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In the beginning Ace is to be executed under the protection of the shichubukai 3 Navy Admirals sengoku informs the world that Ace is the son of Goldie Roger the pirate king which sends shock waves to GARP many pirate ships appear and whitebeard's Flagship appears in the midst of the battlefield causing all the Navy soldiers to Patty all the.

White-beard Pirates present or present and Whitebeard slowly makes his way onto the death it has been a long time sengoku wait for me a bit longer Ace why are you all here we have come to rescue Ace because we are family Warrior begins to speak nonsense tens of thousands of Navy troops are present along with sengoku and three Admirals what can your.

White beard Pirates do Whitebeard instantly uses his powers to create shock waves that shatter the air creating two massive tidal waves ready to destroy the entire Navy the fleet makes all the Navy soldiers scared in urinate blood then iokichi leaps out and freezes two tidal waves Whitebeard strikes out and respond breaking half of.

Ayokaji's face and freezing the entire sea then whitebeard's crew starts attacking then my hawk steps forward testing the distance between himself and Whitebeard he unshures his black sword and strikes a Whitebeard Captain Joe Sue of the third division jumps in to stop the attack he has a diamond body now Admiral casaro also wants to strike at.

Whitebeard he uses his light to strike at him but Marco who ate the mythical Zone devil fruit doesn't care he turns into a phoenix he launches a direct attack on kazara's face but kazaru doesn't even Flinch then he orders his giant army to attack josu lifts a huge block of ice and tosses it at them this time Admiral attimu shows his power with.

His magma fist destroys the ice block and sets the entire Battlefield Ablaze a piece Falls near Whitebeard and he just gently blocks it with a cool breeze extinguishing the flame seeing everyone fighting copy he gets scared and wet his pants a giant approaches and it is Wars who is determined to rescue Ace the Navy soldiers keep shooting cannons at ore.

But it does not even make a dent in him or his lifts a ship and throws it on top of the giant enemies Boris continues to advance towards Ace despite the constant obstructions of the Navy Boa Hancock is attacking both Pirates and navy because there is only one in her heart Kuma Rises to confront Wars compresses the air and a bear's Paws and throws it on.

Worse causing a huge explosion that severely injures him boys remembers his connection with Ace who gave him his hat to Shield him from the Sun so aorus keeps advancing but suddenly to Flamingo slices off one of Orr's light and morya attacks him with his shadow his auras collab and he reaches Ace before reaching him suddenly Whitebeard appears.

And launches a sneak attack he caught the aorus and cast them aside but satin Whitebeard could not allow auris to sacrifice themselves in vain he ordered everyone to hurry to Orris and save them for copy he was scared and wanted to run away unexpectedly he encountered another young man who was blocked by Red Dog Whitebeard hated those who ran and hated.

Those who ran the most du Flamingo used the fat man as a weapon against his allies he said Pirates were bad and the Navy represented Justice the one who won was the one who defined Justice sengoku Was preparing another plan GARP stepped on the execution platform to top to base since they were both young he had taught Ace and Luffy how to become Marines but.

Ace and Luffy were arguing about becoming Pirates at that moment Ace noted scarp crying and said you fool why don't you listen grandfather these realized GARP really loved him suddenly a ship fell out of the sky and bluffy's group appeared surprising everyone it turned out that they they were on their way here when they came across a tsunami.

Caused by Whitebeard and were frozen by ayokaji they were stuck above the sea when they heard that the Navy was going to execute Ace right away they brought broke the ice and all the devil fruit users fell into the sea they were unable to swim up Jean Bay saved them all and they got back to their senses Luffy ran to find Ace he saw Ace on an execution.

Platform and was very happy that Ace had come to rescue you he saw Luffy with Jim Bay and crocodile and the prisoners from impel down the Navy he began to feel uneasy because the kid again your grandson grabbed sengoku was working with these people when crocodiles saw Whitebeard he attacked the old man when he saw Luffy's Straw Hat Whitebeard knew.

He was the one with whom the red-haired had met he said you little brat and you also want to be the pirate king don't you this sense shivers down the spine the Navy personnel were surprised because Luffy had challenged the Yoko but Whitebeard had accepted the young boy buggy and Mr tube and Clay were surprised that this brat had spoken to.

