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“The Yoshimune Chronicle: Abarenbo Shogun.” THE YOSHIMUNE CHRONICLE:ABARENBO SHOGUN Before nightfall… Yamagata Oshu. At that time, the safflower flowers thatbloom on the banks of the Mogami River were used by women for lip coloring. Besides, they werevaluable pigments for ishijinori textiles in Kyoto.

We're gathering… I also want to go… Good morning! You came early. Ah! Good morning! To you too, old lady. That's right. Oshige finally gave birth. Huh? Congratulations!.

I'm jealous! What do you mean? You'll have your turn next spring. Now is the most important time. Take care! Yeah. Jiro, you must take care of Otei. Thank you so much! Thanks for your good work.

Otei, give it to me. – I'll take it.- It's fine. Don't go overboard just because old lady Okan said so. It's not that. But I want you to give birth to a baby. Look at that. Be careful! Otei!.

Step aside! Jiro! Dear! Jiro! Dear! Lord, don't worry aboutwhat happened here. Yes. One moment! Lord daikan, who is that person? Get back!.

That person is Dewanokami. Dewanokami Mizuno, Minister of Dewa. I don't know what kindof big feudal lord he is but, is it alright for him to humiliateus like this? Silence! If you have something to say, come find me at my residence later. – Giddy Up!- Wait! Daikan!.

Dear! Dear! Don't die! Don't die, dear! REVENGE TAINTED WITH SAFFLOWER Tadasuke. Yeah? From this point… it seems like everythingis fine everywhere. As if nothing was happening.

But many things happen while we're here watching. Lord… have you been thinkingabout that for a long time? My Lord. So here you are. Wha's going on, old man? Sakyonosuke Tozawa, the feudal lord of Oshi Shinjo, and lord Kyogoku await you.

Kyogoku? Isenokami Ryogoku, the junior roju? That's right. There is something odd… They have a serious face. I bring a message. Ise, you look worried. If you have something to say, say it. Yes. It is related to the 50 thousand kokus belonging to.

The Dewanokami Mizuno family of Oshu, of the Yamagata clan. Lord Sakyo, etiquette first. Yes. In the Yamagata clan, tax collection has been very hard, so much so that the farmers go hungry and have tosell their daughters to pay. It's something I can't bear to see. The reason for the bad managementof the Yamagata clan.

Is the mess of the feudallord Dewanokami. That is to say… if you ask me, it was a family conflict. Dewanokami, whose wifehad no children with him, conceived one out of wedlock. That is why the house isdivided into two factions, the factioin of the wife and thefaction of the concubine. While fighting for power,they neglect politics. Isenokami says thatthis can't be left as it is.

Ise, Sakyo, do you want to wipeout Yamagata's 50 thousand kokus? What will you gain if you do? That is… Not this… If there is nothing moreto say, you may leave. – Yes – Alright. Old man. What do you think of those two? Let me see.

If they could, they would go to hell in order to get a part ofthe 50 thousand kokus. Yes. As if they were starving. That's right. Sukehachi! Osono! Yes. Inspect the Yamagata residence in Edo. Depending on how things turn out, go to Oshu.

Yes. Wow! They are doing theater with music! It's very exciting, isn't it, Sekitori? It is. Every time I hear it, it's good. It's also very nice weather, isn't it? That's right. I thought it wouldrain today, but look what a nice day. Tsune! How can you know it will rain? It's just that this place hasbeen dry the whole time.

He's the stingy lady's husband, right? He said he was taking us all to see a play. This guy will get astorm instead of rain. Kyu. Huh? Who said that? Sekitori. He said “you can bet what you want”. Oh, did he?.

Sekitori, did you say that? Huh? This charlatan. Remember! Shut up! I know what you're saying. If you don't like rain orstorms, don't come with me. Go home! I'm really impressed.

They are all idiots. I wish I could compliment them. Omachi! It can't be. How difficult! Theydon't like this or that. Right, madam? You too! What's that? The sagittarius crest in thewater is from the 50 thousand kokus.

Of Dewanokami Mizunoof the Yamagata clan in Oshu. Why is that man trying to show off… watching the play in a palanquin? It's strange. Who is it? The concubine. Osada, the concubine,walks around with a long face. Hey! Out of the way! Oh! It's Okayo. Who is Okayo?.

The person who trained with me. Let's go back! What do you mean go back? What about the play? We won't see it anymore. – No way!- A lunch. What's wrong, Omachi? Shin. Are there times when even you cry?.

It's ridiculous in anyway, right? It's not ridiculous. Are you worried about what happened? I had a problem with my sister. With her? What do you think, Shin? Is it alright for her to go to the play? I don't want that. Even the karo sometimes seesthe works in the daimyo's room.

