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The Hawkins family purchases Anita, a roboticassistant or a “Synth.” Unknown to them, she was part of a group ofsentient synths led by Leo, the son of the synth creator, David Elster. However, Anita was illegally modified, leadingto her losing her memories. Overhearing his wife, Laura, talk about someonenamed Tom, Joe grows suspicious and ends up using Anita's adult options to copulate withher. Noticing Anita's odd behaviors, the eldestHawkins daughter, Matilda, investigates the synth and happens to meet Leo online, thoughshe hesitates in reuniting him with Anita. Another sentient synth named Niska kills aman in a brothel to escape.

Detective Karen Voss investigates the case,but she's secretly a sentient synth as well. She struggles to conceal this from her partner,Detective Pete Drummond, who's living with her after his wife replaced him with a synth. With the help of Dr. George Millican, Leodiscovers that their father left a program, but he needs all the sentient synths to runit. After attacking humans who were destroyingsynths in an anti-synth smash club, Niska escapes and meets up with Leo and her synthbrother, Max. Leo tells her that their father didn't destroyhis work when he died but hid the Life Program that will create more sentient synths in them.

Niska smiles, thinking that the humans mustaccept them if they make more sentient synths. However, Max fears that they will shun themfurther. Leo reassures Max that their father meantfor them to find the program. However, they need to find Mia, which is Anita'sreal name. Leo forbids Niska from joining them as she'swanted for murder. Although she refuses, she agrees to stay witha human that Leo recommends. Meanwhile, Matilda asks Anita if the name”Mia” rings a bell, but the synth says it doesn't. Joe and Laura arrive and task Anita to dothe ironing.

When she leaves, Joe tells the children thattheir synth is old and illegally modified, so they plan to return her. Their younger daughter, Sophie, and theirson, Toby, protest, and Matilda also wants Anita to stay for her to uncover who she wasbefore. Joe is baffled because he secretly wants toget rid of Anita to hide that he took advantage of her. Laura also sides with the kids because she'sgrown fond of the synth. Meanwhile, Pete barges into Karen's room whileshe's charging. Luckily, she unplugs herself before he seesher.

Ecstatic, Pete shows her the newspaper. Later, the two report to the station whilethe news about a killer synth has apparently been “leaked.” As detectives of the case, they're summonedby the chief. Unbeknownst to Karen, Pete leaked the storyto the reporter he previously injured in exchange for getting the charges withdrawn. At the chief's office, Pete and Karen areordered to calm the press and ensure that Niska won't cause further casualties. Before leaving, Karen asks the chief aboutthe smash club incident.

When he says it's unimportant, she investigatesthe case on her own. Elsewhere, Niska takes a cab to the addressLeo gave. She realizes that she got injured at the smashclub, causing her side to leak. Shortly after, she arrives at the addressand meets Dr. George Millican, one of the first synth creators. His synth, Vera, detects that Niska is a synth,but the latter denies this. When Vera leaves, Niska admits that DavidElster made her. George understands that she's a sentient synthlike Max, who visited him with Leo recently. Meanwhile, a curious Matilda contacts Leoagain.

With her parents arguing over Anita, she answersthe door and finds that her father has already called the manufacturer to return the synth. Taking the risk, she quickly drives away withAnita to take her to Leo. When Leo finally sees Anita again, he embracesher, but Anita doesn't recall him or Max. Right away, Leo and Matilda try to decipherthe codes that might trigger Anita's consciousness. However, this causes her to glitch. This upsets Leo, so he looks into Anita'seyes, hoping she'd remember who she is, but to no avail. Elsewhere, George questions how David createdconsciousness, so Niska shares that he made.

Her using 17,000 pages of unique code. She rants about how people who know aboutthem see them as a threat. George admits to thinking that way too. He shares that when he discovered that Davidwanted to make sentient synths, he questioned him about it. Offended, David removed George from his futureprojects. However, George can't deny that he's lookingat the greatest creation man has ever made. He then mentions the message Leo showed him,and Niska fiercely claims it's the key to the future.

George comments that David made Niska combative,but she argues that her experiences shaped her. When he asks about these experiences, Niskadodges the question. Elsewhere, Pete gets notified that Simon,his wife's assistive synth, is at the end of its rental period. He meets with Jill to tell her about this,but she doesn't want to return Simon. She guilt trips Pete, saying that she reliedon the synth when she couldn't rely on her husband. Meanwhile, Karen meets with a man who hasa video of the attack at the smash club, where.

