Extinct Student Goes 12 Years Into The Previous Becomes Strongest To Revenge & Assassinate Them – anime recap

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In the beginning of the series, it is introducedTakemichi is a 26-year-old man who has a messy room. One day, he hears on the news on TV aboutthe conflict of Tokyo Manji Gang. This conflict led to civilian casualties,including Tachibana Hinata. Takemichi is surprised to hear the news. It turns out Tachibana Hinata was his girlfriendin middle school. One day, after hearing about Hinata’s passing,Takemichi goes to the train station, but he experiences a strange thing. A mysterious figure pushes him on the tracksas the train comes and hits him.

However, he doesn’t die. Instead, he is sent to the past, 12 yearsago when he was still able to see Hinata. He tries to remain calm despite he feels confused. After that, he meets Naoto, Hinata’s youngerbrother. Takemichi tells him to take care of his sister. Nauto nods and they shake hands. Unexpectedly, as they both shake hand, Takemichiis sent back to the present, where he lives today. He wakes up and sees Naoto, but he doesn’tmeet Hinata.

Therefore, Takemichi intends to go back tothe past. On Naoto’s idea, Takemichi has no choicebut to go back in time again and prevents the two leaders of Tokyo Manji gang, ManjiroSano and Kisaki Tetta, so that they wouldn’t meet each other. If he succeeds, it will save Tachibana. Naoto does investigation on the gang. After the former leader died in a miserableway, Tokyo Manji Gang was absolutely fierce and dangerous. Takemichi experiences their violence firstlywhen he is knocked out by Kiyomasa’s men.

Unconsciously, Takemichi asks Kiyomasa ifhe could introduce him to Manji Rosano or Kisaki Tetta. It turns out he shouldn’t have asked himthat. Kiyomasa gets angry and begins beating himwith his bat. Takemichi is severely injured and he walkslimping. 14 years old Takemichi was a coward. He let people beat him up and became Kiyomasa’sslave. Thanks to Hina, he overcomes his fear andchallenges the king of the fighting club, Kiyomasa. Kiyomasa accepts Takemichi’s challenge asit would be an interesting duel between the.

Boss and his slave. As the fight starts, Takemichi gets beatenand he realizes vast difference between Kiyomasa and himself. Kiyomasa keeps beating him up and his menpity Takemichi foe being in a broken-down state. Even though Takemichi is beaten up he refusesto give up and tries to attack Kiyomasa. Thanks to his endless effort, he manages tomake Kiyomasa out of energy. Takemichi doesn’t intend to run away. He has a reason not to walk away from thefight.

He doesn’t want to feel the pathetic thingof having to walk away any longer like he did back then. As the battle between Takemichi and Kiyomasagoes on, someone walks to the center of the field. He tells Kiyomasa not to be enthusiastic aboutwhat he has done. That person is vice leader of Tokyo Manjigang, Ryuguji Ken, or usually known as Draken. Recently, Draken seems to feel there is someonetailing on him. Takemichi seems to know him from the picturethat Nauto had showed him in the future. This person is none other than the leaderof Tokyo Manji Gang, Sano Manjirou or also.

Known as Sano Mikey. Mikey walks towards Takemichi and asks forhis name. Suddenly, Mikey says that Takemichi was oneof his friends. After that, he walks towards Kiyomasa andbegins to beat him. Mikey leaves after beating up Kiyomasa. On the other hand, Takemichi feels burdenedas Mikey is interested with him. Takemichi feels no difference between beingKiyomasa’s slave and Tokyo Manji’s slave. Takemichi has seen Mikey directly. He doesn’t believe that he would do manycrimes.

Takemichi then asks Mikey his reason why hewas interested with him. Mikey replies that Takemichi resembles hisolder brother who had passed away. After that, Takemichi goes back to the future. Nauto suggests Takemichi to travel the timein his room as it is dangerous. As Nauto asks him if his mission to preventManji Rosano meets Kisaki Tetta has succeeded, Takemichi says that he has met Mikey, nicknamefor Manji Rosano. He explains that Mikey was a good guy. While searching for clues that will lead themto Mikey, Takemichi meets his old friend, Atsushi Sendou, or usually called by Akun.

Takemichi finally finds that Akun was a memberof Touman Gang in the future. It turns out that Akun was the person whopushed Takemichi at the train station. Takemichi asks Akun to quit from Touman butAkun says that he was afraid of someone called Kisaki Tetta. Akun then jumps from the building and died. Because Sendou or Akun died, takemichi andNauto have to investigate from the beginning. They investigate Ryuguji ken or Draken’sdeath, where he died from being stabbed with a knife during 50 members of motorcycle gangbrawl in the parking lot of Musashi temple in Shibuya district, Tokyo in August thirdtwo thousand and five.

