Fallacious Man Uses Slime To Shatter Her & Nettle Her Secret Lover

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The world is in shambles, andan evil monster, Anthrasax, is about to be awakened. The only “hero” thatcan defeat it is also the most notorious villain locked up for hundreds of years, Dark Schneider.Dark Schneider is caged inside the body of a young boy, Lucien, thanks to Father Geo's powers. Theonly key to releasing him from this curse is a chaste maiden's kiss. Yet this is also theonly to seal him back into Lucien's body. So far, only two maidens have succeeded inunleashing him: Yoko, Father Gio's daughter and Lucien's guardian slash childhood friend,and Princess Shiela Tuel Meta-llicana who, by the way, is thirsting after him. Hard.Seriously, man. The kingdom was in shambles, but all she could think about wasDark Schneider’s hottie hot body..

Anyway, one of Dark Schneider's enemies, Gara,captures Yoko and takes her hostage. Despite Dark Schneider's selfish attitude, PrincessShiela is able to convince him to save Yoko from her captors. Now, they patientlywait for the right moment to attack. Outside Grave Valley, Gara's hideout, PrincessShiela and Dark Schneider are having an argument. He’s certain that this is the right place soshe insists they move immediately. Yet, Dark Schneider scoffs at her and tells her to wait.Meanwhile, Yoko is chained in a dark pit deep in Gara’s lair. He tries to convince her to revealthe secret behind releasing Dark Schneider. Doing so will set her free. Yet Yoko refusesto… since it’s too embarrassing. He visually inspects her from head to toe and teasinglyasks if she’s in love with him. Infuriated,.

The young girl denies such accusations, but Garaseems to enjoy mocking her feelings. He offers to narrate Dark Schneider's stories of feistyadventures with countless women in the past. On the other hand, Princess Shiela'stroupe wonders where the ninjas are. They begin doubting Dark Schneider’sintel. This is when they stealthily appear from above them. Be careful what you wish for.The soldiers promise to protect Princess Shiela, but she bravely declares her skill with thesword and commences the battle. Shockingly, she accidentally injures one of herown men. Ayt, we’ve seen enough! Dark Schneider shows them how it’s done. Inan instant, he releases dark missiles that destroy each ninja without breaking a sweat.It appears that they were late since this.

Passage is a deep secret even within theirlair. No one’s supposed to know about it. The troupe commander is amazed to spectatethe accuracy of this legendary spell. But Dark Schneider is more concerned about PrincessShiela and how she's a burden to their mission. He orders her to get rid of her sword andarmor. Despite her soldiers’ hatred for this disrespect, Shiela willingly does as asked.Back in the dungeon, Gara has Yoko guess how many women Dark Schneider has left a mark upon.What is this, high school? The girl declares her estimate of ten. This causes Gara to laugh ather naivete. In Dark Schneider’s life currently spanning four centuries, that number is closer to300. Although most of them are dead, one is very much alive and awaits Dark Schneider's return.And nope, she still ain’t a crooked old woman..

For some reason, Gara claims she’s as hotas she was back then. She’s also one of Dark Schneider's disciples and one of the fourDivine Kings of the Dark Rebel Army. Well, how can you compete with that?Yoko worriedly asks if Dark Schneider and that woman are a couple, but Gara can'tsay for sure. She’s getting a little jealous! Back to the topic at hand. Gara still needs tomake Yoko talk. He chooses one of his favorite methods: A green slime with several eyesand the ability to melt clothes. It crawls its way slowly to her. As it latches on, thepanicked girl shrieks in disgust. Gara and his ninjas eagerly wait for the big reveal.Meanwhile, the army has reached the gates, and Princess Shiela has the genius ideaof entering through the front door. Yes,.

Princess, why haven't we thought of that? Hersoldiers mention the absurdity of this plan, but it doesn’t stop Dark Schnieder. He annihilatesthe door with his explosive magic, essentially announcing his arrival for everyone to hear.The commander worries that the enemies will soon attack because of Dark Schneider's impulsiveness.Unsurprisingly, the culprit just laughs it off. The blast leaves shocks rippling throughthe dungeon. Gara’s curious about who's stupid enough to make a grand entrance into histerritory. An image of the only possible suspect enters his mind. Where’re his clothes though?The ninjas are pumped to show the intruders who’s boss, but Gara halts them. He wants tosee if their enemies can survive the legendary labyrinth of death to get here. If they’restrong enough, then they’re worth fighting..