Whitebeard on equal term Luffy then attacked the Navy and all the others joined him Admiral kazaro was in front of him but I Ivan pushed him away helping Luffy to escape Kuma then attacked Ivan but Ivan recognized him as his old friend so he decided to let Kuma go and let Luffy continue his Advance Luffy was trapped by highness iron fence.

And activated dear second to speed through Moria then jumped down and summoned zombies to stop him but jimbei used sea water to defeat them seeing that Luffy was fighting and getting hurt for his sake Ace told him to go back no you are my younger brother this caught the Navy personnel by surprise a giant stepped forward and attacked Luffy while.

Sengoku was about to reveal to the Navy that Roger has another child the world came to know that it was none other than Asus sworn brother and Son of the Revolutionary Dragon this Revelation shocked the world as his lineage was so powerful that even the smoker finally understood why the dragon had saved Luffy before the reporters could jump on.

The drama Whitebeard told Marco that don't let him die in vain and continue to advance on them Ace felt helpless as divine nice Admiral continually attacked Luffy forcing him to push his body to its limit buggy was still talking big but had no idea of how to escape from the battlefield Whitebeard recognized buggy and asked him if he was a newcomer.

On Roger's ship even Whitebeard new buggy this made the prisoners idolized buggy even more Lucas van Jim Bay confronted Moria cutting off the Marine's shadows and absorbing them increasing his strength with one strike Jim Bay knocked out Moria Jim Bay knocked out he faced off against Smokey but was unable to strike him because he.

Did not know hockey and was hit into the ground Smokey declared that no one could save Luffy this time and boar Hancock was ready to deal with them but when she saw Luffy she fell in love with him and the Marines could not understand why the pirate Emperor had a relationship with him she even gave him the key to save Ace which made him happy he hugged.

Hancock and ran away leaving her in love and thinking of getting married with him then Smokey attacked Luffy again but Han stopped him bluffy continued to attack Ivan walcuma and du Flamingo blocked him kumu revealed that Dr vegapunk had turned him into a cyborg and he was now the government's hunting dog Kuma attacked both of them Ivan.

Intervened and helped his teammate regain Consciousness he split himself and used the deadly blink of his eye to take out Kuma Ivan instructed Luffy to continue forward while crocodile he wanted to fight Whitebeard but was distracted by Diamond Jose doflamingo intervened and stopped josu while Luffy faced my Hulk he is scared too to beat.

My Hulk but my Hawks attack pinned him against the wall Jim bass intervened to stop my Hulk confusing him for helping lofi but my Hawk knocked jimbei into the water my hop kept attacking Luffy he wanted to retaliate with a bazooka but he knew that if he attacked he would lose both his arms my hop cut the iceberg in half doflamingo tried to get.

The crocodile to cooperate with him but he refused he created a sandstorm and accidentally dragged dragged buggy into it as Luffy ran towards my hall he saw buggy and used him as his shield no matter how many times my Hulk caught him he could still regenerate my hop continued to follow after Luffy but Vista captain of the y-beard Pirates.

Five division stopped him allowing him to keep moving forward Luffy realizes that his greatest strength is his ability to make allies out of everyone around him suddenly Admiral ayokuchi orders the appearance of his forces and reveals that they are pacifist kumas duplicates this surprises everyone because they are such a large Force.

Previously only one had been able to wreak havoc among supernovas at the same time the pacifist is firing laser beams at the pirate ships and whitebeard's forces everyone is amazed at the pacifist's power bluffy continues to advance but is stopped by vice admiral kazaro Jean Bay and Whitebeard Pirates come to his Aid sengoku is now on.

Sengoku's side and orders a break in the bottles broadcast so the public can't see what's going on an Entertainer gets to see Lotus snail to spread news and continue the live dream attracting viewers this infuriates sengoku Whitebeard continues to watch from a distance squado approaches him and the two have a private conversation Marco.

Notices that squado's behavior is odd all of a sudden squatto plunges into whitebeard's chest shocking everyone in the sebeodome including the audience Marco rushes in and grabs squatter's head as Whitebeard begins to collapse squado accuses Whitebeard of colluding with the Marines to sacrifice his allies to save Ace only to make him the pirate.

