F-Irascible Healer Modified into An SSS-Irascible Surgeon

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Raymond is pathetic and is scorned asan illegitimate child. He awakens to his healing powers that can heal the sick. Hestudies to become a healer to be acknowledged, but he is a pathetic healer. Even after fiveyears, he can only do chores and receive scornful comments. But one day, he awakensas an SSS-rank surgeon. He gains knowledge of a doctor and medical procedures. He wakesup and remembers the surgery. He realizes it can save patients that can’t be saved with Heal.A window panel appears and congratulates him as a player. It also shows him his status and skillsand guides him to level up. He is confused, but he knows this is a miracle. Because he is anF-rank healer, he is treated as trash. Just then, Lance calls him and fires him out of theclinic. He asks for another chance. They.

Only keep Raymond because of his parents. Heremembers that he can treat patients through surgery. He asks to prove himself by treatinga patient using his knowledge of medicine. Lance gives him a patient to treat,and Raymond leaves. On his way, he worries that he might fail and get punished.He arrives at the patient’s house and is invited inside. He checks the clinic’s report, and thehusband has a severe infection on his buttocks that needs a high-ranked healer, which theycan’t afford. He asks where the patient is, and the system gives him skill points forvolunteering. He is tasked with treating his first patient. He approaches the patient, and adisgusting smell covers the air. He gets nervous, but his passive skill, “Steel Heart,” helps himcalm down. He checks on the patient, and he asks.

For his wife and daughter's help. He asks for asharp knife so he can do the surgery. They worry because they don’t know what surgery is. He startsby popping the infection, but the wife stops him. He claims that he is treating her husband,but she asks him to use Heal. He refutes her and promises to make her husband better. Sheprays, and Raymond restarts. He calms himself by replaying the surgery knowledge in his head. Heremoves the pus and the dead tissues. Afterward, he applies medicinal herbs around the wound.He announces that the surgery is done, and after a few hours, the husband wakes upand his fever is gone. They thank Raymond, and he feels happy for treating someone.Later, Lance was surprised that Raymond had cured the patient and began to doubthim. Heal is used for boosting vitality,.

But it is ineffective against other illnessesthat need to remove infections like pus. He just realized how this country’s treatment methodcauses a lot of problems. Lance goes out to check on the patient to see if Raymond treated him.Raymond levels up and realizes that his title changes with every rank. He distributed hisstat points, and he is happy to know that he can now climb higher, becoming the best healer.Just then, Lance returns and confirms that the patient is now better. Raymond remains inthe clinic but is still treated as garbage. He tries to look around to do something and seesHansen. He grabs Hansen’s broom and offers to clean instead. He offers to treat patients,but Hansen worries that the others will get mad at him if he lets Raymond treat patients. Hedidn’t mind and asked Raymond’s assistance. Later,.

Raymond starts bandaging patients andgains experience. It’s been three days, and he keeps leveling up. He invests hispoints in his Sense Stat to be a better surgeon. He now plans to live a luxurious life inthe future that is far better than his unfortunate past of being the illegitimate son of a noblefamily. He gets complimented as a kind healer, unlike the others. He claims that he knows theupsetting feeling of being treated coldly. He suddenly gained skill points for being akind healer. The treatments ended today, and he started to clean the place. After an hour,he gained points and experience in cleaning the medical station. He’s given a choice to buy aunique skill. Suddenly, a patient who is throwing up blood comes, and everyone uses Heal. However,Heal will also revitalize the blood, causing the.

Patient to vomit more blood. Raymond thinks thatthe Medical Technique will work. Lance comes, and blood splatters on him. He orders them togive up on the patient. He confronts Lance, but Raymond just gets mocked. A sudden visitorappears and sees the patient crying for help. He asks Lance for permission to treat thepatient. Lance calls him crazy and plans to make Raymond responsible if something goeswrong. Hansen appears and offers help. Raymond explains that he is going to use a differentmethod. Hansen is worried about seeing a boiled knife. Raymond put the patient to sleep withanesthesia. He also gets some threads ready. He tells Hansen that he’ll do surgery. He slicesthe patient’s abdomen, and Hansen panics. He opens the wound and stays calm with his passiveskill. Hansen panics, but he notices how serious.

