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Gear 5 Hello, everyone! I'm Mr Dishwasher and I'm here to share some exciting news with fellow fans of One Piece Finally in episode 1071 of the anime the much-anticipated Gear Fifth of Luffy the protagonist makes its official debut.

Let's dive into the latest two episodes of the anime to see the thrilling performance of this new power level The story picks up at the climax of the battle atop Onigashima where Luffy and Kaido are engaged in a fierce showdown Both combatants are pushing themselves to their limits determined to decide the outcome with a decisive blow It's the Over Kong Gun versus the Horai Hakke Suddenly, a voice calls out Iron Body Iron Body.

CP0? CP0? It's the CP0 agent who surprisingly launches a sneak attack on Luffy catching him off guard and leaving him vulnerable to a powerful strike from Kaido Kaido is visibly enraged upon realizing CP0's interference in his battle Sadly Luffy can't withstand Kaido's Horai Hakke causing him to lose consciousness and drop down to the fourth gear.

Strangely despite being unconscious Luffy's heart beats like a drum as if marking a rhythmic cadence At this moment the battle at the summit of Onigashima concludes with Kaido emerging as the victor among the combatants Meanwhile the CP0 agent adjusts his hat silently knowing the cost of provoking Kaido and accepting the consequences.

Kaido using a powerful lightning-charged blow reduces the CP0 agent to ashes Subsequently Kaido returns to the grand hall of Onigashima proclaiming his triumph Now, everyone else is exhausted unable to stand against Kaido's might However they remain resolute.

Refusing to surrender in the face of adversity Witnessing Nami's defiance Kaido exhales a destructive blast but this attack is intercepted by a blue flame stopping the annihilation in its tracks Once again Marco steps forward to hold back the tide of destruction In this critical moment a sound akin to a heartbeat reaches the ears of Zunesha.

Which echoes in the ears of Momonosuke as well It's the sound of liberation the unmistakable rhythm of a presence not seen for 800 years Joy Boy has returned! At this moment Momonosuke had yet to fully comprehend Zunesha's words Suddenly a burst of laughter filled with freedom, joy and a mischievous spirit erupted.

The creator of this laughter was none other than Luffy It turns out Luffy is Joy Boy He has awakened the fearsome power of the Gum-Gum Fruit the most incredible ability Simultaneously the Five Elders are discussing the Gum-Gum Fruit For 800 years each World Government has attempted to reclaim the Gum-Gum Fruit However it seems the Gum-Gum Fruit has a will of its own.

Every time it manages to elude the government's reclamation plans Indeed the true name of the Gum-Gum Fruit is the Human-Human Fruit Mythical Zoan Model: Nika That's right the user of the Gum-Gum Fruit is the sun god Nika the one who brings freedom.

Awakened users possess the most incredible and bewildering abilities in the world Returning to Luffy he feels a surge of strength and even his heartbeat becomes amusing Luffy has designated this form as the highest tier the Gear Fifth Gear Fifth Meanwhile Kaido is boasting in the hall Just then.

A dramatic change occurs A terrifying Haoshoku Haki emanates from the top The members of the Beasts Pirates all start foaming at the mouth Just as Kaido is taken aback a gigantic hand descends from the sky Finally Luffy regains his combat prowess He hauls Kaido back to the peak of Onigashima and mercilessly pummels the Yonko Luffy's arm strength is extraordinarily astonishing.

Swinging Kaido around leaving him dizzy and disoriented At this moment Kaido regains his senses and laughs saying You're still alive, thanks Before he finishes speaking Kaido breathes out his destructive Blast Breath Blast Breath.

Blast Breath Go! And So Luffy in his newfound Nika form has returned The battle reaches its climax Gear Fifth At this point Kaido expresses regret for CP0's interference earlier.

He does not want to win the battle this way Luffy, However pays no mind Don't sweet it Let's finish this Currently Kaido is particularly surprised by Luffy's transformation Transformation is the specialty of Zoan-type Devil Fruits Paramecia-type Devil Fruits awakening does not enable transformations Now.