The labyrinth lives up to its name, as theknights are instantly welcomed by a raging minotaur. It easily shatters the walls and piecesof debris fly everywhere. Dark Schneider hugs Princess Shiela to shield her from harm. She’sflustered but refuses to admit it – slapping him in the process. Surprisingly, theusually-talkative overlord doesn't say anything. In a hurry, the soldiers rush to the ladder,but Dark Schneider commands them to stay and distract the minotaur while he and the princessclimb. The knights initially protest, but Dark Schneider spins it around as a heroic act forthe sake of the royal family. Show some backbone! The knights fall for the bait, charging rightat the minotaur. This is all for naught as they’re sent flying by a single blow. It’snot over, though, as they continue the battle..

With time running out, Dark Schneider tells theprincess to climb the ladder first so he can jump down if the minotaur tries to climb. She’shesitant though… due to her wardrobe malfunction. Another slap even occurs. Is this the time tothink about that? Tired of such immature logic, he forcibly takes her on his shoulder andascends the ladder. She’s initially against the idea but begins to realize that… she likesit. Looks like his wit is… rubbing off on her. Reaching the top, Dark Schneider and theprincess are bombarded by a huge, horrifying eye: Suzuki-Dogezaemon. Even Dark Schneider's mostpowerful spells are unable to break the monster's barriers. It then unleashes a powerful lightningbolt. He thankfully is able to push Shiela away in time, but in exchange, it tears through hisarm. The situation’s looking a little grim..

Suddenly, the princess turns the tide by attackingDogezaemon from behind. This strike disables its shield and allows Dark Schneider to slashit into several pieces. The princess comes to a realization: Dark Schneider’s foulmood is caused by his concern for Yoko, although he’ll never admit it. Little sweet boy.The villain denies such soft-hearted speculations, lifting her once again. He bites her thighsas a punishment. Yeees! I mean nooooo! On the other hand, Gara is obviously excitedto face his foe. He even unchains Yoko so she can watch. Yet, she asks why would an old friendof Dark Schneider would be so eager to harm him. A menacing grin forms on the man’s face. Afterspending 16 years under Dark Schneider’s wing, it’s time to verify who’s more powerful.Dark Schneider looks around. There are only.

More labyrinthine puzzles and not enough signsof an exit. Ignorant of the situation, Princess Shiela continues to lament if she’s lost too muchpurity to even be married. But this is just a small price to save Yoko from harm's way. Yet shewonders if Dark Schneider has ever done the same things to Yoko. Is this concern or jealousy???Dark Schneider promises to let her walk if she stops slowing him down. She’s definitely relieved,but we all know she will miss that good feeling. As he opens another massive door, signs of fatiguebegin manifesting. It’s normal. He explains that using magic takes a huge toll on one's body.Apparently, he’s the only one in the world who can use that many spells in one day. He’ll be savingup his energy to beat Gara with a spell or two, but she’ll have to hold out until then.But curious little Shiela spots a crimson.

Sword and picks it up. It’s a trap! The engulfedblade slashes Dark Schneider's body. He falls to the floor, bleeding profusely. The princess cando nothing but apologize for her stupidity. Ugh, can she be any less useful? Moreover,the sword’s tainted with a potent poison. Now immensely weakened, Dark Schneider callsfor Shiela's help. She’s ready to do anything to save him. Mustering his remaining strength,Dark Schneider lays on the floor and undresses. “You gotta get it out.” DarkSchneider says, breathing heavily. Oh, wow.”You gotta get out the poison,” Dark Schneider clarifies.Meanwhile, Yoko asks Gara why they’re trying to release Anthrasax. He explains that they’ll useits power to destroy the current world order and.

Come out on top. How though? Anthrasaxwould likely wipe out the human race. “What if I told you that we know of a way tocompletely control her, letting us choose to spare the people who obey us?” We’ve seen thisplot in countless movies. It never ends well. Gara cackles as he's reminded of the last obstacleDark Schneider has to face. Is he strong enough to slay the demon god that resides in the sword?On the other hand, Shiela hesitates in removing the poison from his body. It’s simple! Justvacuum it… with your mouth. They say it makes good training, but for what, we do not know.Alright. She's the reason Dark Schneider is suffering, so she swallows herpride and sips the poison out of him. Just as they think they’ve solved the problem,the sword bursts into flames to reveal the spirit.

Within. It’s Efreet, a demon god of flames.This is gonna be a tough one. Well, Efreet is a demon you shouldn't mess with, especiallynow that he’s angry from being awakened. He’ll do anything to vanquish his foes. Even worse,Efreet can effortlessly use the same spells as Dark Schneider. The latter can’t even fight tothe fullest as a residual effect of the poison. Meanwhile, Gara educates Yoko on the fourdifferent types of magic. The first one is magic based on mental strength and life force.The second one is white magic from faith in gods. The third type is dark magic which comes frommaking a pact with a demon from Hell. And the last one is spirit magic which originates from thefour elemental spirits: earth, fire, water, and wind. Dark Schneider’s specialties are lightningand flame magic, stemming from fire and wind..