And resolute Raymond is. Raymond asks Hansen tohold an organ while he removes the perforated part. He trembles, but he buys the Nimble Handsskill, and he operates better. He also manages to stitch back the cuts and finish the surgery.He levels up and gets weak in his knees. He is relieved that he did it. Later, Lance couldn’tbelieve Raymond treated a patient who needed a high-ranked healer. He runs to confirm it andsees the patient happily chatting with Raymond. Lance yells at Raymond with doubt.Raymond claims he did treat the patient, but he didn’t use “heal.” He explains that heused medical techniques, including an ancient healing technique he discovered in ruins,but Lance is skeptical. The patient gets up and shows evidence that he was treated. He thencriticizes Lance for leaving him to die. Furious,.

He throws his urine bowl at Lance and tellshim to get lost. The patient apologizes, and Raymond thanks him for defending him.After that, people around him questioned Raymond's medical techniques, but Hansen'sattitude toward him hasn't changed. Lance approaches him and dispatches him to theimperial palace as a healer during the king’s birthday. Raymond realizes that Lance justwants him to screw things up because the palace is hell for him. It turns out he is the king’sillegitimate son. Lance laughs at him, trembling. Raymond has the urge to punch him, but he suddenlyreceives a quest with a high reward. He worries, but he accepted the assignment withthe condition that he could take the official healer qualification examafter the event. The Lance agrees,.

And Raymond gets fired up. The day of the eventcomes, and Raymond worries. He resolves himself, and with the help of his steel heart, he movesforward. He examines the list of basic mage skills available for purchase, but insteadchooses a skill to deal with rowdy people. People praise the king’s achievements as a warriorand politician, and they use Raymond as his only mistake. Just then, they notice Raymond asa dispatched healer. With his steel heart, he is unaffected, but then he notices Sofia,who always looks at him like a bug. Just then, he is also approached by Saytil, the fourthprince. Raymond trembles after hearing his voice and recalls how he was treated by him in the past.Saytil then calls him trash, and Raymond sweats. With his steel heart, he calms himselfand greets Saytil. Saytil gets flustered,.

And Raymond asks if Saytil wants to be treated,seeing that he approached a healer. Raymond then tells him to go enjoy the banquet because heis feeling fine. Raymond sees a patient in the sick bay and escapes from Saytil. Saytil isaware that Raymond is kicking him out. Then he starts acting strange and tries to testRaymond. After checking him, Raymond states that he has alcohol poisoning. He advises Saytilto refrain from daily alcohol consumption. Raymond asks him to take care of his body, and Saytildoesn’t have a comeback. Raymond leaves him, and he is thankful he bought the skill todeal with rowdy people. Sofia approaches him next and comments that Raymond changed.She came to rest because she feels unwell, but she’ll just leave because Raymond is not evena proper healer yet. She stands in front of the.

Crowd and starts her speech. Raymond noticesher ragged breathing. Suddenly, Sofia’s chest tightens, and she falls unconscious. Raymondrealizes Sofia is the patient in his quest. The healers attempted to use an A-ranked heal,but nothing happened. Raymond panics and tries to ignore the scene, but then turns back tohelp so he can hear her apologize to him. He then announces that he will treat Sofia.Everyone who doubts his rank stops him, but he forces his way through. He discovers thatit is a cardiac arrest. He uses CPR because he knows Heal will not work. People criticize himfor touching the princess, but he exclaims that he is saving her. They try to stop him, but theKing arrives and asks if Sofia can be saved with Heal. The healers can’t say anything, and theKing permits Raymond to continue. The pulse is.

Not coming back, and he panics. Just then,he realizes that a defibrillator can help, but there’s no such thing in this world.He suddenly remembers the mage skills that he can buy, and he purchases lightningmagic. He uses lightning magic on Sofia, and the guard pushes him away. He is suspected ofassaulting the imperial family. He claims that he is not and explains that he just saved Sofia. Theking orders to check Sofia, and the highly-ranked healer confirms that her heart is beatingagain. The king asks Raymond what he just did. Raymond explains that because Heal didn’t work,he used a different method. The king just stares at him and announces that the banquet is over.He also informs Raymond to stand by until he calls for him. He then leaves. Raymond recallsthe time when the King visited him and his dead.