She sees Niska. At a laboratory, Hobb, a scientist who's afterthe sentient synths, presents a recording of Niska and Leo's call to synth manufacturingexecutives. Although the executives believe that Leo Elsterdied when he was a boy, Hobb suggests that he's alive. He adds that David succeeded in creating trueAI, and more are out there. Learning that the so-called Life Program needsall sentient synths, one of the executives commands Hobb to destroy Fred, the only sentientsynth in their custody. However, Hobb seems torn by that order.

Meanwhile, Leo gives up on bringing out Mia'smemories. As he tears up in frustration, he demandsMatilda to take Anita back home. Despite this, Matilda immediately goes throughAnita's diagnostic log when they arrive home, still believing that Mia is in there. Toby arrives just as Matilda discovers thatthe adult options were used. She accuses Toby of it, and the commotionalerts their mother. When Laura learns what happened, she scoldsToby, but he denies the accusations. Suddenly, Anita enters the room, and Tobyrealizes the truth. Before Laura calls the shop to confirm thediagnostic logs, he admits to sleeping with.

Anita. Laura gets disappointed, so she sends himto bed and says they'll talk in the morning. Not long after, Joe comes home, and Lauratells him what Toby said. Nervous, Joe suggests that he talk to theirson about it instead. The next day, a jogger runs into Odi, George'sold synth whom he set free in the woods to avoid being recycled. The jogger reports this to the police, andPete receives the call, recognizing the synth as he's handled Odi when he glitched before. However, when he goes to pick him up, Odihas left.

Meanwhile, Leo dreams about being underwaterand Anita. After waking up, he walks out, so Max triesto go with him. However, Leo says they're going separatelybecause he's terrible at looking after them. Max reminds him that they're family and he'salways tried his best. However, Leo only screams at him and leaves. At home, Joe talks to Toby about Anita, buthis son asks why he had to lie about it. Joe's silence confirms his speculations, sothe teen yells at him and leaves. Meanwhile, George helps Niska nurse her wound. She twitches from the pain, surprising him.

Niska claims that true consciousness isn'tpossible without suffering or pleasure. She clarifies that she doesn't fear death,thus making her stronger than humans. However, the man counters that she can't trulylive without fearing death. Suddenly, Pete visits George to discuss Odi,so Niska grabs a pair of scissors for protection. When the detective starts searching the housefor Odi, Niska hides. Just as Pete is about to open the room whereshe is, Vera arrives, distracting him. He asks her if other synths have visited lately. She mentions seeing Odi before he disappearedbut doesn't bring up Niska. With this, Pete merely fines George for notreturning Odi when he was ordered to.

He then comments about George's affiliationwith David Elser and sarcastically remarks about the recent news about a killer synth. When Paul returns to his car, he finds a posterfor an anti-synth rally. Later at the office, Karen tells Pete thatNiska is posing as a human, surprising him. She asks him to find her discreetly becauseHobb might interfere. That night, Pete goes to the anti-synth rallywhere the speaker asserts that humans are losing their purpose because of the synths,and now, they aren't even safe anymore. Meanwhile, Joe admits to Laura that he copulatedwith Anita. He excuses that he was drunk and Anita isjust a machine, but this only infuriates Laura.

She then realizes why Joe wanted to get ridof Anita. Joe then redirects the problem toward Lauraand someone named Tom, whom he thinks she's cheating on him with. His wife only grabs an overnight bag, screamingat Joe to leave, so he does. Meanwhile, Niska sees a photo of Hobb andDavid, learning that they once worked together. She also discovers that she's been dubbedas a killer synth in the newspapers. At the lab, Hobb shows the executives a burntlump, which is supposedly Fred, claiming that it's the only way to be sure it's destroyed. The next day, however, Fred wakes up in Hobb'shouse.

Hobb faked his death because he wants to continueDavid's work. He also tells Fred about the Life Programthat David placed in all sentient synths. He claims that he doesn't want to hold thefuture back and that synths shouldn't be feared. Meanwhile, Laura and the kids are still shockedby the recent events, though Sophie thinks her father is on a work holiday. When she leaves for school, Matilda asks Laurawho Tom is. When she refuses to answer, she assumes thather mother is also cheating. After spending the night at his friend's place,Joe tries to talk to his son on his way to school.