Since Efreet is from the fire elementalplane, it’s a bad match-up for Dark Schneider. His most powerful flame magicwill only serve to boost Efreet's power. Dark Schneider and Princess Shielaare in dire straits. Only a single barrier is keeping them from burning to acrisp. He admits that Ifreet’s flames are twice as hot as his. Shiela suggests he use acold spell to counteract the monster’s power. “Nope.” Dark Schneider rejects the idea without asecond thought. He simply can’t do cooling spells since he never cared much for them. Thatwas Kall-Su’s specialization. Efreet mocks his lack of ability, but he angrily shouts thathumans have their own strengths and weaknesses. “They also love making excuses,”Efreet counters. Damn, mic drop!.

The room is slowly turning into magma. Realizinghe has no choice, Dark Schneider leaves Shiela inside the barrier while he faces Efreet's HellionFlame head-on. The wizard screams in agony. Further down in the dungeon, Gara revels inthe sounds of combat nearby. Yoko’s thoughts are elsewhere though – if Dark Schneiderwas released, then does that some other woman has laid lips on Lucien?! Ugh! Youcan't really be jealous at this time! Especially when it’s you who’s being saved!!!The soldiers from earlier…. soldier on to find a wave of magma flowing towardthem. Ayt, another retreat it is. The battle between Efreet and Dark Schneidercomes to a boiling point. Literally. The demon laughs at this puny human’s futile attempts.But wait, what is Dark Schneider chanting??.

Is he casting a spell in the middleof the fire?! How is he not ash yet?! The chant continues and the beast panics,seeming to be terrified of what’s to come. “Go, Exodus!” The spelldisintegrates everything in sight. Efreet bellows in disbelief. What justhappened?! Apparently, Dark Schneider added his own power to the already-super-hightemperature flames. This was only possible thanks to his immense magical reserves.The demon of flames cannot believe that a human just extinguished him with his ownelement. That’s more of an L than losing to a cold spell bro. He receives a littlelecture: “You loved calling me a puny human, but you’re just a punk who’s younger thanme.” APPLY ICE ON BURNED AREA. ON HIS EGO TOO..

With this, Efreet vanishes and returnsto the sword where he truly belongs. The ninjas are terrified that a wizard hastamed the sword. Not even Gara could get his hands on it. Our winner comments thatthis new sword isn’t as good as his Exodus, and he really doesn’t need it. But he equips itanyway to fight against the final boss, Gara. The villain appears with Yoko in hisarms. He commends Dark Schneider's power, even mentioning the man’s former army often-million strong. However, Gara smirks since Dark Schneider is visibly weakenedfrom using so much magic and being poisoned. Wanting to provoke the man, Gara mocks himfor treating Yoko so delicately when he used to feed upon women like a source of power. Theonce-ruthless conqueror has been tamed like a.

Puppy. These insult fly past Schneider, but thislast bit doesn’t: He’s ripped off all her clothes. He cries in agony over how unfair that is!How did Gara see her parts before him?! Both Gara and Yoko stare blankly into space.Of all things, that’s what set him off?!?! Yoko lambasts Dark Schneider's filthy mind.She regrets having even a shred of feelings for him. On the other hand, Gara'sgodly view of the Dark Schneider he used to know has turned into fairy dust.Perhaps, before his opinion of his rival falls even further, now is the time tostart their battle using swords and magic. Like a child desiring validation, Gara asksSchneider to give him five minutes to prove that the pupil has surpassed the master. DarkSchneider accepts the challenge with open arms..

Instantly, Gara starts off with MurasameBlade: a wind-sword attack that sends Dark Schneider flying back. Schneider can't believethat actually hurts, but Gara isn't finished showing him what he's made of. Their swordsmeet, clash, and slash as they trade blows. Yoko is worried. She understandsthat in a straight-up one-on-one, a wizard who isn’t given room to chant his spellsis just an average human. Seeming to ease her, Shiela covers her with a blanket andassures her that Schneider will win. She notices that the princess’ extraordinaryfaith in Schneider and hypothesizes that it could’ve been her who unleashed him.Dark Schneider throws away his sword and conjures numerous magical circles.It’s the almighty final spell. Gara knows.

