalymon can copy that…like it didwith 5 other Digimon already…that should put it on a different league already becauseit puts its offensive arsenal already on a whole different scale and we are not evendone yet with what it can do. You see, the polyhedron is not just a structureon which Apocalymon simply stands on. It is a weapon. And the multiple claws can be used for multiplestuff. If it so manages to capture a Digimon, itwill force them to degenerate. Reducing one’s chances at winning even more. And there are at least eight of those claws.

And…can you imagine that it could take yearsfor a Digimon to digivolve only to have it de-digivolve by just one attack. That is crazy. Last and most deadliest move of Apocalymonis when it detonates the polyhedron which is also a giant bomb. I already said that it is 240 feet or 73 metersin height. So, imagine something this big explode. As is written in the description, the forceis enough to wipe out an entire dimension. Apocalymon literally has the power to destroyan entire dimension.

So, I think we can agree unanimously that,at least in terms of offensive powers, that this creature is top class. Now, long story short, the Digidestined, stillmanaged to defeat the creature…because of course they would… and yet Apocalymon is not entirely gone… You see…this Digimon, just like Myotismonwho we discussed in its own video (link towards it is in the description box), has the abilityto “reincarnate” itself by letting just parts of its data in the Digital world. Let me explain.

A Bit of Apocalymon’s data found its wayinto the Digi-Egg that would later hatch into Meicoomon. And that BIT of data would cause Meicoomonto become the source of an infection that caused many Digimon to go berserk and makethem turn against friends or innocents. That bit of data would later be retrievedby Dark Gennai who planned to use it again but on Digimon of the likes of Daemon andDiaboromon. So, try to imagine what damage that wouldcause. Apocalymon’s data was also the source tocreate Mephistomon, an ultimate level evil Digimon and a dark area Digimon.

Members of this family are generally evilor apocalyptic Digimon, or those who dwell in the dark area. An abyssal graveyard where Digimon are ultimatelytransmitted when their life span finishes. Mephistomon is a dark being born form thelingering thought-data of an apocalymon. And just like APocalymon, its governing principleis the extermination of all life. And it has a special way of doing so…yousee Mephistomon despite having an endlessly cruel personality, it is extremely intelligentand is also a tactician. We can presume that its idea to quickly exterminateall life is by being a servant for beings that are more powerful than itself.

So, Mephistotmon serves Moon=Millenniummonand was given the task to sacrifice weaker digimon in order to resurrect its master. And Moon-Millenniummon…suffice it to saythat it is an evil god Digimon with the power to control time and space. And as it is a being consisting of a soulonly and does not have actual substance, it is immune to all physical attacks meaningthat there are virtually no Digimon who are up to that task. Mephistomon’s name is a reference to thedemon Mephisto or Mphistopheles. A demon worker for Lucifer, either in searchfor men to corrupt or one who collect the.

Souls of those who are already damned. Mephistomon’s story is literally the same. Also, Mephistomon’s design is based entirelyon Baphomet. A deity incorporated into various occult andwestern traditions. In modern day, Baphomet is who most wouldidentify as the goat of Satan and the symbol of the Church of Satan. Now, while Mephistomon takes more the roleof a server, it still is one who is lethal in combat. It specializes in black magic.

It can generate a cloud of darkness whichcauses everything to decay and it can recite a dark incantation in which it prays for afestival of death. Those who hear the spell soon die. I find this way of attacking very interesting. Many Digimon attack either with the elementsor with strong brute force. Mephistomon attacks mostly via soundwave. And its digivolution Gulfmon is the greateston the front. It can cause a solemn voice to be heard singingout of nowhere, whose audience is said to soon die, with their data never able to berestored.

Or it can let out the sorrowful cries of thedead from its Maw, which also brings death to all who hear them. I think I got a bit ahead of myself. I didn’t even start by explaining who Gulfmonis. Gulfmon is a huge, dark animal Digimon thatemerged from the abyss of the Dark Area. Its large build is that of a demon beast. It is as immense as a mountain and it possesssturdy limbs. Attached to its lower half is a “Maw”that is large enough to swallow everything. And that Maw is said to be connected to theabyss of the Dark Area.

I believe that the maw is a reference to Hellmouth,or the jaws of hell. The entrance to hell envisaged as the gapingmouth of a huge monster. It is said that those who are sucked insideGulfmon’s maw, have their souls smashed to pieces and are no longer able to escape. I find it interesting that Gulfmon, despitebeing an “offspring” of apocylaymon, that it has the wings of an Angel. Almost making it seem like it used to be partof the Digimon angelic hierarchy. Yet…it has never been confirmed and thelikeliness of it truly being a former angel is quite low.

I also like that its hands are almost likethe claws on Apocalymon’s polyhedron, showing all the more that both are related. Unfortunately, Gulfmon is a Digimon that wasn’texplored that much despite having an interesting origin story which would lead it back to APocalymonwho was literally the main villain of an entire Digimon season. But I hope that you would at least see thepotential this Digimon has! Hey guys, this is the end of the video! I hope you enjoyed it! As I have said in the video, the apocalymondigivolution line is also one of my favourites.

But because it wasn’t given that much substanceby the Digimon developers, I fear that this video is a solid wrap up of what the linehas to offer. I still see Apocalymon as a Digimon with enormouspotential in terms of story. It’s birth is among the best, its motivationto take over the real world and the digital world could bring us to interesting stories…andits name is also one of the coolest name out there. At least for me. I am hoping that we will get more of thisline. Hopefully they will be more fleshed out.

Especially Mephistomon and GUlfmon, who canthank their existence to Apocalymon. So, I am going to have to ask you guys toshare your opinions in the comment section. How do you view Apoclaymon? How do you view its digivolution line? Write as much as you can. And I would suggest to write well becauseI feel like the Digimon developers are ogling this channel. Anyway, make sure to hit the like button myfriends. It’s not that much work.

It just a click. To my surprise, the amounts of likes one canget is enough for the youtube algorythim to send its good graces to the video. SO, I hope I can count on your likes. Also, make sure to subscribe if you want tosee more Digimon related videos! In case you guys are new, know that all myvideos are placed in various Digimon playlists which are always updated. That way you can catch up on newer and oldervideos.

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