First Evening As Freddy – “Mr. Afton” – Fredbear’s Family Diner (1983)

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Henry: God, you are not a little tyke anymore,are ya? Jeremy: Mr. Emily do I test the jaw now? Henry: Hang tight Jeremy we're still- Jeremy: Please sir I'm really hungry I justwant to get a slice of pizza!? Henry: We're still working on him? God! [MUSIC BUILDS] Henry: Tad a! Now it was supposed to arrive last week, butit only got here this morning.

Would you believe it. That's the a postal service for you. Henry: It works! I think? Which is great… But the pneumatics seem to be a little off? Henry: Is says here, on the paperwork, thatinstead of a six pounds per square inch… Henry: It has, uh, 60… Pounds per square inch…

Henry: Uh, that's a little Overkill… Not sure if I wrote something down wrong or if- [HENRY'S VOICE FADES] [TENSE MUSIC BUILDS] Henry: -You, uh, wanna take a closer look? [MICROPHONE FEEDBACK] Henry: Now, if you look in his mouth thereyou can see how the Pistons provide a quick burst of movement the jaw needs to be ableto perform and respond quickly to lyrics!.

Henry: Pretty neat huh? Also, uh, I've shifted his voice box- [TENSE MUSIC BUILDS] Henry: -should make me sound a little lessbeatnik and a little more classy! [MICROPHONE DROP] [HYDRAULICS START] [MACHINERY CHATTERING] William: Henry!? [HYDRAULICS SERVOS WHINING].

Henry: William… Your boy was just- [BANG][CC AND HENRY SCREAM] Henry: God damn it Jeremy! What are you doing? Jeremy: Oh shit I'm sorry that- [THUMP] Jeremy: -that was an accident sir! It went off by itself?.

Henry: You nearly took the boy's head off?! Jeremy: I just stepped out to go and get aslice of pizza! Jeremy: I'm sorry boss! Jeremy: Am I gonna get fired? Henry: Ah, shit. Henry: Uh, William. Your boy was just curious about- William: About… what?.

Hiding inside the animatronic? Or being hidden alive by one? William: How many times…[PIANO MUSIC] They're… Not… Toys. Henry. William: And they certainly aren't fit forchildren to be playing around on. And what the hell did you do to Fredbear'sjaw? That…

Wasn't approved by me or the financeteam… William: …Was it? William: Asides from that… [ACOUSTIC MUSIC BUILDS] William: …Happy birthday, son! [TV STATIC BUILDS] [POLICE SIRENS] [MUSIC BUILDS AND ECHOS TO SILENCE]

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  1. I love how henry is kinda attempting love he used to be forcing him to head up within the mouth, but I discover it to discover closer gawk and he used to be fortunate that Freddy mouth used to be malfunctioning equaling to extend.

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