Nauto explains that the brawl happened betweenDraken’s faction and Mikey’s faction in Touman. However, Takemichi doesn’t believe thatboth of them had a fight. Nauto finally asks Takemichi to investigateDraken’s death and save him. Furthermore, according to Akun, Manjiro Sanoor Mickey changed after Draken’s passing. Both of them then shake hands and Takemichigoes back in time. Draken suddenly asks Takemichi to to comeover to Musashi temple. It turns out Takemichi is invited to the placeas Mikey and his gang gather to discuss about Moebius.

The leader of Moebius called Osanai causeda trouble. His friend, Pah-chin, was tortured. Even his girlfriend was beaten. Moebius wields Shinjuku district while Tomanwields Shibuya district. Finally, Mikey shouts to them to destroy Moebius. They decide to attack Moebius on August thirdduring the Musashi festival. That day Draken’s death happened. Takemichi then decides to be Draken’s bodyguardbut Draken declines him immediately. After that, it is told Draken’s life storyin the past.

Draken is born in Shibuya red light district. His mother is a prostitute and left him whenhe was only 2, and he doesn’t know who his father is. Young Draken lived in a brothel. When he met Mikey for the first time, he wassurprised to see Mikey who has petite feature, far from what he thought. Draken didn’t ask him to fight, but instead,inviting Mikey to meet Sameyama gang. When they got to Sameyama, Mikey instantlyran and jump kicked Sameyama, beating him and scared the rest.

After that, Mikey asked Draken to be his friend. Since that day on, they became bestfriend. Short story tell, takemichi finally findsdraken’s death was merely someone’s deception when he meets Osanai in the future. However, Osanai refuses to mention who theperson is as he doesn’t want to get involved with toman. Takemichi and Nauto finally agree that theconflict between Toman and Moebius shouldn’t happen. Takemichi thengoes back in the past.

Once again, Takemichi meets Toman and asksMikey to drop his duel with Moebius as Toman is trapped by someone. However, Pah-chin punches Takemichi but Takemichirefuses to give up. He even kneels down asking them to canceltheir plan. Draken minds Takemichi’s words and suggestsMikey to investigate Moebius first. However, Mikey gets angry at Draken as hethinks that Draken opposes Toman. Just then, Osanai comes and walks towardsthem. Osanai doesn’t come alone. He comes with his gangs and ready to attackToman first.

It is an unequal fight. Toman has only five people including Takemichi,while Moebius has a great number with them. Pah-Chin advances to fight Osanai, but Osanaibeats him up and Pah-Chin must admit defeat. Mikey charges after that and knocked Osanaiin one punch in his head. Osanai tries to attack him by holding a bottle. Draken comes forwards and defeats him. Despite being outnumbered, Toman manages towin this fight. As they are about to leave when they hearthe police sirene car, Pah-Chin suddenly stabs Osanai with a knife from behind.

The police arrive and Pah-Chin chooses togive himself up while the rest run away so that they are not to get caught. Takemichi faints and he wakes up in a hospitalaccompanied by Emma. When he feels better, Takemichi is discharged. Draken comes at his house to see him. There, he tells Takemichi that Pah-Chin issentenced to a year’s imprisonment, while Osanai is still alive. However, Draken gets angry as Takemichi askshim about Mikey. As Draken is about to leave, Mikey is alreadyin front of Takemichi’s house, and both.

Leaders of Toman reunite unexpectedly as bothof them want to see Takemichi. They start fighting over small things. Takemichi tries to stop them but to no avail. Mikey throws takemichi’s bike to Drakenand their fight is in sight. Takemichi is at his limit. He tells Mikey and Draken to stop. Takemichi is angry seeing Mikey and Drakenare figthing in front of his house and breaks his valuable personal stuffs. Takemichi scolds them.

He bows and kneels down. His tears flows unknowingly rolls down hisface. He then warns them people behind them mightbegin to hostile each other. The tension between them finally melts. They sit together in the park and Draken thenadmits that he was at fault. Mikey follows to apologize to him. When takemichi asks them what made them fight,they answer they forgot about that. They then make up their friendship. Kenichi realizes he has changed history asthe two leaders of Toman have made up and.

Draken will not die in the conflict. Now it is the third of August in two thousandand five. Takemichi and Draken are waiting in frontof the festival. Yamagisi calls Takemichi. He tells Takemichi to warn Draken to be carefulbecause Mikey faction which have created when Mikey and Draken split up is after Draken. Although Mikey and Draken has made up butMikey faction still doesn’t accept that. Takemichi is surrised and hurries to lookfor Draken and reluctantly leaves Hinata. There, takemichi sees several members of Tomanand Kiyomasa.

But one of them finds Takemichi who is currentlyeavesdropping their conversation. They then start beating Takemichi and tiesTakemichi with a duct tape and leave him. Some moments later, Hinata finds him. Takemichi is ashamed with his condition andasks Hinata to leave him. Instead of following his order, Hinata kisseshim and encourages him. Takemichi then decides to go to look for Draken. In his way, Takemichi encounters Mitsuya. Mitsuya says Peyan is going to attack Draken. Meanwhile, Takemichi says that Kiyomasa isthe person who is in charge to attack Draken.

