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Finally we got the leak of possible releasedate of anime like Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest, One Punch Man Season 3But before that let's just take a look on why anime like Fairy Tail, One Punch Man,My Dress up Darling Season 2, The Detective is Already Dead Season 2, and others animewhose announcement have been made in past years but haven't got any release dateWhy no release date has been announced, let's just take a lookAccording to Tsumi a reliable leaker, stated that Naruto's episodes were delayed due toproduction quality or animation quality for the same reason Fairy Tail 100 Years Questand these anime haven't been announced because they want to diliver it in good qualityAnd We all know how much animation quality.

Matters in animeLike when we have to compete with anime like Demon Slayer, One Piece, Fate Series whoseanimation qualities are god-tier Now finally let's discuss the release dateAccording to Tsumi a reliable leaker, all these anime release date will be announcedby Fall 2023 or Early 2024 Now According to leaks One Punch Man Season3 is scheduled for Winter 2024 But this is a leak not a confirmationAnd Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest, According to Tsumi and one more reliable leaker, isscheduled for Winter 2024 And they have stated that it will be announcedthis fall after ending of Edens Zero And According to Tsumi, Fairy Tail 100 YearsQuest is a long running anime consisting of.

60+ episodes and they have not cleared thatthis anime is 60+ episodes anime but this will release in parts or as a whole constantanime Well we have to see thatAnyways if you think that these announcement cannot be made then mind you that ClassroomOf The Elite Season 2 was announced in May 2022 and was released in July 2022, the samecan be said for these anime Well when these these anime will be announced,I will cover it

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