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Let's get started the knights heard the little girl Express her preference for muscular men they were sure it was just their imagination however to their surprise they discovered that the voice did not belong to them the knights did not understand where the voice was coming from and thought a pervert had entered the training room little leoneer.

The good dupes adopted daughter was startled by the unexpected site leticia's appearance in her father's arms caused embarrassment it's soon became clear however that it was not a display of strange fantasy the little girl looked at mono and thought about something but her father preceded her by.

Explaining that mono was already married the whole conversation left Leo confused she didn't understand why her father had told her this and was annoyed her father added that his muscles were not growing for her after thinking about the situation leonir concluded that her father was deliberately provoking her anger with his behavior.

She thought that he hoped to cause her even more irritation the little girl began to wonder if perhaps her father had begun to regress at the same time her father assured himself that unlike leonir he was developing somehow after all After Hours of Hard training Our Heroes became true masters of their craft their.

Perseverance and dedication to training gave my father reason to believe that it was time to introduce them to the world he realized that before the exciting Monster Hunt could begin it was necessary to show everyone their amazing abilities an impeccable skill his father believed that such a performance would not only be a.

Testament to their training but also a great way to inspire and Delight the other hunters for their combined team had unparalleled potential and a passionate desire to protect the world from evil thus the moment came when our heroes would make their way in history and father was ready to proudly present them.

Before everyone at the grandest Gathering in history the father was full of Pride presenting his little daughter the beautiful leoneer before the entire audience shining in their presence she embodied their hopes and dreams the Duke wanted the world to know of her potential and unique abilities without wasting a.

Moment her father continued his presentation introducing familiar faces the Knights of glassdigo tireless Defenders of the north one of the knights was a proud Captain named Modo sorero whose name Shone like a star she was the epitome of nobility and strength and her strong Soul penetrated the hearts of all who had the Good Fortune.

To meet her when Leonia raised her young head she suddenly felt the greatness and responsibility resting on her shoulders she the Duke's great daughter boldly raised her hand and politely greeted lady warriori on behalf of the royal order at an important meeting the ducatrust mono one of the strongest Knights about.

Preparations for the coming raid the Knight agitated shared information about recent events during their presence in the region the reports read a violent cube-like monster attacks on several small settlements mono expressed her concern and suggested that this year would be much more difficult to clear the land of.

These monsters than in Past Times the Duke reflecting deeply confirmed her fears adding that the young creatures that had just hatched from their eggs seemed even more bloodthirsty and vicious compared to their congeners he informed the audience of his observations noting that these newborn monsters exhibited ruthless aggression.

And rage their thirst for Destruction and desire to cause suffering to humans had become incredibly strong thus mono and her comrades had the enormous task of confronting this new generation of bloodthirsty monsters and protecting their fellow citizens little leonie are suddenly asked her father to quit her down because she was.

Tired of sitting in his arms it seemed to her that her presence was embarrassing to those around her she weevled her legs mimicking a giggle and the Duke a little embarrassed decided to find out the reason for her suspicious laughter why did you just laugh so suspiciously he asked his little daughter Leo and.

Your smile and replied that she was far from perverted but just wanted to find friends and play with the Knights the Duke listened to her carefully and explained that such things require the consent of both parties the night present noticed that leonir looked healthier and happier than before he added that it was good that the girl.

Was already used to the place and that she was beginning to consider it her home the Duke proudly agreed with this statement and praised Liang for her adaptation and acceptance of her new surroundings he assured her that this was her home from the beginning and that she would.

Always be protected and loved here these words fill little leoneer with a sense of security and belonging and she promised herself that she would do her best to become a worthy daughter of the Duke and his wonderful home one of the nights not holding back his emotion exclaimed that the manor came alive with the arrival of Lenny and everyone.

Present seemed animated by her presence the second night showing interest asked the Duke if little Lanny had been entered in the family register the Dew smiling replied that yes he had personally entered her name in the family register recognizing Lanier as his adopted daughter he told her that she had become as.

Important and precious to him as his own children the Duke expressed his gratitude to all who welcomed Leone with open arms and helped her adjust to her new family and environment the knights hearing this should even greater joy and pride in little Leone they expressed their willingness to.

Support and protect her as well as the rest of the Dukes family they recognized her as an equal partner and gladly welcomed her into their Knighthood knowing that Lonnie had not only great character but also incredible potential the Duke hearing the little girl's questions smiled and replied that Lonnie had long ago been enrolled in the Family.