Peh-Yan doesn’t like Draken who is againstToman’s intention to pay to free Pah-Chin. Meanwhile, Pehyan finds Draken who is walkingwith Emma. Pehyan thinks Toman abandons Pah-chin whois imprisoned. Pehyan finally teams uo with the rest of Moebiusmembers to oppose Draken. Their fight ensued eventhough it is unequalbattle because Draken alone must fight Pehyan and numerous Moebius members. Takemichi and Mitsuya finally find Drakenin the parking lot. When Mitsuya is ready to help Draken, Mikeyarrives not long after that. Draken and Mitsuya recognize Mike’s motor.

It turns out Mikey had trapped and was askedto meet in different place. It has apparently planned by Hanmasuji, thetemporary Moebius leader, taking Osanai’s place. When Hanma tells his men to start attackingMikey, Draken, Mitsuya and Takemichi, also several captains of division and its membersarrive at the scene. Now they are equal, and the brawl betweenToman and Moebius begins. Toman is ahead over Moebius and manages tooutwit them. Mikey comes to Pehyan who punches him severaltimes. Apparently, Mikey lets him doing that.

Mikey tries to talk to Pehyan who can’taccept Toman didn’t do anything about Pah-chin. Finally Pehyan comes to his sense and startscrying before him. Meanwhile, Takemichi tries to search Drakenin the middle of the brawl. Takemichi then spots Kiyomasa. He is surprised to see him holding a knifecovered in blood. Not far from his place, Draken lays on theground covered in blood. Takemichi rushes to see him and calls outhis name, but Draken doesn’t move. Mikey is angry knowing Draken is injured. Suddenly, Hanma arrives and punches Mikey.

Hanma is quite strong. He nearly even Mikey. As he must fight Hanma, Mikey tells Takemichito take care of Draken. Takemichi then carries Draken on his backto the hospital. On the way, he encounters Hinata and Emma. Apparently, they have called an ambulance. They then decide to wait for the ambulance. However, the ambulance hasn’t come yet. Kiyomasa and Moebius arrive.

Takemichi thinks it was over. Not long after that, Draken wakes up and callshis name. Draken thanks him and asks Takemichi to fleewith Hinata and Emma. Hearing his words, Takemichi cannot hold backhis emotion. He cries hard, but he intends not to run awaythis time, and becomes a braver person. Takemichi gathers his courage and challengeKiyomasa in a fight, saying that their duel isn’t over yet. Draken says he bet 100 million Yen for Takemichi’swinning, followed by Hinata and Emma. The duel between Takemichi and Kiyomasa continues.

Unfortunately, as their duel starts, Kiyomasastabs Takemichi’s left palm with a knife. Takemichi doesn’t give up and he tries tofight Kiyomasa with any ways. Finally, Takemichi manages to defeat Kiyomasabut he still must face Moebius in front of him. He tells Hinata to run away with Emma, andthe second duel soon begins. Takemichi and Draken have to fight Moebius. Fortunately, Akun and their friends come tohelp them. Unfortunately, they get beaten by Moebiusbut they refuse to give up. After that, it is heard a sirene’ policecar from afar.

Moebius chooses to flee and leaves Kiyomasawho is still lying unconsciously. Not long after that, Emma and Hinata comewith medical team and an ambulance. Short story tells, Draken is sent to the hospitalin the ambulance and accompanied by Takemichi. Finally, Draken is alive. Takemichi and other Toman members feel relievedDraken has survived. Takemichi sees Mikey sitting alone while crying. It turns out he is trying hard to hide hisfear from others. One week has passed, Takemichi is known asthe champion in one night and he is respected by the delinquents.

When Takemichi goes to the hospital to seeDraken, Draken scolds him because his overconfidence. Draken gives him Toman’s uniform. Takemichi then goes to look for Mikey on therooftop. Mikey feels strange that Takemichi knows allabout that and asks him who he is. But Mikey laughs seeing the clothes Takemichiis wearing. He then thanks Takemichi for saving Draken. Takemichi decides to go back to the future. Nauto calls him and tells him their missionhas succeeded. Everything has changed.

Nauto asks Takemichi to meet his sister, Hinata. Short story tell, Takemichi finally meetsHinata and walks together in a park. There is difference between the past and thefuture. In the past, Takemichi was dumped by Hinata,while in the future version, Hinata is dumped by Takemichi. Realizing that Hinata still has feeling forhim, Takemichi cannot explain anything and rushes to the restroom and asks Hinata togo their car first. As Takemichi walks to the car, he sees Hanma. Hanma mumbles to himself thinking that Takemichiwas in the car.