King Whitebeard realizes that Rinku deceived squado iokaji and freezes the entire area Marco realizes that Whitebeard has weakened as he would never have been so easily stung in the past Whitebeard Embraces squado and declares his love for him no matter how stupid he is as all of his crew members are his family this causes squado to.

Burst into tears White appeared then punches two mountains in the battlefield creating an opening for the Marines to retreat the Marines continue to trust and fight alongside Whitebeard so Whitebeard jumps down and joins the battle sengoku warns everyone to be careful as Whitebeard is the strongest man on the planet the Marines fire.

Cannons at Whitebeard but he only blocks them with a single blow a giant figure jumps down and grabs whitebeard's head causing the entire area to Marine headquarters begin to tilt and Luffy sees the sea splitting apart revealing the power of the yonko the earthquake stop and Kobe realizes that half of marine forces have been destroyed the.

Giant figure continues to attack Whitebeard but a single punch makes him Retreat the excited waves continue to rush towards the execution platform but three Admirals stop them in Thai the Pirates continue to advance and Luffy stretches his arm to jump to Ace's location only to be unexpectedly Unleashed by a barrier that blocks him.

The Pirates are trapped like birds and all except for war who has an Escape Route the Red Dog shoots a bullet of lava into the center of the Arena continuously attacking Whitebeard crew the eye starts melting and whitebeard's pirate crew is in the water Whitebeard tries to throw a punch but it doesn't make it through the steel wall Red Dog.

Aquino destroys whitebeard's Flagship with a war leaving Ace feeling helpless and helpless sengoku declares that Ace will be executed immediately but Luffy does not give up and continues Luffy continued to advance with whitebeard's crew behind him but the Marines continued to fire cannons at him causing him to fall into the sea Gene Bay saved.

Him and Wars was still alive planning to rescue Ace but the Marines were still attacking him at this point Luffy asked jimbei for help and when kazara was ready to finish off Wars jinbei threw him inside in front of the three Admirals saying you were the Reckless son of dragon don't you think you can beat us Luffy immediately threw a mass.

Toward them and kept throwing rocks at the three Admirals with his gear he managed to pass through all three of them but kazara caught up with him and kicked him with his white speed kick crocodile intervened sending both executioners flying do Flamingo managed to decapitate him but regenerated quickly and the two continued their.

Battle Luffy kept advancing but ayokaji kept blocking him and Doctor smashed his eye spear into his shoulder Marco flew over and gave him a powerful kick to the side causing him to l and on whitebeard's side that a ship came up out of the water and Wars quickly grabbed it and pulled it ashore helping whitebeard's crew get closer to the execution.

Platform they almost reached Wars when Whitebeard jumped down and launched a powerful Shockwave which blew away the Marines hayokaji attacked Whitebeard covering him with ice but he couldn't resist whitebeard's Earthquake power and was punched through he was then hit by a devastating Blow from josu which injured him Lupo was still trying to get to Ace.

But the vice Admirals were blocking him he was no longer able to fight seeing his his grandson being her GARP was now Furious sengoku reminding him that he is a marine because I kicked fluffy Bap toward Whitebeard but he was exhausted at that point and Luffy was still determined to save Ace Whitebeard ordered him to heal the boy and he.

Attacked the Marines unexpectedly a kind of foreign stopped him and they got into a fierce battle Marco was about to go up and rescue Ace the corpse suddenly punched him in the face with a white speed the pirate King's opponent while Whitebeard is still held back by Red Dog Luffy asks Ivan to give him a hormone injection Ace is crying in despair.

Believing that he is not worth sacrificing himself for Whitebeard Whitebeard is getting weaker and weaker Marco realizes that his old sickness is coming back kazarus strikes a surprise on Marco Whitebeard gets hit in the chest with the Red Dog punch Ivan warns Luffy that if he keeps fighting like this he will die Luffy still wants to.

Save Ace so Ivan injects him with hormone Luffy stands up again and sees Ace getting ready to be executed again Luffy keeps going forward despite the Marines constant interference Luffy and Ivan put them both to sleep Kobe appears before lofi he remembers their promise to be true marine and that they will face each other before five seconds have.