Registry and she not only did not interfere but brought joy to everyone on the estate leoneer hearing this was relieved and asked the knights as she was interfering with their nightly Deweys the knights assured her with smiles that she did not interfere in any way on the contrary they were always glad to have her around.

They expressed their sincere honor and pride in meeting such a distinguished and Noble lady as Leoni boreati the knights stressed that her presence on the estate brings new energy and inspiration to the entire Knighthood they praised her courage strength the spirit and dedication to protecting the land from Monsters.

The knights assured leonier that she was not only their equal but had become an important part of their family and team thus Leonia realized that her presence on the estate and in the night's troop was not only acceptable but welcomed by all she realized that her participation and contributions to the fight against the.

Monsters were valued and respected leonir felt like a full member of the team and a great honor to be recognized and accepted by Lady Moriarty during a little girl's conversation with the Knight one of the knights Drew attention to a phrase she had just uttered about her love of male muscles he asked her interestedly how much she.

Really adored male muscles the little girl with a smile on her face confirmed that it was true and that she was crazy about them the knights hearing her answer praised her good taste and remarked that she was an excellent judge of men they emphasized that muscles gave a person a special appeal and make them truly.

Beautiful the knights inspired the little girl to focus on her training and work hard to achieve her goals to demonstrate their physical strength the knights decided to show the little girl their developed muscles they pulled up the sleeves of their armor exposing their strong biceps and.

Torso seeing their powerful bodies just made the little girl drool and she explained delightedly two different rumors began to circulate among the knights causing a storm of speculation and discussion the first rumor claimed that little Lanny had been taken from the orphanage giving her a new home in the Duke's.

Mansion the second rumor appealed to the mystery of her birth and a possible blood relationship with a high-ranking Duke none of the knights steered speak openly on the matter but genuine excitement filled the air and layered in the hearts of each of them the news of the child's arrival at the Mansion brought a kind of.

Uncertainty and confusion to the group the state in which the little girl found herself only increased the nervousness of the knights they saw that the girl needed special attention and care and their hearts were filled with sympathy and compassion however many of them remained unaware of the little girl's true history and.

Origins the knights felt sincere joy to see that little leonir was in good health and smiling with such genuine Goodwill however the little lady's gays were a tinge that was clearly beyond the usual childlike innocence so the knights thought there was a feeling inside the little.

Girl as if no one else in the world could feel such delight at the sight of male muscles as she did upon learning of this the Duke turned to the knights wondering how their children reacted to such things the knights interrogated him not fully understanding his intentions in response the Duke told them that his daughter was.

Madly fascinated by muscles they gave her a real thrill the dupe hearing the knight's words they explained to him that it is perfectly normal to love unusual things at such an age her children the world is filled with Mysteries and wonders that seem strange or unusual to adults the knights recall how they themselves as children were.

Drawn to small and unusual objects that others thought were just plain cookie rappers or simple rocks from the ground one night shared a story about his daughter who collected colorful rocks from the ground and kept them in her box these simple Stones had special meaning to her and she lovingly collected them to build her own collection.

The knights tried to explain to doof that every child has unique interests and passions that may seem strange to adults but which are important in shaping their individuality and inner World they urged the Duke to understand and accept this side of Lanny for it is her way of finding her place in joy in a world full of mystery and wonder.

The Duke hearing the stories of the knights about their children became reflective he began to see these stories as something special and even cute he remembered how his own son used to drag dead insects into the house passionately studying them and conducting experiments the knights in their stories shared.

Their personal experiences and the realities of raising children and the Duke listened to these stories with Fascination for the first time in his life he felt that he was able to perceive and empathize with the feelings of others realizing that he was now a father himself.

One of the knights expressed a desire to share parental concerns with the Duke this made him smile and he simply replied that his daughter was a clever girl he was proud of his child's growth and development and it gave him confidence in his own parenting abilities the dude began to realize the value and.

Importance of Parenthood and the news stories he heard from the knights inspired him to become more understanding and intimate with his daughter he realized the being a father was not only a responsibility but also a source of Joy development and mutual support in the family.

The Duke questioned the knights wondering if they had used words like theft when they were only seven years old he was surprised to learn that leonier had already read all the tales he recommended to her there were more than 50 books in the girl's room and he wondered if it was.