Takemichi suddenly has a bad feeling and heruns to the car. Arriving there, he witnesses Hinata is hitby a car. Takemichi is surprised to find the personwho hit Hinata is Akun. Badly injured, Akun once again says the samethings with his words on the top of the building in the past. He says he was afraid of Kisaki. A moment later, Akun’s car explodes. Takemichi immediately goes to the car whereHinata is. Hinata is also injured severely.

Her legs even cannot move and numb. Takemichi hugs her tightly but Hinata pusheshim until he is bounced out of the car. A second later, the car also explodes, andHina once again dies. Takemichi promises to himself he will alwayssave Hina and become the leader of Toman. Takemichi and Nauto go to Hina’s house whereshe is laid in state. Takemichi determines to save Hina. After that, Takemichi and Nauto go to meetDraken in the future. It turns out draken who had saved before hebecomes a death row inmate in the future. Drake explains all of this was cause by Kisaki.

If Draken could go back in time, he wouldkill Kisaki. After that, Takemichi returns to the past. He is having bath in a public sauna with Mikeyand Draken. Both of the Toman leaders tease each other,argue, and laugh together. After they finished their bath, there is thehead of Toman division in front of the sauna, waiting for them. Apparently, Mikey and Toman plans to appointa new captain of the third division. Takemichi has thought he will be appoint asthe captain, but it turns out Kisaki tetta is the person who will be the captain.

Kisaki walks forward with confidence and arrogantface. Toman gang then shouts at him because he isconsidered not polite by sitting back to Maiki and Draken. Takemichi is surprised to see Kisaki. For the first time, he sees the face of theperson who becomes the mastermind of mudering of himself, Hinata, Akun, and Nauto in thefuture. Furthermore, Kisaki was a former member ofMoebius. Members of Toman immediately raise a protestagainst him and shout at him, asking him to step back.

Draken then walks forward and tells his mento silence as it is Mikey’s decision. Not long after that, Mikey walks forward andexplains Toman will fight Valhalla gang soon. Valhalla is far greater than Moebius. Therefore, they need to increase their strengthby recruitting Kisaki Tetta in their gang. Kisaki is known as the guy who has unitedtheir young generation in Moebius. Takemichi is still angry. He then comes forward and punches Takemichion his face. Everyone is surprised to see his action. Takemichi cannot explain anything as it isnot possible to explain them what happens.

In the future. Suddenly, Baji Keisuke steps up and attacksTakemichi but is stopped by Mitsuya. Baji then shouts at Mikey, telling him thathe quits from Toman and will follow Valhalla. He then announces since that day on, he becomesthe enemy of Toman. Kisaki walks towards Takemichi and puncheshis face. Takemichi falls on the ground, losing hisconscious. As he wakes up, he finds Mikey nest to him. Mikey asks Takemichi if he dislikes Kisakiand asks Takemichi to bring Baji back to Toman. It turns out besides Draken, Baji is an importantfigure in Toman who is valued by Mikey.

He is Mikey’s childhood friend, and is oneof the founder of Toman together with Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, and Pah-chin. Without a doubt, Takemichi immediately acceptsMikey’s words with one condition. Takemichi asks Mikey to get rid of Kisakifrom Toman. Mikey agrres to Takemichi’s request. Mitsuya who is eavesdropping their conversationis called by Mikey and Takemichi then is decicided to join Mitsuya’s division. It means that Takemichi officially becomesa member of Toman. After Mikey and Mitsuya leave him, Takemichifinds an old picture of Toman founders, Mikey,.

Draken, Mitsuya, Pah-chin, Baji. Strangely, there is one more person next toBaji. Elsewhere, Baji is seen meets someone namedKazutora. He is the person in the picture before. Valhalla is actually a gang of a collectionof former members of Moebius and anti-Toman faction, where Hanmasuji becomes the shadowleader, and there is a mysterious figure that becomes the real leader. That’s why Valhalla is known as the angelwithout a head. In the middle of conversation, takemichi andhis friends, suddenly hanemiya Kazutora comes.

To meet Takemichi. Kazutora wants to invite Takemichi to Valhallaheadquarters. Arriving at their headquarters, Takemichifeels an ominous aura around him. In front of him, takemichi sees Baji who isbeating one of vice captain of the Toman’s first division. Baji is doing denial and testing his faithto join Valhalla. It is then revealed Kazutora’s intentionbringin Takemichi to their place is to make him a witness and is questioned by Hanma aboutall Baji’s words in Toman meeting before. As they think Baji has met two qualifications,Hanma then announces Baji officially joins.

Valhalla but Takemichi tries to fail them. He mentions about Baji’s position whichalso a founder of Toman. Unexpectedly, Kazuto is also one of Tomanfounder. He is the sixth person in the picture Takemichifound before. Baji then remembers when he was still in thefirst grade of middle school in 2003 with Kazutora, Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, and Pah-chin. These six youngsters created Tokyo Manji orToman. They took picture together in summer whenToman’s uniform was made. After that an incident happened when theywere in first grade in middle school in 2003.

