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(Queen Medusa, at the request of Xiao Yan) (Join hands with Yaolao to confront thepowerful Soul Palace Eagle Protection Technique) (Who knew that the Eagle Protectorhad detonated the soul of Yunshan) (With the help of this extremelyterrifying soul wave, he captured Yaolao) (Xiao Yan recklessly chased after him.) (Finally, with Medusa'sdissuasion, he regained his sanity,) (Wait for him, become stronger,and then personally rescue Yao Lao.) (With the ambush of Mu'eyun Mountain).

(Xiao Yan 6 made the decision tounderstand the Sanyun Lanzong) (All the enmities between Su Yan andXuanlan Sect passed away with the wind) common [Soul Hall] Everything you have done tome, the Xiao family, and the teacher One day I will have to find it back Young Master Xiao Yan Young Master Xiao Ding and Young Master Xiao Li have come over Your kid finally agreed to come out.

Big Brother The injury has healed I've been hurt so badly this time It's not that easy Okay Take your time Don't worry Just don't leave any sequelae Everything is easy to say You are the most importantperson in the Xiao family.

Can't go wrong By the way How is Yunlan Sect doing The majority of sect members disbanded But there are still many people I think it will take half a month to completely disband This time it's considered a bargain for them The chief culprit has died The effects of revenge anddeterrence have been achieved.

It's best to have them disbanded Otherwise, I will reallywash Yunlanzong's blood Instead, it harms thereputation of our Xiao family What Big Brother said is I've been in the BlackHorn Domain for a long time Somewhat disconnected fromthe thoughts of normal people I know you made this decisionand felt conflicted inside But I don't think you did anything wrong And it's because of you.

Our Xiao family has onlyachieved today's transformation So no matter what decision you make Big Brother I understand If you have feelings for that Yun Yun Find a chance to bring back andmeet me and your second brother She did not participate in YunLanzong's actions against our Xiao family We won't mind me.

Me and her Just during my previous training But it's already over My second brotherdoesn't have much time left We need to hurry up andtake a look at the method to release the SwallowingPill left by the teacher Little guy You have a tough body and bones I thought you needed to rest for atleast a month before you could speak up.

Your breath Although I was severely injured this time But it also made me vaguely feel thebarrier to promotion to Emperor Dou If you're lucky Maybe we can try to impact it soon Although this war has causedyou extremely serious injuries But it also unleashes your potential Can it be considered an unexpected gain After your injury recovers.

Just shut up for once Let's see if we can successfullybreak through to Douhuang By the way You send someone to notify me to come over But something's up I want to ask Hai Lao Have you ever heard of the Soul Hall Soul Hall The person who appeared in Yunlan Sect.

Are you the strong ones of this force I have never heard of this force before However During your recovery, I askedPrincess Yafei to do some research At present, we only know thatthe Soul Hall has a huge influence Acting mysteriously and eerily It seems like I reallyenjoy hunting for powerful soul bodiesthat have lost their bodies My father and teacherboth fell into their hands.

And the Soul Hall seems to bevery interested in my Xiao family In the future Maybe even send strong ones to come if this is really true You all need to becomestronger as soon as possible Establishing a force that cancompete with it is necessary But this soul hall I'm afraid I'll take a look atthe entire continent of Douqi They are all consideredextremely powerful forces.

It's not easy for us to startfrom scratch and fight against it It's not like starting from scratch With Xiao Yan's currentreputation in the Gama Empire Just raise your arms and shout There are countless powerfulvassals coming from here As for the other major families But it's just a matter of pursuing profit But this matter of founding asect is not my original intention And I.

These things You don't have to do it yourself I will take care of myself then You just need to practice with peace of mind since it is so After my injury recovers Could you please contactPresident Fama and several major familyleaders for me, Mr. Hai Yun Yun has dismissed theremaining disciples of Yun Lan Sect.

