Gentle & Powerless Till He Sees Them Taking Profit of Her He Unlocks His Powers

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Under the harsh rain, women are dukingit out in a blood battle using various weapons of their choice. Overseeing theirprogress is the Headmaster, Sister Margaret, along with a number of military men. They all havetheir eye on Satellizer L. Bridget, who’s being surrounded by 8—no, 11 students. While takingon several enemies at once isn’t unheard of, this is the first time the officers have seena second year taking on this many opponents in one go. Satellizer activates her Volt WeaponNova Blood, and boy, does she make it look easy. And just like that, nine students are done.And this, Sister Margaret declares, is why they call Satellizer the Untouchable Queen.The Military Academy of West Japan Genetics is where Pandoras, warriors that oppose thedimensional Nova, are trained. Hiiragi Kaho.

Gets reprimanded for audibly yawning. Hiiragiis one of these Pandoras, and she explains in class what she is. They engrave stigmatas on theirbody, which equips them with what is called Volt Texture. This allows them to activate Volt Weaponsand surpass the abilities of normal humans. Elsewhere, doctors are struggling to get theinjured Pandoras back together by ensuring they activate the stigmata quickly. If it doesn'tactivate on time, there's a chance their wounds won't even heal. A bloody comparison to whatis only taught theoretically in class about how things can just easily fall backin place with little to no scarring. While Yu-Mi Kim is lecturing, Arthur Cryptonraises his hand to ask her if she can share her life as an active Pandora with theclass. The whole class is excited to know..

Four years ago, Yu-Mi Kim protected Japan froma Type S. There was an extra-dimensional nova whose eighth full-blown invasion was knownas the Eighth Nova Clash. When it came out, it took down an entire fleet without a problem.At that rate, the Type S was sure to arrive at Tokyo Bay in twenty minutes. Yu-Mi spearheadedthis operation, leading the rest of the Pandora into the fray. She turned to Elize Schmitz andasked where Kazuha Aoi was. Elize responded that their fellow Pandora was on her way.In the present, a sorrowful Yu-Mi claims that her and Elize's role in that clash was minuscule.The true hero was Kazuha, who had lost her life. —Speaking of, Kazuha's brother, Kazuya Aoi, prays at her grave. He recalls how he cried to hissister not to go. However, she stayed true to her.

Calling and said she was doing this for him andeveryone she was meant to protect as a Pandora. She and the rest of them are the only ones whocan truly defend the people from the Nova. That was the last time he ever saw his older sister.Kazuya gets picked up by a Military Airlift where he sits with the student council president ChiffonFairchild. She's here to discuss some things with him before he's fully admitted into the school.You see, a Pandora needs a Limiter once they enter their second year. They choose Limiters fromthe underclassmen. Why? Because of Ereinbar! With a projection of a human brain, Chiffonexplains that it's a mysterious organ that works on a level far deeper than our neurons andhuman senses. A Pandora and a Limiter use their Ereinbars to synchronize their senses duringcombat. The synchronization rate is highest.

Between a Pandora and a younger boy. This is whymost Pandoras' Limiters are male underclassmen. This synchronization is called an EreinbarSet. This can neutralize a Nova's “Freezing” and ensure the free movement of a Pandora.During the 8th Nova, it was the Ereinbar Sets of Pandoras and Limiters that allowed neutralizationfields to be set up. When they couldn't, their forces got decimated by the S Type. Some survived,but their limbs were compromised as a result. Wars with the Nova means that Pandora and Limitercan die anytime. Despite this, they have to fight. This was the sacrificeKazuya's sister had to make. Kazuha Aoi, against all odds, charged intothe S Type, vanquishing it at the cost of her own life. Not even their rapid healingcan save her from the explosive aftermath..