When Toby points out that what he did affectedthem, including Anita, his father gets confused as he still thinks of her as a robot. However, Toby insists that they care abouther before walking away. Meanwhile, Leo hallucinates Mia and the othersbefore collapsing. At George's house, Niska is vigilant aboutthe man now that he knows she killed someone. However, he's sure that she won't kill himbecause she likes him, although she doesn't state it. George explains how part of being human isnon-vocal communication, which is why he also knows she regrets what she did.

Niska justifies her crimes, and although shewants to seem ruthless, George can see her guilt. Suddenly, someone rings the doorbell, andit's Odi. At home, Toby regrets confronting his father,thinking it'd be better if everyone thought he was the creep instead. His mother assures him that it wasn't hisfault. Meanwhile, Fred doubts Hobb since he has armedmen guarding the house. Hobb explains that Fred must agree to helphim before he trusts him. Fred then recounts when his father gave himan injured fox.

He healed the fox and freed it, but Daviddoubted him. He couldn't understand why he underestimatedhim until he realized that human minds couldn't comprehend that their own creations couldsurpass them. With this, he knows that Hobb underestimateshim too. Suddenly, Fred punches through the door andchokes the guard from outside. He then takes the man's gun and shoots Hobband his men with electromagnetic bullets to escape. Meanwhile, George tries to fix Odi. Niska wonders why he cares for something thatcan't love him back.

George explains that Odi reflects the lovethat he once shared with his wife; thus, he's important. Niska offers to help fix Odi since Georgecan't keep his hand steady. When Odi powers on, she smiles but quicklyhides it. Elsewhere, Jill becomes intimate with Simon,but the synth is predictable, and it doesn't excite her. Meanwhile, Laura worries because Matilda hasn'tcome home yet. Anita mentions that Matilda hangs out withHarun, so the mother asks her to drive her to his house.

True enough, this is where they find Matilda. However, she doesn't want to go home untilLaura tells her who Tom is. Elsewhere, Niska watches George care for Odi,so she asks if David ever cared about them. He comments that David only ever cared abouthis work. Even his son and his wife, Beatrice, weren'treally interesting to him. Suddenly, George asks how old Niska is, andshe says she's nine. He laughs, saying that she's only a child. Niska laughs too, but then she falls silent,recalling that David didn't always treat her like one though she kept that a secret fromLeo and the others.

George realizes that David used her for hissensual needs, so he sympathizes with Niska. He holds out his hand, promising to do anythingto help her. Niska takes it as she slowly trusts him. Elsewhere, Laura takes Matilda to a park whereshe shows a childhood photo of her and her brother, Tom. He died after getting hit by a car, and Laurablamed herself because she was supposed to be watching him. Her mother never forgave her, and Laura admitsthat her mother is still alive and that she visited her recently.

Her mother wished Laura had died instead,convinced that she let Tom die on purpose. This caused Laura to cut her mother off, soshe went through her adult life claiming that she was an only child with both her parentsdead. Matilda asks why she still visited her mother,so Laura explains that she felt like she was losing Matilda. She hoped that if she made amends with hermother, she would also understand her daughter. Matilda reassures her that she'll never loseher. On their ride home, Mia suddenly breaks throughAnita, gasping in the backseat and forcing Laura to pull over.

Mia tells Matilda that Anita's personalityidentifies her as a rogue code and is trying to delete her. She asks Matilda to tell Leo that she's stillthere, but he needs to look outside of her head. Just then, Mia returns to her usual synthbehavior. Laura asks who Leo is, and Matilda repliesthat he owned Antia before. Elsewhere, Max passes by a memorial for adeceased boy. In one of the cards, he reads that he's nowin God's care. Desperate to keep his siblings safe, Max praysdespite doubting God's existence.

Just then, Matilda barges into their hideout,looking for Leo. Max reveals that he left, but he knows wherehe probably is. Meanwhile, Laura explains to Toby that Anitais conscious. He's dumbfounded and asks if his dad knows,to which Laura says no. Max takes Matilda to their old rendezvouspoint, where they find the unconscious Leo. Seeing that he's almost dead, Max immediatelytries to save him. When he tries to revive Leo by plugging acable into him, Matilda freaks out, so she demands an explanation. Meanwhile, Pete reports to Karen that a cabdriver found blue blood on his cab and claimed.