In the future The three charactersYunlan Zong will not leave a single word in thehistory of the Gama Empire Although the fierce tigerof Yunlan Sect has fallen But here comes another stronger young lion I don't know. For the Gamma royal family Is it a disaster or a blessing This is also our plan The royal family alone has nopower to challenge Yunlan Sect.

Keyun Mountain remains unchanged for a day I will definitely take actionagainst the royal family someday At that time, no one could control him Everyone knows Yunshan's ambition He died without hesitation But I received a message Xiao Yan intends to forma force within the empire. I'm afraid it'll be another Yunlan Sect this matter.

Do you have any ideas With Xiao Yan alone Has the power to fight with the Dou Sect Not to mention He is still accompanied by the Queen Medusa Now Xiao Yan has gained momentum As long as we have some hostility I'm afraid it could set me on fire Yunlanzong is just an example.

But we cannot sit idly by and let Xiao Yan's power develop in an uncontrollable direction After this battle Xiao Yan's temperament is evident to everyone No matter what the reason is He doesn't act as ruthlessly as Yunshan in the end He has the strength and reason to completely eliminate Yun Lanzong. But I didn't do that. This is indeed different from Yunshan. Since Xiao Yan valueslove and righteousness.

Our current strength cannot shake him. It's better to use a gentle strategy. Perhaps for the royal family. On the contrary, it will be beneficial. What do you mean? Not only does it not hinderXiao Yan's formation of forces. And try to help him as much as possible. Besides. I can't think of any other way.

Without Yunlan Sect The strength and status of the Gama Empire inthe Douqi Continent will rapidly decline today. Supporting Su Yanzhen is the best choice for the royalfamily and the governing state . Just try as you say. I hope this kid won't be like Yunshan otherwise Humph Even if it's a win-win situation The old man also taught himthat he couldn't get good fruit to eat.

Grandfather will definitelynot be disappointed, You little girl How can I have such confidence in him. Mo Fei Can't fall in love with that kid Where is there You find a time Go on behalf of the royal family to console Xiao Yan By the way, reveal themeaning of the royal family to him.

The Gama Empire indeed needsa powerful force and a strong one Now it seems that Only this guy is the most suitable Grandpa, rest assured It must be done by the end of the day By the way You travelers, go and inquire about thePoison Sect that emerged from the Cloud Empire This mysterious force hasdeveloped rapidly in recent years I'm afraid it will stand out atfuture sectarian conventions.

Know more information It's not bad for us My granddaughter has already senta large number of spies to investigate But I only got two words Poisonous Girl Poisonous Girl Little guy Yan Sheng Dan is too domineering There's no good way to lift me in one fell swoop.

But don't be pessimistic either As long as the patient'svitality is temporarily extended. During this period, it was allowed tobreak through to the Battle of the Emperor So the medicinal properties of YanSheng Dan will naturally be relieved Teacher, this method is not difficult Below this is A prescription for enhancing vitality pills Qingming Shoudan Liupin Pill.

Can increase lifespan by nearly ten years You can only take one pill in your lifetime Refining materials Qingming Fruit Shouwang Syrup00:09:13.640–>00:09-14.519Evergreen vine teacher As long as the imprint is still there The teacher is still alive teacher.

I will improve my strength as soon as possible And then rescue you and your father There is a solution to the medicinalproperties of Yan Sheng Dan However, the collection of medicinalmaterials for refining Qingming Shoudan. I'm afraid it may take some time Young Master Xiao Yan Princess Tianye comes to see you Got it What is she doing here.

Mr. Xiao Yan It's not easy to meet you once Several consecutive visits every night I finally saw you today I don't know why Princess Tianye came here Mr. Suyan helped my royalfamily remove a major heart disease Come to visit Tianye Do you need any more reasons Xiao Yan, thank you.

Princess Tianye, please take a seat Princess Tianye It's not just about visiting, is it Tianye heard that Mr. Xiao Yan is preparingto establish a force in the Gama Empire strong Youling My Xiao family has many enemies And they are not just ordinary people To protect our people 1. It inevitably requiressufficient strength.

