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Yo what's up guys today we are reacting tothis video which is actually suggestion from one of you guys so this was a a request sayingplease react on the beautiful trending song guli Mata this is the music video song sungby Sharia Ghoshal and Saad Lam Jared featuring Jennifer winget or winget collaboration betweenHindi and Arabic 43 million views in fact it's actually with 50 51 million views nowso we're gonna react to it if you're new to the channel don't forget to like And subscribelet's check this out guys let's go olimata Once Upon a haunted Kingdom of awantha livedprincess Jennifer who is renowned throughout the land for her unmatched Beauty howevershe was trapped in a life she did not choose her father the king had arranged for her tomarry the prince of a neighboring Kingdom.

I like how this is AI generated yo they'reusing technology in order to strengthen the alliance between the two Nations but the princesswas in love with sod a commoner who lived beyond the castle walls as the night of thewedding Drew near nice quality sat in her Chambers waiting anxiously for sod to comeand rescue her from the palace oh this is gonna be good isn't it mean yes wow what a beautiful voice bro this looks like the King of Persiamovie wings.

Pictures foreign guys wow the the voices areso beautiful wow and and the scenery this is basically a romantic movie we're gonnago back a little bit oh bro this guy looks like a villain foreign I love you nice wow and so Jennifer and Saadfled the kingdom together leaving behind the life that had been planned for them they knewthat they would face many challenges ahead but as long as they had each other they wereready to face whatever came their way nice.

What a beautiful story beautiful music Beautifulum artwork beautiful scenery yo this looks like it's it's from a movie man that was beautifuland I like the mix of cultures um it's in Hindi and Arabic at the same time and theymix it yo beautiful thank you for the suggestion if you have any suggestions go on Discordor there's a link in the description where you can request a video guys thank you forwatching I'll see you in the next video take care bye-bye now you can get full access toexclusive content special reactions to shows series anime full movies and even requesta video of your choice just become a YouTube member or join buy me a coffee today findout more the link is in the description

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