Possible to read that much literature in just one month comparing leoneer to other children he saw in her the courage of a lioness she often gets into conflicts and tries to stand up to him her father that said after her strange themes she manages to bake cookies for him she seemed to have many talents and he.

Wondered exactly what he would like to teach her first in addition after she began to gain weight she became very sweet being a boreati gave Leone the opportunity to gain support in high Circles of society because of her attractiveness the Duke wondered how many people his daughter would be able to charm with her.

Looks he summoned Leon's not only a set of talents but also the potential to influence those around her he began to ponder how to use her attractiveness and abilities to further his goals and strengthen his family in Social Circles the little girl cheerfully offered to show her Knights her muscles again asking to do it again she evidently.

Enjoyed it very much it was clear from the expression on her face that she did the night in response asked her to sing a song for him she agreed and tried to fit to the tomb then she began to sing I love muscles look at them now biceps triceps pecs and abs muscles are a wonder I admire now let's look at the lower muscles at the.

Strong thighs that support us as she sang a wave of knights muscles played emphasizing their strength and endurance they watched her energetic performance with smiles on their faces and felt particularly inspired the little girl continued to Delight the nights with her unusual requests and talents revealing new sides to them together they created.

A fun and friendly atmosphere full of joy and mutual admiration at the end of the performance one of the knights turned to the Duke and shared his thoughts he said that his children had never felt such admiration for muscles as the little one did a second Knight confirms that his children also share a similar feeling.

They all agreed that she was a little special the knights explained their point of view believing that Geniuses have strange preferences they believe that creatively gifted people could have unusual perceptions and interests that differed from the conventional ones in the eyes of the knights this was something attractive and exciting and.

They saw in the little girl signs of genius the Duke listened carefully to the knights realizing that his daughter had unique personality traits he was proud of her traits and delighted that she stood out so brightly among the other children he was aware that his daughter's future.

Could be special and exciting and he was already anticipating the new and wonderful paths she would take in her life early in the morning loadier awoke and stared out the window with her eyes at that time the maid entered the room wished her good morning and noticed that the little girl had awakened too early.

The little girl without taking her eyes off the window noticed that a huge amount of snow had fallen outside it was the deepest drifts she had ever seen the make explained that in fact this year's snow storms were not as severe as last year's however the little girl insisted that this amount of snow was unusual for her because the drifts reached the.

Height of a man the maid added that last year the snow had been so deep that it had even reached up to the Second Story windows the little girl marveled at the story and imagined what an amazing sight it was she began to ponder the adventures that could be experienced in such snowy conditions and her heart was filled with.

Excitement and a desire to travel across the snowy expanse in the borgati winter estate where all the inhabitants go got their business life is concentrated on the third floor and above it is there that the Cozy living room is located where Leon spends time in the company of his father the Duke in this.

Room they discuss various matters and enjoy Pleasant conversation one day when the little girl was in the living room a maid came up to her and kindly asked what outfit she would like to appear in today Leone your thought for a moment for she liked all the outfits she had in the end she entrusted the choice to her faithful maid and gave.

Her complete freedom of action the maid smiling leave the end to examine the collection of outfits and thought about what style and color would best suit the little girl she carefully chose an outfit based on her experience and good taste and offered it to Leone the little girl gladly accepted the.

Offer and felt like a real princess ready to meet new adventures in this wonderful estate the morning at boriati Manor brought an unexpected meeting between the little girl and her father the Duke their gazes crossed and joy flashed in the dupe's eyes at the sight of his daughter the little girl wasted no time.

In asking her father questions at once she asked him how he had spent the night and if he had slept well Leone wondered if he had dreams that were full of magic and mystery and if it was possible that she was part of those dreams his father however was careful to point out that he did not consider the dreams in which she participated to be.

Happy in spite of this the Duke lifted the little girl in his arms giving her the tenderness and warmth of his Embrace at this point leonier did not hold back her childlike inquisitiveness and asked her father why he so often gets into fights and is not interested in how she spent the night she noticed the dampness on his body and.

Suggested that he might have just returned from training but hersa remains Silent not answering her questions and as if he didn't notice them this caused some bewilderment to the little girl but she decided not to insist and took his silence as a sign that he might be busy with something important or that he had his own.

Thoughts the Duke suddenly announced to his daughter that a date had been set for a Monster Hunt the little girl was intrigued and asked when it would happen her father replied that it would be tomorrow however the little girl was surprised thinking that it was too early for such an adventure the Duke explained that he had intended.