Mother. He brings the young Raymond to thepalace and asks healers to make sure he gets healed. That was the last time he heard theking’s voice. The system announces his quest completion, and he gains a lot of level-upsand skill points. He is summoned the next day, and he explains what Medical Technique is and howhe got it. The king recognizes it and asks Raymond what reward he wants. He acts to be a passionatehealer and claims he doesn’t need treasures, but deep inside, he truly wants money. Instead, herequests that medical techniques be recognized as an official treatment method. The king accepts hisrequest, and Raymond asks for one more request. Raymond asks for the Medal of the Bringer, amedal of honor without rewards. People start seeing him in a different light. Raymond actuallyhad dark thoughts of becoming noble by using it..

He claims that the medal is more than enough.The king then accepts his second request. The healers leave while the King watches overRaymond. His aide commented on how Raymond changed. He appeases the king’s worry bytelling him that Raymond can now provide for himself with his medical techniques. Theking just turns around. Back in the clinic, the other healers now treat Raymond asa noble, even Lance, who tries to push him around. He then starts actively looking outfor more patients and gains a lot of experience points. Hansen is happy to see that the othersare positively looking at Raymond now. Just then, an emergency patient with a stab woundarrives, but Lance is not doing anything. In a flashback, Clearen, a noble, is given thetask of passing information to the third prince..

He is asked to disguise himself because thesecond prince is monitoring them. But on his way, he got attacked by an assassin. While bleeding,he enters the nearby clinic. Lance orders them not to heal him because he looks like a beggar.Clearen tries to introduce himself, but he keeps coughing up blood. Raymond interferes, andLance, who thinks Raymond just got lucky with treating the princess, asks him to treat Clearen.Raymond worries and Lance tries to embarrass him. Raymond claims that Lance is the chief and thathe can heal the patient, but Lance prioritizes earning money over charity. Raymond gets madand offers to treat the patient. Lance and the others leave him. Hansen arrives and offershelp. Later, Raymond starts the surgery while Hansen worries about the blood sputtering out.Raymond panics with the blood blocking his vision.

Hansen notices Raymond’s trembling hands andcalls him out. He then gets back to his senses and realizes how to treat the patient. He justneeds to cauterize the veins with something. He realized something and went to buy flame magic.He gently uses the fire, and Hansen is surprised. The fire helped decrease the bleeding. Raymondstitches up the cuts, and they can stop the bleeding. But Hansen is now suspicious of howRaymond uses magic. Hansen doubts his methods, but he can see that they are effective. They wereable to save the patient, and Raymond thanked Hansen. After some time, Clearen wakes up thinkinghe is in another clinic, and Raymond confirms that he treated him. Clearen’s father arrives, and heis Count August, the Great Noble of the South. August claims to reward whoever saved Clearen,and Hansen introduces Raymond as his savior..

Hansen also follows up on the fact that the chiefhealer tried to send away Clearen, thinking that he was a beggar due to his appearance. CountAugust gets mad. Lance got informed that Count August was looking for him, and he happilygreeted them. Count August glares at him. Lance became confused but then realized that theman he mistook for a beggar was Count August's son. He tries to persuade them, but Clearenbecomes agitated. He recalls everything Lance said. Count August gets furious, and Lancefalls to his knees, asking for apologies. The count calls him disgusting and orders hisaide to take Lance away. Count August banishes Lance as a doctor from the whole Empire. Lance istaken away, and Hansen and Raymond smile. August thanks Raymond and asks if he wants a reward.Raymond smiles at the thought of receiving a.

Reward. The count then offers to be a friendof Raymond, meaning their family will support him by any means. But even though they are alreadyfriends, Raymond still asks for the medical fees. The father and son got up and left. They discussthe royal succession and now think Raymond might get caught in it. Count August just wants him toblossom as a doctor. Meanwhile, the second prince, Kairn, got informed that Raymond saved Clearen.He then plans to observe Raymond from now on. Days later, Lance was kicked out because of theprevious events. Some support Raymond’s methods, but others still disagree with cutting the fleshopen. They think the king only approved it because Raymond is his son. Meanwhile, Raymond is goingto take the advancement exam, but he is worried about what will happen if he fails. Just then,Hansen inquires about Raymond's plans if he fails..

