Gamer Boy Dies Pathetically, So He Teleports to Another World to Defeat the Satan King

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This is Kazuma satu a high school student who spends his time at home playing video games he decides to leave his house and go out to buy a popular online game when he returns home with his game he notices a high schooler who was about to be hit by a truck so he runs and pushes her out of the.

Truck when he awakens he finds himself in the afterlife where he meets a goddess named aqua she informs him that he is dead and that the girl he saved is alive which makes him relieved that his death was not in vain she is surprised and reveals that even.

If he had saved her she wouldn't have been hurt because the tractor would have stopped before hitting her as a result he dies of shock after mistakenly believing a truck ran over him which causes her to laugh so hard she then gives him two options begin a new life in an rpg-like world to battle a devil king or go to a boring Place.

Like Heaven she also allows him to choose any ability or piece of equipment to arm himself with because Kazuma is annoyed by aqua's attitude he decides to drag her along with him to the town of axel hearing his wish and Angel grants it and teleports them to town.

When Kazuma and aqua arrive in Axel town they decide to find an adventurer's Guild to gather information and he asks her if she knows where the guild is but as a goddess she doesn't know any lowly place like that so he realizes she is useless when they arrive at the guild they are asked to place their hand on the crystal.

To learn their current status and Kazuma is assigned to be a lowly Adventurer whereas Aqua is assigned as an arch priest which commands all recovery supports magic and boasts its members strength so the two spend the next few weeks living a Carefree life as laborers before realizing they need to go.

Adventuring for their first Quest they must defeat five giant toads in three days Aqua is laughing as Kazuma struggles to defeat one of the toads while she is making fun of him the toad approaches her and devours her which surprises Kazuma and causes her to rush to her Aid.

As a result a slimy Aqua cries and thanks him for saving her from the toad then she dashes away and uses her god-blow power to exact revenge on the toad but it has no effect and she is eaten again after struggling to defeat some giant frogs Kazuma and aqua look for new members to join their party.

So they make a job offer but no one is interested they are soon approached by negumin a powerful explosion magician she then collapses to the ground revealing that she hasn't eaten anything in three days after killing two Toads they continue with their Quest.

While Megaman is preparing her explosion magic Aqua rushes to the toad and uses her God Requiem power which causes her to be eaten once more meanwhile Kazuma notices negumin casting her explosion spell which she uses to deliver one blow to the toad after she successfully casts her spell he is surprised to see megumin become.

Incapacitated unexpectedly because her magic consumes a tremendous amount of power as a result she is eaten by another toad similar to Aqua which Kazuma saves and completes the quest on their way back home Kazuma bans megumin from using her explosion spell and encourages her to learn other magic.

But she refuses because she is too stubborn to learn anything other than her explosion spell she also reveals that she can only use her power once per day which Kazuma regards as hopeless so he decides to disown her and she begs him to keep her at his party suddenly the girls regard him as a.

Perverted freak so Kazuma reluctantly keeps her in his party when Kazuma claims his reward he is approached by a crusader named Darkness who appears to ask for his job offer Kazuma is concerned about Darkness strange Behavior which he believes is similar to that of aqua and negumin she then reveals that none of her.

Attacks were successful proving his Instinct correct the next day Mega Man tells Kazuma that he can learn other skills with someone else using the points he saved suddenly darkness and her Thief friend Chris offered to teach him the steel skill and he is excited to learn before he learns it Chris demonstrates.

Her steel skill to him with which she obtains his coin pouch sokazum like uses his Adventurer card to acquire the skill when Chris asks Kazuma to try his new skill he practices using the steel skill and mistakenly steals Chris's pants which she demands back while he is enjoying himself.

Later the emergency Quest warns that the town is being attacked by flying cabbages so they gather all their Adventures to defeat an army of cabbage monsters for the Harvest Darkness appears unexpectedly and demonstrates her ability to attack the cabbages but none of her attacks hit.

Them when the other Adventures are attacked Darkness protects them right away while also displaying her masochistic side meanwhile maguman uses her explosion spell to annihilate the entire swarm of cabbages in a single blow as a result they're all having stir-fried cabbage for dinner.