It was summer. Mikey, Draken, Baji, Kazutora, Pah-Chin andMitsuya were on the way to the sea to Yokohama. It turned out Kazutora killed Shinichi Rosano. Shinichi Rosano is Mikey’s older brother. It was caused by Baji and Kazutora wantedto steal a motorcycle that would be given as a birthday present to Mikey, and the bikeshop they broke into was Shinichi Rosano’s. Because they had been caught, Kazutora whodidn’t know Shinichiro beat him from behind until he died. Kazutora then blamed Mikey as it all happenedbecause of him.

It led Kazutora to hold grudge against Mikeyand intended to kill him. Takemichi, who finally finds out that Kazutoraand Baji are the people who caused Shinichi Rosano’s death, realizes that it would bedifficult to bring baji back to Toman. Hanmasuji then tells Takemichi to to tellMikey that Valhalla and Toman’s fight will occur in one week in an abandoned car lot. As Takemichi is confused what to do, he meetsthe vice-captain of Toman’s first division, Matsuno Chifuyu. He is the person who got beaten by Baji yesterdayas the sign of denial and condition so he would be accepted joining Valhalla.

Chifuyu reveals a surprising fact that itturns out Baji has another mission. His intention in joing Vahalla isn’t todestroy toman, but he wants to expose Kisaki Tetta. Takemichi and Matsuno then meet Mikey andDraken at Shinichiro’s grave. Mikey admits that he understood if the incidenthappened towards Shinichiro couldn’t be changed but his heart still couldn’t acceptit. Takemichi then tells Mikey a message fromHanma that Toman and Valhalla will fight. After leaving the grave, Chifuyu asks Takemichito team up investigating Kisaki. Chifuyu even promises will help him becomingthe leader of Toman and asks Takemichi to.

Help him doing what he wants. Takemichi accepts his partnership offer. Doesn’t want to waste the time, both Takemichiand Chifuyu immediately investigate to find a connection between Kisaki tetta and Valhalla. They then go to meet Osanai, Moebius formerleader. Osanai explains the first time he met Kisaki. Osanai thought Kisaki was a dull brat. Eventhough Kisaki had asked him to team upso that Osanai would be the leader of Tokyo. However, it turned out that Osanai was merelya stepping stone for Kisaki.

The battle on August third when Drakken gotstabbed was actually Kisaki’s plan, started with Kisaki had cornered Pah-chin to createas a reason to fight with Toman, until finally took all the blame to Osanai. After that, Kisaki tried to get closer toMikey by saying that he disliked what Osanai had done. Kisaki tried to get Mikey’s attention witha bait that he could free Pah-chin. Kisaki even intended to kill Draken in theprevious battle so he would take number two spot in Toman. Kisaki then dumped Osanai and got to Hanma.

Osanai tells that Kisaki is a very dangerousguy. Kisaki can kill people without getting hishands dirty. Finally Chifuyu realizes who the mastermindbehind Valhalla is. The leader of Valhalla, who is unknown byothers is no other than Kisaki Tetta. Takemichi then decides to go back to the futureto meet Draken. Takemichi is surprised as Draken tells himthat the decisive battle between Valhalla and Toman was won by Valhalla. For the first time Toman lost in a battle. Then it was created the new Tokyo Manji underValhalla.

Mikey was still the leader as Draken thoughtValhalla was a team that was created for the sake of Mikey. Mikey revealed that Toman’s lost that daywas Mikey’s fault. That day, Mikey killed Kazutora. After their investigation about bloody halloween,Nauto and Takemichi concludes that Mikey killed Kazutora because Kazutora killed Baji. Takemichi’s new mission is to save Bajiand prevent Kisaki’s plan. Draken meets kazutora and asks him to cancelthe battle between Valhalla and Toman, saying that he will not be happy no matter what theresult will be.

He asks why Kazutora hates Mikey because hetestified that helped Kazutora leaving the juvenile prison earlier. Kazutora swears he will crush Toman on thirtyfirst. Draken protests, saying Mikey doesn’t wantto fight. A day prior to the battle between Toman andValhalla, Takemichi brings Chifuyu to meet Baji. Chifuyu asks Baji if he had a clue about Kisaki. Chifuyu tells Baji that he suspects him beinga spy for Toman. Furthermore, Chifuyu tells Baji that Bajidoesn’t need to stay in Valhalla anymore.

As he has found information about Kisaki andhe is afraid that Baji will become an eternal enemy of Toman tomorrow. Baji then tells Chifuyu not to trust anyonebut his friends, and that he commits to crush Toman as a member of Valhalla. Takemichi then asks to speak with Baji alone. He tells Baji that whatever his intentionis, he must stay alive tomorrow as his death will make MIkey sad. As a response, Baji tells Takemichi to tellMikey that he will kill him tomorrow. After that, Toman gathers to discuss aboutthe battle.