To this day, Yu-Mi remembers Kazuha's martyrdom.Despite this, of course, the threat of the Novas never stopped. This is why students like Chiffonand Kazuya continue to attend the academy. —The two eventually arrive at the Academy. They're welcomed by TicyPhenyl, one of the student council officers. Suddenly, an explosion happens. It's whereSatellizer is eliminating all the students taking her on. She even breaks one girl's armbecause she tried to touch her. Like hell is she letting anyone touch her body! The officerswatching this are impressed by her performance. Next to face her is Ganessa Roland, ranked twoin the Carnival. The problem is, Satellizer is uninterested in facing her, so she walks away.While Kazuya, Ticy, and Chiffon are walking.

Down the hallway, Ganessa crashes fromthe roof with her upper body revealed. While she covers herself up, Satellizer appears.From behind, she just looks so much like Kazuha. Overwhelmed with emotions, Kazuya runs up toSatellizer and hugs her, thinking she's his sister. This freaks Ticy and Chiffon out.Out of all the people he can do this to, it has to be the Untouchable Queen! Theirinteraction causes a powerful Freezing, and Ganessa uses this opportunity to attack.[2] The officers are confused. In Carnivals, onlyPandoras are allowed to fight each other. However, a powerful Freezing was detected onthe battlefield. The participation of a Limiter is breaking the rules.They detect that the Freezing.

Is coming from Satellizer's location.This is the Untouchable Queen's first defeat, and it's all Kazuya's fault. It seems likeSatellizer L. Bridget has finally been dethroned! The school news network has spread herdefeat. Now, the Angel of Binding, Ganesa Roland, is the top second-year student.— Kazuya feels bad for going out of line and causingSatellizer to lose. His sister is dead. There's no way she would just appear like that. Chiffonexplains that Carnivals decide the ranking of every Pandora in the academy. Even if there'san accident involved, the results still won't change. Meaning, Satellizer's truly #2 now.Kazuya asks if there's a way he can meet Satellizer and apologize to her, but Chiffonadvises against it. He touched her and buried.

His face into her chest, for crying out loud!Her advice as student council president is for him to change schools at once. Satellizer isthe Untouchable Queen. She will never forgive someone for touching he— Oh, there she is!Kazuya, not listening to Chiffon's advice, grabs Satellizer's arm. This causes her to loseher balance, given the injury she got from the last fight. She even loses her glasses. Evenafter she gets up, he keeps on touching her. She airs her displeasure and even takesout a weapon to tell him to back off. Ganessa arrives on the scene and gloats abouther win. Someone like Satellizer should just swallow her loss and wait for the next Carnival!The best option for her is to just get a Limiter or two and retire. Ganessa brings out herchains and attacks Satellizer. This time,.

She'll make sure to scar her whole bodyin the process! This girl's UNHINGED. Despite her injuries, Satellizer easily deflectsall her chain attacks and strikes her down. To everyone's shock, Ganessa activatesher Pandora Mode. Chiffon pleads for her to stop since it's only supposed to be usedfor actual combat. That's the thing, as far as Ganessa's concerned, THIS IS ACTUAL COMBAT.Upon getting thrown back, Kazuya catches her. Satellizer is surprised that she doesn't findhis physical interaction with her unpleasant at all. She doesn't even pick up her weapon rightaway. Ganessa uses this as an opening to bind her and unleashes a flurry of attacks. She's just sohappy with the results of going into Pandora mode, and now she even beat SatellizerAGAIN. To commemorate this moment,.

She will simply rip off Satellizer's right arm!Kazuya goes in between them and tells her to stop. However, it seems like Ganessa hasn't hadenough of the bloodshed. She slaps him away, which makes Satellizer trigger her own Pandora mode. Itspowerful explosive energy breaks through Ganessa's chains. With just one move, Ganessa falls to theground. Before more can happen, Yu-Mi and Elize reprimand Satellizer and tell her to stand down.Man, where were they earlier? Did they just not take Ganessa seriously orsomething? Geez! Do your job, people! Satellizer complies and goes back tonormal. The frankly incompetent, for now, teachers will give her detention. Ganessacelebrates, but the same goes for her! They then see Kazuya, who nods and blushes.Elize sees Kazuya but doesn't recognize him,.