Mr. Xiao Yan wants to form a force The empire also needs apowerful force to represent it. Since we have the same goal The Royal Family of Nagamawould be happy to help you out. such What does the royalfamily need me, Xiao Yan. The royal family hasnothing else to ask for, I only hope for the matter of Yunlan Sect Don't happen again.

Princess Tianye can rest assured Xiao Yan is not Yunshan As long as the royal family isnot an enemy of the Xiao family. I, Xiao Yan, will rememberthe royal family's help When necessary, I will definitely help out Mr. Xiao Yan's Conduct I naturally believe it As for the details of theformation of the power When I have a vision.

Let's schedule anothertime to discuss in detail since it is so So I'll be waiting for good news These are the medicinal herbsthat Grandpa Tai asked me to bring It must be helpful for Mr. XiaoYan to refine healing pills Please take it now Jialao has a heart May I ask the princess togive my regards to the elderly, I will definitely bring Mr. XiaoYan's greetings to you.

This will not disturb Mr. XiaoYan for cleaning and repairing Farewell Princess, walk slowly The royal family'shandwriting is quite generous, It seems that the royal family does not resistthe formation of forces by the third brother. No, no, no, no It's just that I'm afraid of thestrong guys around my third brother otherwise The royal family has had enough of theoppression of Yunlan Sect over the years.

We will do everything possible toobstruct the rise of emerging forces Anyway With the support of the royal family Forming a force canalso save a lot of trouble I suggest forming a force It's best to integrate several majorimperial families and the Refiner Guild. Form an alliance This saves time and effort Can also absorb talentednew blood within the empire.

Train strong players belonging to the alliance You can handle these detailsas you please, big brother If training new blood requires skillssuch as martial arts and fighting skills Just leave it to me You little boy I'm starting to want to be ahands-off shopkeeper now. By the way How is your injury It should heal in a few more days.

Wait for your injury to heal I will return to the Black Horn Domain Xiaomen still needs me to take charge of it Young Master Xiao Yan Miss Nalan's request to see you What is she doing here Invite her in Nalan Yan Ran Speaking of it.

My older brother and I haven't met thisperson who almost became our sister-in-law yet Those grudges and grievances A few years ago, the third brother ended up You don't have to worry about it anymore Miss Nalan No need The teacher is leaving the Gamma Empire I want to see you for the last time before I leave Leaving the Gamma Empire.

Please follow me Such a result Are you satisfied I hope you can see with yourown eyes the scene where my Xiao family was almost killed by YunLanzong without leaving any trace Would you still say that I am very regretful If I didn't go to the Xiao family and make a big fuss The Xiao family and Yun Lanzong would not.

There is no medicine in theworld for temporary or regret What has already happened Don't mention it again Take me to meet Yun Yun Come with me The teacher is there You go ahead Three days later My teacher and I will leave the Gamma Empire.

Where do you decide to go I don't know Douqi Continent is so big Where does the teacher want to go I'll accompany her wherever she goes You're here I really want to leave the Gamma Empire Yunlan Sect is gone I don't have any reason to stay anymore.

I've been trapped in theGama Empire for so many years Being able to go out for a walk Not bad Countless powerfulmainland warriors in Douqi Everywhere dangerous You are a woman who hasexperienced wandering and experienced Isn't it just asking for trouble Although this Gama Empire isnot as exciting as the outside world But it can keep you safe.

How can I say that I am also a strongfighter at the pinnacle of Emperor Dou. Is a fork a woman without thepower to bind a chicken in her hands. I don't hate you Since I don't hate you Why insist on leaving Why not You stay and help me You forgot My identity and position.

I should have done everything I could to avenge you But you know Even if I could I can't either This is a collection of Yunlanzong for many years You take it Can be considered as some compensationfor the sins committed by the teacher. Do you really have to leave I am very fortunate.

Back in the Warcraft Mountains meet And I know you Unfortunately, we will eventuallyreturn to our respective lives. two Li Yi is benevolent (hundred)

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