Or she could sneak inwearing an okosozukin. But to think that shewould arrive in a palanquin and wearing the great clan crest too… The way she was lying in there was disgusting and not funny. Omachi looks sosilly throwing a tantrum and saying “I really wanted tosee it and I was left by myself”. Omachi. What she said makes sense.

So even you can't help me, Shin. Will you call me stupid as well? I'm not saying that. I don't know! – She's a fool.- Omachi! I don't understand whyShin lets her throw a tantrum. About that… I guess I should go comfort her. – Huh?- What?.

Omachi! That's enough! You're not going, Sekitori. She'll only be disappointed and upset. – Yes – That's right. Shut up! Sekitori. As a sumo wrestler, have you beento the Yamagata domains? No.

After all, I was not a sumo wrestler who could fit into the teeth of a daimyowith 50 thousand kokus. How about an old friend who has done it? Let me think. Someone who has beenin the Yamagata clan… I heard of a former sumo wrestler who was in the Yamagata clan. Asaka, Dewanokami's lawful wife, seems to be an impeccable woman. Sekitori remarked that she says she hates not.

Being able to have children. In contrast, the concubine isarrogant and does what she wants because she had lord Dewa's son in her womb. She seems like a scandalous woman. Yeah. But I don't get it. I can't believe those are their true feelings. YAMAGATA DOMAIN You are good, Tokimaru!.

Now it's Kayo's turn. I have something to say. The palanquin is… You'd better wait. How is Tokimaru? He asked Kayo to be his opponent and they are playing in the garden. I see. You can come down.

The karo wants to see you. Sorry. Why are you here for? If we're going to talk, it'll be in private. All of you, get down. Will you go out again? I've had enough sermons. First, you are going to listen to me.

The lord, who is currentlyvisiting the sanctuary, is coming back to Edo. When he returns, he will take Tokimaru back to the castle as his rightful heir. If you haven't noticed, you should be careful for your own good. If something strange happened to me, from being a daikan of Yamagata,you would become the karo of Edo. This time I will be Tokimaru's guardian.

You will be in trouble first… Don't you think so? If the daikan becomes karo of Edo, the commoner's son willown the 50 000 kokus. Well, better not say anything to each other. Very well. Take care. Forgive me. Now… Now we'll see how it goes.

There it goes, Kayo! It's alright! Wretch! You are being rude. You are in front of a noble lady. This is… Please, forgive me! Don't even think about it. It must have been lord Osada's order for Tokimaru to come before the lady.

No, that is not… Forgive my mess. No. Katsuragi, that's not proper. Are you alright? Yes. Lord Tokimaru, it's fine. We have sweets and other things. He's not nice.

He's like his mother. Katsuragi… You shouldn't talk like that to the boy who'll become the lord of the Yamagata. You are being very rude. It's like Kayo said. Lord Tokimaru is very valuable. We must take care of him and give him love. Yes.

I see. It is just as the rumors say. My Lord, this is already a battle. No matter how you look at it, the concubine Osada is no good. I just came back. Ah, Osono. Come in. I hurried back to inform you that Osada may be in danger. What? Is Osada in danger?.

Yes. In fact, an oldwoman named Katsuragi secretly gathered fellow clansmen and told them that Osada'sgrowth has been criticized and has become a jokein Edo, so sooner or later this will reach the ears of the shogun and it will be a problem for the clan. She also told them thatfor the sake of the clan, they should eliminatethe root of the problem. They made the unanimousdecision to bury Osada.

I thought that it would somehow be handled in a peaceful way… They are idiots. Leave it like that. Osono. When and how will they carry it out? There are ten days left untillord Dewanokami arrives in Edo. Once he arrives, they will secretlydeclare that Osada died outside the residence.

And they will tell the lord that she is missing… It was what they agreed. Lord. What will you do? Old man. Should I leave it like this? I don't think so. Lady, please enjoy it. Sahei Kyoya has his main store in Kyoto.

He is a cunning man who getsin and out of the Yamagata clan. and plots to monopolizeYamagata safflower, a valuable raw materialfor Kyobeni textiles. Now we'll play a song. Do you know which one? That song for the lady's comfort. Before nightfall… It's the safflower gathering. A lark flies in the air of a song. Let's collect!.

Stop! Stop singing that. It will be here soon. The mansion palanquin? No, I'm not expecting it. He's coming in one prepared by Kyoya. I see. It's convenient since no one will see us. What luck!.

He's here. Get ready, Osada! Wait! Die for the good of the clan. You won't be sorry. Do I have something to be sorry for? If only you would allowme to die with dignity, you could cut me and move on. A dignified death?.