Mikey tells them that they will not get anythingeven if they win the battle, and Baji has sided with enemy. Toman doesn’t take betrayal easily. Hearing this, Chifuyu tells Taemichi thatthey cannot stop Mikey now. Unexpectedly, Mikey sits suddenly and sayshe only wants to be a child, and that he doesn’t want to fight Baji. He tells Toman that they will crush Valhallaand bring Baji back tomorrow. Toman agrees, but Kisaki says that it runsas he planned. The day of the battle, the spectators gatherin the abandoned car lot to see the battle.

Between Toman and Valhalla because the winnerof the battle will be a step closer to take over Tokyo. Hansen, a member of Ikebukuro Criminal BlackMembers is in charge to oversee the fight. Hansen tells the two leaders to come in. Mikey thanks him for agreeing to oversee thefight. Draken and Kazutora step in towards Hansento decide the rules of the battle, whether it is five on five or an all-out melee witheveryone. Draken tells Kazutora as Valhalla startedthe fight, he has one condition. If Toman wins they will be taking baji back.

Kazutora replies that Baji joined Valhallaon his own accord, thus they cannot take him back. But Draken insists on his intention that makesKazutora angry. Hansen then warns Kazutora not to start fighting. Kazutora punches Hansen in the face, tellingToman that Valhalla intends to crush them to death. The teo gangs run towards each other, startingthe fight. As the brawl between Valhalla nd Toman starts,Takemichi looks for Baji but stuck in the fight.

Kezutora tries to launch his punch on Mikeybut is blocked by Draken who tells him that he was not near with Mikey’s level. But Draken is busy with Hanma who suddenlycomes and kicks him. It makes Kazutora has his time to fight Mikey. Takemichi is beaten by Valhalla member butMitsuya saves him. Mitsuya scolds him of being off guard. Takemichi comes back to his sense that tosave Baji, he must fight. But Takemichi is poor in fighting, moreoverwhen he sees 2 members of Valhalla around him.

Chifuyu comes behind him, convincing Takemichiby offering to take his back and tells him to focus on his goal. Chifuyu says although everyone gets scaredin the fight, the matter is how they deal with it. Supported by Cifuyu’s words, and his goalto save Hinata, Takemichi gets a hold of himself and starts to fight back. Although he gets help from Chifuyu, he stillgets beaten numerous times by Valhalla members. However, he determines to fight as he seesit as an obstacle to prevent him stopping the worst future.

Division captains like Mitsuya and Drakenmaange to fight their opponents easily. However, because Valhalls outnumbers them,several Toman members can be defeated and they lose spirit. Draken must protect other members. That’s why he cannot focus in fighting againstValhalla. Hanma tells Draken to fight him but thereare many Valhalla members standing around them. Suddenly, they are disturbed by a roar fromTakemichi who nearly faints. Takemichi keeps fighting and determines towin.

Takemichi has nearly passed out due to exhaustion. Mitsuya catches him. He is impressed with Takemichi even thoughTakemichi has a poor fighting skill; he has a high determination and enthusiasm. Due to his high spirit, other Toman membersget a hold of themselves and fight to crush Valhalla and Draken doesn’t need to protectother members. Draken runs towards hanma to fight. Draken gets to see Hanma and punches him andsends him flying behind, that surprised and amazed everyone.

Elsewhere, Mikey chases Kazutora and stopon a pile of used cars. Mikey is attacked by Chonbo and Chome, Valhallacaptains that Kazuto met at juvie. Mikey manages to hold Chonbo’s attack buthe is difficult to fight Valhalla captains due to uneven cars surface prevents him tolaunch his deadly kicks. Although Mikey manages to avoid Chonbo’sattacks, another Valhalla captain, Chome jumps behind him. While Mikey tries to deal with Chonbo andChonme, Kazutora spots a metal pipe and takes it. Mikey blocks their attacks but Kazutora beatshim with the pipe and makes Mikey to pass.

Out. Kazutora declares winning for Valhalla. Kazutora then tells Chonbo and Chonme to holdMikey as he beats him with the pipe. Hanma states the battle is over while RindouHaitani states that Mikey has lost. Draken hurries to help Mikey but is attackedy Hanma. Meanwhile, Kazutora intends to kill an enemy,referring to Mikey to be a hero. Mikey asks Kazutora if it was his reason forkilling Shinichiro. Mikey finally gets himself off from CHonboand Chonme. Mikey kicks kazutora until he passes out.

Chonbo, Chonme, and Kazutora faint from Mikey’sdeadly kick. Seeing Mikey is exhausted, Choji takes thecharge as the leader of Valhalla to attack Mikey. Chifuyu and Mitsuya try to stop Valhalla toreach Mikey but they are outnumbered. On the other hand, Draken is still fightingagainst Hanma. Takemichi hurries to get to Mikey but he isbeaten by several members of Valhalla. As Choji is about to attack Mikey, Kisakisteps in between them and knocks down Choji. As Kisaki declares that the first divisionwill protect Mikey, Takemichi remembers why he recognized Choji.

