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A young man is lying on his bed, having abit of a life crisis as one tends to do when lying down. He joined his current company three yearsago to sell crap to unsuspecting customers. In those three years, he's deceived people. People deceived him. That's the way she goes. But more than that, he also worries abouthis future whenever he sees news stories about companies going bankrupt. In the end, he only wants one thing: to escape.

He wants to be in another world, and he can'tcare less where! Oh, careful what you wish for, my guy. —We now go to the ancient ruins of Artelphia! An elf girl is amazed to see a human relic. A strand of hair! She thanks Dex, a little cat man, for stayingwith her, seeing as everyone else on their team collapsed! The cat asks about what she found. She shows the strand of hair.

This will definitely be an important discovery! Dex then asks if he can touch it. His demeanor changes when he gets it. He starts laughing like a madman, making theelf look over at him. As for Dex, he thinks the elf, his boss, shouldbe more suspicious of people. Oh no, what is this cat up to!? The cat is tired of following her around! So… He pulls a Deku and swallows the hair.

He's betraying his boss! But also, eating hair? Typical cat behavior. Orange cat behaviour, dare I say. That single strand doesn't look like much,but it gives Dex a lot of power! The cat grows big. He's now buff and is bigger than the elf. He feels the strength flowing through hisbody! But how does the elf feel about this?.

Well, she's just annoyed that he defiled theartifact. That was a precious item! Dex knows that, dear. that's why he's using it to be the king ofthe world! This leaves the elf with no choice but tofight him. She pelts Dex with a fireball. But it doesn't affect the cat! She's astonished – that one strand holdsso much power! How powerful were humans when they were alive!?.

Before the two can fight further, a glowingfigure falls from the sky, catching their attention. It's the guy from earlier! His wish came true! However, he thinks he's having a very realisticdream. Dex is looking at him menacingly. What the heck is he!? He should be the one asking you that, Dex! He's just an ordinary human!.

The elf is gobsmacked. Why did he even say that? Well, he guesses it's because he doesn't havecat ears and a tail! Dex is unamused. Is this creature messing with him!? He swings one huge paw at the human, but itdoesn't connect. The human, scared and bewildered, protectshimself by covering his head with his arms. This simple move blocks his punch! On his side, the guy's just scared and confused.

What's happening here? Is this a movie shoot? A prank? A dream? This being a dream will be nice, and thisbeing the world he wished for will be cool! But he didn't want to be a movie protagonist! He then pushes Dex a bit. Take that, fluffy giant! That little push has the cat flying into thewall.

Nice stunt, kitty! Dex approaches him again. He puts his fist up – are they still going!? But the cat thinks better of it and runs away. He vows to get the human for this, though. With the cat gone, the human ponders abouthis situation. He most likely won't remember this, with howvivid this dream is. But this is an incredibly vivid dream! His senses are sharp, and he's completelylucid.

Wait, is this a film shoot? If it is, this set is so cool and realistic! The elf approaches him and thanks him forsaving her. The human just wonders who she is. She's Ria! [2]In turn, the boy properly introduces himself. His name is Youji Amezaki, and he's human. But enough about him; he’s extremely confusedright now, and nothing’s really clicking. Eventually, though, Youji learns that he’sbeen summoned to another world – one that’s.

Extremely different from his actual word. For starters, this world is ripe with swordsand magic. It’s basically straight out of a fantasymanga from WSJ. Aside from that, they consider humans as legendarybeings. Ria explains that they call humans the ancientand mighty race, and they’re worshipped by many religions. Again, Youji is befuddled. He’s always thought that elves are a higherclass than humans, at least based on the stuff he reads.

Elves are supposed to be really intelligentand proficient with magic, while humans are the jack of all trades. That’s not how it goes in Artelphia, though. Because there, he’s an absolute being. So absolute that Dex, her subordinate, betrayedher for a strand of human hair! Youji's incensed to hear that. Now that he knows what happened, Youji hasanother problem. How should he live here? If a strand of hair can cause such an uproar,what more his whole being?.