He then thought of treating more patients. Hansenwishes him good luck. He is called inside, and he shows his healing powers. Everyone laughs at him,but they are biased. He activates his eloquence skill and uses the king’s name. He announcesthat Oden de Houston has accepted the medical technique. One examiner claims that the HealingTower doesn’t recognize other methods aside from Heal. He wants to prove first that he can treat apatient. He is given a document about the patient. In a flashback, the examiners decided toassign a patient to Raymond who couldn’t be healed by a B-ranked healer. They want Raymond tofail. Back to the present, Raymond is happy to see that the patient has bedsores. The head examinerwonders why Raymond is happy when bedsores are not something that constantly rots the flesh andcan’t be fully cured by Heal. Raymond then leaves,.

Smiling. Later, Raymond visits the patient’shouse. The son explains the situation, and he takes a look at the patient. The son is impressedthat Raymond is not bothered by the smell, unlike the other healers. He checks the woundsand determines that he can treat them. He also found out that the healers just lazily did theirjobs. He then tells the son that he will perform surgery. He then proceeds to operate while theson worries. He finished the surgery and asked the son to change positions from time to time.It still needs more treatment, so Raymond will stay in the residence until the patient heals.Every day, Raymond continues to treat the patient until he recovers. The father and son givetheir utmost thanks to Raymond. Meanwhile, the head examiner gets mad after discovering thatRaymond was successful in treating the patient. He.

Doesn’t have any reasons to disqualify Raymond.The next issue is what rank to assign to him. They are divided on what rank to give,and the head examiner suggested letting the headquarters decide. Soon after,a response from headquarters arrives, assigning Raymond the U-rank, or undetermined. Thenews spread, but people gossiped about it being unvalued. Regardless of that, Raymond is happy topass. He meets Hansen, who also passed for C-rank, and invites him to celebrate. Later, the twodrunkards finished their food and drinks. Hansen asks Raymond for the location of the ruins. Adrunk Raymond confesses that the ruin doesn’t exist and that he only got the power one day,like a miracle. Hansen misunderstands Raymond, thinking that he just doesn’t wantto share his secret. The next day,.

Hansen overhears that Raymond got invitedby a famous clinic, but he declined it. Hansen barges into Raymond’s room. Raymondtells him that he is going to set up his clinic. He can’t level up his skills if hestays in a place with some competition. He plans to set up his clinic in the Bay Area. Hansenworries, but Raymond claims that he just wants to treat more patients. Limerton, the third prince,also hears about Raymond setting up a clinic. He planned to give Raymond a position in the famousclinic as thanks for treating Clearen. Limerton will not refer to Raymond again because hedeclined the opportunity. The Bay Region, located in the northwest, is the poorest area.It is a lawless area built by refugees from the war. They are essentially malicious empireabscesses. The king wants to stabilize the area,.

But all of his sons have failed. Limerton isnow suspicious of Raymond. People heard about Raymond’s venture to the Bay Area. He promises tosucceed and come back to treat them. He receives a letter from Sofia calling him a fool. Hansentries to convince Raymond not to go there, but Raymond is resolute because he lived there before.It is his home, where he and his mother lived. He tells Hansen not to worry, and Hansen suddenlydecides to go with him. Hansen also asks to learn Raymond’s medical techniques. Suddenly, a systemappears, asking to make Hansen his apprentice. The system explains that the experience earnedby the apprentice will be shared with Raymond. Because of the enticing system, Raymond acceptsHansen’s request. The two of them pump up and prepare to leave. Hansen wears armor and bringsout a weapon because the bay area is infamously.

Dangerous. He gives Raymond a metal stick, andthe system gives him self-defense skills. He is impressed that he has a chance to wield weaponsand magic at the same time. They arrive in the Bay Area, and people are suspicious of them.They opened their clinic, but no one is coming. Days passed, and no patients came. Just then,a rock crashes into the window. They go outside and discover vandalism in their building. Hansensuggests leaving the place, but Raymond cries over the money he's spent so far. Just then, the systemgives him a quest to change the minds of the slum people. He tells Hansen to leave if he wants, butRaymond wants to stay behind. Hansen misunderstood this and decided to stay with Raymond. Raymondsuddenly had an idea of what to do next. The next day, they went to the plaza.Raymond approaches some people he knows,.