That's right. What am I going to die for and how will I die… No. Even that corpse sank to the bottom of Chidorigafuchi. From darkness to darkness… It means that such along life is not worth living. Hey! I don't have timeto listen to your personal problems. Cut her! Stop!.

Who are you? I am Shinnosuke Tokuda, the third son of a hatamoto. Listen everyone. Don't leave anyone alive. Attack! Sukehachi, don't kill anyone. Lord Tokuda! Dewanokami Mizuno's concubine is the….

Shut up! If you can, please tellOoka, the village bugyo. Sukehachi! FIRE FIGHTERS Thank you so much! – Take care!- Yes. I got used to Shinalways bringing strange things but this time he surprised me. I am surprised as well.

That's the woman I helped unknowingly. That's right. I had never heardof a concubine taking the plunge. She is a great woman.Yoshiwara doesn't have a girlfriend. Tsune, with time and money, anyone can look good. However, Shin, it'stime for you to get ready. My wife will be incredibly furious this time. You think so? That's right. After all, she wanted usto see the play together.

She's your rival. Omachi won't defend you either. – That's right.- What did they say about me? – Nothing.- It was nothing. One moment. Shin! Where did Shin go? I am here. You can relax. Sleep easy.

Huh? VILLAGE BUGYO Did she tell you to let me know? Yes. That's why I think I understand her hostile attitude in Edo so far was a drastic measureto inform you of the rumor. It could be. So….

Sukehachi and Osonoare continuing their search? They're in Yamagata now. They'll be back as soon as they have something. As Yoshimune guessed, at that time, Osono was in Yamagata along with Sukehachi. They heard incredible news of an old woman and a former clan doctor. They are having fun.

How rude, karo! You ask for guidance, but you are rude. Shut up, Katsuragi! How can you tell me I'm rude? What are you saying? On the other hand, do you rememberhaving tempted people without values, starting with Hyoma Takarata, to avenge Osada? Is that true, Katsuragi? I don't know.

These are baseless accusations. It's clear. Come in, Sato! You are… You are a traitor! No, I have been on the side of the Karo since the beginning. Katsuragi, then, you… Forgive me, my lady! My lady.

It's disrespectful to say youdidn't know about this either. I'd like to know what you've been up to. I'm sorry. Katsuragi! Katsuragi! With this we got rid of the inconvenience. Tokimaru, the son of thekaro is quite a guardian. Soon, the karo will have all the power. But in that case, it will be a problem if Osada is still alive.

What do you think, Sato? Everything's fine. It's unthinkable that she survived sinking in Chidorigafuchi. Everything seems to be in our favor, right? – Thank you!- Thank you so much! Okayo! It's Omachi! Weren't you serving theconcubine in Yamagata?.

Yes, but right now I'm going to the house hoping that the twoof us will stay together. So you don't know anything? About what? The person you serve had problems. This is your medicine. Here is the payment. Is it 300 ryo? Kyoya.

With this you will monopolize the safflower? Rather, you will havethe insects and the bees. No, this is just a smallsample as a greeting. There is still more to come. As it should be. Karo, I have something urgent to say. What's wrong Guinji? Karo! What? Osada?.

Really? Yes. I understand. Don't talk to anyone about this. You can leave. Yes. What happened, lord Otsuki? Your face turned pale all of a sudden… Kyoya.

We have an agreementon the safflower monopoly. Thank you so much! In exchange, I need a favor. Yes, ask for anything you want. Excuse me, where is lord Tokuda? Oh, that's right! He was here a moment ago. Where could he have gone? Does anyone know? Shin said something like.

It's good to see you, but it's hard to say goodbye. I had the same thought. If it were possible, I would like to be forever with these good people. I will return home suppressingthis unrealized wish. I have something to say. Osada is back. What? Back? What is going on?.

I don't know. On top of that, lord Echizen Ooka is with her. She's with Echizen? Yes. It's not official, but he is acting on the Lord's behalf. As I said before, a slong as he's represented, I will alter the terms. No.

Do you have any proof? A letter from the represented party or the likes? I have nothing like that. That's why I said it unofficially. But in that case… Otsuki. If you don't like it, you can tell the Lord to hold a public evaluation in Tatsunokuchi's office.

However, the Yamagata clan's would come to light and the clan's dissolution would be inevitable. If that is what you want, go ahead and do it. That nonsense is not necessary. No way. Very well, Otsuki. You were the gundai in the village of the Yamagata clan five years ago, right?.

Is that true? That's right. And now you are Edo's karo. It's kind of unusual, but Is there a secret tobeing successful in life? No, something like that… Despite my shyness, the lord appreciated my loyalty. Eventhough I'm afraid, can I say something?.