How can he go and explore this world? If people know of his existence… Ria's sure that an all-out war will breakout among the countries! Just so they can get his power! Yep, they'd go that far. Why? Because those who might get their hands onhim can rule the whole world! Here, human body parts are called artifacts. They're also tactical weapons.

Look at what Dex did earlier. He ate just one hair strand but grew incrediblypowerful! The truth of humans' power in Artelphia ismind-boggling for Youji. But this still doesn't answer his question. How should he live in this world? Youji just wants to live peacefully, withouthaving to fight or anything. He has no love for the life he led in hisoriginal world. If he can start over in this world, he'lltake that opportunity in a heartbeat. If only his mere existence won't start a war….

Fortunately, Ria knows a way. He should build his own place so he can livein peace! Huh??? As she explained earlier, humans are objectsof worship in this world. At the same time, some hooligans plan to usehumans' powers to take over the world. The only way for him to be at peace in thisworld is to create his own base to ward off threats. He should also have strong followers to fightthose threats! Basically, he has to make his own kingdom.

Is there no other way??? Nope! But Youji shouldn't worry, because Ria's here! She'll be his subordinate and will swear eternalfealty to him! If he'll have her, of course! Dude, a cutie's asking to be by your sideforever! It doesn't get any better than that. Why Youji's summoned into this world is stilla question. But with Ria, creating his own base doesn'tsound so bad.

Besides, someone needs him here. Starting today, Youji will now be in Ria'scare! [3]The two now journey in the forest. The first order of business is to keep Youjihidden. Ria's worried Dex might blab since the catsaw him. But for now, the human will hide in a cave. This cave is one of Ria's grandpa's hideouts. Even if it's inside a cave, it's light androomy! It has anything one can need!.

Ria explains that her grandpa, a humantologist,has many hideouts worldwide. Because of his work, his life is always targeted. He handled a lot of human relics, so therewere always a lot of hooligans trying to take them from him in their pursuit of power. Yep, Ria's grandpa fought lots of hooligansin his time. There are a lot of weapons in this cave! The elf suggests they make this cave theirresidence in the meantime. Youji's fine with that but… there's onlyone bed. Oh my god!.

There's only one bed! That's not a big deal! Youji, who she now calls Master, should takethe bed while Ria guards the entrance. She only needs 30 minutes of sleep, anyway. This brings out the former corporate servantin Youji. She should sleep at any chance she gets! The poor elf is just confused about her Master'swords. Anyway, he's fine with sleeping on the floor. Ria should take the bed!.

But the elf, who considers Youji a god, can'tstand the thought. She can't do something presumptuous! There's only one solution: share the bed! Ria goes beet red at that. Did Youji go too far!? He didn't mean to! He doesn't have ulterior motives; he swears! But why is he defending himself in his headin the first place!? Okay.

Anyway! He tells Ria they can find another way ifshe's against it… Of course, Ria isn't opposed! She'll be in his care from now on! The two bow to each other, the atmosphereincredibly awkward. Why are they suddenly acting like newlyweds!? Now that it's settled, Ria thinks that it'stime to get down and dirty. Youji envisions a very spicy scene. One where she smooches him and gets on topof him.

Hold your horses, though, dude. The elf just means they should clean up theplace. Naughty Youji! Get your head out of the gutter! —The moons are out in the sky by the time they finish cleaning. Youji's munching on a jerky while Ria's watchingthe cave entrance. Why isn't she eating? Well, the jerky's the only food they havenow.

She can just hunt tomorrow! At that, the boy offers his food. He's already bitten into it, but it's stillgood! Besides, he'll be the one in trouble if shefights intruders while hungry. The elf is drooling as she stares at the jerky. And then almost weeps in gratitude when shetakes it. She takes a bite and suddenly feels heat rushthrough her body. Ria looks like she's getting the best pleasureshe's ever had in her life. She ends up on the ground.

