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The anime starts with an abstract atmosphere of betrayal by the brother of the Helsing organization's ex-leader on his deathbed the leader of the Helsing mate is one and only daughter the successor of the organization and gifted her the most powerful weapon of Helsing organization while the uncle of Integra Fair Brook.

Wingate's Helsing was out with the motive to murder her the only thing that protected her from the trouble was the gift she received from her father Awakening the Dead from the long forgotten jail in the basement was the only way of saving herself from the evil grasp of her betraying uncle at some point in the future a town named.

Cheddar was attacked by an unknown anomaly which was actually a vampire controlling ghouls to attack the villagers and killing a great amount of police officials when protested so the officials asked of the Helsing Organization for help leader of the organization Integra sent the best anti-vampire expert to the.

Scene to eradicate the vampire which was causing the whole chaos after reaching the scene he was welcomed with the ghoul army shooting hundreds of bullets at him but alicard being a first-class vampire nothing happened to him in the whole Army was eradicated along with their vampire leader the same vampire who saved Integra from.

Her betraying uncle alicard saved the police girl named Victoria from the scene and in order to save her after being shot by the high caliber gun she had to make the choice of being a draculina after being saved by the Helsing organization she was sent to her first mission which was to kill the vampire.

Behind the pre-planned attacks in churches and on innocent citizens judging the recent incidents Integra thinks that someone or something is planning a bigger picture behind all these on a mission in the Northern Ireland alycard and Victoria met the man named father Alexander Anderson of the.

Iscariot organization after hearing the news Integra Fairbrook wingate's Helsing herself boarded on the helicopter to reach the location the fight between Anderson and Alucard lasted hours which ended up with Alucard being decapitated and left Victoria injured and it was finally interrupted by director Integra herself.

After seeing the full potential of Alucard Anderson had to back off and while leaving he promised to get them all the next time while Victoria was having hard time getting used to her new self Integra on the other hand revealed a crucial device on a Roundtable conference which was being used to control the vampires and.

The ghouls Victoria and Alucard both received new weapons for their future missions the Mansion of the Helsing organization was attacked by two unknown vampires along with their SWAT team of ghouls Duo named Valentine brothers were killing all the men of Integra and on their way of taking the life of herself.

In the basement Luke Valentine finally meets Alucard while Walter and Victoria move on to Jan Valentine and his school Army the forceful attack made by Victoria and Walter resulted in the capture of Jan but which was proven to be useless Alucard ended the life of Luke Valentine with only a little effort meanwhile.

Victoria was enraged fighting with the ghoul Army Jan then committed suicide in order to not reveal any information to the Helsing command after the death of all the security and people in the whole mansion the organization was forced to recruit more people for the security.

Meanwhile Integra was invited to a meeting with the leader of Iscariot organization Enrico Maxwell in the meeting a fight was about to break between alycard and Anderson but it came to an end a crucial information was revealed to integrabai Enrico which was the enemy was none other than the Nazis.

After reaching Brazil to destroy the Nazis in the country alyacard and Victoria was framed to be the terrorists inside the luxury hotel when the SWAT team reaches Alucard they were all met with horrific death Alucard meets tubal Kane Alhambra the dandy man from the millennium the fight ended with alicard ripping.

Alhambra apart on the other hand Enrico Maxwell found out that it was their old timers that funded the Nazis in developing the vampires the Queen of England ordered Helsing organization to report to her and Alucard himself explained the situation with the Nazis to her.

In middle of the conference the messenger of the major carried his message to them the queen ordered the Helsing organization to destroy the Third Reich SS Millennium attacked the Royal Navy and started capturing the ships in order to move on to them.

Alicard used a reconnaissance craft SR-71 to reach the ship in order to defeat the vampires even after the aircraft being blasted by Rip Van Winkle Alucard still manages to crash the aircraft onto the ship Alucard kills the woman by crushing her gun inside her heart and then drinking her blood.

After that Helsing organization started losing communication to any kind of authorities and civilian related organization not even any kind of intelligence headquarters were responding the Third Reich SS has started a war the main target is Helsing and Alucard as always.

The German soldiers started destroying London and killing countless civilians in the process Integra gets attacked by some of them but Walter was there to save the day the Admiral and his commanding officers get defeated by the attacking vampire and ghoul Army the Admiral ends his life with the Enemy.