To begin the hunt today and they were a little late this news shocked the little girl but the Duke promised to leave only after he introduced her to his guest mentors the little girl felt confused and misunderstood not knowing what they were talking about her sub began to introduce the mentors.

The first was Karina thadrosa the little girl's new etiquette teacher upon seeing her the little girl noted her beauty and recognized that she was an impressive person then old ardia the history teacher was introduced the little girl found him boring and Nerdy despite her doubts the little girl grieved her mentors politely.

Realizing that they played an important role in her training the moment was filled with warmth and Sweet Moments as the little girl showed her openness and admiration for the new people who would enter her life in a fascinating development to the estate Countess to drosa was designated as a regular guest visiting their home.

Each week her presence promised to bring nobility and elegance into the lives of the little girl and her father the Duke Countess the drosa with her refined manners and vast knowledge promised to be not only a teacher of etiquette but also an inspiration to the little girl at the same time old ardia a history teacher was invited to stay and live in.

Their home is Steve brought a sense of wisdom and depth to the atmosphere of the estate ardia was a man with a wealth of life experience and his presence promised to introduce the little girl to fascinating historical stories and lessons that would broaden her Horizons Leonia decided to turn to her father an old man who despite his youthful.

Appearance had always been a father to her she asked him if she should be more attentive to anything in her life her father's answer was a confident assurance that she should not worry about trivialities and Trifles he explained to her that in their current location in the north Levy.

Boreali has the ability to behave more Loosely and freely being polite and courteous is what is really important however Leon's uncontrollably continued to ask questions she asked her father if she could punish or hurt other people in response her father reassuringly explained that of course such Extreme Measures should only be used in.

Exceptional cases however he assured her that she could feel at ease and be bold in her actions he reminded her of how she had behaved the first time they had met at the orphanage and encouraged her to behave the same way with strength and self-confidence little Leonia understood that happiness.

And power go hand in hand she knew that people who were given power and the ability to make their own choices have a special blessing the Duke addressing her reminded her that she should be grateful to him for everything he was doing for her and her future thus lanny's conversation with her father opened New Horizons and gave her.

The freedom to be bold and independent their words were supportive and believed in her strength which inspired the little girl and filled her heart with joying gratitude Leonia was observant and spoke openly to the Duke expressing her Reflections on this character she acknowledged that it could probably.

Be difficult to live with the characters strong and individual as his nevertheless she felt the need to learn more about the people they were about to meet before they began their classes Leonia was aware that each person around her was a unique individual and this thought led her to want to understand her new acquaintances on the deeper.

Level she sought not only information about them but also sought to understand their motivations interests and their uniqueness rdf who was a professor at the Imperial Academy stood out for his talent and skill the Imperial Academy was a prestigious Research Institute accessible only to the most.

Distinguished individuals in the Empire it was an institution of great influence and was regarded as the third pillar of power most graduates of the academy state to live and work in the capital continuing their work for the good of the empire the Duke was probably also one of the graduates of this prestigious Academy.

Which emphasized his education and importance however the little girl began to wonder about the reasons why old Ardea was brought to the manor he looked as if he had done wrong to someone or had done something wrong the thought filled her mind arousing curiosity and a desire to solve the.

Mystery of the grandfather brought in Leo you're worried that someone as powerful as her father the Duke might exist in these parts she trusts the question to him but the dude chose to remain silent causing her even more anxiety she continued her questioning and asked what he knew of the Countess of thedros.

He told her that the woman had pursued him before but he did not go into details feeling nervous could not restrain her curiosity and asked her father a question that did not give her peace why could he invited such a strange lady in her eyes she seemed alien and incomprehensible the situation around.

Her caused her mixed feelings and bewilderment disgust awakened in her heart making her wonder about her father's motives and the true character of this woman however the Duke with an apparently calm smile on his face addressed his daughter with patience and understanding he explained to her that this lady has a.

Special charm and uniqueness that cannot simply be overlooked she brings something new and exciting to the estate that could be an interesting experience for leonir he was trying to justify himself to leiani so that she would realize that she was far from being stupid or ignorant.

He wanted her to realize her importance and superiority in certain areas of Knowledge and Skills I realized the great importance to you of continuing this exciting story and I am willing to put all my efforts talent and energy into making it even more exciting fascinating and Unforgettable your opinion is of the highest value to.

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