Youji's worried – is she okay!? The elf marvels at his power. This is definitely her Master's power! The jerky still has his saliva; she has consumedit with the dried meat. She can feel her magical power increasing! A lot! An indirect smooch powered up Ria so much! Youji's surprised but also not. Since a hair strand already has amazing effects,he can only imagine what fresh saliva can.

Do. Ria's hunger has already disappeared! But… aren't humans too powerful in thisworld!? This is too much! —Outside the cave, a ball of slime is watching the entrance. [4]The next morning, Youji wakes up from a restful slumber. He hasn't slept that well in a long time!.

While he’s basking in the glory of a beautifulmorning, he finds his hand basking in something even prettier. This ain’t our first rodeo, so say it withme, folks: He feels something soft and squishy in hishand, and lo and behold… It’s Ria’s ooga-booba! Youji instinctively jumps out of bed, butin doing so, he ends up seeing her body fully. Her bountiful peaks, her appealing cottongarden… Oh, no. Here comes naught Youji again!.

Bad! In a bid to compose himself, he leaves thestill-sleeping Ria and her tempting self to go and drink something. But along the way, he bumps into another squishything. This time, it ain’t Ria’s blessing. The commotion wakes the elf right up, andshe gets into position, ready to defend Youji. Before them is the huge slime blocking thecave’s entrance. This is weird! For starters, slimes typically don’t growthat big!.

They’re the kind of monsters that even newbieadventurers can defeat! Ria then asks Youji if he went to the hotsprings last night, which he confirms. He was thirsty, so he drank from it. Ah, so that must be it! The slime must have absorbed the water hedrank from and powered up. Just like what happened to Ria yesterday. What do they do now? They can't get out of the cave! Ria uses her Burning Bullet again.

That slime's no match for her, not when shehas his power inside her! It is explosive, but the giant slime is unaffected.Hethen talks to the slime. It's there for him, right? It turns and makes a noise. Ria's instantly on her guard, but the slimeshrinks to its normal size and nuzzles Youji's feet. Ria can't believe it. This monster's subservient! Youji, on the other hand, kneels to its leveland treats it like a dog.

He asks for the slime's paws, even if it doesn'thave hands, but it listens to him! He's enamored. The slime understands what he's saying! Youji's so impressed he calls the slime Lime. It seems like they have a pet now! Ria thinks it won't hurt to have a strongunderling. As they exit the cave, she figures that thiswill be the start of creating a safe and peaceful home for Youji. —In the royal capital Misgard, Roze wonders.

Where her big sister is while she's in thebath. An impressive butt – er, I mean, girl – takesher out of her reverie. She gives Roze a new mission. The first scout squad seems to be MIA, soRoze has to lead the second scout squad. They're going to the old ruins. The one near Ostra forest. Even given a new mission, Roze's mind is stillon her big sister. What happened to her? Well, if your big sister is Ria, she's witha human right now!.

[5]After some time, Ria decides to go hunting. They can't survive on jerky alone, after all. Youji wants to come with her, which she findsunnecessary. He shouldn’t bother himself with that. But it’s less about necessity, and moreabout him being bored of staying at home all the time. In the end, he accompanies Ria while Limewatches the cave. Even though it’s important for Youji tobe careful, he should still learn more about the world he’s in.

The man proceeds to watch Ria hunt, and hefinds himself struck with awe as she takes down a bird with ease. She waves his compliments away, though. A little magic works wonders when it comesto hunting! She can put some into the arrowhead to makeit more potent. They check their catch: a holoholo bird! It has smooth and tasty meat! Hmm, kinda like a chicken! Ria then proceeds to clean the bird, to Youji'shorror.

