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You must have seen this movie, SHAZAM, this movie made 132 million dollarswhere 110 million dollars was its budget. Also Wonder Woman 1984, the movie grossed only $166 millionagainst a budget of $200 million. After that SUICIDE SQUAD movie, where thismovie also earned less than its budget. 167 million dollars and it hada budget of 180 million dollars. With Heavy VFX, GoodActors and SuperHero Movies and a huge team is involvedto make these movies. From being shot with expensive cameras to.

Being edited in a highbudget production house, these movies are thelowest grossing of all time. But what if I tell you thatyou can make a Hollywood level movie using this laptopscreen recording feature. Yes, some people didthe same thing together. The movie we are goingto talk about today earned 45 million dollars withoutany high movie budget. The name of the movie is Missing. It means the name is Missing.

So this movie is a suspense thriller. Why am I talking like Iam reviewing a movie. Yes the movie is kinda reviewtype but along with that we will also talk behind the scene aboutits editing and how it was shot. So here a girl whose name is June, hermother goes missing or gets kidnapped. That will be known onlywhen you watch the movie. So the whole movie is all about howshe finds her mom with small clues. Now because she is doingall this work on her laptop, you are shown the sameperspective of the laptop screen.

Very very good brain. Maximum time you willbe shown the laptop screen, there all the information will be there. Even if a character is being introduced, it will either be through video callin the laptop or through WhatsApp. I watch this movie yesterday and after watching it Ifelt that I too can make it. Because the cameras used in themovie are the webcams of the laptops. Or with which I am shooting Sony a7s III.

In the movie, you will get to see a lotof amazing time lapses and such scenes which will blow your mind. But this is very easy and why didn'tanyone come up with such an idea before? But it is not so, Missing isreleased in the year 2023. Earlier in 2018, a movie of thesepeople came called Searching. It also had such a story where afather is searching for his daughter, that too from her laptop. Well, this is a very creative idea. And those who were theeditors of the Searching movie.

Are now the directors of this movie. And No Doubt both themovie's story is very good, you get to see some twist& turns in every 10 minutes. And whether you watch thismovie for entertainment purpose or for learning purpose, either way this moviewill not disappoint you. I really sound like a movie reviewer. The movie will start withfootage from an old camera, in which the backstory ofits characters will be told.

But later it is found that thevideo is playing in the laptop and keeps zooming out slowly. And even after that in the whole movie, you will not see anydirect camera scene at all. Either the webcam wouldhave been used there or there would be avideo call with someone or you would be being shown movie fromsomeone else's Snapchat or Instagram camera What a brain ! But it doesn't end there, from homesecurity cameras to news TV cameras,.

Then drones, hidden cameras,watch cameras and car back cameras. There is a shot at the end of the movie,I think yes it is shot from a cinema camera. But later it is known thatthis too was zoomed out and the movie was playing on the laptop. But let me tell youabout behind the scenes. Backyard camera, security camera,these have been used but where the video calling part used to come, our Sonya7s III or iPhone recording has been used. The best thing I liked about therest of the movie was that even if I am watching the screen recording, I canfeel in which mood our characters are.

For example, if our main character Juneis happy, then typing is happening quickly. If the same character issad in some other scene, then there the mouse cursoris made to move very slowly, so that we feel a little tension. Then it is known that itis a bit of an emotional scene. And if our character is scared somewhere,then wherever his cursor is at that time, a camera shake is put there. Due to which whatever ourcharacter is feeling, we also feel it. I will show you allthese things in this video,.

But if you want to understand it betteror want to learn, then you can watch it. And yes, there are a lot oftwists and turns in this movie, I love such mind-blowing movies. So if you also know thename of any such movies, then put its name in the commentso that everyone can see it. And don't name any movies likeInception, which are very famous. Name such movies which will blowyour mind and not known to many people. So the editors of this moviehave shown their complete timeline of how we edited this projectand that too in Premiere Pro.

In which I am going to edit this video. Should I consider it as anachievement or a bad thing? So first of all we had a myth whichthey busted that you would think that all this is screen recordingbut it is not screen recording. Wait let me explain how. So there is a problem in screenrecording, whenever you zoom in it at the time of editing, your text or whateveris your picture becomes pixelated. So that's why editors first made theirown temporary cut in which they put their screen recording, their video everythingand edited it completely like the final movie.

But after that whole work started becausein the temporary edit all the windows on the screen of the laptop or whatever textwas there, created in Adobe Illustrator. Why so, because with AdobeIllustrator we can create vector files. Now what are these vector files? So vector files are designedfor apps, websites, logos. Because even afterchanging their resolution, you do not get to see any pixelation there. Their resolution is infinite and you canscale them as much as you want in the edit. So everything you were seeing on the screen.

Was created in Illustratorin a separate file. It was taken to Premiere Pro, there aseparate layer was created for everything and adjustment layers wereput on it to zoom in and zoom out. Now what is an adjustment layer? So the function of theadjustment layer is to create a transparentlayer over your video. So if you change anythingin that adjustment layer, it will apply to all the videosbelow your adjustment layer. This is used because if youwant to make some changes again,.

Then you delete theadjustment layer or change it, then you will not need to changeit in your main video every time. And it will remain as it is. Got it? That's why in this movie you get tosee everything from messages to text or any profile picture, everything isvery sharp because it is all vector files. After that there was another taskthat when you are shooting the actors, where should the actors look, so that theyknow where what is to come, when to react? Due to this, there wasa big problem of timing.

In many dialogues, thetiming went back and forth. Now the solution hasbeen found by the editors that where the video isbeing played i.e. video call, compress the video and put a lag, then it will look like in reality there isa lag in video calling due to the network. But there the cut is hiddenand that was just smart work. Yes means I liked it but don't knowhow I am looking now saying this. After that there were manysuch scenes where the shot of the drone comes directlyfrom Google Map with transition.

But those were also very mind blowing,it didn't feel like I was watching a movie. It seemed that I was watching a big videoof Ashish Chanchlani or Harsh Beniwal. Moreover, wherever the mouse cursor comes, it has been keyframed bymaking it in a separate file. Wherever you see the mousecursor, it is not the real mouse cursor. But those who do not know keyframes, keyframes mean whenever youare moving an object or anything from one place to another, from here to here, thenkeyframes are used there.

The first frame is here and thelast frame is here so our editing software moves that thing over thereand this thing is called keyframing. I hope you can understand my words becauseI am not able to understand it myself. And this entire movie is editedin Premiere Pro and After Effects. So to be honest, after a long timeI have seen such a unique movie. And it's not because ofediting or because of learning that I am telling this movie as good. Rather the story is also good. And the main thing is that people saythat your gear doesn't matter what you use.

So it is absolutelyapplicable on that thing that it is not necessary what is your gear, your idea should be there, your storyshould be good which is of this movie. After that you present it welland everything can be sold. And I think I can still tell alot more about this movie, but I would recommend that you go and seeit yourself, this is my recommendation man. That was it, if you also knowsome names of such movies then put them in the comment section. If you like the video thensubscribe and like the channel.

And I'll see you next weekwith a new video, until then bye. Bye, bye, my voice hasbecome heavy, isn't it?

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