He first saw him with Kisaki. Toman members including Mitsuya and Drakenare impressed with Kisaki’s skill and loyalty. Takemichi realizes that no matter what itsresult, Kisaki will still reach his goal. As Draken tells Kisaki that he trusts Mikeyto him, Baji appears behind Kisaki about to beat him with the pipe. Baji manages to knock out Kisaki to cheerValhalla members. Draken asks him to stop. Mitsuya then tells Baji that they come tobring him back. Takemichi is panic as he believes Baji willbe killed if he keeps fighting.

Suddenly, Chifuyu appears in front of Baji,blocking his way. Baji tells Chifuyu to leave but he refuses. Chifuyu tells Baji that killing Kisaki willlead him to deal with Mikey, therefore it is not the right time to save Toman from Kisaki. As response, Baji hits Chifuyu with the pipe,telling Chifuyu that he only holds him to be used in the battle so that he doesn’tcare with Chifuyu. Chifuyu tells Baji that he wants to protecthim. If Baji wants to pass him, he will not holdback. Baji tells Chifuyu to fight him in 10 secondsbut Chifuyu doesn’t move.

Baji then tells him that killing him was theonly way to stop him. As Baji reaches the countdown, Takemichi pushesBaji to move and tells Chifuyu to stop Baji with him. While crying, Chifuyu tells Takemichi thathe cannot fight Baji as Baji is someone he respects. Baji nudgesTakemichi’s head and gets himselfoff. It makes Takemichi gets drown into his consciousnessuntil he remembers his goal to save Hinata and Mikey. Takemichi gets his sense and determinationback to the better future, starting with saving.

Baji from Kisaki. Suddenly Takemichi remembers that Kazutorais the one who wants to kill Baji. Takemichi tries to search for Kazutora buthe cannot see him on a pile of the cars. Kazutora suddenly appears behind Baji andstabs him. Before Kazutora stabs Baji, he has thrownKazutora and Baji from him. Baji thanks Takemichi for saving him. He says that the stab wound is only a scratch. Chifuyu reaches Kazutora and asks his realintention. Takemichi tells Baji he is glad that Bajiis alive.

Baji tells Takemichi that he would defeatKisaki. Takemichi and Chifuyu offers to fight Kisakitogether. However, Baji punches them and tells themto go away. As Takemichi asks Baji why he insisted indoing it alone. Baji replies, asking Takemichi to take careof Mikey for him. 50 members of third division stand betweenKisaki to protect Mikey. Baji then begins to fight them. Meanwhile, Kisaki observes that Kazurota failedand calls Hanma. Baji finally defeats all Toman members andwalks towards Kisaki.

Baji holds a sharp pipe and is ready to killKisaki. Suddenly, Baji kneels down and coughs bloodfrom the wound. He is exhausted and passes out. Chifuyu rushes to get to Baji to find outwhat Kisaki had done to Baji. Kisaki tells him he didn’t do anything. Chifuyu sees pool of blood under Baji’sbody. Takemichi realizes that Baji had a sever stabwound. As Chifuyu screams, calling out Kazuto’sname, Takemichi realizes that everything ran as Kisaki’s plan.

With Baji’s death, Kisaki tells that Kazutoraleads Baji into Valhalla to kill him which he admits as a lie to provoke Mikey who hasgot ahold of himself. Mikey walks towards Kazutora and wants tokill him but Hanma tries to stop him, but Mikey easily defeats Hanma in one kick andhe faints. After seeing the captain’s lose, the membersof Valhalla run away, scared they might be killed by Mikey. Kezutora tells Mikey that people can betrayanyone and tells him to stop the battle. He knows Mikey must die. As response, Mikey punches Kazutora, tellinghim if he ruins things he cares about, then.

He must crush Kazutora. Baji thanks Mikey for being angry as seeinghim injured. While trying to get up and walk towards Mikeyand Kazutora, Baji says that Kazutora’s stab wound would not kill him. In return, Baji draws his own knife and stabshimself. Baji tells Kazutora that he wouldn’t bethe person who killed him. Chifuyu who realize what he is doing rushesto get to his side and asks him why he did that. Meanwhile, Kezutora tells Mikey that Mikeywill die with Baji.

Mikey tells Kazutora that he will beat himto die. Takemichi gets to Baji’s side and asks himwhat he wanted to get by stabbing himself. Baji then tells Takemichi that Kisaki wasthe enemy. Soothing that Baji saw before when he sawKisaki offering a way to Mikey to free Pah-Chin from prison. This request was surely not for free. Kisaki asked a position as the third divisioncaptain in Toman. Baji doesn’t consider Kisaki as the thirddivision captain. Baji says that only Pah-Chin would be thecaptain of the third division.