When they decide to go on another mission the guide Hall informs them that all of the weak monsters have gone into hiding due to one of the devil King's top Leaders Moving in nearby the next morning Kazuma accompanies megumen for her explosion training when they find an abandoned castle she begins practicing her explosion spell.

Which works perfectly as a result they attend training sessions as part of their daily routine day after day after day and after day until one day the guide Hall informs all the parties of an emergency Quest when they all gather they are surprised to see an irritated General verdia the dullahan who's enraged because his.

Castle is being bombarded with explosions every single day after hearing the explosion spell everyone is staring at megumin so she confronts him telling him that she is the greatest magician in town and that she has succeeded in luring him out to kill him verdeath suddenly casts a death curse on.

Megaman but Darkness protects her from the curse for which she only has a week to live before leaving he requests that Megaman returned to his castle within a week in order to save Darkness life when Megaman and Kazuma decide to pay their responsibilities Aqua simply uses the sacred brake spell to remove the.

Curse from darkness and everyone admires her magic the next day Kazuma is bothered by Aqua slacker demeanor and constantly requests money from him wanting to earn some big rewards despite only hard quests being available Aqua is confident in taking on the request to purify a lake filled with brutal.

Alligators on her own so they decide to put Aqua in a cage to keep her safe from the alligators when they arrive Aqua Waits on the lake while the others keep an eye on her after two hours of waiting the alligators appear out of nowhere and brutally attack Aqua in the cage as a result Aqua begins purifying the.

Lake while the alligators attempt to break her cage even though Aqua completes the quest everyone finds her traumatized from hours of alligator attacks and decides to return home in the cage on their way back the group comes across mitsaruji kuya another human that Aqua had sent to Axel who was displeased with.

How they are treating his precious goddess so kazula decides to tell him the whole truth but kuya refuses to accept how he treats them and invites the girls into his group sadly the girls are not interested in being in his group so cute challenges Kazuma to a duel and.

Kazuma quickly activates his steel skill stealing his cursed sword and knocking him out with it causing him to collapse the next day Aqua is desperate knowing that her reward will be used to repair the broken cage which is kuya's fault kuya appears unexpectedly to save her again from Kazuma but she hits him and demands that he pay for the broken cage.

He broke soon after he asks Kazuma to return his cursed sword but he has sold it and is crying as he runs away suddenly the Guild Hall announces an emergency quest for Kazuma and his party prompting verdia to return to town perplexed as to why no one came to fight him at his castle.

He is irritated that megumin is still secretly using his castle for explosion practice which also irritates Kazuma verdia is also confused with them because they don't say Darkness from his curse which causes Darkness to appear unexpectedly and adds to a shock when he mocks them at their beginner level aquacasts or purification spell on.

Him dealing some damage to him she is surprised that her purification spell does not work on him as a result verdeath summons his Undead Knights to slaughter everyone in the city when the knights charge attack they pursue Aqua rather than the others because they seek salvation from a.

Goddess megumin on the other hand quickly casts her explosion spell and delivers her powerful blow to wipe out verdia and his army when she successfully defeats it everyone applauds their victory unfortunately verdiet is still alive and fighting against Darkness.

When darkness charges multiple attacks at him she misses and destroys the giant rocks which is embarrassing so verdia attacks her inflicting significant damage on her refusing to give up Kazuma assists her by casting his water spell at them which verdia avoids revealing to Kazuma that he is weak against water.

At this point Kazuma requests that Aqua cast her giant water spell so she uses the sacred create water spell to summon a flood to attack him after weakening him Kazuma uses his stealing skill to steal verdia's head which he uses as a soccer ball meanwhile Aqua has a chance to defeat him with her purifying spell which he.

Slowly Fades away finally they defeat verdia and complete the mission the following day Kazuma and his party receive a special reward of 300 million eras for defeating verdia the guide Hall also hands them a check which they must use to pay off the remaining debts caused by aqua's flood.