By triggering explosives in the headquarter when Walter gets out of the car to fight the enemy Integra is told to leave the scene by driving the car away Integra gets caught by the ghoul Army but Alexander Anderson comes to the rescue with his companions director of Iscariot raises his own Army.

To reach his goals and gets the news of Alucard being alive and reaching for London with the approval from the major his Commander zorin gets ready for attacking the Helsing headquarters zorin and her commanding officers get attacked by Victoria when they come close to the Helsing mansion.

She Snipes at all the aircrafts of theirs to stop their attack Victoria was successful in taking zorin's ship down from the sky but 42 men of zorin and she herself wasn't even scratched by the explosion after getting expanded zorin attacks the mansion with her Scythe but it was all an illusion of her power.

Meanwhile Helsing headquarter lost the front quarter of the defense but with the help of Victoria and the enthusiasm of new security Chief they were able to get on the payback Victoria gets chopped by zorin while being in an illusion but captain bernadotte of the security somehow was able to save her from the spot.

Then he gets shot by one of the zombie armies and finally killed by zorin by the order of Captain Bernadette Victoria drinks the blood of him after he dies and reaches her full potential even the vampire Army of zorin gets scared of the scene and the illusion of her doesn't work anymore one by one every soldier of soaring gets.

Picked off by Victoria and then zorin herself in the end Enrico Maxwell reaches Britain with his holy armies from the European countries and proceeds to attack when Integra realizes that Maxwell is betraying Britain she is enraged by his activities but father Anderson doesn't like the way.

Of Maxwell either so he wants his companions to capture Integra but everyone gets stunned by the arrival of Alucard through seawater Alucard asks for the order of Integra and she allows him to attack both group of enemies which he then obeys Alucard unleashes his most powerful form which include parts of his greatest.

Victims fighting on his side Maxwell crashes from the aircraft and gets eaten by the ghoul and zombies when it lands Anderson doesn't save him from the situation since he now knows that Maxwell is now tainted and doesn't obey the pope and God now after seeing the death of Maxwell.

Through his own eyes Anderson goes on rampage to kill Alucard when Anderson struggles trying to kill Alucard and gets injured severely his companions start helping him on the offense Anderson reveals the holy shroud which is the holy nail of Helena to become a monster himself to defeat Alucard.

Even after alicard warns him not to sacrifice his soul he still does an Envy the fight between Alucard and Anderson goes on for a long period of time which ends up with Alucard being stunned down by the power of Anderson but it is not clear if he is defeated or not meanwhile Walter the younger version of him the butler of Integra is seen.

Accompanying the Third Reich SS and Major's armies in the war but the whole story behind that is still unclear Alucard is seen having a flashback from his past lives and the sound of Victoria awakens him from the blurry state Alucard then defeats the father Alexander Anderson by ripping his nail struck heart apart all of a sudden.

Walter arrives at the scene and his arrival shocks everyone since his new reform is unknown to everyone it is revealed that Walter was probably conspiring from the beginning of the whole thing with the approval of director Integra Alucard goes on fighting with Walter for the final time.

Major reveals that Walter waited for 50 years to defeat alya card by defeating alucard's dog Walter was able to control look Valentine to defeat Alucard but that didn't work on the other hand Integra and Victoria goes on a rampage inside the majors aircraft while putting them down one by one.

The captain shoutsa faces Victoria she insists in Tegra on leaving the scene with the assistance of bernadotte Victoria wins the fight after quite some time meanwhile the Major's idea of killing Alucard was going according to plan Alucard absorbed the life of Warren officer schrading her along with all the.

Bloodstreams but Walter is not wanting to back down Alucard gets the flashback of his past death which makes him feel like he will die soon schradinger has dissolved into the lives of all the millions of people which became a threat to Alucard one by one his eyes started getting.

Closed which soon starts killing himself he dissolves to the ground bidding farewell to Integra to rescue Integra Victoria comes in front of major while Walter gets destroyed by the man left from Anderson's Army Victoria crashes down the hardened glass standing in between major and them which.

Eventually ends with Integra killing the major himself Walter reaches the dock who was behind all this evil doing making vampires and armies of ghouls for the major with the help of existence of Mina Harker all this time Walter obliterates the dock which ends up finishing everything that was left.

And then takes his last breath in the end of everything after long 30 years Alucard finally gets back to his master Integra after taking the time to kill millions of lives he had taken which carried the essence of schradinger Alucard the greatest vampire of all the time still lives thank you so much for taking the time to.

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