And it's a good thing they also remember him. Theyask him why he came back, and thinking that he has become a noble, they ask Raymond to leave. Raymondclaims that he came back to treat patients. With his steel heart, he then confesses that he isindeed noble, but he claims that this place doesn't have healers. That’s why his mother diedwithout even getting any treatment. He just hoped it wouldn't happen to anyone else. Raymond thenoffers to treat the patients on Crescent Street, the darkest area of the slums teeming withthose who work in the entertainment district and are cursed. He declares that he will treatGod's curse. Hansen worries that they might get infected, and Raymond tells him that hecan go alone. Despite his reservations, Hansen agreed to accompany him because hewanted to learn Raymond's medical techniques..

They approach a woman in a veil, and Raymondclaims they can treat her. The woman laughs and shows a face full of red and black spots.Raymond immediately approaches her and checks her skin. Based on his normal medical knowledge,it is just a type of skin disease. He also asks them to check the others in the deepest cornersof their bodies. The women didn’t mind because they are used to showing their naked bodies.They warn him about spreading it, but Raymond explains that it is just a normal illness calledsyphilis, and it can be cured. He then sees some bread with mold and asks if he can use it tomake a magic pill. Hansen takes down notes. Creating the magic pill or penicillin iscostly because of the expensive herbs. Raymond doesn’t have a choice but to use themolds on bread. He concocted with precision,.

And he was able to create an antibiotic.He gains a lot of points and bonuses and learns the alchemy skill. He starts applyingthe antibiotic to the women. A while later, the spots are gone, and they thank Raymond whileworrying about the treatment fees. He tells them not to make any claims because seeingthem get better is his reward. After that, Raymond’s reputation gets better. Raymondlevels up and gains points again. The next day, a lot of patients were now consulting him.He was able to treat the patients that came and went. Hansen asks him how he got the ideafor the medicine for syphilis. Raymond admits that this is the result of a sudden flash ofinsight. Just then, a woman asking to heal her mother interrupts them. Hansen recalls the timeshe has seen Raymond studying hard. He believes.

Raymond has the ability because he is sincerein his treatment of patients. That night, they checked their accounts, and they suffered losses.They cheer up, thinking that they’ll get richer if they become more famous. Just then, a groupof illegal healers conducted a meeting because they lost their income because of Raymond’sfree treatment. They plan to recruit Raymond. The next morning, they confront Raymond and makehim choose between increasing the treatment fee and leaving the place. Raymond claims that thepoor won’t be able to pay the high amount. The ringleader claims that they should pay becausetheir powers are given by the gods. Raymond remembers his mother and gets mad at them.He uses his noble status to drive them away. He tells Hansen not to worry and continuesto treat the patients in line. That night,.

The illegal healers held a meeting again, andthis time, Lance was present. Because he holds grudges against Raymond, he suggests spreadingrumors that Raymond’s methods are a sham, and Lance suggests bribing the patients he hastreated so far. A few hours later, they fail because the people don’t trust them anymore. Theyplan next to hire the Blue Moon Guild, a vigilante group that protects the poor from evil people.The guild master, Kansir, has a great sense of justice but is ignorant, so Lance manipulated himto believe that Raymond was using the slum people for experimentation. The next day, Kansir visitsRaymond’s clinic and asks them to leave the slums. A patient asks if Raymond did something wrong,and Kansir exclaims that Raymond is conducting human experiments. Raymond had a quest to treatKansir. Raymond claims, with a steel heart,.

That the king recognized his methods and that heis qualified as a healer. He tells Kansir that the other healers are just slandering him becausehe offers cheaper fees. Kansir then recalls the swindler, Lance. He becomes enraged and goes toconfirm things. Raymond stops him from going and thinking that Kansir is rich, and he offers himconsultation and treatment. They sit down, and Kansir is not feeling well. He experiences pain inhis anus, and blood also comes together with his bowels. The healers relieve the pain, but only fora while. Raymond realizes that it is hemorrhoids, and he claims that he can treat him. Kansir isconcerned about the surgery, but he recalls Lance not treating the underlying cause to extractmore money from him. Kansir reluctantly accepts the treatment, and later, Raymond conducts theoperation with Hansen. He continues cutting out.