The elf explains that you can get a differenttaste depending on whether you drained the blood or not. She's completely oblivious to the fact thatYouji's scared. Poor guy, he's never seen how food is actuallyprepared. Makes sense, though, since he only ate boxedlunches. Youji moves on from the bird's gruesome fatewhen he notices that this world has two moons: red and blue. He shares that his original only has one,and it's yellowish-white. At that, Ria wants to see his world.

Judging by his expression, Youji definitelydoesn't want that. He just says that it's not that nice of aplace, so it's better not to see it. He's not wrong. Anyway, he wants to learn more about thisworld. He hopes he and Ria can have a fun time livingtogether! Ria's ecstatic to hear that! Oh, wait! Can Youji use magic, too? Ria believes he can.

In fact, someone with his energy can use powerfulmagic right away! Nice! It will be cool if Youji can bag a big animal! As if on cue, he sees a huge dragon flyingin the sky. It's a sky dragon! Usually docile, but once every 100 years,one comes down and acts out. Ria remembers the ruins of her hometown, burntdown to flames because of the said creature. Youji notices her somber mood, but she waveshis concern away. For now, he should use some magic on thatdragon.

Ria shows him the ropes. When using magic, he should imagine what hewants to use it on and what he wants to do with it. Incantations can help him visualize his desirebetter. Since it's his first time, Youji decides todo like Ria and use a Burning Bullet on the dragon. But nothing happens, to his dismay. Or so he thought. Because up in the sky, the sky dragon explodesinto smithereens!.

Ria has stars in her eyes. Oh, to take down a huge dragon from that distance! Youji's just wondering what the heck happened. And yes, if he tried that on a forest animal,the whole forest would turn into a burning wasteland. Be glad you didn't try that, Youji! The boy resolves not to use his magic. In that case, Ria knows of artifacts thatcan suppress it. But she doesn't continue explaining and looksto the sky instead.

The blue moon is gone! Youji's so powerful that he destroyed a moon! But he's just worried that it would mess upthe ecosystem or something. The moon is just too brittle! Ria believes that it's not Youji's fault. That blue moon could've withstood Youji'sspell if it's just a bit more durable! There's nothing for her Master to worry about! And so Youji decides not to think about ittoo much and goes back to hunting with Ria. Sayonara, blue moon!.

[6]One night, they have dinner under the stars and the remaining moon. The food is amazing, as always! It's been three days since they came to thecave. Youji's worried that some disaster might happenbecause of the blue moon's disappearance, but fortunately, nothing has happened. With Ria there, there's always good food. Life is good! Youji can't help but wish that he has a wifelike Ria – kind, pretty, and attentive.

He also can't help but fantasize about theirnightly activities if they do become husband and wife. Naughty Youji strikes again! Ria takes him out of the gutter, noticinghim stare. He lies and tells her he's just wonderingwhy he can't use magic in his original world. The elf thinks so hard about it, making Youjifeel guilty about thinking dirty things about her. As you should! Anyway, Ria theorizes that it might be becauseEarth is composed of dark matter.

This absorbs and nullifies magic. Youji thinks the dark matter Ria's talkingabout is different from the dark matter he knows. He supposes that Ria's theory makes sense,but there's no way for him to test it. He's now full, so he wants to go for a walk. He tells Ria as much, but the elf has a requestfor him first. She wants a relic! She thinks she's still weak, so she wantsto be stronger by receiving a relic from him. Youji readily accepts.

How many hair strands does she want? The thing is, that's not what Ria wants. She wants a fresh relic! Directly from him! Preferably administered mouth-to-mouth! Because of Youji's shock, Ria starts makingreasons. Receiving a relic that way makes the absorptionof magic more efficient! But if he doesn't want to, she won't forcehim to lock lips with her! Youji would have to be out of his mind tolet this opportunity pass!.

A pretty girl is offering to smooch him! Of course, he's fine with that! They sit on the bed, both blushing. They face each other, and Ria makes the firstmove. But Lime gets in her way. The slime receives a heavy slap from the elf. With the obstruction gone, the two go forit. They end up lying on the bed, with Ria ontop of Youji. WOah, woah!.