Passed Luffy punched him Square in the face and the pacifists tried to attack him but bore Hancock intervened and said you don't dare touch my husband Marco was overwhelmed by the pacifist's attacks and was unable to regenerate with his Phoenix Flames taking advantage of whitebeard's injury the Marines attacked him firing a bombardment.

Directly at his face Whitebeard didn't Flinch and casually swum his sword sending the Marines flying into the sky sengoku noticed that he was injured and the Marines surrounded him again this time all division commanders and even jimbei came to whitebeard's aide sengoku tried to execute Ace right away and Whitebeard tried to save him but Ace was.

Too badly hurt and The Executioner's blade was going to strike Asus now that Luffy accidentally activated his conquerors hockey and cursed both executioners and the soldiers causing them to faint the three Admirals were taken aback and realized what had happened Luffy had to get rid of GARP but he wasn't surprised since he was his.

Grandson Ivan realized that he had yet to find that power within himself then Whitebeard stopped the Marines and called for full support for Luffy and all the crew members of Whitebeard Pirates ran forward to make way for him Whitebeard realized that he was risking everything for Luffy my hop tribe and crocodile joined the battle Mr one and.

Mr Crocodile also joined the battle thanks to their help Luffy was nearing the execution platform Ivan summoned in the Zuma Inazuma use his power to create a solid ground breed allowing Luffy to get to Ace's location all division commanders of Whitebeard Pirates defended him unexpectedly GARP stood before lofi step aside old man if you.

Wish to pass you will have to beat me first Luffy thought back to when he was a young boy and GARP had taken him to training on the mountain GARP had hoped for him to become a strong Marine in the future but he had never wanted to be a pirate but GARP had always loved him his grandson became his enemy after activating tier second and engaging in.

Battle with GARP but due to his love for his nephew he allowed Luffy to strike him in the face this surprised everyone as he was still a grandfather after all Luxembourg on the execution platform Luffy took his wife's key to unlock a sengoku turned into a giant Buddha Kazar shot broke Luffy's key Mr three was also there but it turned out he was going to.

Escape he remembered his promise to Straw Hat to help Mr too so he assumed the role of vice admiral to help Luffy sengoku attacked Luffy extended his body to prevent the platform from collapsing Mr three created a new key to unlock it at a critical moment Mischief III gave it to La Fierce was final he freed why don't you never listen to me everyone.

Rejoiced in their successes uses fire powers to attack the Marines the two could fight together Ace continued using his maramara using his powers he was able to burn down the enemy just as they were about to get away after a long period of helplessness Ace finally had the chance to show off his skills and easily dealt with ayokaji's attacks.

Sengoku on the other hand was Furious seeing this as a dishonor to the Navy at that moment Whitebeard decided to redeem himself he brought his whole Fleet to encircle the Marine forces Whitebeard suddenly stood in front of the massive ship and stopped it with only one hand because he did not want any of his kids to be sacrificed he gave a final order.

For the Marines to retreat while he remained behind to fight off the Marine Whitebeard delivered a blow that shocked the entire Marine headquarters he realized that his dream wasn't about wealth or status it was about having a family he realized that Whitebeard was going to sink all the Marine forces at that point Ace knew that he could not.

Let everyone sacrifice in whitebeard's efforts be in vain so he kneeled to thank his father-in-law for protecting him all these years after thanking him Luffy and aslav reported haunted Ace a bunch of cowards did this to base and he would not allow anyone to dishonor his father figure Asus fire is weaker than rinku's magma and he was defeated Luffy.

Was unable to move Aquino was going to finish off Luffy Ace jumped in and protected him kinda punched Ace in the chest everyone immediately attacked Aquino as a mad me user he was not affected Akino attacked Luffy again Jim Bae intervened to stop him Graff was Furious and approached to kainu sengoku realized the situation and intervene if.

You do not let me go I will kill the Red Dog meanwhile Luffy was holding the ace are you okay say something a said I'm sorry Luffy begged everyone to save Ace the internal organs were burned and no one could save Ace even Ivan said ace could not be saved anymore Luffy blame days for saying he couldn't be saved to die since childhood to die with no.

Regrets to be hated by all to have the Love of All to have a life without regret thank you to all Lucas Ace Falls in front of loud loud's desperate desperation to see his older brother fall in front of me Ace falling in front of Lucas desperation Ace falling before Lucas absence Lucas absolute agony report took advantage of the situation.