Baji also tells Takemichi that the six Tomanfounder was his treasure even though he couldn’t fix Toman by himself. Now, Mikey doesn’t have a reason to killKazutora because Kazutora isn’t the person who killed Baji. Baji died in his own hands. Before his death, Baji tells Takemichi thathe reminds him of Shinichiro and tells him he leaves Mikey and Toman in his hands. Takemichi cries, asking him not to die. While screaming out lod, Takemichi steps inbetween Mikey and Kazutora to stop Mikey who.

Threatens to kill him if he keeps on gettinghimself involved. Even after being hit by Mikey, Takemichi desperatelyasks him to stop. Takemichi tells him that Baji didn’t wantthis to happen. Mikey is angry and tells Takemichi not total about Baji, that leads Takemichi frustrated and take off his jacket. Takemichi explains that Baji died for Toman. Baji killed himself so that Kazutora wouldn’tbe responsible for his death. As Takemichi took off his jacket, a charmfell off. Manjiro picks up the charm and asks Takemichiwhere he got it from.

Takemichi explains he picked it up at thelast meeting. Mikey recognizes the charm and realizes thatBaji had kept it all this time since Toman first created, as their goal to new era fordelinquents to protect others. Mikey has light in his eyes. Takemichi realizes that Baji fought to protecthis friends and still determined to Toman’s goal. After that, Mikey cries and apologizes toBaji as he had walked different path from their goal. While other toman members are still sheddingtears, the sirene from the police car is heard.

Coming near. Both gangs start to leave the parking lotbut Kazutora decides to stay with Baji. Kazutora wants to take responsibility forhis action and Mikey doesn’t stop him doing that. Right before Mikey and the rest leaving thescene, Kazutora bows his head, apologizing to Mikey, saying that although he doesn’texpect for forgiveness for Shinichiro and Baji’s death. Moreover, he says that he would bear the burdenof their deaths for the rest of his life. The conflict on October thirty first leadsto one casualty and one arrest, known as bloody.

Halloween. Toman is considered the winner of the conflict. Finally, Takemichi succeeds in changing thepast. Two weeks later, there are still many peopletalk about the bloody Halloween. Draken relays Mikey’s message to Takemichito come at the meeting. The next evening, Toman gathers for theirmeeting. Takemichi admits he is not confident withhis uniform, while Pehyan and Mitsuya encourage him. When Draken sees him, he smiles and says thatit doesn’t suit him.

Takemichi agrees and laughs. He feels like someone was dressing him. Draken welcomes takemichi in the gang. Takemichi thanks him enthusiastically. Draken tells Takemichi the meeting will bestarted soon and it will be very important for him. Mikey appears on the stage with Hanma andChifuyu behind him. Draken says the meeting will be fierce asthe goal of the meeting is to end the bloody Halloween.

Seeing Hanma, the crowd wonders why the memberof Valhalla presents in their meeting. Takemichi is confused. As he sees Hanma and Chifuyu in puzzle, Takemichiwonders what is going on. Recalling about the previous conflict or knownas bloody Halloween, Mikey announced that Hanme, the vice-captain of Valhalla has amessage to deliver to Toman. Hanma then explains that Valhalla never hadan official leader. Thus, they will unite under Toman. Hearing this announcement, Toman cheers fortheir growth. They sing along in the celebration.

Seeing the incident is revealed, takemichirealizes that nothing much changes as affiliation Valhalla with Toman is basically same withthe gangs that joined. That time, Hanma tells Kisaki to come forward. Hanma praises Kisaki for uniting Toman andformer mebers of Valhalla under Toman’s leadership. Takemichi feels disgusted as he remembersBaji’s words about Kisaki who was actually Toman’s enemy. Takemichi feels he had failed to change thefuture as Kisaki is still able to manipulate Toman with the affiliation Valhalla and Toman.

Kisaki shakes hand with Hanma. Mikey then announces extra topic to discussat the meeting. Mikey remembers about Baji’s death. He turns to Chifuyu and asks him to continuethe discussion about Baji and first division. Chifuyu comes forward as the vice-captainof the first division. He reveals that he thinks of leaving Tomanafter Baji’s death but is stopped by Mikey. Mikey asks him if he really wants to leavethe first division of Toman. Chifuyu thinks that leading the first divisionis a huge responsibility. After discussing with Mikey, Chifuyu decidesto appoint a new captain for the first division.

Chifuyu recommends Takemichi as the candidateof the new captain of the first division. He explains it is what Baji wanted. Mikey agrees and tells Takemichi to lift hishead up. Thinking about the future that depends onhim, Takemichi realizes he still can make change in Toman. While crying, Takemichi lifts his head up,stating that he will do his best. Draken asks Takemichi what he is crying foras Draken and others notice Takemichi’s lack of discipline. Besides that, Mitsuya states that he needsto remake the embroidery on Mikey’s uniform.

Mikey tells Takemichi that he is lifting hishead too high. Finally, the first season of Tokyo Revengersreaches its end.

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