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In the noisy city Listening to the whispered cry move forward alone to the unknown road ahead draw the ancient sword hypocrisy ripped off coat devil wanton orgy fill my journey in the shining palace.

In the cycle of the world in the dark night Loneliness is singing and fear is accompanying me I keep going Thousands of lights illuminate the dim earth A smile melts a cold heart I keep going Harmony of qin and cymbals is like smoke everywhere The hair smudges my world.

This holy burial past I walk hand in hand with you into the hustle and bustle of the world of mortals Daredevil Violent collision Deaf-mute skateboard sword how is it possible My father is a convert How could they not be able to defeat the combination of the three of them?.

Even if they are all new epidemics, they will be crushed to death with one hand why is it like this That's because they are a combination of three people not a trio and among the three Those two women are kings The weakest of the earth raging bears now grow to 10 meters Possess the magic power Boycotting the earth bear king is powerless.

Even under the blessing of the corpse emperor's unknown cultivation technique stronger The combined level of the three kings 0 too dangerous ah Alas, Armor of the Earth ah violent charge Yuntai Villa is really interesting.

I have been playing for so long and there is no movement Is it in collusion with the Li family? snort it won't end Yuntai Mountain Villa did not explain Just a chicken Conspiring to kill students of Tianbei College Humph, why are you talking so much? The demolition of Yuntai Mountain Villa is.

It all depends on what I'm doing. Ha ha Ha you little bastards I will make you pay for angering me Ah dedicated big rat ah ah Panda ah.

Ah Zixiao before The Lingwei left by the Longlong Sword on his battle armor finally worked take advantage of his illness to kill him superior God what are they going to do Leapfrogging to challenge Patriarch Li?.

Too exciting No matter what the outcome of this battle It will be the most exciting event in Tianbei City in the past ten years. I want to memorize all these moves Dad, let me help you uh you're crazy If you join the war, your father will be completely ashamed Refuge Jing Da three ants still need to help speak out and be ridiculed.

What to do withdraw This time the jealousy is too big if i lose Wouldn't the face of the Li family be wiped out? Still need to think long term three sorry I have something to go out and just came back came so fast.

Li Zhiji just ran away and you came You came back just in time Should I call you timely rain who knows The order of Yuntai Villa, which is famous in Tianbei City, is so chaotic everyone be careful I might die in the future They just arrived in time Yufei's mouth after being irritated.

It's really poisonous Everyone's consumption today is mine Misty Boss is awesome Come, Brother Fang, let's order some more food This is snow lotus petals is the cure First help the three to heal Just take it as my little heart As a compensation.

Free for three people In addition, all consumption in the villa will be half price in the future The three are also tired I arrange to make an independent courtyard for you to rest. From now on, it will be used exclusively by the three In addition, regarding the Li family, I will seek justice from them. I must give the three of you a satisfactory explanation. I don't know how to deal with it Do the three agree?.

Then I'll wait and see how the landlord will seek justice from the Li family If the landlord can't I can ask the Imperial Capital Ye family to come forward How can you kill a chicken with a sledgehammer I have my own way I have arranged for Xiao Si to prepare a banquet Please rest here There are still some things to deal with in the villa I will leave first.

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