When winter arrives Kazuma is unable to sleep due to the freezing weather in order to pay off his debts he decides to lead his party on a quest to kill snow Sprites so they go to the location and begin hunting the snow Sprites because there are far too many negumin uses her explosion spell to clear out.

The snow Sprites resulting in a massive snow blow their hunting however attracts the attention of winter Shogun the powerful snow Sprites master Darkness responds by challenging him to a fight and he quickly slides down to her and slashes her sword with his powerful katana.

So Aqua advises Kazuma and the others to prostrate themselves before him as a knight Darkness refuses to bow to a monster so he makes her lower her head when Aqua asks him to throw away his sword the winter Shogun kills him instantly sending him to the world's afterlife where he meets a goddess named Eris.

She offers him the chance to be reincarnated as a human again in Japan but Kazuma tears up because he wants to continue his adventure with those girls when Aris wants to send him to Japan he hears aqua's voice and she uses her recovery magic to bring him back to life so before he leaves Eris reveals a little secret to Kazuma which surprises.

Him when he awakens megumen in darkness immediately Embrace him while Aqua asks him to praise her they then tell him about his death after which he decides to abandon the mission the next day Kazuma and aqua go to a magic shop run by whiz a kind-hearted Lich.

She also reveals that she is one of the devil King's eight leaders in charge of maintaining the barrier that guards the devil King's Castle Kazuma has already saved some points to learn a lit skill with her so was teaches Kazuma the drain touch skill which absorbs an opponent's health and magic and distributes it to others.

Following that Kazuma and his party accept a request to exercise evil spirits from a mansion in exchange for a winter stay when they have finished cleaning the Mansion Kazuma tells them to enjoy their free time while they wait for the evil spirit to appear later that night Kazuma awakens from his.

Sleep and discovers a scary doll beside his bed when he tries to calm himself down he discovers himself surrounded by an army of possessed dolls so he goes to aqua's bedroom or he is surprised to see neguman who has the same problem as him after that as a desperate Kazuma waits.

For Megaman in the bathroom he notices the possessed dolls staring at him forcing him to break into the bathroom he manages to open the door which makes her shock and flee together with him as a result they hide inside the closet and Kazuma can no longer hold his pee when the door suddenly knocks Kazuma dares himself to open it and the door.

Knocks Aqua out while she's purifying the spirits the next day the guide Hall announces a mobile Fortress known as The Destroyer is currently approaching the town refusing to leave town Kazuma and his party along with Wiz decide to lead an attack against the Destroyer for which they accept the emergency Quest.

Meanwhile Darkness unexpectedly reveals to Kazuma that her real name is dustiness Ford lalatina the daughter of a noble family when the Destroyer appears Aqua uses her powerful sacred break spell to break the destroyer's barrier after she successfully breaks the barrier with full force negumin and was.

Used their combined explosion spell to destroy the Destroyer causing it to collapse however after defeating the Destroyer the Destroyer begins a self-destruct sequence transforming the emergency Quest into a super emergency Quest everyone flees when they hear the announcement except Darkness who refuses.

To leave and wonders if a massive bomb can raise her excitement to masochism as a result she charges in to destroy it before it explodes and everyone decides to assist her while everyone is busy destroying it whis suggests that they find the control device and disable the self-destruct mechanism.

When they locate the power source with suggests using teleportation magic to send the core away but she lacks the necessary power so she asks Kazuma to let her suck him to which he readily agrees one was once to suck him she actually sucks him for her drain touch spell which causes his body to dry up.

They then begin teleporting the magical core to a distant location after successfully teleporting in a way they discover another issue the internally stored heat is escaping Wiz is running low on energy after teleporting the core so Megaman appears unexpectedly and is ready to help as a result Kazuma assists negument by.

Transferring aqua's power to her finally when she is at her most powerful Megaman casts her ultimate explosion spell to destroy the Fortress causing a massive blow as the town returns to peace Kazuma is summoned by the imperial capital which informs him that he is under arrest because the power source he teleported.

Away ended up destroying a Noble's mansion as a result the party questions him and kazula is speechless that's a wrap thank you for watching

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