That's too intense for the first time! They break off the smooch. Ria's definitely on a high with the pleasureand power she feels inside her. Ooh, does human saliva have stimulating properties? Ria looks like she can go for some lovin'right now. Ria wants more, so she gets more. She dives back to Youji, who's just lettingit happen. —Back in Misgard, people talk about demons making a comeback.

Why? Because of the destroyed blue moon! Yes, folks, people think the demons destroyedthe moon. If only they know… In the castle, Knight Captain Kazul is alsowondering whether the demons destroyed the moon. A knight comes in, and he's eager to knowwhat they learned. Well, the knight tells him about the rumors,which he doesn't have patience for. Has the second scout squad still hasn't returned!?.

Fortunately, Roze, or Rozetta, arrives justin time. The Captain eagerly asks for results. But Roze only has a strand of human hair. Kazul is intrigued. He can feel the magic power coming off ofthe strand! Can this be a relic? Roze doesn't think so, though. She believes it's more recent. Does that mean there's a human survivor?.

The lady knight wouldn't go that far, butif there is a survivor… There might be another explanation for themoon's destruction. Kazul ponders that. It is said that the humans' power was whatcaused their downfall. Destroying a moon would be a piece of cakefor them. Which we already know, thanks to Youji. Anyway, back to the knights! Roze asks Kazul for permission to continueher investigation. Her squad has seen most of the first squad'sbodies.

They all fell to the beasts. However, they haven't found Ria or Dex's body. Roze is hopeful that the two are just hidingsomewhere while recovering. Oh, dear Roze, if you only knew what thatcat did to your big sister… The Captain points out that bigger thingsare happening right now, but he also knows the lady knight is stubborn. He gives Roze a month to investigate. After all, those two, especially Ria, arecomrades he won't want to lose. He reminds Roze to stick to the area nearthe ruins and to inform him immediately if.

She finds a human. With her Captain's permission, Roze is nowset to go. She'll find her big sister no matter what! [7]Roze's big sister is kneeling on the floor, apologizing to Youji. She got carried away! She acted embarrassingly! The boy just tells her not to worry aboutit. Their smooching session went on for ten minutes.

They only stopped when Ria passed out. Hoo, boy! Youji's theory about human bodily fluids havingstimulating properties is correct. But more than that, he's worried that he mightlose control if they do this every time she needs a power-up. I'm pretty sure Ria won't mind if he doeslose control, though. He leaves the cave to walk with Lime but seesa girl instead. A girl in her birthday suit, to be precise. Who is she!?.

And where are her clothes!? Instead of running away upon seeing him, thegirl hugs him! She makes that sound Lime does, so Youji easilyconcludes that this girl and the slime are one and the same. Good luck explaining that to Ria, though! She looks really furious right now. Thankfully, she listens to him. The elf puts on some clothes on Lime, too! Ria has heard about monsters having a humanoidform when they absorb enough power.

But it's pretty rare! It must've happened because Youji's powerful. Youji assumes Lime's a girl, but Ria quicklydisputes that. So he assumes Lime's a boy and is dismayed. He doesn't swing that way, even if the faceis his type! Really, Youji? Our boy forgets that the gender binary isa construct, especially to slimes. They reproduce by splitting into two, so theirgender is always undetermined. Let's stick to she for Lime, though.

Lime must've realized that by taking on thisform – a cute girl – she'd get more affection from Youji. Pretty cunning for a slime! —Youji's tired of his daily life. He's tired of being a corporate servant andfooling other people. He's so tired that he wishes to go to anotherworld. Fortunately for him, he gets his wish. He's so powerful in the world he's summonedto that he can take down a dragon and a moon in one fell swoop!.

Aside from that, he's surrounded by cute girlsthat are loyal and attentive to him! Way to go, Youji!

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