That it takes a while to cast, so he chargeshastily before it’s completed. True enough, he manages to slice off Schneider's arm, shockingeveryone. Believing the battle to be over and won, Gara grins at his achievement. This is interruptedby a single word from Schneider: “Venom!” In a blink of an eye, Gara crashesinto the wall and has lost an arm, too. He admits that spell would have finished himoff if he hadn't quickly blocked it. Despite Dark Schneider’s excessive blood loss, he’s insultedthat Gara, of all people, underestimated him. “I'm going to kill you!” they bothstate in unison. The fight continues, and the onlooking ninjas are worried ofgetting caught up in the ultimate crossfire. Besides, does Dark Schneidereven have any spells left?.

Meanwhile, Shiela realizes that Yoko must be veryspecial to Dark Schneider since he's willing to risk his life just to save her. Thinkingabout it breaks her heart. On the opposite side of the fence, Yoko is also bewildered bythe princess' intense gaze. Could it be that Shiela has fallen for him, too? But seriously,girls, your lives are in danger, but all you can think of is your little love triangle?Gara is impressed. Even if he knows Dark Schneider is hurt and entered this match ona handicap, the man looks as intimidating as ever. The eyes, papi. They never lie.And so, Gara ingeniously finds another way to mess with him. He boastfully declaresthat there’s nothing special about Yoko anymore since he’s already done stuff to her.With a malicious tone, Gara narrates how he.

Chained up Yoko and covered her in slime.His rage turns into raging hormones, with his imagination getting wilder than a teenager inpuberty. At this point, Yoko’s angry protests are deafening. But Schneider’s focus is on the story.Gara continues that he melted Yoko's clothes… true. And licked her body… nice and slow.Oh boy, the embellishments begin here. “N-n-nice and slow… Licking?”Schneider’s breath comes out in pants, curious about what happens next.According to his imaginary narration, Gara pulled out his sword, put some oil on it, andrepeatedly entered Yoko's forbidden place. Wow, that story went pretty far. The victim in thisstory is obviously not happy about the fake news being spread in front of her. The men in theroom, including Schneider, don’t seem to mind.

The storytelling though. Continue, continue!Princess Shiela has no idea what’s going on. What’s so controversial about a swordand a sheath? Whoa, poor innocent girl. With a ferocious look on his face, Schneiderexclaims he’ll kill Gara for the unforgivable act. A second wind overcomes him and he beginschanting a legendary spell. Gara believes that Schneider’s hanging on by a thread andgoes for a final blow as well. Too bad, you’ve underestimated your opponent.With all his might, Schneider summons “Megadeath.” This magic is the ultimatecombination of earth and sky. It conjures a forcefield blocking Gara's ultimateattack and crushes everything around them. “This is what true power really is,” Schneiderboasts. Everyone panics as the dungeon begins.

To cave in. Schneider seems to be losinghis mind, but he hasn't forgotten to erect a barrier protecting Yoko and Shiela. Almostinstantly, the fortress crashes to the ground. Beneath the debris, Gara survives but has runout of strength. It's incredible how the two can have a casual conversation after such aheated battle. The loser accuses Schneider of lying about how many spells he has left, whilethe latter breaks the fourth wall in mentioning that “it’s not a shounen manga if all theforeshadowing makes sense.” That’s true, logic usually gets thrown out the windowso don’t think about it too hard. I mean, look at their severed arms, they’re attachingTHEMSELVES back thanks to his advanced wizardry. But more than that, Gara panics as heremembers his pet dragon Lars. Luckily,.

Princess Shiela emerges with the tinybeast – saved by the barrier as well. Thinking it through, Gara is convinced thatthis Schneider isn't the same as before. He could and definitely would have easily killedthe two of them, but this new Schneider is actually soft and reasonable. With this, theman accepts his fair defeat. On the side, Shiela’s perspective on Schneider changes asshe’s astounded by the kindness he has shown. Schneider paces around Yoko as if he’s waitingto hear what she has to say. The woman finally displays her gratitude and shyly commends how coolhe is. With a happy heart, Schneider puts her in a tight embrace and assures her that his love isever stronger, even though she's no longer chaste. Upon hearing this, Yoko hits Schneider andreprimands him for being a pervy sorcerer. The.

Hero is reduced to nothing more than a teary-eyedpuppy on the ground, a victim of Yoko’s anger. And oh, who even broke his seal?!!? Girls alwaysmake sure to bring up those little details… Gara laughs at Schneider's cowardice,while Yoko clarifies she’s still pure and Schneider is an idiot for believingotherwise. A faint smile forms on the princess’ face as she witnesses these events.The knights are also safe and it’s “all’s well that ends well” for this Yoko rescuemission. This ragtag group of people hail from different backgrounds, but they’re sureto have some rocking adventures ahead of them.

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