– My lady.- Go ahead. Osada, speak. The success of Kamon Otsuki is thanks to me. What are you saying? Stop, Otsuki! Osada, you can continue. Yes. Thanks for listening.

I am the wife of a farmernamed Jirota, who lived in Yamagata and diedfive years ago after being kicked by lord Dewanokami's horse. I went to the residence of Otsuki, the guntai from back then, because Otsuki, who wasaccompanying the lord, told me to go. And that's how I fell into the trap. My husband… The man I hate for killing him… abused me.

It is a terrible story. You were forced to be the concubine. On the other hand, did Otsuki achieve the position of Edo's karo becauseof his outstanding work? That is not all. He became the guardian of my son Tokimaru and, with time he obtained the 50thousand kokus of the Yamagata clan, just as he wanted. My lady.

What a shame. Why are you saying baseless things? I have only tried to begood to you and Tokimaru. Why would I try to kill you? That's trouble caused by Katsuragi, who works for my wife. Even she knows it. Otsuki. When was that?.

The other day in Chidorigafuchi a person attacked stealthily. Ah… In that case… was it the people whowere with you a while ago? If I'm not mistaken, Kyoya asked you for something. Osada. Are you done? Is that all you had to say? No, there's more.

Tokimaru… Tokimaru is the son I had with my late husband. He is not the legitimateson of lord Dewanokami. My lady! I know that Kamon Otsuki is aware of this and still wants to makeTokimaru his successor. My lady! That's nonsense! Have you lost your mind? Don't say anything, Kamon!.

Why have I lived to this day ignoring people's insults and being humiliated? Why… Why could it be? Why didn't you revealthe circumstances of this? The Otsuki's gang's eyes were fixed on me. If I had neglected any.

Movement, the truth, along with me, would have been buried in the dark. But I was hoping that one day the right person wouldsee me and hear me. It's what's happening today with you. Lord Ooka. I waited for this day playing with my life to the limit. Lady Osada.

It has been very hard. I understand. My lady. Please, forgive me for the way Sada has behaved up to now, despite it not being what I wanted in my heart. Even my wife turned out to be like that! It is up to you to decidewho you choose to support.

There is no need for that. Kamon Otsuki. Stop trying to impose yourself! Who are you? It will be better for both of youif you don't know who they are. Besides that, Ooka. There is no doubt after Osada said that Tokimaru is notDewanokami's legitimate son. It's just as an old woman named Okan.

Told this womanwho went to Yamagata. Otsuki. I'm sure this guy hoped that no one was going to pry all the way to Yamagata. But it really is a big mess. Kamon Otsuki. I am baffled! All of you! Let's face each other!.

Osono! Protect those two women! Alright. Cut them down! I don't care if they all die! Sukehachi! Osono! Punish him! You wouldn't even know how to do harakiri. What a pathetic guy! Tokimaru. I have not only been.

A bad mother. I not only failed as a mother, I was the bad motherwho kept you in chains. Please, forgive me for everything. From now on you and me will always betogether in the other world. No. Together with your father.

The three of us will live in harmony. Tokimaru. Be strong. Tokimaru! Otei, you can't die. No, let us die… If I think about the sin of having lied to everyone, I have no other way. Please let us die.

I can't! I don't want you to die. You do it because you don't wantto destroy the Yamagata clan… No. Lord Ooka will take care of that. Besides… even if you don't die the old Otei has already died. Otei will live again from today on.

She will be reborn and live strongly together with her son. If you do, you will be able to solve all your problems with your son by your side. Right, Otei? Lord, you… I will not say anything else. Otei. Shinnosuke Tokuda, thethird son of a poor hatamoto,.

Prays for the mother and son to live happily. Yes. Otei understood. He was an honorable person. Feeling honored that the shogun would dedicate himself insuch a way to her case she happily went to Oshuin Yamagata to return to her hometown wheresafflower flourishes.

THE YOSHIMUNE CHRONICLE:ABARENBO SHOGUN In the next episode of”The Yoshimune Chronicle: Abarenbo Shogun.” Lord Komada. Santa's fever went down thanks to that ice. It saved his life. What? Come on, let's go. It seems to be the last attack. It's not a group of.

Ronin, but clan samurai… Dayu Sakyo. The ice that wastransported from Mount Fuji has been delivered. Good job. That ice is impure. I heard from reliable sources that it was given to a peasant boy with a fever. Don't miss the next episode: “The man who got burned in the snow on Mount Fuji”!.

Translation: Ana Fernanda PantojaSubtitles @ CALIGRAMA EDITORES

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