But Yu-Mi tells her that he's Kazuha's brother.— At the Headmaster's office, Sister Margarethands Kazuya his ID and explains to him that the partnership between a Pandora and a Limiteris under the discretion of the students involved. She tells him to be a good Limiter and to workhard for the Pandora that he will be paired with. —Kazuya heads to his dorm and goes to room 302. He's surprised tofind no one. His neighbor arrives just in time, though, and introduces himself as Arthur Crypton.It's actually pretty rare for a new student to join in the middle of the year. Kazuya usesthis opportunity to ask him about Satellizer. Arthur warns him not to get involved with herbecause she has a great distrust of Limiters..

If he gets associated with her, he'll most likelybe left behind. Very unlike his own Pandora, who he really loves! He claims that Satellizer isnobody compared to her. She's beautiful, strong, and kind to him. His Pandora is none other thanGanessa Roland! She topped this year's Carnival, and he has been looking for her eversince to congratulate her. What a simp. —While in bed, Kazuya wonders why she thought of Satellizer ashis sister. He just really wants to apologize to her.— Somewhere in the school, Kannazuki Miyabi has beeninformed of Kazuya's presence. As a Limiter Eater, she wants him “baptized.”[3].

Yu-Mi has Kazuya introduce himself to the class.She asks him to take a seat. As he does, he's surprised that Arthur isn't in class right now.Kazuya's new friend's actually taking care of Ganessa while she's recovering in thehospital. Ganessa is surprised by this as well. But Arthur insists because, as a Limiter,it's only natural for him to serve her. Though, he has a question. She just won the Carnival. Whywas she hospitalized? Ganessa refuses to answer that question.— While looking around for a seat during lunch,Kazuha meets Hiiragi Kaho, their class rep. He is amazed by the selection in the cafeteria; it'salmost like a buffet! Hiiragi explains that it's not unusual at all. These students are responsiblefor the task of taking care of humanity's fate,.

So it's only right that they're treated well.There's even a stall called Burger Queen inside! While eating, Hiiragi asks him why hestood up for someone like Satellizer, the Untouchable Queen. Kazuya explains to her thathe's the reason why Satellizer lost the top 1 rank in the Carnival. This means Ganessa only wonbecause she took advantage of Kazuya's blunder. Suddenly, Arthur arrives and joins them. Hiiragiwhispers to Kazuya that he shouldn't tell Arthur what he just said. She also warns him not to beinvolved with the Untouchable Queen if he knows what's good for him. She's BONKERS.This time, Kazuya doesn't allow this bad-mouthing of Satellizer to pass. Hedoesn't believe people should talk badly about someone they barely even know.Suddenly, Satellizer arrives at the.

Cafeteria. As usual, everyone gives her a wideberth. Except for Kazuya, of course! Once the girl's done ordering her food, he grabs herarm, startling her. Everyone's horrified. However, Satellizer's surprised that thisinteraction doesn't feel unpleasant at all. Still, she leaves her food behind on the ground,so Kazuya gets it for her. He follows her to the roof, where he continues toapologize for the Carnival incident. Satellizer reasons that he only helped her,so it's only right to return the favor. She reveals to Kazuya that she usually can'tstand being touched by people. But somehow, she's okay with his touch. She can't help butwonder why. Moved by this, Kazuya reaches for Satellizer's hand and asks if he can beher Limiter. Satellizer is shook by this..

—Arthur and Hiiragi are behind them, hiding and eavesdropping. Arthur has a badfeeling about this. He warned Kazuya not to involve himself with her!— When he introduces himself as Kazuya Aoi,Satellizer immediately recognizes his surname. However, their moment together is interruptedby Kannazuki Miyabi and her Limiters. The girl assumes they're having a baptism. This is whena Pandora and a Limiter enter a contract to become partners. However, Kannazuki insiststhey should pick the right time and place because it's such an important event.When asked who she is, Kannazuki introduces herself as the “Liberator ofVirtue” and also a third-year student..