Kaido has only just realized that Luffy is a Zoan-type ability user with a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit the Human-Human Fruit Model: Nika There have been a total of four Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruits introduced aside from Chopper's regular Zoan-type There's the Sengoku's Model: Buddha Gyukimaru's Model: Onyudo, and Luffy's Model: Nika All of these are Mythical Zoan-types.

Poor Chopper he missed out on this Mythical-type qualification due to his early introduction Next the battle continues to intensify Kaido opens his monstrous mouth and swallows Luffy in a single gulp Unexpectedly Luffy wreaks havoc inside Kaido's belly Gum-Gum! This is…a bit chaotic.

Surprisingly Luffy manages to inflate Kaido's belly like a balloon Kaido's body also inherits rubber's properties from Luffy In the previous episode Luffy rebounded Kaido's Blast Breath In reality Luffy turned the entire floor into rubber making everything he touched rubberized This is the awakening ability of the Rubber-Rubber Fruit.

Now Luffy is inside Kaido's belly planning even more formidable moves Afterward using inhalation and exhalation Luffy flies into the thundercloud layer Thunder roars from within the clouds startling Yamato below Suddenly.

A giant figure breaks through the clouds as if a god descending to earth Giant At this moment Luffy transforms into a giant form However Kaido quickly reacts biting down on Luffy Just then Luffy seizes Kaido and starts a workout.

Jump rope Blast Breath Finally Kaido manages to forcefully release Blast Breath forcing Luffy back But Luffy quickly recovers from his scorched state He creates a path of mist in the sky and in an instant he charges back towards Kaido.

A resounding rubber rubber is heard as Luffy prepares to unleash his ultimate move However just at that moment Kaido takes the initiative Ragnaraku At this moment Luffy's imposing head appears in the hall Everyone is taken aback by his presence Subsequently.

Luffy retrieves his giant form returning to the battlefield's summit Kaido, observing comments on Luffy's abilities saying them like coming from the story However even though Luffy has pushed himself to the limit he's entirely unable to land a blow on Kaido Just as Kaido predicted the drawbacks of exceeding the fifth gear's time limit are becoming apparent.

And Luffy's appearance and vitality are rapidly deteriorating In this moment rather than seizing the opportunity to attack Kaido sits down displaying a demeanor reminiscent of an exceptional teacher However in reality Kaido is also worn out and movement becomes a struggle Kaido declares that this battle between him and Luffy will be remembered in history.

In response Luffy states that he isn't concerned about such fame because if he were to die he'd be nothing more than a pile of bones Therefore Luffy asserts that he can't let things end like this As he speaks he forces himself to stand again and transforms into the Nika form once more Let's go, heartbeats! Fantastic!.

We're coming! In a mere exchange Kaido's blow leaves Luffy's head misshapen causing him to cry out in pain as he runs around frantically Seeing this Kaido doesn't hold back and continues his assault Surprisingly Luffy effortlessly blocks Kaido's heavy blow causing the ground around him to become elastic.

Utilizing the bounce of the ground Luffy springs up finally escaping from Kaido's attack range At this moment Kaido is astonished by Luffy's performance Luffy not only infuses Busoshoku and Haoshoku Haki but he can also alter the properties of other objects at will Kaido admits he's never seen such a versatile fighting style but he remains incredibly self-assured.

He shouts declaring that there's absolutely no one in the world who can defeat him Just then Luffy begins a countdown—3, 2, 1—and launches an attack In this manner Luffy's fist topples Kaido He finds his newfound abilities highly intriguing Kaido, with his face covered asks, Who are you?.

To which Luffy replies I am who I am His heartbeat grows stronger and stronger Zunesha also exclaims that this is the Joy Boy they've been expecting I am Monkey D. Luffy I'm the man who will surpass you and become the Pirate King I'm the man who will surpass you and become the Pirate King That concludes the summary of the latest two episodes of One Piece These episodes correspond to chapters 1044-1045 of the manga and effectively capture the original storyline.

They showcase various comical abilities resulting from Luffy's awakened Devil Fruit power reminiscent of a Tom and Jerry vibe The ultimate showdown between Luffy and Kaido is expected to continue for several more episodes We eagerly anticipate the forthcoming development in the animation When the specific content is released in the anime I'll be sure to present it to you all For those who love the One Piece series please remember to like and subscribe to my channel; it truly means a lot to me.

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