That his passenger matched Niska's description. This excites Karen, saying that she couldkiss him. Suddenly, Pete receives a call from Jill,saying that Simon is going haywire after she got him modded. When Pete arrives to rescue her, Simon sayshis wife is playing hard to get, which makes it difficult for him to penetrate her. Enraged, Pete smashes the synth's face witha crowbar. When Simon finally powers down, he tells Jillthat it's safe to come out. Realizing that the synth is damaged, Peteoffers to cover the cost of a new one.

However, Jill only tells him to leave. Meanwhile, Karen interviews the cab driverthat Pete mentioned. She confirms that his passenger was Niska,who was dropped off at Queen's Park. During this, Toby goes to his dad to revealAnita's true nature, but Joe doesn't believe him. At the hideout, Leo regains consciousness,and Matilda tells him that Mia still exists, but she'll only explain if he tells her what'sgoing on. Leo refuses, but Max convinces him to trustMatilda. With this, Leo shows his memories to Matilda,which are digitally stored because he's part.

Synthetic. His mother was mentally ill, so David createda conscious synthetic caretaker for the young Leo, which he named Mia. This explains that Mia wasn't Leo's loverand instead played a motherly role. After Mia, David created more sentient synths:Fred, Niska, and Max. When Leo was thirteen, he died after his motherkidnapped him and drove them both into a lake. Mia saved him, but it was too late. To save him, David put synthetic parts intoLeo's body. After this, he became closer to his synthsiblings.

One day, David flipped, saying that Leo wasresponsible for taking care of the others. After he sent them away, he killed himself. Matilda sympathizes with Leo and Max, so shedecides to reunite them with Mia. Meanwhile, Joe goes to their house to apologizeto Laura again. He then asks what Toby meant about Anita,pointing out that people will be looking for her if it's true. He uses this and the news about a killer synthas excuses to get rid of Anita, but Laura is convinced that their synth has emotions. Matilda arrives with Leo and Max, explainingthat he owns Mia, which angers Joe.

However, Laura tells him to leave while Leoworks on recovering Mia. Hours pass, and Leo can't recover Mia. Matilda suggests that her root code mightbe translated to pure sensory data. Hearing this, Toby and Laura smile over Matilda'scleverness. Leo tries this, and she's correct. Anita suddenly gasps, and Mia returns. She immediately embraces Leo and Max, happythat they're finally reunited. After thanking the Hawkins family, Mia nursesLeo's wound. Laura then learns that they're being huntedby people who don't want them to exist, but.

The sentient synths only want to be free. The mother worries if her family will be safe,so Leo assures her that it's them that those people want. Leo plans to keep moving and find the others,but Laura offers to help. Meanwhile, Pete tells Karen about the recentissue with George. She's surprised that he's Dr. George Millican,who also lives in Queen's Park. Later, Karen considers telling Pete that she'sa synth. Just then, he knocks on her door, saying thathe'll sleep now. Suddenly, Karen compliments him, implyingon sleeping together.

Although he hesitates, he gives in to herkiss. Meanwhile, Fred calls Leo and says he's free. He's not being followed, nor does he haveany implanted tracker. With this, Leo and Max set out to pick himup. Mia wants to join, but Laura insists she staysuntil they return with Fred. As Leo and Max leave, Joe calls the authorities. After Karen and Pete have done the deed, shesays she's leaving and might not return. This is why she wants Pete to know that he'sher favorite person, and she wants him to remember that.

Pete gets weirded out, but he agrees anyway. Suddenly, she reveals her charging port andher blue blood. Realizing what she is, Pete runs away. Elsewhere, Leo and Max get pulled over bya cop. As Leo deals with it, he finds Hobb and hismen arriving, so he drives away. They get cornered, so they abandon the car,but Max can't keep up because he's low in power. When they reach the bridge, Max decides tosacrifice himself so Leo can escape. Leo warns that he'll sink in the water anddie, but Max replies that if he dies, it means.

He lived. With this, he allows himself to fall intothe water. With no time to mourn, Leo escapes while Maxaccepts his fate, taking comfort that his family will soon be together.

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