—Still hiding and eavesdropping, Hiiragi wonders why she calls herself that. Arthur knowsKannasuki by another name: Limiter Eater. Hiiragi imparts the rumor mill about her. Kannazuki getshandsome boys as her Limiters. Once she's bored, she takes back the stigmata and throws herLimiters away. She is NOT prioritizing the fight against the Novas, that's for sure.— Satellizer uses this time to leave, and whentold by Kannazuki to greet her upperclassman, she simply gives her a nod of acknowledgmentand walks away. Kazuya gives chase, but the third year is eager to turn him intoher Limiter. The joke's on her – Kazuya's not interested. He tries to get away fromher, but her other Limiters block his way..

Satellizer brings out her weapon to defendKazuya, which surprises both Hiiragi and Arthur. They cannot believe someone like her iswilling to defend a newbie like Kazuya. However, despite her reputation, Hiiragi doesn'tbelieve that a second year like Satellizer can defeat a third year like Kannazuki.Kannazuki does a counterattack by slamming Satellizer down on the ground. She thenactivates her Stigmata to summon her weapons, multiple levitating daggers. She testsSatellizer's strength by having the daggers attack her. She easily deflects them.However, Kannazuki suddenly appears behind her. This is called an “Accel Turn,” a skill thatthird-years know well. However, she doesn't know that Satellizer can also do this move. After theclash, Kannazuki freaks out, realizing her face.

Has been cut. Satellizer will pay for this!She will humiliate her in every way possible! She performs an Ereinbar Set with her threeLimiters. They cast Freezing on both Kazuya and Satellizer. This would make Satellizer unableto move in such an area, especially if she doesn't have a Limiter to neutralize her. Except she does.Seeing that Kazuya is still in the danger zone, Satellizer tries to go back for him but gets hitwith multiple daggers in the process. Kannazuki grabs Satellizer's blonde hair and pulls herup. She questions how she will atone for the scratch on her face. She doesn't answer,which earns her a punch from Kannazuki. Satellizer only asks forKannazuki to let the boy go. Kannazuki doesn't, of course. Instead, sheorders her Limiters to beat Kazuya up. She.

Then interacts with Satellizer's bodyin the most degenerate manner. They put her in an inappropriate pose and proceed to takepictures to spread throughout the whole academy. This angers Kazuya, and he casts Freezing,neutralizing Kannazuki's own and Freezing her as well. This shocks Kannazuki. How cana boy like him have so much power? Especially without an Ereinbar Set??? Suddenly, Satellizersprings up from behind, ready to exact vengeance. When Chiffon arrives, all she can see arethe Limiters passed out, their broken phones, and Kannazuki crying on the ground.The president then orders Satellizer to put her weapon away, but she ignores her.Once again, Yu-Mi and Elize are late to the party. Seriously, these two are so incompetent!They gear up to restrain Satellizer with their.

Powers. Kazuya doesn’t want that, so he castsFreezing on Satellizer. As he does this, memories of his sister before she left flood his mind. Hepleads with Satellizer, saying that Pandoras don't exist for the sake of hurting one another. Seeinghis sincerity, she recalls her weapon and walks away from the fight.— Later, Yu-Mi and Elize discuss Kazuya'sunique case: he can perform Freezing on his own. They discuss how his sister is aunique genetic anomaly that can incubate over twenty stigmata. Kazuya has the same stuff in him.Normally, males wouldn't be able to access this, but 30% of Kazuya's body structure is stigmatissue. Does this mean Kazuya is aware of it? Elize doesn't think so. This is because normalmedical institutions cannot detect stigma bodies..

—Chiffon asks Kazuya if he's sure that he doesn't want to go to the infirmary.After clarifying that he's alright, she tells him again not to be involved with Satellizer. Shehas gone too far this time, especially since she took down an upperclassman. Their academy islike the military; rankings matter. Given that a third year got defeated by a second year,the other third-years will be forced to act. It's one trouble after another withKazuya. He just freaking got here, and so many things are already happening!Well, if this Academy’s accepting feedback, it badly needs some ethics classesand better teachers, that’s for sure!

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