The hemorrhoids until he finishes everything. Helevels up and gains points. He tells Kansir that it is over, and he advises him to do a sitz bathfor the next few days. Kansir laughs and thanks him. Raymond wishes for the payment, and Kansirgives him a bag of money, and he leaves. That night, Kansir beats up Lance and the other illegalhealers. He was able to drive them out of the Bay Area. After that, Raymond’s clinic kept booming,and of course, he kept leveling up. Kansir bursts in and informs him that a deadly and infectiousdisease is on its way and advises him to flee. The Grim Reaper of Death is the world’s name forsmallpox. Hansen also suggests running away. A woman that Raymond treated claims he gotrid of God’s curse. She claims that it is a weird coincidence for smallpox to appear inthe capital. Raymond asks for the symptoms,.

And a villager explains them. Raymond thinksit might be a different disease, but it could also be smallpox. Suddenly, a quest appears, andRaymond notices something. It is not smallpox. He asks Hansen to prepare thick clothes as masks,along with gloves and robes to cover the body. He intends to meet with the patients and examinethem. To prevent the spread of the disease, the infected will be burned. Just then, Raymondappears, and he tells the people that it might be smallpox. The people are worried about him gettinginfected, so he buys a shield skill. He activates it and goes inside the house. He checks on thesymptoms and assures them that it is not smallpox, but chickenpox. He explains further that theywill just go away in time. He also explains it outside. Shortly after, the family got betterand thanked Raymond for saving their lives. He.

Gains levels and points afterward. They all thankRaymond for making the Bay Area stable. Meanwhile, an advisor suggests getting ridof the Bay Region to the king. Raymond and Hansen eat meat for the first timein a while. Hansen asks if Raymond used a shield. Hansen is impressed, but Raymond claims he canonly use it for a limited time because he doesn’t have mana. He thinks of doing mana training likethe knights. Just then, an emergency patient comes, and the two immediately attend to him.Meanwhile, the king and his advisor visit the Bay Region in secret. They overhear people talkingabout how someone died in Raymond’s clinic. Raymond did try to treat the person, but he diedin the end. The king also hears the rumor about Raymond doing human experimentation. Suddenly,a woman interrupts them to defend Raymond,.

Claiming that he did his best, cried when thepatient died, and sincerely apologized to the family when he failed. More people open up abouthow Raymond saved their lives, and they all hail Raymond as the Prince of the Slums. Raymond getsthe title, and he gains buffs and points. The king and his advisor continue walking. The king coughstoo much, and the advisor worries. They then discover that a kidnapping is taking place. Theking tries to save the girl, but she attacks him. The king thinks she is an assassin. He fightsback, and the girl uses smokescreen magic. The king lost sight of her, and the smokescreenaffected his breathing; he was coughing. Just then, the girl attacks him from behind, but shegets pierced through with magic. The advisor comes and checks on the king. He notices that theking has been poisoned. The king suggests being.

Healed by the healer in the palace, but there isno time. He can feel his symptoms and might not cut his arm off. The advisor suggests visitingRaymond’s clinic nearby. He insists that Raymond has at least the ability to treat him. Later,two suspicious-looking men arrive at Raymond’s clinic. He feels scared, but he still leads theminside. Raymond then checks on the king’s arm. He asks for symptoms, and the king describes them.Raymond kind of recognizes his voice. Raymond finds out the type of poison and claims thathe can treat it. The advisor was surprised and asked Raymond how he knew about it. Raymond claimsthat he got an S in botany. He received antidotes, but the method of treatment will bedifferent. Instead of drinking it, he will directly inject it into the blood vesselusing a needle. The advisor disagrees and calls.

The method bizarre. The king interrupts and asksabout the patient who recently died. Raymond flinches. He also asks if the rumors about humanexperimentation are true. Steel Heart activates, and the system recognizes the king as arowdy person. Raymond explains the method further. He then swears by his family name,which he inherited from his mother. The king remembers Raymond’s mother, and he agrees to themethod. Raymond tells him not to be surprised, and he injects him with the antidote. The advisorworries, but there is nothing strange. Just then, the king felt something and covered his face.Raymond worries that there was a side effect. Will the King be alright? Will Raymond find outhis identity? If you like this video, make sure to give us a like and subscribe to this channelfor more content like this. See you next time!.

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