To deal with Lucas but Marco blocked him and ordered everyone to protect Lucas instead of Ace Whitebeard appeared behind kainun punched him in the face sending him sprawling to the ground Lucas tried to go after Whitebeard and punch him in the face but Whitebeard grabbed him by the throat and threw him up into the sky and punched him so hard.

That the Marine headquarters collapsed sending Lucas falling into the abyss whitebeard's punch created a barrier on the ground and Lucas fell into the abyss Whitebeard realized that he wanted he ordered everyone to board the ship while Jim Bay tried to take wafi away Blackbeard and his Pirates showed up to witness whitebeard's death Whitebeard.

Was angry in the tap this traitor but it didn't work at all he accused him of betraying and capturing Ace so he was determined to take him out he ate the darkness devil fruit which made him able to absorb whitebeard's punch he pulled out his sword struck him and grabbed him by the throat to punish this rebellious person who thought he had beaten.

Blackbeard but he was able to stand out Whitebeard was exhausted and had to deal with him properly their entire crew started packing Whitebeard stabbing slashing shooting at him leaving Marco's group helpless and just watching while they were attacking with their sword they didn't think Whitebeard was still alive at this point he remembered what.

Roger had told him about the letter d and he realized that the person carrying it was Blackbeard D was the will of D and he announced to the world that there really was a one-piece treasure to the surprise of the world Whitebeard died standing with no scars on his back at that point Blackbeard covered his body with a cloth and jimbei tried to get.

Luffy away from there Rinku is still alive and he's determined to kill Luffy so Ivan intervenes and helps Luffy Blackbeard is getting ready to do something unexpected he has acquired whitebeard's dark devil fruit power and his earthquake devil fruit he throws a punch that destroys the entire Marine forces leaving everyone in shock that.

Someone could have two devil fruits he continues his Onslaught and all the Marines are in despair sengoku punches him restoring the Marine forces morale to keep the battle going akinyo also punches him and Ivan is hit by a powerful blow jimbei is chasing after Luffy but he's Frozen by ayokiji's freezing of the sea blocking their.

Escape Route and Rinku is chasing after rinku.hi attack stabbing Jim Bay and Luffy in the chest causing Luffy to lose the straw hat despite his injuries jimbei decides to protect lofi crocodile miraculously appears in time to blow both of them away they crash into buggy and fall into an illusion trap the Whitebeard Pirates captains arrived to.

Stop a kainu and let buggy take him away a submarine shows up and law tells buggy to give up Luffy to him buggy hesitates but Ben is attacked by Admiral casaro who forces him to give up Luffy and jimbei Blackbeard is fighting sengoku using his own Quake fruit power to stop sengoku's Shockwave GARP also shows up to deal with the situation surprisingly.

Using his own air powers just like Whitebeard the sky and the ground tremble copy hears the cries of people making him despair he doesn't understand what they're fighting for he sees people dying people with family when it kind of attacks the ship copy Shanks intervenes to prevent him from realizing that the battle is pointless and lives have been.

Law Kroger doesn't care who he is and tries to strike copy Shanks appears to Ben backman who aims his gun at kazara who picks up Luffy's straw hats and says we are here to finish this battle this surprises the Marine Corps as they recognize Shanks as one of the four Emperors someone who fought against kaido yesterday and is here today buggy.

Sees Shanks and asks him to give the half to Luffy promising to give give him the treasure map in return Shanks convinces buggy to run and hand the Hat over to law lost submarine while law is performing surgery on Luffy aokiji continues to freeze the sea fortunately everyone he manages to escape but buggy realizes that Shanks has deceived him.

And his angry at Shanks the prisoners see buggy insult shag and Shanks begins to fall in love with buggy and my Hulk begins to leave as fighting Shanks is not part of their deal at this point shank enters the battle and anyone who still wants to fight faces us this immediately causes the Marine forces to hesitate Blackbeard says he got what he.

Wanted and agrees to leave sengoku he also accepts Shanks offered to turn Whitebeard and Ace over to marcos's group and declares the battle over thanks for watching please subscribe to our channel to let us know what anime you think we should review now looking forward to hearing your thoughts in future recap.

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